Requirements To Ensure The Safety And Protection When Disposing Of Mine. Works

Original Language Title: Požadavky k zajištění bezpečnosti a ochrany při likvidaci důl. děl

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52/1997 Sb.


The Czech Mining Authority

of 25 June 2002. February 1997,

establishing requirements to ensure the safety and protection of health

at work and the safety of operations during the liquidation of main mine workings

32/2000: Sb.

592/2004: Sb.

176/2011: Sb.

237/2015: Sb.

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). Czech law)

the National Council No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and

the State Mining Administration:



§ 1

The scope of the

(1) this Decree lays down the requirements to ensure the safety and protection of the

occupational health and safety in the liquidation of main mine

works that result to the surface, "^ 1") (hereinafter referred to as "the principal mine workings") and

mine workings ^ 2) into them spilling when mining activities and mining

non-reserved minerals underground.

(2) this Ordinance shall not apply to mining works during the surface


(3) this Ordinance has been notified in accordance with the directive of the European

Parliament and Council Directive 98/34/EC of 22 December 2004. June 1998 on the procedure for

the provision of information in the field of standards and technical regulations and legislation

for information society services, as amended by Directive 98/48/EC.

§ 2

Interpretation of the terms

For the purposes of this Ordinance shall be deemed to

and closing ohlubňový poval)-reinforced concrete or steel plate

built on the shaft Bank (mouth) pits and sized to projected


(b)) for backfilling operations-material used to dispose of the main mining


c) reinforced Biolan-Biolan with hydraulically effective


(d)) the main mining work-mining work, resulting to the surface. The main

mining mining exploration works are parts (shafts, chimneys),

otvírková (pit, adit), ventilation, drainage, mining and rescue

Wells. The main work of the mine are not search and exploration drilling,

e) supporting barrier-object in mining in the main mining

the work, which prevents or any other leakage of the filling material

the main mining works in the adjacent mine workings,

(f))-create a nevýbušného environment Inertisation in likvidovaném mine

the work,

g) safety zone around the main-hand likvidovaného

the mining works on the surface of the affected by the movement of soil and rocks when possible

spontaneous destruction of likvidovaného works,

h) security space-space on the surface in the immediate surroundings

the mouth of the main mine, in which the acting mining air can

endanger the life or health of persons,

I) zone of the maxilla-zone, where the strength parameters of rock mass

they are under the influence of natural processes in the upper part of the Earth's crust reduced

compared to the primary horninám,

j) jámová stopper-concrete block in the jámovém shaft, which completely

spans the pit.



§ 3

(1) documentation specifies the requirements for the liquidation of main mine workings and

mine workings and spilling into them is part of a plan of liquidation. ^ 3)

documentation may take the organization authorized to mining activities and

activities carried out using mining techniques, as well as to design and

designing objects and devices that are part of the mining activity

or activities carried out by the mining way. ^ 4)

(2) the documentation will be determined, in particular:

the main disposal method) of the mining works, kind of filling material

the quality and strength of the paved generously,

(b)) the length of the sections of the mine workings in the main mining likvidovaného

the works, which are to be disposed of at the same time,


(d)) the calculation of the column and take account of the changes to the filling material

fragmentation songs generously after the fall of the pit,

e) frequency of sampling one generously for control

tests and place of collection of such samples,

f) location and their supporting structures based on static

the calculation,

g) cancelled

(h) dimension and stability) the calculation of the closing ohlubňového povalu with

regard to the suction and check impact force for jam burials unpaved

zásypovým material, the method of its establishment, security hole in

shut-off ohlubňovém povalu to check the status of the fill and the possibility of

topping generously and leave the pipe for the control and

removal of harmful gases,

the safety zone, I)

j) security space,

to ohražení closing ohlubňového) the method povalu in the safety zone

After the completion of the dismantling work,

l) in gassy coal mines and an assessment of the possible routes the output of methane

on the surface, the evaluation of plynodajnosti and measures

uncontrolled gas leak to the surface,

m) the method and calculation of ventilation. the way of the main mining Inertisation

works at his disposal (section 14a),

n) the manner and place of measuring the composition of mine air

about) the treatment of tributaries of waters, their localization, determining their

the volume and composition of aggression and the use of binders

resistant to attack by aggressive constituents,

p) the manner and scope of dismantling of equipment or measures in its nárazišť


q) the manner and extent of elimination of the main equipment of the mining works,

r) the method and scope of the demolition of the landing doors of the building, its equipment and removal

the hoist device above the mouth of the main excavation, where appropriate, justification and

measures in another procedure,

with) the way of sealing the approaches to the main singing part in places of their

openings in it,

t) type and quantity of material and equipment in case of emergency action

including their place of storage.

§ 4

Before starting work, or of activities related to the disposal of the principal

mine workings shall draw up the organization process, ^ 5) which must

be in accordance with the plan of liquidation.



§ 5

Disposal policy

(1) the pit is disposed of its full smothering of reinforced zásypovým

material. If this is the nature of the pit, on the basis of the authorisation

the district mining Office use unpaved for backfilling operations; enable

must include measures to ensure the safety in terms of stability

the pit and its surroundings.

(2) the pit, which is not guaranteed to be complete and reliable filling jámového

the shaft, or pit, in which it is assumed other uses can be in good

geology of surrounding rock mass and on the basis of the authorisation

the district mining Office disposed of by placing jámové Stoppers under zone

^ 4a of the maxilla).

(3) a hole above the jámovou can fill only the plastic stopper zásypovým


(4) the Zone of the maxilla is fixed in the documentation referred to in § 3 depending

on local geological conditions.

(5) the Jámová plug in the place of incorporation must be anchored to the rock

the Massif. To establish jámové Stoppers can be used double-penetrations

(náraží floors). Jámové resistance against the presumed pressure plugs

filling material must be accompanied by supporting documentation for the calculation.

(6) the method of disposal of other major mines will determine the documentation (section


(7) all accesses to the managed pits from the surface, especially wind

channels leading into the pit, a channel for emergency supply of winds, a channel for

warming winds, emergency exit from the mine, the channels for cable and pipe

in the series, it is also necessary to fill.

(8) the Adit is disposed of the filling material and zásypovým

by closing access to the galleries. The length of a section of tunnels to be filled

and the method of access to the galleries shall determine the documentation.

(9) work in likvidovaném the main mine workings on the surface and in the

security space are working with high-risk ^ 7)

(10) organization is required for liquidation of main mine workings and mining

works that feature in them handle the technical way of liquidation (hereinafter referred to as

"the project"), which is part of a plan of liquidation. ^ 3)

§ 6

Requirements for backfilling operations

(1) for the liquidation of main mine can use only non-flammable,

insoluble, nerozbřídavý, and nebobtnavý for backfilling operations, which must not

pollute the environment by noxious fumes or toxic extracts

substances. The bedding material must not contain metal objects. To use

Another generously than natural stone, natural stone

or secondary raw material the Organization will require prior approval of the

the competent authorities, protection of the environment. ^ 8)

(2) the size of the grains of the generously designed the project must be

ensured its passage through the grate of the okatosti of not more than 250 x 250 mm,

located at the shaft Bank pits at the site of sprinkles into the pit.

(3) the Projected strength of the filling material must be consolidated before

the commencement of winding-up the work verified by tests.

(4) the Organization shall ensure the quality control of consolidated filling

material for each type of material used before starting

sprinkles and at least 200 m3 of every generously.

(5) where the results of the tests referred to in paragraph 4 documentation

the specified values, it must abort the liquidation work in alternative


§ 7

Ensuring the stability of filling material

(1) the stability of columns generously shall be demonstrated by calculation with the

taking into account the possible effects of zavalování mine workings around the main

the mining works.

(2) when disposing of the main excavation paved zásypovým material

to determine measures to avoid possible undesired SAG

generously to the mine workings in the main mine.

(3) it also provides for the possible tipping generously

in the flooded area or likvidovaného for the main mining


§ 8

Retaining dam

(1) the construction of retaining dike, its location, the way to ensure the stability of the

recognise columns generously and load resistance

hydrostatic pressure determines the documentation.

(2) in the pit that cannot be on mining-technical reasons may make support

barrier in mining them spilling, do you fill in jámového

the shaft within a specified band of midpalatal intersection of aggregate

fraction of the 63-125 mm, supported, where appropriate, on sharp štětový stone no more than

size 250 mm ^ 7a).

(3) according to paragraph 2, the powder must not exceed the height of the midpalatal penetration of

four times the diameter of the largest size of the pit and must begin with a

at a depth of at least twice the diameter, or the greatest dimension of the pit

below the level of the competent palate.

§ 9


§ 10

So impressed was the closing ohlubňové jam

(1) the filled pit are covered with a shut-off ohlubňovým shafts, the

dimension and stability must be accompanied by the documentation control


(2) the closing ohlubňové so impressed was proposed for uniform load

33kPa, if a greater load is not expected, but at least 450 in thickness

mm. ohlubňové so impressed was submerged by the closing jam unpaved zásypovým

the material is also on the suction and reverse engineers design impact forces, which would

incurred by the sudden ujetím of the column of this material.

(3) if the pit filled in plastic material, zásypovým

closing ohlubňový poval, whose smallest dimension is determined by the

Annex 3 of this order.

(4) the closing ohlubňový poval is based on solid rock or

the perimeter base belt, separated from the jámového masonry.

(5) in the closing ohlubňovém povalu it is necessary to leave the locking hole

of at least 0.6 x 0.6 m for a health check and fill

topping generously. For gassy mines must also be

build pipeline for inspection or removal of harmful gases by

a minimum of 150 mm diameter and to a height of at least 2.5 m above the ohlubňový representing.

(6) Closing ohlubňový marks constant representing the way. The marking shall

the name of the pit and mine, its diameter and depth, the year begin

excavation pits and the year of completion of liquidation, information on the method of disposal

the pit, the kind of generously, size of the safety zone, and

warning of any danger of gas. Similarly, the marks and the mouth of the

scrap Gallery.

(7) for jam gassy mines must be migrant between gases in the rock

the Massif and the jámovým masonry chimney discharged odfukovým. Chimney Cap

must be equipped with shut-off valve and allow their subscription

samples and connection to the suction system or device.



§ 11

Safety zone

(1) the safety zone of the Organization shall be at the surface around the

likvidovaného of the main mine. Size of the safety zone is

lays down in particular taking into account the status and disposal method of the main

the mining works and mine, geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical

the situation in its immediate vicinity.

(2) if the pit filled plastic zásypovým material, is the use of

territory in the security zone, permitted only if it has been set for more

safety and precautionary measures.

(3) safety zone it is necessary to indicate in the mining and geological survey

the documentation.

(4) the Organization shall submit a proposal for the General Building Authority to issue a

decision on the protection zone. Determination of the safety zone and administration

the design with the General organisation shall notify the building authority of whether or not the municipal authority

of the municipality with extended competence. A copy of the authorisation decision of liquidation

the main mine district mining Office shall send to the competent General

building Office and Municipal Council of the municipality with extended competence.

§ 12

Security space

(1) when disposing of the main mine around his mouth down

security space. Security space with across the Board shall specify at least the

the extent of the safety zone. Its height will determine the Organization of the documentation

so, in order to avoid possible adverse effects of mine gases. ^ 10)

(2) the security space must be for winding-up by a work and

equipped with warning signs prohibiting access by unauthorized persons,

the smoking ban and the use of an open flame.

(3) the electrical equipment in the safety area, the design

match the environment and space, in which the main mining work

powered by:. ^ 11)

section 13 of the

Security measures

(1) before the zasypáváním pit is to be in the pit to remove barriers that would

could cause the formation of free space in the zásypovém material, such as

so impressed was, between lezní and extracting zátyní, bridges, etc. Spans

may be retained, only if their removal would weaken the stability of the

jámové reinforcement.

(2) in neplynujících down you can strew backfilling operations directly from a vehicle to

the main mining works, if it is ensured the stability of the mouth of the main mining

the work and safety stops were built or otherwise disabled fall

goods vehicle into the main mine.

(3) after the winding-up of the work must be shut-off ohlubňový, representing the

where appropriate, the safety zone object in the manner prescribed pursuant to §

11 (1) 4.

(4) in the vicinity of the main likvidovaného of the mining works must be stored

supply of material and equipment in case of emergency action in place and in

the amount of the specified documents.

Special measures for gassy mines

§ 14

(1) if the mine at the time of its operation classified as gassy, it is necessary to

before processing the documentation to evaluate plynodajnost, in particular methane,

the entire mine, taking into account the impact of the barometric pressure.

(2) For an assessment of potential output of methane from underground downstream

on the pit and from abandoned floors it is necessary to verify the composition of the atmosphere and in the

mining closed dikes.

(3) Destroyed the main mining work must be větráno the manner specified

documentation. A wind current in the likvidovaném the main mine workings

must be preserved as long as possible. If not lets sypán to

inert environment, determine the necessary measures against possible documentation

in particular, the explosion metanovzdušné mixture.

(4) when disposing of the main mine plynujícího mine is necessary to strew

the bedding material to the main mine conveyor-

period of time between checks the air in accordance with § 15. The intensity of the sprinkles must

be at least 2 kg per second generously on 1 m2 cross section

the main mine. Embankment generously on the conveyor can be

carried out from outside the security space likvidovaného master

the mining works.

(5) the pipe, which is referred to in the documentation left in likvidovaném

vertical or úklonném the main mine workings must be, if it is not used for

ventilation or exhaust to pump water or gas or indication if

leaving for future filling of vacant space, filled with

zásypovým plastic material. If the pipe loose, must be

fitted with a Cap.

(6) all accesses to the likvidovaného the main excavation from the surface

must be disposed of. The documentation will determine how the liquidation,

in particular, depending on the potential air likvidovaném inerting

the main mine workings.

§ 14a


(1) documentation for the making inert of includes, in particular:

and) the type of inert gases, which will be used for inerting,

b) equipment designed for filling of inert gases into the main mine


(c) the method of implementation) inerting,

d) ratio of inert gas to methane, which will be achieved and inertization

the method and frequency of verifications,

(e)) the measures to ensure the safety and health at work.

(2) for the making inert conditions must be created before the commencement of the liquidation

the pit.

(3) source of inert gas must be located outside the security area.

(4) after the making inert of backfilling the pit must be initiated immediately.

§ 15

(1) when disposing of the pit plynujícího mine is continuously checks

the concentration of methane ^ 12) from the level of a minimum of 50 m below the ohlubní pits and under the

the result of větrních, heating and emergency channels. Also, on an ongoing basis

measured barometric pressure.

(2) it must also be ensured by checking the concentration of methane above the water

powder in full height yet nezasypané pit, and always before you start

the peanuts, pits the backfill is interrupted for longer than 180 minutes at

the concentration of methane exceeding 1% of the locations of measurement according to paragraph 1 and in

significant drop in barometric pressure. Method and measurement points down

documentation and technological process. For a more pronounced drop in barometric

pressure drop is considered to be greater than 5 hPa since the last measurement.

(3) when exceeding 1% of the methane concentration must be in the security

the area of the pit emitted optical and acoustic warning signal to the place

servicing the peanuts, pits its own filling must be broken and the people

removed outside the security area of the pit. Must be směnovým

technician or foreman immediately informed racing down or

specified by the employee.



section 16 of the


(1) in the course of filling according to documentation checks the quality of the

generously, the amount of the deposited material and filling

basic properties.

(2) the Height of the backfill will be measured after the filling of the volume that corresponds to the

calculated height of 50 m of the mining works. In the case that the difference between the measured

the height of the peanuts and a height of 50 m excavation is greater than 20%, the measurement is

repeated and determined the next steps for the main mining works.

The jam were dismantled according to § 14 para. 4. measure the height of the backfill of at least

Once a day.

(3) Spraying is also broken, if there has been a decrease in the levels of the powder is about

more than 20% of the height of the last measurement at the preceding their

developed the work. The matters referred to in article 15, paragraph 2. 3 and § 16 para. 2 and

3 are serious events, ^ 13) which are subject to reporting obligations.

(4) for destroyed the main mine subsidence must be checked

generously, dips around the pit and output of natural gas, or

other harmful gases, if foreseen, at least three

years, and it

and at least once a month for) jam burials unpaved zásypovým


(b)) at least once every three months for jam burials reinforced zásypovým

and in the galleries.

(5) after the expiry of three years from the termination of the liquidation is necessary to control

Jam continued to perform at least once a year. In the other major

mine workings will be carried out according to the timetable of the processed checks

organisations; the time between inspections must not be longer than 24 months.

(6) if the above zlikvidovanou site has been left an object or

operated by other activities, deadlines and the method of carrying out the checks

the district mining Office when allowing mining activities-liquidation

the main mine workings.

§ 17

Records and the final report

(1) the results of the checks referred to in section 16 shall be recorded. The Organization shall ensure the

maintain records for at least five years.

(2) the Record shall also, properties of the materials used, details of the

devices which have been left in the dismantled parts, information on the geological

conditions, supporting, on the quality and quantity of injektážního

the material about the loss of filling material and other accidents, about

unusual phenomena and other details of the works,

the results of the checks and inspections of the work with the signatures of the controlling bodies of the

the results of the control tests of the materials used, the tributaries of waters,

accordance with the calculated and actual quantity generously and

whether it is poured into a dry or saturated. The coal mines are also

record the results of the surveys of methane and barometric pressure.

(3) After termination of the liquidation of all of the major mines of the mine will process and

the Organization shall submit a final report to the Office of the district mining Office together with the

registration sheets of main mine workings in accordance with annexes 1 and 2 and stores them

also according to specific rules. ^ 14)

(4) the final report, the accounting leaves major mines and mining

surveying and geological documentation stored on storage media,

shall transmit to the organisation in two copies to the district mining Office

no later than one year after the termination of the liquidation.

(5) the Documentation referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4 may take only organization

referred to in § 3 (1). 1. ^ 4)



section 18

(1) the requirements of the provisions of § 11 is necessary to secure, within three years

from the entry into force of this Decree, also for jam, that were destroyed

before the effective date of this order, and whose position is known. For the other

the main mine workings, which was dissolved before the entry into force of

of this order, and whose location is known, it should be the requirements of § 11

secure until 31 December 2006. December 2010.

(2) within six months from the entry into force of this Decree shall submit to the

the organisation of the competent authority with the district mining Office time works

the fulfillment of the requirement under § 18 para. 1.

§ 19

(1) regular annual inspection by major mines destroyed

§ 16 para. 5 it is necessary to perform the main mine workings

destroyed before the effective date of this order, whose location is known, and

the estuary is accessible. If the jam cannot be controlled and

column drops generously in the pit should be at least

check for any changes in the surface of the mouth of the pit and its surroundings in the range

established a safety zone.

(2) the results of the checks pursuant to § 16 para. 4 and 5 and § 19 para. 1 including

the Organization shall submit a summary of actions taken once a year

the relevant district mining authority.

section 20

This Ordinance shall apply mutatis mutandis for the disposal of old mine workings ^ 15)

spilling onto the surface.

section 21


(1) in order to save the life or health of people in cases where there is a risk

risk of default, or when disposing of the serious operational mishap

(the crash), the organisation of a ^ 16) may derogate from the provisions of this Ordinance.

(2) in addition to the cases referred to in paragraph 1, an organization may ^ 16) from

the provisions of § 9 para. 4, section 10, paragraph 1. 4 and 5, § 13 para. 1 and § 14 para. 4

This order to depart without the consent of the Czech Mining Authority and for

conditions set by the Organization documented the design proposal

the necessary alternative measures.

section 22

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. May 17, 1997.


Ing. Bartos in r.

Č. 1

The contents of the final report

1. the historical development of the exploited urbanized bearings, Charter,

the owners, the total volume of extracted minerals.

2. Geological tectonic characteristics of bearings, hydrogeological

conditions, qualitative indicators dobývaného mineral, the final calculation


3. Status of the mining works on the bearing at the time of disposal, way of developing,

rozfárání, used mining methods, left stocks by categories.

4. Basic safety problems at the time of exploitation and bearings

disposal, security measures of aspects of risk:

and the explosion of gases and dusts),

b) spontaneous combustion and mine fires

(c)) průvalů water and bahnin,

(d))-rescuer of rocks, coal and gas,

e) mining shocks,

f) ionizing radiation,

g) other dangerous phenomena.

5. Enumeration of objects and of the interests protected by the specific provisions and

technical measures to ensure that the requirements of decision

of the institutions and of the agreements with the authorities and organisations to which it is for their protection.

6. Condition Survey of mine workings to the surface or spilling the zoomed in to

the surface within reach of bandwidth direct influence processes, rozvolňovacích way

their disposal, security measures.

7. Disposal of other mine workings.

8. the Passportisation of surface objects, for which the effect on

mining activities.

9. the Final solution to the issues associated with mining the waters and the output

mine gas:

and communication can be surface water) with the environment of the mine,

(b)) data from the neighbouring mines or mining districts, especially with regard to the method of

contact and a solution of water,

(c) the quantity of mine water and) planned frequency of measurement after making

the dismantling work,

(d)), the level of mine water and waste-water management, mining

tributaries and drainage,

e) technical measures that prevent any contamination on the surface

groundwater and surface water contamination of the waters and the entrepreneurial class of mine water

from the sources on the surface,

f) technical solutions associated with the possible accumulation and mine

gases to the surface with regard to the firing of mining works.

10. Legal or natural person responsible for the settlement of mining damage

until their full period of and for the implementation of technical measures

established after the dissolution of the total space.

11. the list of permissible measuring retention and geological documentation and place its


Map of the annex

1. Map of the surface of the situation on an appropriate scale, showing the protected

area and area, installations and structures on the surface,

safety zones (major mines, mine workings that feature on the

surface or zoomed-in to the surface by bo-du 6, the level of the water

marking dangerous points (submersion, zvodnělá places, etc.) and

the basic mining map of the mine workings, immediately downstream of the pit is

plotting method of disposal.

2. maps of the effects of mining on the surface made up to the date of termination

liquidation. The default measurement of surface elevation of observation.

3. Map of the anticipated environmental effects of mining on the surface.

Č. 2


The name of the pit, adit:

The owner of the (last):

Coordinate axis of the pit (the mouth of the gallery) x = + surface dimension

y =

The mining area-name:

Cadastral territory + IČÚTJ + number of parcel:

Map sheet number (cadastral maps):

Hloubeno (excavated) in years:

Reconstruction in the years (change it):

The relative depth:

Absolute depth:

Profile pit-Gallery (shape + size): dry

-reinforcement of wet

-water tributaries of the equipment (space

indicate in your profile)

Volume jámového scape:

Power pokryvného of the Institute:

Patra-depth relative, absolute, way and a year before closure


The decision of the district mining Office in the ... ... ... ... ... No.


from the day......................... the authorisation of the liquidation

The decision of the Building Authority no j........................., dated


about the building closure

The term disposal:.................... to............

Types of filling material:

The amount of generously-calculated


-the difference

How close to the surface:

Control of settlement of backfill:

Other (degassing, pumping water........):

Dosypání option:


Instead of storing the basic documentation:


Developed by:

Racing mine:

Annex an accounting worksheet of the pit:

1. Cutting out the land (the land registry map)-A4.

2. The cross section pit (adit) showing all changes according to depth.

3. Longitudinal geological cut pit (adit) with an indication of the type of powder

(the New York Times, tectonics, places water inflows).

4. the situation of all subsurface channels.

Č. 3

Determination of the smallest dimension of the closed component ohlubňového povalu, unless the

the pit filled in plastic zásypovým material

1. The smallest dimension of the closed component ohlubňového povalu Dmin. shall be determined from the


DMin. > = 1.5 (d + 2) (m)

d-is the largest dimension of the pit light (m)

t-jámového is the thickness of the masonry (m).

2. for the pit with wooden reinforcement and for the pits, for which concrete collar

ohlubně pit already his flat seat is too tight to hard rock,

the smallest dimension of the closed component ohlubňového povalu Dmin down from the relation:

DMin > = 1.5 (d + 2 p) (m)

d-is the largest excavated pit dimension (m)

the p-band is to possible disturbance of rock, which after the collapse of the reinforcement drops out

around the perimeter of the pit (m).

1) § 10 para. 5, 6 and 7 of law No. 61/1988 Coll., on mining activity,

explosives and the State Mining Administration.

2) § 2 (2). 1 (b). f) Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no. 22/1989 Coll.

on safety and health at work and the safety of operations at

mining activities and in the activities to be carried out using mining techniques in the


3) § 32 para. 4 of law No. 44/1988 Coll., on the utilization of mineral resources

(the law). § 10 para. 6 of law No. 61/1988 Coll., Decree of the Czech

Mining Authority no. 104/1988 Coll., on the efficiency of the exclusive

bearings, permitting and reporting of mining activity and reporting

activities carried out using mining techniques, as amended by Decree of the Czech

Mining Authority no 242/1993 Sb.

4) section 1 of the Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no. 15/1995 Coll., for permission to

mining activities and activities carried out using mining techniques, as well as to

designing objects and devices that are part of these activities.

4A) § 2 (b). I) Decree No. 52/1997 Coll.

5) section 5 of the Decree of the Czech Mining Authority No 22/1989 Sb.

7) § 14 para. 4 Decree of the Czech Mining Authority No 22/1989 Sb.

7A) DIN-EN 13 043 aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface layer

roads, airport and other transportation areas.

ČSN-EN 13 139 aggregates for mortar.

ČSN-EN 13 242 aggregates for nestmelené mixtures and mixtures of both the

hydraulic binders for civil engineering and infrastructure.

ČSN-EN 12 620 Aggregates in concrete.

ČSN-EN 13 383-1 stone for water structures-part 1: Specifications.

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12 the discovery of other gases) in the mine air destroyed the pit shall be governed by §

paragraph 109. 6 Decree of the Czech Mining Authority No 22/1989 Sb.

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measuring documentation when mining activity and certain activities

carried out using mining techniques.

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