In Order To Ensure Work Safety In The Low-Pressure Boiler

Original Language Title: k zajištění bezpečnosti práce v nízkotlakých kotelnách

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The Czech Office of work safety

of 12 October. February 1993

in order to ensure work safety in the low-pressure boiler

The Czech Office of work safety shall determine pursuant to section 5 (b). (d)) of law No.

174/1968 Coll., on State specialized supervision of work safety, as amended by

the Act of the Czech National Council No. 159/1992 Coll. (the full text of no 396/1992

Coll.), in agreement with the Ministry of transport and Ministry of industry and


§ 1

The scope of the

The decree applies to organizations and individuals engaged in

business activity ^ 1) and their staff in the design,

the establishment, location and operation of low pressure boiler (hereinafter referred to as

"boiler room"), with a nominal heat output of at least one 50 kW boilers

and larger and boiler rooms with the sum of the nominal heat boilers of more

than 100 kW.

§ 2

Basic concepts

For the purposes of this Ordinance, means the

and) covering object or part of the object in which it is placed at least

one boiler

1. steam with a design pressure up to 0.05 MPa,

2. the maximum working temperature of the fluid with a liquid, not exceeding the point

boil at 0.05 MPa,

where applicable, other devices, and related operational and does not decide whether

in one boiler room are the same type of boilers;

b) boiler plant and boiler house with the sum of the nominal heat

performance of boilers over 3.5 MW;

c) boiler plant II. boiler room category with the sum of the nominal heat

performance of the boilers above 0.5 MW to 3.5 MW;

d) boiler-room III. boiler room categories with a nominal heat output

at least one of the boiler 50 kW and higher to the sum of the nominal heat

performance of boilers and boiler room shall be 0.5 MW the sum of the rated thermal power

boiler 100 kW to more than the sum of the nominal thermal power boilers

0.5 MW;

e) self-contained object spatially coherent structure that holds the stage

specific function

f) steam boiler equipment, in which steam is produced with a nominal overpressure

not more than 0.05 MPa combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels,

where appropriate, the use of electricity;

g) liquid boiler equipment, in which the working fluid is heated

up to the temperature of the boiling point at 0.05 MPa combustion of solids,

liquid and gaseous fuels, where appropriate, the use of electricity;

(h) the fluid boiler hot-water boiler), in which the working fluid


I) kotelním equipment technical equipment designed to produce steam or hot water,

consisting of a boiler or several boilers and equipment needed for

boiler operation or with the operation of the related;

j) calorific (teplosměrnou) surface area of the walls of the boiler parts, which

heat the working substance;

the nominal heat output boilers), the amount of heat per unit time,

that must transmit the heat-carrying substance permanently boiler when prescribed

at steady state conditions, when using fuel prescribed by the manufacturer;

l) by pulling the boiler the difference between the static pressure at the point of entry of the combustion

air into the boiler and static pressure at the point of removal of combustion gases from the boiler;

m) design pressure boilers the maximum permissible value of the excess pressure in the

the boiler, which is the basis for the strength calculation of the boilers;

n) reconstruction of the boiler into the whole intervention produced boilers, in which

changes the parameters of the boiler against the original state;

about the occasional boiler service periodic) inspection of boiler fireman within the time limits

laid down in the operational order of the boiler room;

p) permanent operation of the boiler operation, which can only Stoker

in the short term move away from the boiler for the period and under the conditions laid down in

the production of the order of the boiler room.

§ 3

Design documentation the boiler room

(1) the boiler room of the project documentation must include

and the calculation of the needed quantity) air for combustion and the necessary stroke


(b)) the draft technical solutions and calculation of the effective ventilation of the boiler room and

areas related to the operation of the boiler house,

(c)) the draft of the technical solution and the calculation of the signalling equipment

boilers, ^ 2)

(d) the operator.)

(2) the design documentation ^ 3) boiler rooms I and II. a category is a processor

in the context of building management is obliged to submit to the competent authority

State professional supervision ^ 4) for examination.

§ 4

Documentation of the boiler

(1) the supplier is obliged to deliver to each boiler

and instructions for its installation), service, operation and maintenance,

b) certificate of quality and completeness.

(2) documentation of boilers with a nominal heat output of 50 kW or higher must

also include

and assembly drawings) of the boiler, its accessories and connection to the chimney,

(b)), the boiler base plans

(c) pipes and fittings) with the indication of the nominal luminance and

the nominal pressures

d) diagram of measuring points with indication of quantities for measuring the operating substances,

the schema of the remote control and regulation, where appropriate, water circulation,

e) lubrication scheme,

(f) power and quality parameters), boiler water,

(g) a list of documents making up the documentation).

(3) To gas-fired boiler with a nominal heat output of 50 kW, and

more shall the supplier of the gas equipment for heating boilers also

Book review of the gas appliances and gas supply documentation.

(4) To the boiler on liquid fuels with a rated thermal power of 50 kW, and

higher oil facilities, the contractor shall deliver the documentation and also boilers

regulations for the incineration of liquid fuel (burner,

heater, oil management, etc.).

§ 5

Setting up of boiler-rooms

(1) the boiler room category I shall be established in separate premises, if

in paragraphs 3 and 4 provide otherwise.

(2) the boiler room II. and (III). categories can be set up as well as in special

rooms, cellars, in basements, in the last floor or on

the roofs of buildings.

(3) for the setting up of boiler-rooms with gas-fired boiler are special

prescription. ^ 5)

(4) in justified cases, technically you can, under the conditions approved

authority of the State professional supervision, derogate from the provisions of paragraph 1.

§ 6


(1) the premises of the boiler rooms and spaces associated with the operation of boiler-rooms must be

effectively ventilated. In the areas where they are located, the boiler must be secured

sufficient air supply combustion and ventilation

neuzavíratelným through the hole in the floor of the boiler rooms.

(2) the exhaust air from the boiler rooms must be secured by at least one hole

the ceiling of the boiler rooms, where appropriate, the odváděcím pipe to the outside space

so, in order to ensure sufficient air flow and is not

influenced by features of burners and flue gas charges.

(3) forced ventilation of boiler rooms, in which are located the boiler with natural

stroke must not be vacuum.

§ 7

Emergency lighting

(1) in the boiler rooms with the ground surface of more than 150 m2 with a permanent service

emergency lighting must be installed

and the front wall boilers,)

(b)) pressure gauges, tahoměrů, watermarks, altimeters and funnels and relief

steam boiler equipment

c) space for the odpopelňování,

(d) gas, economy)

(e) a coaling facilities, space)

(f)) of the liquid-fuel tanks,

g) where is the distributor of steam or hot water,

h) along the length of the escape routes of these boiler rooms.

(2) the emergency lighting referred to in paragraph 1 (b). a) to (g)) is not necessary for

boilers, which will occur during the power outage to their

the automatic cessation of the operation, and the unattended boilers.

(3) operators must have a handheld flashlight in a usable state.

(4) to work in the boilers are used lamps to a safe voltage.

§ 8

Turn-based ratios of boilers

(1) the attachment of the smoke of boilers shall be designed for connecting the device to the

measurement of flue gas temperature and stroke.

(2) the necessary thrust to the burning down of their boilers manufacturer and

reconstruction of boilers processor project documentation.

§ 9

Protection against burning

All surfaces in the boiler rooms, which are warmer than 60 degrees Fahrenheit,

must be with the exception of the closing elements, fitted with a non-flammable insulation,

If it does not serve the purposes of heating. Controls must be in the implementation,

that excludes the possibility of burns.

§ 10

Rules of operation

(1) organizations and natural persons engaged in business activities,

operating of the boiler (hereinafter referred to as the "operator"), are obliged to issue the

boiler room code of conduct (the "code of conduct"); for boiler room with boiler

gas must have the requirements of the code of conduct of the Special

prescription. ^ 6)

(2) the operational instructions are included in the operating instructions of boiler equipment.

If you cannot provide guidance for some of the boilers, the vendor shall introduce

the requirements for ignition, operation, and decommissioning of the boilers to the operator

operational instructions.

(3) the code of conduct lays down, in particular,

and) number of boilers that can serve one fireman,

(b)) method of operation,

(c) workers in operation) the obligations of boiler rooms,

(d) the time limits and controls) of the signalling system,

(e) the time limit and method) detect the presence of carbon monoxide in the premises of the

boiler rooms and in areas related to their operation,

(f)) the way the procedure, extent and timing of the cleaning of boilers,

(g)) of a person authorized to enter the boiler rooms,

h) range and time limits of data entries into the production of the journal.

(4) the code of conduct must be in the boiler room permanently available.

§ 11

Cessation of operation of boilers

The boiler must be immediately shut off from traffic

and when you lose water) watermarks steam boiler

(b)) in the cracks and leaks, and that larger

1. for steam boilers, if or when the power cannot be increased

keep the lowest allowable water level in boilers,

2. in the case of the fluid boilers a sudden drop of fluid pressure,

3. If the compromising the safety of persons or devices,

4. If the security device ^ 2)

(c)) when the heating surfaces of the boilers, the deformations that could cause

bursting of boilers and endanger the safety of persons,

(d)) in the explosion in the Firebox and flue strokes that caused the

damage to the linings, plating or custom of the pressure of the whole,

e) in the cases where you cannot ensure their reliable operation (eg.

poor visibility, fire).

§ 12

Obligations of the operator

The operator is obliged to

and operation of boiler equipment) to ensure that, in accordance with the operational regulations,

(b)) to perform a preventive and operational maintenance of the boiler rooms and control activities

the bowels,

(c)) to ensure that escape routes have been permanently free and usable,

(d)), in order to keep tabs on the boiler rooms were jobs that are not related to

their operation and maintenance, and to delay the unauthorized

of the person,

(e) operation of boilers) to ensure that competent workers (hereinafter referred to as


(f) provide practical on-the-job training), testing and verification of knowledge from the bowels,

g) to ensure that personal protective equipment, ensure their proper

maintenance and replacement within the deadlines, to get acquainted with the use of the Stoker

These funds and their use and control, require

(h)) to ensure that established the medical examination and the bowels,

I) mark the doors to boiler safety table with the inscription "BOILER ROOM-

UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY PROHIBITED "or other security signs, ^ 7)

j) remove defects and shortcomings detected in the professional examinations

boiler rooms and revisions,

to detect the presence of carbon monoxide) within the time limits and in the manner

set out the operational regulations,

l) keep the operating journal and writes about the professional tours after the boiler room

for at least three years.

section 13 of the

Operating diary

(1) in each boiler room must be kept operating journal.

(2) in a production journal details the extent and time limits

established a production order.

§ 14

Tests of the bowels

(1) for the test, the bowels can be admitted applicants

and) 18 years or older,

b) physically and mentally fit to perform the work to the Stoker, ^ 8)

(c)) who have completed at least weekly practical on-the-job training.

(2) the Examination consists of the candidate before the examining board. The examination Committee shall

composed of a President and of at least two members, one of which must be

revision techniques boilers. ^ 9)

(3) if the candidate made up at the same time the test manual gas equipment to

boiler fuel, must be a member of the examination Commission also review techniques

gas equipment for the gas consumption of combustion, nominal heat

at least 50 kW performance. ^ 10)

(4) the test report must be drafted in writing. In the case of a positive result

the test, the applicants issued with the certificate of fitness, the model is

listed in the annex hereto, which forms part of this order.

(5) the validity of a certificate of eligibility to the Stoker is five years from the date of its


(6) the manual of boilers with a nominal heat output of less than 50 kW

no need for a certificate of eligibility to the Stoker. Such boilers heaters must

be 18 years or older, physically and mentally fit to perform the work

the Stoker, ^ 8) advised and taught to self-administer their in their owner's manual.

§ 15

Obligations of the bowels

Firemen are required to

and) to maintain boiler equipment serviced in a safe condition,

(b)) to adhere to the rules of operation and the operating instructions of boiler equipment

(c) notify the operator each) disorder, defect or

an unusual phenomenon during the operation of boilers, and when the risk of default as soon as

shut down the boiler out of operation,

d) permanently maintain order and cleanliness in boiler rooms and ensure that they

There are no other unauthorized persons,

(e)) when shift operation after their shifts to pass the boiler equipment

his successor,

(f) to report immediately to the operator) the circumstances which significantly

make it difficult to operate boilers (such as sudden nausea),

g) to submit to medical examinations provided for by specific provisions, ^ 8)

(h)) to write to a production journal information provided in § 13 para. 2.

section 16 of the

Professional inspection of boiler-rooms

(1) the operator must ensure that the professional tours of boiler plants (hereinafter referred to as

"guided tours")

before commissioning the boiler rooms) into operation,

(b)) after each general overhaul and reconstruction of boilers,

(c)) when you change the fuel type,

(d)) always after one year of operation of boiler-rooms,

(e)) for seasonal operation before the start of each season.

(2) Examinations may only be a person who controls the rules for

operation, servicing and maintenance of boiler and boiler rooms, and regulations

related, for example, heat techniques, inspection techniques of boilers,

energetik. The result of the inspections shall prepare minutes.

(3) the inspection shall be determined, in particular, the status of the boiler room, external and internal

status the status of the signalling equipment, boilers, burners, pumps, tanks,

water treatment installations, a coaling and odpopílkovacího equipment,

flue and chimney.

§ 17

Transitional provisions

(1) new and reconstructed the boiler room can be put into operation only

the conditions that were not in the professional inspection deficiencies which prevent

putting into operation.

(2) a certificate of competency issued before the entry into force of the Stoker this

the Decree shall expire on 31 December 2007. December 1995.

section 18

Regulation (EEC)

Is hereby repealed Decree of the Czech Office of work safety no. 24/1984 Coll., to

to ensure work safety in low pressure boilers.

§ 19

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. April 1993.

RNDr. Humble v.r.

responsible for the management of the Czech Office of work safety



on the eligibility of the Stoker manual low pressure boilers

Name and surname:

Social security number:

He passed the day.........., pursuant to section 14 of the test search. ČÚBP č.

91/1993 Coll. and is capable of independently operated low-pressure

liquid, *) hot water, steam) *) boilers for solid, liquid, *))

gaseous fuel *).

Validity of the certificate shall expire after five years from the date of its issue.

V ................. dne ........... 199 ...

name, signature, certificate No. name and signature

the revision technique of boilers of the Commission President

name, signature, certificate No.

the revision technique of gas equipment)

*) Delete where inappropriate

1) section 3 of the Act No. 174/1968 Coll., on State specialized supervision of

safety, as amended by the Act of the Czech National Council No. 159/1992 Coll.

(the full text of no. 396/1992 Coll.).

2) CSN 06 0830 security equipment for central heating and heating

the utility water.

3 the Federal Ministry) of technical and investment development

No. 85/1976 Coll., on detailed adjustment of spatial management and building code,

as amended by Decree No. 155/1980 Coll. and Decree No. 378/1992 Coll.

4) § 4 of law No. 174/1968 Coll., as amended by the Act of the Czech National Council.

159/1992 Sb.

5) ČSN 07 0703 gas boiler.

6) DIN 38 6405 gas equipment. The principle of operation.

7) CSN 01 8010 Safety colors and brands.

CSN 01 8012 Security table.

CSN 01 8013 Fire table.

8) directive of the Ministry of health of the Czech Socialist Republic.

49/1967 on the assessment of medical fitness to work (registered in

the amount of the 2/1968 Coll.), as amended by the mandatory measures of the Ministry of

health of the Czech Socialist Republic No. 17/1970 (registered

in the amount of 20/1970 Sb.).

9) Decree of the Czech Office of work safety and the Czech Mining Authority no.

18/1979 Coll., which determine the reserved pressure equipment, and provides

some of the conditions to ensure their safety, as amended by Decree No.

97/1982 Coll. and Decree No. 551/1990 Coll.

10) Decree of the Czech Office of work safety and the Czech Mining Authority

No. 21/1979 Coll., which specify a dedicated gas equipment and provides for the

some of the conditions to ensure their safety, as amended by Decree No.

554/1990 Sb.