On The Determination Of Vyhraz. Lifting Equipment And Conditions. Their Safety

Original Language Title: o určení vyhraz. zdvihacích zařízení a podm. jejich bezpečnosti

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19/1979 Sb.


The Czech Office of work safety and the Czech Mining Authority

of 22 March. January 1979

specifying a dedicated piece of lifting equipment and lays down certain conditions

to ensure their safety

552/1990: Sb.

352/2000: Sb.

394/2003: Sb.

The Czech Office of work safety according to § 5 para. 1 (b). (d)), and (f)) of law No.

174/1968 Coll., on State specialized supervision of work safety, (hereinafter referred to

"the Act") and the Czech mining Office pursuant to § 57 para. 1 (b). (d)) of law No.

41/1957 Coll. on the use of the mineral wealth (the top Act) and under section 10

(a). and (c)) of the Act) and the Czech National Council No. 24/1972 Coll. on the organisation and

on the extension of the supervision of the State Mining Authority in agreement with the competent

the central authorities shall lay down:

§ 1

The scope of the

(1) the Ordinance is binding on the Organization, covered by the scope of the

the authorities of the State of vocational safety surveillance work, ^ 1) and for the

legal and natural persons carrying out business activity

in accordance with special regulations ^ 3) (hereinafter referred to as "the Organization").

(2) the Ordinance does not apply to equipment subject to the supervision

the authorities referred to in article 3, paragraph 3. 2 (a). a) and b) of the Act.

§ 2

Dedicated lifting equipment

(1) Dedicated lifting equipment within the meaning of paragraph 4 (b). d) to (g)) of the Act

(hereinafter referred to as "equipment"), these devices are with motor:

and hoists and mobile hoist) with a load capacity of 5000 kg (hoists,

cats, etc.),

b) with a load capacity of cranes 5000 kg,

(c)) moving work platform lifting height of over 3 m,

d) construction site hoists with lifting height of 3 m, which also transported

of the person,

e) elevators, which are a permanent part of buildings with a carrying capacity of 100 kg and with

lifting height above 2 m,

f) shelf stackers with vertically movable operating positions.

(2) the Devices referred to in this Decree are:

and) winches,

b) forklift,

c) stable structure on which are located the gins, mobile

hoists and cranes,

d) lifting equipment, designed and built exclusively for panel mounting

purposes (mounting poles, arms, body, etc.),

(e)) hanging conveyors,


g) lift trucks, front

h) mechanical ramps,

I) platforms for lifting cars

j) extension ladders,

k) resources for binding, hooks and snaps of loads that are not

a permanent part of the device,

l) auxiliary (dedicated) handling equipment, which are included in the

technological lines of machines.

§ 3

Enterprise permissions

(1) the organization can produce, assemble, perform maintenance, repair and

to reconstruct the device or supply way is correct, and

make revisions and revision tests only on the basis of permission (hereinafter referred to as

"eligible organization"). For devices referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (e))

You must have permission to the Organization, which also operates the device,

If you repair carries out itself.

(2) Permission is issued by the work safety Inspectorate (hereinafter referred to as the "authority

supervision "), in whose area of competence the Organization has its seat, where appropriate,

permanent residence, on the basis of a written request from the organization.

(3) Organization in the application stating the following:

and) your exact name and address,

(b) the name and address of the race) (establishment), for which permission is requested, if the

It is not in the headquarters of the organisation,

(c) the nature and scope of the requested) permission,

d) securing the exercise of the activity to which the permission required by page

technical equipment and professional qualifications of the workers.

(4) if the supervisory authority of the non-compliance with the conditions or violations of

regulations to ensure safety of work and technical equipment in the

activities according to the permissions, limits the range of permissions, or is your organization

be withdrawn.

§ 4

Individual trial

(1) Each of the newly assembled device with the exception of the products set out to

conformity assessment according to a special law ^ 3a) and Government Regulation ^ 3b) must

the manufacturer or installer to submit to the Assembly and test

the default revision of electrical equipment, and prepare for them a book

lifting devices, passport or similar document. On individual

approved organisation shall prepare a trial registration.

(2) the production or Assembly of the organization is required to notify the authority of the

supervision according to the location of the device, at least 15 days in advance instead of

and for an individual Tryout

and) of the first piece of equipment referred to in § 2 (2). 1, produced in the same

implementation, to working in the production

the Organization,

(b)) the device referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (b)), e) and (f)), which stated in the

working in the customer organization.

(3) the equipment referred to in paragraph 2, the production or Assembly of the Organization

commit to the customer only after the successful individual tryout confirmation

the supervisory authority.

(4) in the case of imported equipment ensures compliance with the obligations referred to in paragraphs

2 and 3 the user organization.

§ 5

Verification tests

(1) the organization operating the equipment (hereinafter referred to as the "operator") is

required to verify the safety of each new, General repair

the renovated or reconstructed equipment before it is placed into the

the operation of the verification test.

(2) the operator is required to notify the supervisory authority, the competent

According to the location of the device, at least 15 days in advance the place and time of

the validation tests.

(3) the test shall be performed within the scope of technical standards,

where appropriate, the technical specifications of the manufacturer, in accordance with the requirements of the Organization,

who made the reconstruction or overhaul equipment or

According to the specific requirements of the supervisory authority.

(4) the individual testing and validation test can be executed

at the same time, if the participating organizations agree.

(5) the organization conducting the verification test shall prepare a test write.

(6) for the device tested in accordance with § 4 para. 3 if in the beginning of the operation

After more than 3 months, you just need to verify that the conditions in order to ensure

the safe operation of the designated regulations to ensure the safety and

technical equipment or documentation of the device.

§ 6

Tests after repairs

Organization that repairs the device, it is required to verify its safety

a validation test to the extent carried out repair and according to the provisions

technical standards.

§ 7

Revision and revision tests

The organization is required to consistently verify the revisions and revision tests

another device, the range of operational capacity and the completeness of the dossier. These

revision and revision tests shall be carried out to the extent and within the time limits prescribed by the

technical standards, where appropriate, the technical conditions of production

the organization.

§ 8

Revision techniques

(1) Revision, revision tests, tests manufactured, assembled,

General repair of the device may only be renewed and reconstructed

the review carried out by the engineers.

(2) the review techniques must have for the implementation of the activities referred to in paragraph 1

certificate of professional competence issued by the supervisory authority, on the basis of

the tests carried out.

(3) the Applicants for a certificate of audit technique must have completed a full

secondary vocational education of mechanical or electrical engineering and at least

five years ' experience in the field of lifting equipment.

(4) if the applicant Has professional engineering or electrical engineering, higher education,

than that prescribed in paragraph 2, it is a two-year professional experience.

(5) the supervisory authority may, in justified cases, at the request of the Organization

to enable an exception of the required training.

§ 9

Inspection and tests

(1) for the purposes of the national operator is obliged to professional supervision

prepare the device for inspection the inspection or test on the agreed day

and under the conditions laid down by the supervisory authority.

(2) technical tasks necessary for the proper execution of the inspection or

tests of controls or performing the audit techniques, or other competent

a worker of the operator.

Transitional and final provisions

§ 10

(1) the operator shall, within one year from the effective date of the Decree

notify the supervisory authority in the register of the number of devices in the distribution

According to § 2 (2). 1 and a way to ensure their revisions and tests.

(2) the organization engaged in an activity referred to in section 3, as yet, no permissions,

are required to ask for them, within six months from the effectiveness of this Ordinance.

(3) the Permission issued by the organizations and personnel certificates issued before

effect of this order shall remain in force for three years from the date of

the Decree took effect.

§ 11

Shall be deleted:

1. paragraph 1 (b). (b)) Decree No. 151/1969 Coll., shall be determined

dedicated technical equipment,

2. Decree No 204/1956 Ú.l., on the mandatory reporting of lifts to register,

fixed content management communication, no 224/1956 Ú.l.

§ 12

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. July 1979.

The President of the

The Czech Mining Authority:

Pinion v.r.

The President of the

The Czech Office of work safety:

Dr. George B v.r.

1) § 3 (1). 1 of the law No. 174/1968 Coll., on State specialized supervision of

safety work.

3) Eg. Act 105/1990 Coll., on citizens ' private business, law No.

104/1990 Coll., on limited liability companies, the law No. 173/1988 Coll.

the enterprise with foreign investments, as amended by Act No. 112/1990


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amendments to certain laws, as amended by Act No. 71/2000 Coll.

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requirements to machinery, as amended by regulation of the Government No. 15/1999 Coll.

Government Regulation No. 14/1999 Coll. laying down technical requirements for

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