Conditions Of Employment For Employees Of Schools And Educational Facilities

Original Language Title: pracovní řád pro zaměstnance škol a školských zařízení

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263/2007 Sb.


from day 4. October 2007,

laying down the conditions of employment for employees of schools and educational

facilities set up by the Ministry of education, youth and sports,

region, community or voluntary Union of municipalities

The Ministry of education, youth and sports (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry")

in the agreement with the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs shall be determined according to § 306

paragraph. 1 and 5 of the law No. 262/2006 Coll., the labour code:

§ 1

The scope of the legislation

This Decree shall apply to the staff of schools and school facilities

set up by the Ministry, region, community or voluntary Union of municipalities.

§ 2

The procedure relating to the termination of employment and dismissal, or

relinquishing the post of the head of

(1) before the end of employment of the employee shall inform the

the execution status of the employer imposed tasks. Pedagogical worker

submits the appropriate pedagogical documentation and supporting documents for the evaluation

pupils and students. About the handover of tasks and things shall be record.

(2) the Director of the school or school facility upon termination of

at the appeal of the job of the Director or a waiver

the post of the Director shall forward the agenda associated with the performance of the work

the post of Director to the newly designated Director; If this is not possible, passes it to the

in the same way its representative or person specified by the founder.

About the transmission of the record shall be made.

§ 3

Working hours of teaching staff

(1) the working time of teaching staff carry out

and direct educational activities) ^ 1)

(b)) other work related to direct educational activities agreed with the

the pedagogical worker, for example, preparing for direct teaching

activity, preparation of teaching aids, reviews of written, graphic and

other works of pupils and work arising from the organisation of the education

and education in schools and educational establishments, such as the supervision of the children and

minor children (hereinafter referred to as "students") in school, and during events organised by the

the school, in cooperation with other educational staff, with educational

Advisor to a school with metodikem metodikem prevention, information and

communication technologies, cooperation with the legal representatives of the pupils,

professional care of cabinets, libraries and other facilities serving the needs of

education, the performance of the work connected with the function of class teachers and

educational Advisor, participation in meetings convened by the head of an employee

school or educational establishment, study and participation in further education

teaching staff.

(2) unless the performance of direct teaching activities, the pedagogical

the worker to perform the work at a place agreed with him ^ 2).

(3) when the working time to mark out his school principal or shifts

school facility at the same time also direct educational activities.

(4) If, with the pedagogical worker agreed ^ 3) another time to its

getting familiar with the layout of working time in the innings, he shall notify the Director of the school

or school facility this working time not later than 3 days

in advance; in the event of a change in the layout of direct educational activities it

as a general rule, notify 3 days in advance.

(5) in the records of working time ^ 4) stating whether or not the number of hours

direct teaching activities carried out over a range of weekly hours

determined by the school principal or school facility.

§ 4

Of leave

The period of leave specifies the principal of the school or school facility

According to the schedule of leave ^ 5)

and usually teachers) for the duration of school holidays,

(b)) the teachers of kindergartens, taking into account the specific conditions of the

workplace so that it drew mainly at the time of the interruption, or limitation of

the operation of the kindergartens ^ 6)

c) educators in schools with year-round

operation during the entire school year.

§ 5

Off self-paced

The Director of the school or school facility determines the educators

absence for further education in the form of self-study ^ 7), usually on the


a) autumn, Christmas, half-yearly, in spring or Easter

the holiday season ^ 8),

(b) interruption or restriction of use) school ^ 6) ^ 9 or school facility),


(c)) when at school or a school for exceptional reasons

conducting education and training and are not provided by the school

services ^ 10).

§ 6

Supervision of students

(1) Supervision ^ 11) to ensure the safety and health of students in school

or a school in the upbringing and education, and related to them

activities and the provision of educational services shall be carried out in order to

the prevention of damage to health, property, nature and life

environment ^ 12).

(2) the Director of the ^ 13) school or educational establishment determines the implementation supervision

over the pupils. Based on your specific circumstances and to take account in particular of the

activity carried out, the age of the pupils and their intellectual maturity, transport

and other risks.

(3) a pedagogical worker takes place according to the schedule of the supervision of pupils, in particular, in the

school before teaching, teaching hours between breaks, according to the

necessary when moving between the buildings of the school, the pupils into school equipment

catering and to school. If the Director of the school enables pupils to

stay in school early, between morning and afternoon lessons

or after class, secures their supervision. Supervision in the school begins

at least 15 minutes before the start of the morning lessons and 15 minutes before

at the beginning of the afternoon teaching and ends with the first termination of education and

training or providing educational services.

(4) a pedagogical worker carries out the instructions of the Director of supervision and outside

school and educational establishment, especially in courses, excursions and other

activities arising from the school or training programs

teaching documents, participating in contests, parades, or when

their preparation and other events organised by the school or school


(5) during events held outside of school or educational establishment, when the place

for Assembly of the students is not a school or educational establishment, supervision begins

no later than 15 minutes prior to the time of the Assembly at the specified location. After

the supervision ends at a designated place and in advance

the allotted time. Place and time of Assembly of pupils and the end of the action shall be notified

at least one day before the event guardians of pupils.

(6) Supervision may be exercised in addition to pedagogical worker and the other an adult

employee of the school or school facility, if the performance of this

supervision properly instructed. About this lesson is made the record.

§ 7

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the first day of the first calendar month

following the date of its publication.


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