Laying Down The Selected Products To The Conformity Assessment

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173/1997 Coll.


of 25 June 2002. June 1997,

fixing the selected products to the conformity assessment

Change: 174/1998 Coll.

Change: 78/1999 Coll.

Change: 323/2000 Sb.

Change: 329/2002 Sb.

Change: 329/2002 Coll. (part)

Change: 88/2010 Sb.

Government orders under section 22 of Act No. 22/1997 Coll., on technical

requirements for products and amending and supplementing certain acts, (hereinafter referred to as

the law ") to implement section 12 paragraph 1. 1 (b). § 12), para. 4 and § 13 para. 2

and 4 of the Act:

§ 1

(1) for the purposes of this regulation are set out under section 12 paragraph 1 products.

1 of the products referred to in annexes 1 and 2.

(2) the properties of the product must meet the requirements laid down by the laws,

regulations that apply to them, (hereinafter referred to as "the basic requirements for

products "). For the fulfilment of the essential requirements for the products shall be deemed to

compliance with the appropriate provisions of the relevant Czech technical

standards. In the event that the manufacturer or importer intends to place on the market a product

whose properties are not in accordance with the provisions of Czech technical

standards, it is considered to ensure the safety of these products for a minimum of

the same level as is the degree of protection provided for in the Czech technical

the standards, in compliance with the essential requirements for products.

§ 2

The manufacturer or importer ensures that for products listed in annex No. 1.

conformity of the product so that the

and) takes the technical documentation referred to in § 4,

(b)) performs before putting the product on the market conformity assessment pursuant to section 12 of the

paragraph. 4 (b). and the law and on the basis of) the technical documentation referred to in § 4 and

on the basis of tests of the sample product which performs alone or their

execution enters, examine whether the characteristics of the product correspond to the basic

the requirements for products,

c) takes measures in order that all products placed on the market

match the technical documentation.

§ 3

(1) the manufacturer or importer for the products referred to in annex No. 2 provides for

authorized persons (article 11, paragraph 1, of the Act) the conformity of the sample product

(prototype) with the essential product requirements [of section 12, paragraph 4 (b))

the law].

(2) the notified body shall assess the conformity of the sample of the product with the essential

the requirements for products and conformity assessment issued by the manufacturers or importers


(3) for the type-examination provides the authorized manufacturer or importer

the person of the

a) identification data (name and surname, place of residence, place of business and

the identification number of the natural person or business name, registered office and

the identification number of the legal person and the place of manufacture of products),

(b)) the technical documentation,

c) product sample.

(4) the authorized person performs type-examination so that

examine the documentation submitted and) the manufacturer or importer, and shall examine whether

comply with the requirements of this regulation,

(b) a sample of the product) will be conducted to verify that the product complies with the type

the basic requirements for the products.

(5) If a product sample complies with the requirements provided for in § 1 (1). 2,

the notified body shall issue the certificate product type and forward it to the manufacturers

or importers. Product type certificate shall contain the conclusions of the survey,

verification and test results, description, or product,

necessary for its identification.

(6) the manufacturer or importer to ensure that all products placed on the

the market, meet the certified type.

(7) the manufacturer or the importer may, in agreement with an authorized person choose

conformity assessment procedures and other procedures referred to in § 12 para. 4 of the Act,

If it is more suitable for the product.

§ 4

(1) the manufacturer or the importer takes technical documentation, which must

allow for the assessment of conformity of the product.

(2) technical documentation shall contain, taking into account the nature of the

of the product,

and a general description of the product),

(b)) manufacturing drawings and diagrams of components, assemblies, circuits,

composition of the product, technological procedure, požárnětechnické, chemical,

physical and biological characteristics of the product, in relation to the protection of

the life and health of persons, their property, or to protect the natural


c) descriptions and explanations necessary for clarity, drawings, schemes and

functions of the product, the instructions for use, including any claims for servicing,

including the designation of the požárnětechnických characteristics,

d) alerts and warnings on the hazards and safe use instructions

referred to as part of the documentation must be in English; If there is a

the warning should be put directly on the products, must be made legibly and


(e)) for an overview of technical regulations and list of Czech technical

standards (section 4 (1) of the Act), where applicable, their articles and the description of the solution

adopted to meet the essential requirements for products,

f) results of design calculations and tests carried out,

g) test reports or certificates.

§ 5

Documents (article 13, paragraph 4, of the Act) of the method of assessment of conformity

the technical documentation shall include, where appropriate, documents issued in

assessment of conformity by an authorized or accredited person (section 14 of the Act).

§ 6

(1) a declaration of conformity shall be drawn up in the Czech language and contains the following


and) identification of manufacturers or importers, that Declaration of conformity

issues, (name and surname, place of residence, place of business and the identification

the number of natural persons or the business name, registered office and identification number

legal entities),

b) identifying information about the product (e.g. the name, the type, make, model,

the serial number), for imported products, also identifying information about manufacturers

and about the place of production,

(c) a description and the identification of the product) (the manufacturer or the importer to the intended purpose of the

use), the other information about the product, for example. class interference suppression, toxicity,

class zápalnosti,

(d) a description of the method) the conformity assessment,

(e)) the list of technical regulations (§ 3 of the law) and Czech technical standards

used in the assessment of conformity,

(f)) in case the conformity assessment has been carried out in the form of the examination

the type a notified body details (company name, address, identification

the number of the authorized person) that has carried out, the number of type-examination and

date of issue of the certificate (including the period of its validity); the same information

the manufacturer or importer shall, in the case that he had used to assess the conformity of the find

(Protocol, certificate, etc.) accredited persons

g) confirmation of the manufacturer or the importer to the effect that the properties of the product meet the

the basic requirements for the products that the product is subject to the conditions of the usual,

where appropriate, the manufacturer or importer of the intended use safe and it has accepted

measures to ensures conformity of all products placed on the market with

the technical documentation and with the essential requirements for products,

h) date and place of issue the Declaration of conformity; name and function of the responsible

persons of the manufacturer or importer and its signature.

(2) if there is a change in the facts under which it has been issued a certificate of

conformity of the product to be even after this change, continue to be placed on the market, and

If this change can affect the properties of the product from the perspective of the fundamental

product requirements, the manufacturer or importer must issue a new declaration of

conformity. Other changes in the facts under which it has been issued a certificate of

conformity, shall be mentioned in the addendum to the Declaration of conformity.

§ 7

For products put on the market after the entry into force of this regulation until 31 December 2005.

December 1997 is meant to supplement the technical documentation for the documents referred to in

section 4, paragraph 4. 2 (a). (d)), and (e)) subsequently, not later than 31 December 2006. December 1997.

§ 8

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. September 1997.

Prime Minister:

Prof. Ing. Klaus CSc. v. r.

Minister of industry and trade:

JUDr. Kuhnl in r.

Č. 1


Sequence. no item name


1 scaffold tube, dílcová and Kabah including pipes,

connectors and components (in addition to the intended for

the use of the underground)


2 emergency fire cars command and investigative

with a total weight of up to 2 000 kg (1))



1) Act No. 133/1985 Coll., on fire protection, as amended


Annex No. 2, 10 and 11 of Decree No. 254/1999 Coll., on technical

conditions of fire techniques.

Č. 2


Sequence. no item name


1 fire extinguishers


2 extinguishing agents (in addition to the water without additives)


3 fire hose


4 fire nozzles and fire valves


5 products intended for intervention activity units of fire protection, and it

and) ladders,

(b) hydraulic extrication equipment),

(c) fire-fighting vehicles (intervention) with the exception of the cars command and investigative

with a maximum allowed weight of up to 2 000 kg, automotive cranes aautomobilů

recovery) and containers,

d) fire pumps,

e) rescue devices for emergency escape of persons from the heights (seskokové mattress, sheets, and

rescue tunnels),

f) lifting bags


6 the means of popular entertainment (devices with moving habitats of people, equipment with limited

controlled by the movement of people, equipment, children's playgrounds, facilities with the possibility of falling from a height more

than 40 cm, with increased mental workload)


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