Ensure Separate Gathering Components Of Municipal Waste

Original Language Title: zajištění odděleného soustřeďování složek komunálních odpadů

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321/2014 Sb.


of 16 December 2002. December 2014

on the scope and manner of a separate gathering ingredients

municipal waste

Ministry of the environment shall be determined according to section 17 para. 3 of Act No.

185/2001 Coll., on waste and amending certain other acts, as amended by

Act No. 229/2014 Coll.:

§ 1

Method of providing a separate gathering components of municipal waste

Separate centralisation of folders can perform a village and municipal waste


and) junkyards,

(b) the equipment referred to in section 14), para. 1 of the Act, and in the case of the biological

biodegradable municipal waste through the small device

under section 33b of the Act,

(c) bulk containers)

d) collection containers,

(e)), or case materials collection

(f) a combination of the methods referred to in points) a) to (e)).

§ 2

Biodegradable municipal waste

(1) the municipality is required to ensure space for separated gathering of at least

for biological waste of vegetable origin, at least in the period from 1.

April to 31. October of the calendar year.

(2) this obligation is met also in the case that organic waste

of plant origin is with regard to the subsequent method of using ^ 1)

soustřeďován together with the bio-waste of animal origin.

(3) the bio-waste "means biodegradable plant

biodegradable municipal waste, which does not include, nor does not come into

contact with the bio-waste of animal origin or with side

products of animal origin.

(4) bio-waste of animal origin means biologically

biodegradable municipal waste that contains, or came in contact with

biodegradable waste of animal origin from the kitchen and


(5) the municipality gathering waste, especially waste from eating

the device must ensure that the conditions for the protection of public health and

the environment, and it's running, the type of collection containers and

frequency of refuse disposal.

(6) the obligation to provide space for a separate gathering of the biological

biodegradable municipal waste is true also in the case that the municipality has

established in their territory a community composting system into which it is

able to deliver all the crop residue from the maintenance of green areas and gardens

arising in the territory of the municipality.

§ 3

Paper, plastic, glass and metals

(1) the municipality is required to ensure year-round place for separated gathering

waste paper, plastics, glass and metals.

(2) the obligation referred to in paragraph 1 shall be met if they are

regard to the management of some of these wastes

concentrated together, if there is no worsening of usability

collected waste compared to if these wastes were

collected separately.

§ 4

Hazardous municipal waste

The obligation to provide space for a separate gathering of dangerous

the waste municipality meet location to centralise hazardous waste in

the time limits, but at least twice a year.

§ 5

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 2015.


Mgr. Vratislav Brabenec in r.

1) European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no 1069/2009 of 21 December.

October 2009 laying down health rules for animal by-products

origin and derived products not intended for human consumption, and

repeal of Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 (the regulation for by-products

of animal origin), as amended.