On The Territorial Subdivisions Of The State

Original Language Title: o územním členění státu

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36/1960 Coll.


of 9 June. April 1960

on the territorial subdivisions of the State

Change: 69/1967 Coll.

Modified: 29/1968 Coll.

Change: 174/1968 Coll.

Change: 40/1969 Coll. 41/1969 Coll. 71/1969 Coll.

Change: 126/1971 Sb.

Change: 248/1990 Coll.

Changed: 425/1990 Coll.

Change: 108/1995 Sb.

Change: 132/2000 Sb.

Change: 320/2002 Coll.

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:

§ 1

The territory of the Republic is divided into counties, counties are divided into

counties and districts are subdivided into municipalities and military újezdy.

§ 1a

(1) the territory of the municipality is delimited by one or more contiguous boundary

cadastral territory.

(2) the territory of military poverty defined by the border of one or more

contiguous areas.

(3) the Ministry of the Interior shall establish an implementing regulation of the territory

a listing of the municipalities of counties and military újezdů.

§ 2

The territory of the city of Prague is a separate territorial unit; they break down

ten circuits. The name of the circuit: circuit Prague 1-10. The Ministry of

Interior of the implementing regulation provides for the territory of the circuits by enumeration

the urban parts of the effective date of this Act.

§ 3

Are created with the following region:

1. Region of the Czech Republic, based in Prague;

2. The Czech Republic with its seat in České Budějovice;

3. the region of South Moravia is located in Pilsen, Czech Republic;

4. Region of Northern Bohemia, based in Ústí nad Labem;

5. the region of East Bohemia, based in Hradec Králové;

6. South Moravian region located in Brno;

7. the region of North Moravia, based in Ostrava, Czech Republic;

§ 4

In the Central Bohemia region to create these districts:

1. Benešov district;

2. the Beroun district;

3. the Kladno district;

4. District;

5. Kutná Hora District;

6. The District of Mělník;

7. District Mlada Boleslav;

8. the Nymburk district;

9. Prague-East District;

10. Prague-West District;

11. the Příbram district;

12. District Rakovník.

§ 5

In the South are made up of these districts:

1. the District České Budějovice;

2. the Český Krumlov district;

3. District Jindřichův Hradec;

4. District;

5. District;

6. the Prachatice district;

7. the Strakonice district;

8. the Tábor district.

§ 6

In the West Bohemia region to create these districts:

1. the Domažlice district;

2. Cheb district;

3. Karlovy Vary district;

4. Bombay;

5. the Plzeň-City District;

6. the Plzeň-South;

7. Plzeň-North;

8. the Rokycany district;

9. Sokolov district;

10. the Tachov district.

§ 7

In the North Bohemian region will create these districts:

1. the Česká Lípa district;

2. the Děčín district;

3. the Chomutov District;

4. the Jablonec nad Nisou district;

5. District Liberec;

6. the District;

7. District;

8. District Bridge;

9. Teplice district;

10. District Ústí nad Labem.

§ 8

In the East Bohemia region to create these districts:

1. District Havlíčkův Brod.

2. Hradec Králové district;

3. the Chrudim district;

4. District;

5. District;

6. the Pardubice district;

7. District Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

8. District Semily;

9. the Svitavy district;

10. the Trutnov district;

11. Okres Ústí nad Orlicí.

§ 9

In Washington, these districts are created:

1. District Blansko;

2. Brno-City District;

3. the Brno-venkov District;

4. the Břeclav district;

5. the Zlín district

6. the Hodonín district;

7. the Jihlava District;

8. District;

9. the Prostějov District;

10. the Třebíč district;

11. Okres Uherské Hradiště;

12. Vyškov district;

13. the Znojmo district;

14. District Žďár nad Sázavou.

§ 10

In the North Moravian region will create these districts:

1. the Bruntál district;

2. Frýdek-Místek;

3. the Jeseník district;

4. the Karviná district;

5. District Nový Jičín;

6. District Olomouc;

7. the Opava district;

8. Ostrava-City District;

9. District;

10. the Šumperk district;

11. District.

§ 11


§ 12


section 13 of the


§ 14

The territory of the regions is made up of the territories of the counties.

§ 15

(1) the creation or cancellation of the region, the substantial change in its territory or changing the

its seat shall be made by law; make other changes to the territory of the region is the responsibility

the Government.

section 16 of the


§ 17

The Interior Ministry results overview of communities, military újezdů, districts, counties

and in the capital city of Prague districts.

section 18


§ 19

This Act shall take effect from the date of the notice; It does the Government.

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