The National Symbols Of The United States

Original Language Title: o státních symbolech České republiky

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The Czech National Council

of 17 December 1992

the national symbols of the United States

Change: 154/1998 Coll.

The Czech National Council decided on the following Act:

§ 1

National symbols of the United States are the large and small national coat of arms, State

colors, national flag, flag of the President of the Republic, the State seal and the

the national anthem.

§ 2

Large and small coat of arms

(1) a large coat of arms consists of a shield, quartered in the first and fourth

a red field, a silver-tailed lion in a jump with a Golden Crown and

the Golden Armor. In the second blue field, a silver-red šachovaná

Eagle with a Golden Crown and gold armor. In the third Golden field

Black Eagle with a silver Crescent Moon followed its three-and

in the middle with a cross, with a Golden Crown and a red armour.

(2) the representation of the large State emblem is annex 1 of this Act.

(3) the small national coat of arms consists of a red shield, in which the silver-tailed

the lion rampant is a Gold Crown and gold armor.

(4) the representation of the small coat of arms is in annex 2 to this Act.

§ 3

State colors

The State's colors are white, red, blue, respectively.

§ 4

The national flag

(1) the national flag consists of the upper white and lower bar bar

Red, žerďový blue wedge is pushed fully half the length

the flag. The ratio of width to length of the flag is 2:3.

(2) the representation of the national flag is given in annex 3 to this law.

§ 5

Flag of the President of the Republic

(1) the flag of the President of the Republic is white, with a border composed of

Clematis alternately of white, red and blue. In the middle of the white field is

large coat of arms. Below him is a white (Silver) ' TRUTH PREVAILS on

Red Ribbon-based yellow (Golden) lipovými children.

(2) a representation of the flag of the President is to annex 4 to this Act.

§ 6

State seal

(1) State seal consists of a large coat of arms based on lipovými kids

the sides, which is a copy of the "Czech Republic".

(2) the representation of the great seal is the annex 5 of this Act.

(3) the State shall keep the seal of seal of President of the Republic.

§ 7

The national anthem

(1) the national anthem consists of the first stanza of the song Franz and Josef Škroupa

J. k. Tyl "where is my home".

(2) the Text and musical notation of the national anthem are annex 6 of this Act.

§ 8

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. January 1993.

Uhde v.r.

Klaus v.r.

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