On The Progress In The Implementation Of Land Consolidation

Original Language Title: o postupu při provádění pozemkových úprav

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13/2014 Sb.


of 10 June 1999. January 2014

on the progress in the implementation of land consolidation and the constituent proposal

land consolidation

The Ministry of agriculture establishes, pursuant to section 27 of Act No 139/2002 Coll., on

land and land offices and on the amendment of the Act No. 229/1991

Coll., on the adjustment of the ownership of land and other agricultural property,

in the wording of later regulations, as amended by Act No. 503/2012 Coll. (hereinafter referred to

"the Act"):

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This Decree regulates the

and the design of land consolidation) the details,

(b) a procedure for the implementation of the rules) for land consolidation,

(c) the contents of the form) for the submission of applications for the granting of official permission to

design of land consolidation pursuant to § 18 para. 6 of the Act.

§ 2

The elements of a proposal for land consolidation

The elements of the draft land consolidation are listed in Appendix 1 to this

the Decree.

§ 3

Preparation of land management

(1) Land Office usually with an annual estimated shall notify the

start of land consolidation to the competent authority and to the cadastral

the concerned municipality.

(2) in the context of measures for land consolidation or their preparatory work to

ensure, in particular,

and updated geodetic information file) and the updated file

descriptive information of land operátu, where appropriate, the operators of the former

land register and the downstream operators of allocation and scelovacího

proceedings, to the extent necessary and in a form in which they are kept or

custody, and documentation of results of the investigation and measurement for the management and restoration of

geodetic information file "^ 1"),

(b) the allocation of the Charter or the decision), or other documents referred to in

other legislation ^ 2), which can be used to refine or

reconstruction of the allocation procedure in the land (section 4, paragraph 2,

of the Act),

(c) soil organic bonitovaných) maps units ^ 3), maps of the complex

survey of soil and forest types file maps,

d) approved or developed territorial planning documentation, spatial

planning documents and territorial decision ^ 4),

e) evidence available, analyses and information on the status of the territory and the intentions of its

the use of field surveys, including for example, about the relationships

in the area of water, in particular the protection of water resources or vulnerable

area, aboveground and underground equipment, soil conservation, geological

surveys, transport, territorial systems of ecological stability, protection of

landscape, hydrological data, climatological data, forest

economic plans, forest economic outline, previously processed projects

land consolidation and the data of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute,

f) verified data about the location of power grids, pipeline and

amelioration of the device,

g) aerial photography maps, aerial and satellite imagery, data base base

geographic data, maps erozního threat territory and a registry of soil

block that is included in the registration of land use based on user

relations, the digital model of the Czech Republic.

§ 4

The circumference of the land consolidation

The authority shall apply in determining the land circumference of land consolidation in

the circuit includes the land assessed as necessary for the achievement of the objectives

land consolidation and restoration of the land operátu, taking into account the

the requirements of the land owners, the municipality and cadastral authority.

§ 5

A detailed survey of the terrain and its evaluation

(1) carry out a detailed survey of the terrain in the entire circumference land

editing. If this is required for protecting the land from water erosion

and before the flood, or for other measures in the area of water,

the survey shall be carried out in locations downstream. The survey shall be carried out

to be detected the actual condition of the use of the territory in terms of agricultural

production, soil conservation, protection of nature and the landscape and all the factors that

may affect the schedule of common facilities (§ 9 para. 8 of the Act) new

positional arrangement of land or change of land according to their species.

(2) a detailed survey of the terrain will focus on those factors which are

necessary for the processing of the application for land consolidation. They are especially

and the way the current land use) and mark their border,

(b)), the technical condition of transport load of all communications, including their

components and accessories, and access to land,

(c)) the heterogeneity of soil degradation, land, finding water and speeches

wind erosion (smyvy, waterlogging, runway-convergent runoff water, crease,

the ravine, deflation, accumulation); the current state of erosion with indication of the calculation

much erozního threat

d) technical and functional State of the drainage and irrigation of the land, the State of the basin

water flows and water works placed in these washes in terms of

surface water drainage options from the catchment area of a water course, technical and

functional status, water reservoirs,

(e) the location and status of all) elements that are used to protect against water and

wind erosion, distribution and status of the elements relevant to the protection of the landscape and

spoluvytvářejících landscape character,

f) occurrence of landfills, energy, telecommunications, heating and

other leads, including columns of these lines, wells, or other

the specific peculiarities of the territory,

(g)) the need zúrodňovacích or rendering the measures on degraded and

contaminated soils.

(3) when the detailed survey of the field is determined by a mismatch between the facts

in the field, and the status of registered in the land registry and shall be drawn up

supporting documents for possible changes in species of land under the land


(4) when the detailed survey of the field next to the land registry maps

make use of, in particular, the State of the map 1:5,000 or more supporting documents.

(5) the results of a detailed field survey is processed graphically and

in writing as one of the bases for the determination of the fundamental objectives of land


§ 6

The participants in the

If the results of land consolidation is used for the recovery of land

operátu is used for the identification of the participant, which is a natural

person, his social security number as an identifier. If the person has not been

assigned a social security number valid in the Czech Republic, the

the identifier according to the land registry Ordinance ^ 5). In other cases, the

as an identifier used in accordance with the administrative regulations ^ 6) date

the birth of.

§ 7

Initiation of proceedings

(1) following the initiation of the land (section 6 of the Act) land

the Office shall convene the initial meeting (section 7 of the Act). The convening of this initial meeting

because of the efficiency of the proceedings can be performed simultaneously with the notice of

the initiation of land consolidation.

(2) at the opening of the negotiations shall be made available to participants at this

hearing information about the essential facts identified in the preparation

management of land and information about the objectives and how to

the implementation of measures for land consolidation.

(3) initial meeting takes the land Office to write attachment

attendance list that contains the elements referred to in § 18 para. 2

of the administrative code. Attendance list is one of the documents on the choice of the choir (§

5 (3). 5 of the Act).

(4) the progress of the negotiations and the vote of the Congregation shall adjust its rules of procedure, adopted by the Corps

by an absolute majority of all the members of the Congregation. For each meeting of

shoots a record, which shall be signed by the Chairman of the land and the head of the Office of the

or authorized employee. If you are hearing the Congregation to vote on

certain things, write about the result of the vote shall be signed by all present

members of the Congregation.

(5) the person in charge of the land Office to enter and enter the

land (§ 6 para. 9 of the Act) are required to submit on request

written credentials and identity card to the owner on whose land

they enter.

§ 8

The discovery over the border

Nevertheless, the Office shall inform the relevant municipality and land registry office on a date

during the discovery of boundaries (section 9, paragraph 5, of the Act) at least one month

ahead of time and discuss with them the method and scope of the cooperation in this


§ 9

Compensation and change the boundaries of cadastral territory

The scope of the proposed changes to the boundaries of the perimeter of the land consolidation

include either only by changing the boundaries of the parcels concerned, or so big

the downstream part of the neighbouring cadastral territory, in order to

to resolve to the satisfaction of the new arrangement of land in affected parts of neighbouring

cadastral territory.

§ 10

Survey activities

(1) a land registry office shall agree with the cadastral authority in particular, and

the elements in the data processing for file recovery survey

information for the land only in the circuit and land consolidation

pursuant to section 2 of the Act remain (nesměňované), the conditions laid down

the cadastral Office (§ 6 paragraph 6 of the law) and the intervals and the form in which

the changes relating to the land, the land Office highlights


(2) the area of territory, comprising the lands solved pursuant to § 2 of the Act, the

provides for the calculation of the coordinates of the border land circumference points of fracture

editing the code-3 characteristics of the intended quality of coordinates of detailed


(3) the area of territory determined in accordance with paragraph 2 is compared with the amount of territory

obtained by the sum of all the plots of land under the Bill land. It is not

decisive, what method of determining the acreage of plots of land in the land register is

the real estate is registered. The difference is compared with the value of the assessment limit deviations

established by a decree of the land registry.

(4) If a notice of assessment referred to in paragraph 3, the difference does not exceed the tolerance

established by a decree of the land registry, the totals will be Bill-exchanged

plots in a list of claims by a correcting coefficient, so that the difference

referred to in paragraph 3 has been deleted.

(5) If a notice of assessment referred to in paragraph 3, the difference exceeds the limit

derogation, the contractor verifies that there is no error in the focus of the territory, in the calculation

its acreage or in sum, Bill parcels according to the land registry.

If the contractor does not detect such an error, proceed on to the land Office

the basis of the results of the consultation with the land Office.

(6) in the case of land within the perimeter of land consolidation, which is done only

file recovery of geodetic information, carry out surveys and boundaries

their focus and copy the new file information according to the land registry

the Decree, to be aware of their actual amount at the time of processing

the inventory of claims and allow the procedure according to the land registry Ordinance.

(7) when the detailed measurement positioning target elements needed for

design of land consolidation (drainage shafts, wells, irrigation hydrants,

water springs, surface drainage, limits, elevated and underground lines,

trees growing outside the forest, the axis of the railroad tracks, field and forest

paths, downhills, culverts, railways concentrated runoff of surface water,

fencing and construction of permanent crops, the kinds of land, buildings,

and small structures). Where necessary, will also carry out detailed planimetric


(8) the parcels that do not require a solution within the meaning of section 2 of the Act, and

Land Office for providing only the necessary survey activities for the

the recovery of the land operátu, the results of these activities to be transmitted

the cadastral Office immediately after their completion.

§ 11

The inventory of claims

(1) On the basis of the discrepancy between the reality on the ground and the status of

registered in the land registry office before the land shall convene

the drawing up of an inventory of claims negotiations, to which it invites a representative of the authority

protection of agricultural land resources, environmental protection authority, State

forest management and, where appropriate, other bodies concerned. At the hearing, the

will examine the possibility of change kinds of land. The observations of the authorities concerned to

changes in the types of plots of land shall be recorded in the log, where applicable, to him

These observations be accompanied by. On the inventory of claims stating fact, according

the results of this meeting.

(2) the list of ownership, on which are listed the units to which the

subject to section 3, paragraph 3. 4 of the Act, shall be made out for a separate land

the inventory of claims. Similarly, the drawing up of an inventory of followed and new


(3) an inventory of entitlements, which is part of the dossier referred to in article 14(2). Vi, section 7

Appendix No. 1 to this Decree, shall be drawn up in accordance with the model in to the table

Annex No 2 to this Decree. This inventory of land claims Office serves

the owner into their own hands, will determine the time limit for the application of the objection and shall instruct the

the owner of the procedure for granting consents for the solution of land referred to

in section 3, paragraph 3. 3 of the Act.

(4) the basis for the elaboration of an inventory of claims data are the focus and

the findings of the actual state of the field and the outcome of the negotiations referred to in paragraph 1.

In the case of land covered by section 3 (1). 3 of the Act, the kind of

a plot of land in the land register.

(5) if the owner of the land referred to in § 3 (1). 3 of law agrees with the

their solution within the meaning of section 2 of the Act, give its written consent in

the inventory of claims. If the owner of the land registry office within the time limit laid down

pursuant to paragraph 3 does not respond to the solution of the land referred to in § 3 (1). 3

law, consent is documented proof of delivery of the inventory of claims that

It will be in the file documentation attached to a specific inventory of claims.

(6) for a plot of land whose owner is unknown (§ 9 para. 4 of the Act), by this

the fact shall be specified in the inventory of claims in the note.

(7) where the owner of the land consolidation with one plot of land and

acreage of this land will be increased by the portion of the corresponding spoluvlastnickému

share after the real division of co-ownership shares (§ 9 para 16

the law), it is in the case of withdrawal from the requirement to pay the difference

prices (section 10, paragraph 2, of the Act) of a plot of land.

(8) the lodged objections to land outstanding under section 2 of the Act, which

Land Office passes under § 8 para. 1 of the Act to the cadastral authority for

the decision of the land Office, attaches the results of survey activities

According to the land registry Ordinance.

(9) the Pattern inventory of the claims is set out in annex 2 to this Decree.

§ 12

The valuation of rights owners

If the owner of the tree species growing on the lot outside the forest, land

the Office shall invite the owner of the land through the inventory of claims to be in the

set period whether he required their awards.

section 13 of the

Update the inventory of claims

(1) during the processing of the application for land consolidation is an inventory of claims

It States, for example, because of the adjustments to the perimeter of the land consolidation and

changes to the circuit according to § 9 para. 6 of the Act, or settlement

ownership according to § 9 para. 16 of the Act. Last update

the inventory of claims can be made not later than the date of the proposal.

The updated inventories shall be delivered only claims the owners concerned.

(2) If a settlement of ownership until after unloading inventory

claims, shall be adjusted by the owners concerned their claims pursuant to closed

agreements on the settlement of the co-ownership.

(3) if at the time between exposure to the proposal and the issue of a decision pursuant to §

11 (1) 8 of the law on land registry to changes in entitlements, are

the changes listed in the annexes to decision according to § 11 para. 4, or

paragraph. 8 of the Act. Update the inventory of claims in this case already

does not perform.

§ 14

The rights of persons mentioned in § 8 para. 2 of the Act

(1) a person referred to in § 8 para. 2 of the Act must prove the claim, so that

proof of ownership to another owner at

claimed of land including graphic identification (trap)

claimed land in the current map of the territory.

(2) the Grounds referred to in § 8 para. 2 the Act is appreciated by the average price

agricultural land in the cadastral territory of ^ 7) the cadastral

modifications. Forest land, 1958 to become part of the territory of the

Polish people's Republic shall be valued at the State in 1958.

§ 15

Processing plan of common facilities

(1) the plan of joint facilities will be processed so that it contains an overview of the

all of the proposed joint facilities, including changes to species of land; in

If necessary, the changes are particularly listed species of land affected by

do not apply the proposed common facilities. The plan also includes an overview of the

the acreage of land to be set aside for the implementation of common facilities,

and an overview of the land, and their acreage, that are available for

common facilities, with the distribution of land owned by the State, municipalities,

or other land owners (§ 9 para. 17 of the Act).

(2) the results of a detailed survey of the terrain according to § 5 para. 2 evaluate

together with the conditions of the bodies concerned (section 6 (6) of the Act) and your

in the draft plan of joint facilities. The proposal shall consult with those authorities

on the inspection date.

(3) For the common facilities are preferably used lands that were in the

the framework of reparcelling bought out or donated to the State and

are listed in the article. (VII) point 2 of annex 1 to this notice. For

You can also use the communal facilities within the area of land reparcelling

resolved, pursuant to section 2 of the Act, and with the sole consent of the owner.

(4) in the case of a lack of land owned by the State and municipalities, intended

for the common facilities, shall be reduced proportionately the claims of owners (§ 9 para. 17

of the Act), and is updated with the claims so that the adjusted totals of assessment

-exchanged parcels weighting to the nearest 6 decimal

places. After the update of the claims the process according to § 8 paragraph. 1

the law.

(5) when drawing up the new digital graphical computer file

cadastral maps are species adapted to the resulting state of the land

the ownership of new land boundaries; related clarification Bill

It is not considered a contradiction to the draft plan of joint facilities to

which the authorities (§ 9 para. 10 of the law) have already expressed.

section 16 of the

Protection of soil, water and landscape

In the plan of joint facilities with the entire perimeter of the land consolidation will assess whether or not

in terms of the erozního threat and flood risks and assess the possibility of

retention of territories in relation to the slow surface runoff. About how to use

the various means of protection by their effectiveness,

the required reduction in the smyvu soil, reduction in the maximum flow rates and necessary

protection of water resources, the troughs of water flows, water reservoirs and

built-up parts of the municipality. Plan of joint facilities in part aimed at

erosion control and flood protection measures must be accompanied by a proposal

agro-technical and organisational measures, which are the owners of the

the land shown to be familiar; in a note in the inventory of new land is

stating that the land concerned is subject to agrotechnická, or organizational

measures under the plan of joint facilities. On programs of common facilities

contains the evaluation of the changes of discharge parameters as substrate for

solution runoff ratios in sequential basin.

§ 17

Proposal for a new arrangement of the land

(1) when processing the proposal for a new arrangement of the land shall not be considered to

such requirements, which are in conflict with the projednaným plan

common facilities and land use specified way.

(2) the proposal of new parcels and the marking must meet the requirements

land registry Ordinance. Proposal for a new arrangement of the land is being processed in the

coordinate system of Uniform trigonometric network. Acreage

new parcel shall be calculated from the coordinates of the fracture points boundaries of plots of land with

rounding of results on the whole square meters.

(3) when processing the proposal for a new arrangement of the land is taken into account

the updated status of cadastre data. The results of the land

editing according to the land registry Ordinance, which is used for processing

the restored land operátu, shall be transmitted to the cadastral authority.

(4) Land Office all the comments of the parties applied to

issued the draft land consolidation will examine, if appropriate, is concerned

the participants will discuss and settled in writing these comments participants

get acquainted.

(5) for land consolidation, the purpose of which is to refine the allocation (section 13

of the Act), in addition to the requirements listed in the land register the notice processes

together with the decision on the determination of boundaries, a comparison between the original

and new land, including the registration of other legal relationships.

section 18

An inventory of the new land

(1) a complete inventory of new land is formed

and the originals of the inventories of new land) that owner's signature


(b) inventories of new lots added) a proof of service in the case of

procedure according to § 9 para. 21 of the Act,

c) originals of the inventories of new land on which the owner is expressed

the opposition.

(2) in support of the consent with a new arrangement of the land obtained

According to § 9 para. 21 of the Act is used written and proof of its


(3) Note (§ 9 para. 13 of the Act) not for land, with which

the owner shall enter into land consolidation and on which no longer common

facilities exist or is proposed only to their reconstruction.

(4) the Pattern inventory of the new land is listed in annex 3 to this

the Decree.

(5) the explanatory notes to the model of an inventory of claims and the pattern inventory of the new land

are listed in Appendix 4 to this notice.

§ 19

Purchase of land and the real distribution of the share ownership

(1) the agreement on the mutual ownership Division real (§ 9 para.

16 of the law) shall be signed by an authorised person prior to official ^ 8); If not before

It is signed, shall be presented to the Office of the land with the officially verified signatures

of all the joint owners. The legal effects of the Agreement arise, as the day on which it is

the agreement signed by all the co-owners.

(2) on an area needed for the common facilities (§ 9 para. 17 of the law)

participate in the proportional parts of all owners of the land, including those whose

the plots are located in the downstream part of the adjacent land

the territory, even in the case that in this part no adjoining

common equipment being designed.

section 20


(1) if in accordance with the approved design and established an easement to the land

the inventory of new plots according to the model in annex 3 to this

Notice how the amount of the refund, if applicable.

(2) the participants in the proceedings about the land shall give his consent to the

load the proposed land existing material burden (§ 9 para.

18 of the Act) by signing the inventory of the new land.

(3) the easements, which only pass and does not occur with the following

the loaded design to change the owner of the land, the consent referred to in

paragraph 2 does not require.

section 21

The adequacy of the quality, amount and distance of the original and the proposed


(1) a comparison of prices, acreage and the distance of the proposed and original

the land is always done for all the land recorded in the land register

real estate ownership for a worksheet.

(2) the price of land and vegetation in the inventory of claims in the inventory of the new land

the sum shall be rounded up to a full ten-.

(3) for a plot of land to which the owner enters the land consolidation (section

10, paragraph 1. 2 of the law), can be considered even more plots of one owner,

that immediately follow. The waiving of reimbursement of the amounts

not exceeding $ 100 for each owner or co-owner


(4) the distance is determined as a weighted arithmetic average of the distances

individual parcels measured as the crow flies from point agreed on

the opening of the negotiations. This point is the same for the cadastral area and solved for

the downstream part of the adjacent areas that are included in the circuit

land consolidation.

section 22

Exposure to the design of land consolidation

(1) Issued a proposal must already include a parcel number assigned to

the cadastral authority. If the reference numbers allocated to the land register

the Office used up when exposed to design, will be included in the issued

the proposal also comparative work and allocated to the Assembly parcelních

numbers indicating the number of the current sheet property, on which they are

the existing land in the land register recorded.

(2) issued a map proposal for a new arrangement of the land lots

identified only by numbers assigned to the cadastral authority parcelními.

(3) proposal, which shall be deposited with the land Office, must contain all the

the documents in the original. The original physical form and is considered to be

documents filed by electronic filing service, with the exception of

reports on investigation of border invitations, which are part of the documentation

to be passed to the cadastral authority.

Article 23 of the

The decision to approve the design of land consolidation

(1) the consent of the owners of at least 3/4 of the amount of land that are included under section 2

the law means the consents referred to in § 9 para. 20 and 21 of the Act, except that

consents granted under section 9 paragraph 1. 21 of the Act do not keep separately.

(2) the written and graphic part of the proposal, which together with the decision of the

approval of the proposal, including a list of the Parties shall be sent to the participants

management, the firm merges with the decision by volume by sewing, which are

přelepí přelepkou, so that made it impossible for the distribution of documents without overlay

its damage. Sticker with the stamp of the competent

the land Office shall equivalences from both sides so that the part of the fingerprint

This stamp was published on the Charter. The same procedure applies

even in the case of delivery of the decision, pursuant to section 11 (1) 8 of the Act.

(3) the graphical part must be drawn up in such a quality, in order to

Parties to the proceedings legible and understandable.

section 24

Decision pursuant to section 11 (1) 8 of the Act

In the decision issued pursuant to section 11 (1) 8 the Act is for land that are included in the

the perimeter of the land consolidation will take account of changes in the real estate cadastre, to

which have changed during the stay of proceedings under section 11 (1) 9 of the Act.

§ 25

Implementation of land consolidation

(1) the procedure for the implementation of common facilities is discussed first with the choir

(section 12, paragraph 1, of the Act) prior to its dissolution (article 5, paragraph 5, of the Act). Choir

the priorities of implementation are passed to the land Office

Corporation of the municipality for consideration. Proof of consideration is resolution

the Municipal Council of the municipality.

(2) part of the implementation of the plan of joint facilities is also planting

and financing of care until the handover of the village or the another

party to the proceedings (§ 9 para. 12 of the law). The introduced crop, realized

under an approved plan of common facilities, passes the land Office village

or any other party not later than 3 years after planting.

section 26

Refinement and reconstruction of the allocations in the context of land consolidation

(1) in the territories where they launched a comprehensive landscaping, whose

part of the specification or reconstruction appropriations, so that

Nevertheless, the Office shall decide on the demarcation of the allocation (section 13 of the Act). The results of the

procedures for determining the boundaries of the allocations are the basis for the inventory of claims in

management of complex land.

(2) in proceedings for the refinement and reconstruction of the allocation will start proceedings and held

the start of the negotiations, an inventory of claims shall be drawn up, which shall be delivered to all known

Parties to the proceedings and at the same time lays out for a period of 15 days to the public

insight, focus the real state of the field, on the basis of and on

the basis of the dohledaných of the supporting documents shall be drawn up an inventory of new claims, which is

delivered into their own hands to all known interested parties and at the same time

issues for a period of 30 days for public inspection, and shall be final

the negotiations. On the basis of a new inventory of claims, shall issue a decision on the determination of

land borders.

(3) the drawing up of an inventory of claims for land with the native graphics

allocation to § 3 (2). 3 of the Act shall not apply.

(4) if the refinement and reconstruction of the allocation completed registration

the decision on the demarcation of the land in the land register, the remainder of

Land Office Essentials handout with the land Office. At the same time

agree that the results of the measurement to be used for the recovery of land

operátu or geometric plan shall be drawn up. In this case, the valuation of

land or their consolidation does not perform and plan joint device

is not made out.

section 27 of the

The contents of the form for the submission of applications for the granting of official permission to

design of land consolidation

A written request to grant official permission to land planning

the adjustment includes the name and surname, academic degree, maiden name,

date and place of birth, social security number, citizenship, address space

permanent residence, contact information, name and surname of father and mother, maiden

mother's last name, highest educational attainment, including scope, or focus

studies, or specialization, the length of the training carried out in the

design of land consolidation, date and signature of the applicant.

section 28

Regulation (EEC)

Shall be repealed:

1. Decree No 545/2002 Coll., on the progress in the implementation of land consolidation

and elements of the design of land consolidation.

2. Decree No. 122/2007 Coll., amending Decree No 545/2002 Coll., on

the procedure for the implementation of land consolidation and the constituent proposal

land consolidation.

section 29

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. February 2014.


Ing. Toman, CSc., r.

Annex 1


The necessities of the draft land consolidation are:


Cover sheet for land consolidation

Passport includes the following data:

1 the name of the land Office,)

2) form and the name of the land consolidation,

3) region,

4) village,

5) cadastral territory

6) the overriding reasons for land consolidation,

7) basic objectives for land consolidation,

8) amount of the solution to the territory,

9) the number of sheets in the discharge of rights and ownership in the approved proposal

10) number of parcels in the unloading of the claims and in the approved proposal

11) processor design landscaping (name, identification

number/ID NO./was if allocated, the order number, if applicable), including the name,

last name, number of the official permission of the person entitled to the design

land consolidation,

12) processor survey work connected with the proposal (the name,

identification number/ID NO./was if allocated, the order number, if applicable),

including name, surname, number of the official permission of the natural person

13) date

and) start the preparatory work,

(b)) a notice on the land consolidation,

(c)) the focus of the actual state,

d) discharge of claims,

e) approval of the plan of joint facilities of the municipality, the Municipal Board

(f) the issuance of the draft land consolidation),

g) of the final negotiations,

h) inspection days

14) costs (THS. EUR) on the

and) preparatory design work (analysis of current status and documentation

the inventory of claims)

(b) preparatory work (survey) complement the detailed point position

field, if it is needed, the focus of the actual state and during discovery


(c) the processing of the application for land consolidation) (draft plan of joint

device, including the related focus changes and copy

longitudinal and transverse profiles, and a proposal for a new arrangement of the land)

(d)) other work (such as purchases of land, making the study pursuant to § 17

the law, the establishment of easements),

15) estimated costs (THS. EUR) on the

and acquisition of digital cadastral maps) (or geometric plans)

(b) the establishment and designation of land)

(c)), of which a total of realization

CA) measures serving to make the land,

CB) erosion control measures

CC) water management measures,

CD) measures for the protection and creation of the environment,

CE other measures.


The synthesis report

The synthesis report briefly characterizes the activities and results based on the content

each of the following points III to VIII. In conclusion of the synthesis report

the evaluation of land consolidation benefits relative to the objectives set.


Documentation about the preparation of land management

Documentation on the preparation of the proceedings contains

1) a summary of the basis for design of land consolidation

and the land registry) documents

(b)) available project documentation processed pet territory

(for example, water projects

Economic and amelioration of the buildings and the earlier land consolidation)

(c)) the legislation and methodological instructions

d) spatial planning documents and planning documentation

c) documents to protect waters,

2) conditions imposed on the cadastral authority,

3) agreement with the land register Office on the data processing for the recovery

file survey information for land only focused and in a circuit

land consolidation, fuzzy (nesměňované),

4) the conditions imposed on the administrative authorities to safeguard the interests referred to in the Special

legislation, including supporting documents for the establishment of land circumference


5) the opinions of the organisations (e.g. administrators, administrators of watercourses, river basin

Engineering network managers, administrators, transport infrastructure),

natural and legal persons,

6) documents on protected territories and set out for bearing extraction



Analysis of the current state of the

Analysis of the current state contains

1) characteristic of the natural conditions (for example, climate,

Hydrology, temperature, phenological, withholding, geological and soil


2) description of the territory and limits its use (for example, the granularity of the relief,

biogeographical conditions the territory, landscape, structure of land resources,

representation of trees growing outside the forest, important landscape features,

protected areas, Natura 2000 territory, zones of sanitary protection,

the protection of water resources, as defined by the territorial system of ecological

stability, protected areas of Headwater, vegetation), degrees

3) economic land use, the impact on the environment

(characteristics of agricultural production, forest production, other land use

-for example, mining, industry, collect water, recreation, culture-specific

interests in the territory-for example, the devices for the defense of the State, above-ground and

underground cables and devices),

4) evaluation of the results of detailed field surveys, targeting

in particular, on the

and) transport system (the density of the road network, the State of the roads, etc.)

(b)), the protection of soil (soil degradation, manifestations and causes of water erosion,

assessment of the degree of danger, erozního other causes of damage of the soil-

for example, floods, air pollution, mining, etc.)

(c) in the area of water) ratios (density, location, and State of the network of watercourses,

performed in a notable sites and important facilities, flood plains

and territories intended to rozlivům the flood, a description of the individual streams, ponds,

water tanks, drainage and irrigation structures, etc.)

(d) nature and landscape) (conditions for the strengthening of ecological stability

landscapes and to ensure the functional status of a defined spatial system

ecological stability, presence of especially protected species and valuable

biotopes, etc.),

5) evaluation of collected documents

and the land registry)

(b) the administrative authorities and conditions) of the undertakings concerned and the legal and

natural persons

c) spatial planning documentation and planning documents

d) project documentation to be processed in the territory (assessment of pet

usability of the earlier documentation),

6) if necessary, trace, maps and cadastral maps

earlier records.

In the.

Survey of the work and documentation to determine the perimeter of the land consolidation

Survey of the work and documentation to determine the perimeter of the land consolidation


1) detailed focus of positioning, where appropriate, the changes (technical

the report, a detailed measurement protocols notebooks about the calculations, the list of

auxiliary coordinates of detailed points, map detailed measurements made

in appropriate scale agreed with the land register Office); with the exception of

technical reports and maps, everything passes only in digital form,

2) calculation of the acreage of the perimeter of the land consolidation of coordinates, calculating acreage

According to the land registry and the calculation of the correction coefficient referred to in article 10

paragraph. 5,

3 land under parcelních) for an overview of the numbers in the perimeter of the land consolidation, from the

of land that are included (exchanged) and not regulated, that will

only file recovery survey information,

4) documentation to change the borders of the cadastral territory processed according to the

land registry Ordinance, if it occurs, and passes the time

agreed with the land Office.


The documentation claims to inventory the land owners

Documentation includes:

1) alphabetical index of owners of land, including the data according to § 5 para.

2 of the Act, and the numbers of the list of ownership,

2) list of numbers indicating ownership of the data sheets referred to in § 5 para. 2

the law,

3 land under parcelních), the list of numbers indicating the sheets property in

the perimeter of the land consolidation,

4) extracts from the letter of ownership (on a carrier agreed on between the land

by the Office and by the processor),

5) an overview of the land with the substantial burden, a lien, or

rights law (§ 11 para. 1 of the Act), if such material rights

There are,

6) list of parcels with protected interests in accordance with special regulations

registered in the perimeter of the land consolidation (section 3, paragraph 3, of the Act) that are

defined by the competent administrative authorities on the basis of the notification of the initiation of

land consolidation,

7) inventory (balance) claims (annex No. 2),

8) documents about negotiations with the land owners concerning the solution of land

According to § 9 para. 16 of the Act,

9) confirmation of municipal authority of unloading inventory of claims,

10) delivery documents inventory of claims known to owners and records of the

the opposition of the owners of this inventory,

11) map of ownership relations in the perimeter of the land consolidation in the scale,

that will make the readability of this graphic background. A map can be in the

the case of the solution to the territory of a large range of displayed on multiple sheets with

Annex I place these sheets and must be confirmed and signed by the person

authorised to design land consolidation,

12) evidence of follow-up of unknown owners.


Plan of joint facilities

Plan of joint facilities includes:

1) technical report:

and introductory part (the default) the supporting documents, the purpose and overview of the proposed measures,

handling policy plan joint facilities, taking into account the terms and conditions

laid down the administrative offices),

(b)) the measures used to make land policy (traffic design

the system and its hearing, categorization and basic parameters

the spatial layout of the major and minor roads, objects and installations

the proposal concerned road network, road network), overview

c) erosion control measures for the protection of agricultural land resources (overview

the proposed measures against water erosion and the assessment of their effectiveness,

the proposed measures against wind erosion, an overview of other measures

proposed to soil protection); the current status of any proposal

anti-erosion measures on the basis of the calculation of the average insubstantial additional losses

the soil and its comparison with the permissible value of the losses of land provided for

According to the depth of the soil profile,

(d) water management measures (in particular) the measures proposed to improve

water relationships and improve water management such as measures

detention or surface water drainage from the territory, to protect against

the flood, for the protection of surface and groundwater, to water protection

resources, measures for existing water works on rivers and buildings

used for závlaze and drainage of land and to compensate for the negative

ameliorating the impact of buildings on the water regime), including an assessment of their

the effectiveness of the change of discharge parameters,

e) measures for the protection and creation of the environment, the strengthening of environmental

the stability of landscape and biodiversity (in particular the compositional zoning section

the system of ecological stability designed to implement and design measures to

ensure their full function).

The proposed common facilities are added as needed, calculations,

where appropriate, the necessary scope of the technical solution in order to determine

the necessary acreage to that measure.

2) an overview of the area of land needed for the common facilities (in ha s

an accuracy of 4 decimal places):

and land needed for) the common facilities and the total

acreage that goes along with the common facilities

AA) into the ownership of the village

AB) to the property of another (section 12, paragraph 4, of the Act)

(b)), to the area of the total need for acreage for the common

device (§ 9 para. 17 of the law) involved in

BA) State (of which acreage acquired during the purchase of land consolidation

or as a gift)

BB) village

BC) other landowners,

3 species of land inventory changes) (status according to CN, the actual situation, the proposed


and) overview table

(b)) a graphical representation,

4) evidence of review of the draft plan of joint facilities and study

an assessment of the broader regional links and specific conditions, if the

the land Office entered its development,

5) graphic attachments

and) overview map 1:10000,

(b)) erozního map 1:5000-1:10000 (current and proposed State),

(c) joint facilities plan) map with výškopisným of 1:2000 or


(d) a map of the plan) approved stamped and signed joint facilities

the representative of the municipality including the date of approval of the plan of joint facilities

the top of the village;

the scale and number of map sheets is chosen based on the size and density of the

zakreslovaných elements;

6) proof of submission of the prepared plan of joint facilities concerned

the administrative authorities.


Proposal for a new arrangement of the land

The proposal includes:

1) inventory (balance) of the land owners according to the design of the new arrangement and

their comparison with entitlement with respect to the adequacy, pursuant to section 10 of the Act and

representation of the owner to the proposal (annex No. 3),

2) list of new land by parcelních numbers

3) list of sheets of ownership in the perimeter of the land consolidation,

4) list of parcels with protected interests in accordance with special regulations

registered in the perimeter of the land consolidation, as defined by the competent administrative


5) overview of land with the kind of loads, a lien, or

rights law (§ 11 para. 1 of the Act), if such lands are in the

the perimeter of the land consolidation,

6) evidence of discussion of a new arrangement with the owners of the land,

7) a table containing an overview of opt-in/opt-out proposal, owners

including evaluation of the percent of approvals,

8) the confirmation of the notice of where and when the proposal exposed, evidence of his

delivery of known participants, and evidence of discussion of the objections and comments

to design,

9) comparative Assembly work and assigned parcelních numbers

cadastral authority with the corresponding list of ownership,

10) map new land circumference land consolidation;

a map can be in the case of the solution to large scale displayed on the territory

multiple worksheets with Annex I pose these leaves and with the confirmation of the municipal

authority for its issuance and confirmation and signature of the person authorized to

design of land consolidation. In this map shows the land numbers

allocated the land by the authority,

11) list of land concerned note according to § 9 para. 13 of the Act.


Other graphic attachments, that are not part of the plan of joint


Other graphics of the annex shall include:

1) transparent map 1:10 000 or 1:25 000,

2) map of the former land registration and cadastral map, backed up by State

simplified registration of land or cadastral maps and trap the earlier

the land register with the transformations carried out focused state

3 bonitovaných of the soil) map of ecological units specified by the

the actual State-focused.


Book part

1) Book section contains all the documents, concerning the course of the proceedings

(eg. the document instituting the proceedings, minutes of the initial hearing, the minutes of the

the final negotiations on the service of documents, the reports on the negotiations with the

Parties to the proceedings, resolutions, decisions).

2) all of the documentation delivered by the processor to its land Office will

archived in the original. Single sheets of this documentation will be

stamped round stamp a person officially entitled to project

land consolidation and that person is signed. If they are created

document files, secured so that individual leaves were not freely

separable, round stamp will be officially authorised to

design of land consolidation and its signature bear home page

This file documents. Similarly, even if the graphics

supporting documents.

Annex 2

The inventory of claims


Annex 3

An inventory of the new land


Annex 4

The explanatory notes to the model of an inventory of entitlements and an inventory of new plots of land

1. the Designs of the tables are binding in terms of content and layout

individual data, the graphical representation is indicative and can be

Customize for example. with regard to the software.

2. the designation of the land consolidation in the header shall indicate the form and name.

3. in the section "share" above (in the form of co-ownership

a fraction), or zkaratky for example. The LMS. In vysvělivkách to explain

the importance of.

4. The labelling of parcel States abbreviation CN, PK, GP, etc; in

explanatory notes to explain the meaning.

5. If it goes to the real property Division, the note

the inventory of claims the text "fair division", and in the Census of new plots of land shall be specified

in the note text "conversion from LV..."

6. If it occurs within a single parcel of more BPEJ, it is not about

the distribution of land; to the number of the parcel shall be entered in the "Awards"

the information in the required number of additional lines.

7. type of property in the inventory of claims is stated according to the status of CN, if you

the focus of the status of the other. For parcels concerned, section 3, paragraph 1. the Act is

Enter the type of land according to the status of CN.

If the status is not specified, e.g. in the CN. for parcels in the simplified register,

It is reported according to the focus state. The type of property in the inventory of the new land

It is apparent from the approved design.

8. If the owner of the trees growing outside the forest valuation requests, the

in the column "kind of" the existence of these tree species for example. the designation "air raid,

Solitaire ".

Table 9 "plots of land outside the perimeter of the land consolidation" shall be classified according to


10. in the row "Total assessment according to the type of land" shall be given only those

the types of land that is occurring on the LV, in succession, for example.

arable land .... m2., planted ... m2, vineyard ... m2, garden ... m2,


11. the inventory of claims in the column headed "other particulars" on land

shall place the relevant provisions of the Act (e.g., section 3, para. 3), and g/l

encumbrances, liens, etc. You can indicate in the table the abbreviation.

numerical code, and put in the "explanatory notes" individually as needed.

12. the inventory of claims, where is contained the land whose owner is unknown

the assessment will increase State in the column ' Note "

the text "§ 9 para. 16 of the law ".

13. an inventory of new land in the column headed "Note" indicating the

plots the text "agro-technical/organisational measures".

14. in the event that the co-owners agree to cover the price difference

beyond the criterion of 4% relative to an aliquot part prices

each spoluvlastnickému share separately.

15. in the context of the notes and explanatory notes can be placed according to the needs of other


1) Act No. 256/2013 Coll., on the land register of the Czech Republic

(cadastral law).

2) for example, Act No. 142/1946 Coll. revisi first agrarian reform,

Act No. 46/1948 Coll., on new land reform.

3) section 2 of the Decree No 327/1998 Coll., laying down the characteristics of the

bonitovaných soil-ecological units and the procedure for their guidance and

the update.

4) Act No. 183/2006 Coll., on zoning and the building code

(the building Act), as amended.

5) Decree No 357/2013 Coll., on the real estate cadastre (land registry

the Decree).

6) § 18 para. 2 Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the administrative code, as amended by


7) Decree No 412/2008 Coll., laying down the list of areas with

the average basic prices assigned to agricultural land, as amended by


8) § 15 para. 2 Act No. 500/2004 Coll.

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