Implementation Of The Law On The Protection Of The Czech National Council Of Nature

Original Language Title: Provedení zákona ČNR o ochraně přírody

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395/1992 Sb.


the Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic

of 11 December 1997. June 1992,

implementing certain provisions of Act of the Czech National Council.

114/1992 Coll., on nature and landscape protection

Change: 105/1997.

Change: 200/1999 Coll.

Change: 85/2000 Sb.

Change: 190/2000 Sb.

Change: 116/2004 Sb.

Change: 381/2004 Sb.

Change: 573/2004 Coll., 574/2004 Sb.

Change: 452/2005 Sb.

Change: 175/2006 Sb.

Changed: 425/2006 Sb.

Change: 96/2007 Sb.

Change: 141/2007 Sb.

Change: 267/2007 Sb.

Change: 60/2008 Sb.

Change: 75/2008 Sb.

Modified: 30/2009 Sb.

Change: 262/2009 Sb.

Change: 189/2010 Sb.

Modified: 17/2011 Sb.

Change: 393/Sb.

Change: 189/Sb.

The Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic lays down pursuant to § 4

paragraph. 1 and 2, § 8 para. 3 and 5, § 24 para. 2, § 38 paragraph 1(a). 3, § 40 paragraph 2. 1,

§ 42 para. 2 and 5, § 47 para. 3, § 48 para. 3, § 49 para. 5, § 50 para.

5, § 60 para. 4, section 67 para. 1, § 69 para. 3, § 81 para. 5, § 82 para.

2, § 90 para. 5, 6 and 7 of the Czech National Council Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the

nature and landscape protection, as amended by the legal measures of the Bureau

The Czech National Council No. 347/1992 Coll. (hereinafter the "Act"):

The definition and evaluation of the territorial system of ecological stability of the landscape

(article 4, paragraph 1, of the Act)

§ 1

For the purposes of this order the following terms shall be defined in the land use system

the ecological stability of the landscape (hereinafter referred to as "the system of ecological stability")

and the biotope Biocentre) [§ 3 (b) (i)) of the Act] or file the biotope; in

landscape [§ 3 (b)) of the Act], that its status and sizes allows you to

the permanent existence of natural or modified, but the nature of the Middle

ecosystem [§ 3 (b) (j)) of the Act],

b) bio-corridor is a territory that does not allow a crucial part of the organisms

Permanent long term existence, but allows them to migrate between

biocentry and thus of separate bio-network.

§ 2

(1) the definition of local, regional and supranational system

ecological stability provides the nature conservancy authorities plan system

ecological stability.

(2) the system of ecological stability Plan contains

and the plot of the existing map and) proposed bio and bio-corridors with

showing of specially protected parts of nature and in the scale of 1:50 000 and

greater for trans-regional and regional system of ecological stability and

scale 1:10 000 or more for a local system of ecological stability,

(b)) a tabular and descriptive part to characterize the functional and spatial

indicators, in particular the diversity of ecosystems, the characteristics of the particular

protected parts of nature conservation, spatial binding, the necessary spatial data

(minimum area of bio, the maximum length of bio-corridors and their

the minimum required width) and their current status,

(c) including proposals for further justification) of framework measures to its maintain

and improvement.

(3) the plan of ecological stability is the basis for the projects system

ecological stability according to § 4, implementation of land consolidation, "^ 1") for

processing of spatial planning documentation, for forest economic plans ^ 2)

and other documents for water management and protection and recovery landscape.

Processing plan of ecological stability carried out professionally

eligible person. ^ 3)

§ 3

(1) the nature protection authority performs ongoing evaluations of the ecological

stability (hereinafter referred to as "reviews") in terms of its stabilization function.

(2) the assessment shall in particular include specification of the boundary, the level of

diversity, species composition and evaluation of the ability of the ecosystem

withstand pollution, erosion, or other physical or chemical stress

environment. Its result is to determine whether the system of ecological stability

compliant, IE. clearly identified and able to perform without further action

stabilizing function in the landscape, or unsatisfactory, i.e.. requiring

the definition or amendment of bio and bio-corridors.

§ 4

(1) projects for developing a system of ecological stability (hereinafter referred to as

"the projects") are a set of natural, technical, economic,

organizational and financial documents; they are an essential basis

in particular, the implementation of measures for land consolidation.

(2) the basis for the processing of the project is approved by the planning

^ 4) documentation or the plan of ecological stability.

(3) the projects referred to in paragraph 1, shall ensure legal and natural persons

referred to in section 4, paragraph 4. 1 of the law. The processing shall be carried out by professionally

eligible person. ^ 3)

§ 5

(1) the plan of ecological stability and the project of ecological

stability shall be approved by the competent authorities in spatial planning

planning documentation or in land use decisions.

(2) before the approval of the competent authority shall submit the draft nature conservation

the plan of ecological stability or a processed project system

the ecological stability of the assessment and discussion of the relevant authorities of the State

the Administration and the parties.

(3) the plan design for the objective assessment of ecological stability

or processed, the project system of ecological stability, before

the approval of the nature conservancy authorities can provide assessment for professionally

eligible legal entities or natural persons. ^ 3)

§ 6

(1) Measures to create the system of ecological stability means the proposal

and implementation of partial or simple additions of organic

stability, in particular local, which makes low-technical,

economic, organizational and majetkoprávním conditions does not require

the previous processing of plan or project pursuant to § 4 and 5 (e.g. additional

planting of the existing municipal, or establishing Biocentre small

the draw, planting or dosadba liner green).

(2) the measures referred to in paragraph 1 provide for legal and natural persons

referred to in section 4, paragraph 4. 1 of the law.

§ 7

Protection of important landscape elements

(section 4, paragraph 2, of the Act)

(1) registration (section 6 of the Act) shall be carried out by writing to the list of significant

landscape elements. The minutes shall include an inventory of the cadastral area and enumeration

the parcels concerned, with an indication of their owners as well as tenants, a brief

characteristic proof of notification (article 6, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Act), or the

the outcome of the consultation (section 6, paragraph 3, of the Act) or of the cancellation of the registration (section 6 of the

paragraph. 4 of the Act) and the plot in a reasonable scale maps (1:5, 000, and


(2) cancellation of the registration of an important element of landscape protection authority shall communicate the

nature to the owner, and, where the lessee of the land, the territorial

to the competent authority and the village.

§ 8


§ 9

The maximum amount and the method of calculating the fee for driving motor vehicles in

national parks

(section 24, paragraph 2, of the Act)

(1) the driving of motor vehicles in the territory of the National Park Authority

nature conservation to establish a fee to a maximum of 20 Czech Crowns in one day,

and in the case of a bus, to a maximum of 50 Czech Crowns in one day. Day in which

the entrance fee has been paid within the territory of the National Park (section 24 (1)

the Act), no longer subject to the fee for driving in the territory of the National Park.

(2) the fee for the driving of motor vehicles in the territory of the National Park can be

also choose an annual lump sum of up to 1000 Kčs per single

the motor vehicle and in the case of a bus, to a maximum of 3000 Crowns.

(3) the form of a fee referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the will of the payer.

(4) If a motor vehicle is transported ZTP or

ZTP/P ^ 6), and if this vehicle is properly marked with the appropriate symbol, ^ 7)

the fees set out in paragraphs + and 2 is not required. Since the fees are

exempt also bus tours organised for disabled

citizens on condition that it is in the bus transported at least half

such citizens.

§ 10


§ 11


§ 12


section 13 of the


§ 14

The list and the degree of threat to the specially protected species of plants and animals

(to section 48, paragraph 3, of the Act)

(1) the list of plant species that are particularly protected, and their level of

the threat is contained in annex II of this order.

(2) the list of animal species that are especially protected and their level of

the threat is contained in annex III of this order.

§ 15

Protection of specially protected plant species

(section 49 (5) of the Act)

(1) the basis for the protection of specially protected plants is comprehensive protection

their habitats and surroundings, the Immediate surroundings

the plant is a space that creates the basic conditions for

its existence and which cannot be interfered with without the plant on this

the intervention did not react.

(2) for the interventions, which might change the hydrological soil

conditions, shall be considered, in particular, drainage, irrigation, interventions in the

liquid handling with a height of water level.

(3) for the interventions in the soil surface is considered to be any disruption of sod and

raking of litter in the Woods.

(4) for the interventions of the changing chemistry of the environment is deemed to be fertilizing

organic and industrial fertilizers and the use of any chemical

products, where it is not about intervention, to ensure that the conditions for the existence of

specially protected plant species.

(5) the specially protected plant species listed in annex II to this

the Ordinance, which are referred to as pests, ^ 9) may not be sufficient.

(6) in the case of inevitable about intervention in the environment or in the immediate vicinity

specially protected plant species it is possible to perform the migration (§ 52

the Act) entire plants or parts thereof, in any of its development

stage on the replacement Habitat. It is necessary to transfer the exemption from

the protection of especially protected species under section 56 of the Act. This transfer must

be documented in writing.

section 16 of the

Protection of specially protected species of animals

(section 50, paragraph 5, of the Act)

(1) the basis for the protection of animals is a comprehensive protection of their habitats.

(2) the emergency means the possession of the holdings of a larger number of individuals especially

protected animals for the purpose of reproduction. The rescue can be breeding

permit only in accordance with the emergency services program (section 52 of the Act)

drawn up for the species concerned. For species that are at the same time

beasts, ^ 10) discuss the authorisation of rescue authority for nature conservation with farming

State administration body hunting. The permit to the relief of breeding

It is the determination of the detailed conditions of breeding, in particular management of rescue

reasonable evidence and other information about the course of breeding.

(3) the rearing of animals in zoos are breeding a special

destination. The main mission of zoos is to provide farming

endangered species protected by international conventions,

rescue farms specially protected species of fauna, especially the critically

of the affected, and major research, educational and

aesthetic functions. For the provision of life-saving discriminating Zoological

Gardens publishes a permit referred to in paragraph 2.

(4) for the specially protected animals incapable as a result of injury or

other circumstances a separate existence in nature, can be used to set up the station,

which will provide them with the necessary care.

(5) More particularly protected species of animals (article 50, paragraph 5, of the Act)

It can only be on the basis of a derogation granted by the nature protection authority pursuant to § 56

the law. The authority which grants the exception, it lays down the conditions and

the extent of the necessary information, including details about how the acquisition and further use

made of the preparation of a protected animal, etc. These data shall be

in the form of the book of records registered and controlled by the authority for nature conservation,

that exception.

(6) the Photograph of the specially protected species of fauna, to delete it in the

natural development (article 50, paragraph 2, of the Act), it can only be on the basis of the exception (§

56 of the Act).

§ 17

Procedure for transfer of rights management

(section 60, paragraph 4, of the Act)

(1) the request of the competent authority for nature protection of the transfer of rights

the management of the State-owned property under section 60(1). 3

the law must contain the precise identification, the term of the transfer and its

justification; If a transfer for consideration of the proposal must also include the price. The request of the

It always contains a justification as to why it cannot be the purpose pursued by the trade

the conditions achieved by other means.

(2) If a legal person invited to transfer the management rights

paragraph 1 does not agree to this transfer, shall communicate its opinion to the

a detailed justification to the applicant of the transfer no later than 30 days from the

receipt of the proposal. Otherwise, enters into a contract on the transfer of rights

management of the date referred to by the applicant.

(3) in the absence of agreement on some of the information transfer

management referred to in paragraph 1 with the exception of prices, will decide on the request

the petitioner on the transfer of the Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic

with the agreement of the competent central authority of the State administration.

(4) the demonstrated costs associated with clearing out the real estate shall be borne by

the applicant of the transfer.

(5) the right of economic management, which goes to the nature protection authority in accordance with

paragraphs 1 to 4, can be transferred only with the consent of the Ministry of

the environment of the Czech Republic.

section 18

Biological evaluation

(section 67, paragraph 1, of the Act)

(1) biological evaluation (hereinafter referred to as "reviews") is a message that contains the

finding a description and evaluation of the current state of the landscape and

anticipated direct and indirect influences of the investor of the intended

the use of the landscape in terms of the impact on plants and animals.

(2) the assessment deals with the whole course of the intended intervention, especially

for implementation, the use of the (construction) and removing construction ^ 11) including

the disposal of any waste. ^ 12)

(3) the evaluation includes, in particular,

and) a description and evaluation of biological elements of the landscape (with a special

taking into account the specially protected parts of nature),

(b) the characteristics of the intended intervention) that are primarily

-basic administrative data,

-technical-economic data

-the expected direct effects on plants and animals,

-the expected indirect effects on plants and animals, including the possible


-description of the measures designed to prevent, limit, exclude or

compensate for the negative effects,

-proposal for the monitoring of adverse effects,

-Summary and conclusions.

(4) the content of the reviews and comparison is possible variant of the intended intervention

with the design of the optimal.

§ 19

The conditions for granting and conditions of the agreement

(section 69, paragraph 3, of the Act)

(1) a financial contribution in accordance with § 69 para. 1 of the law may be given for

payment of the

and amortized or otherwise) proven injury on land agriculturally or forestry


(b)) g/l, material and personal expenses related to the performance of work in the

the interests of nature protection.

(2) the provision of the contribution referred to in paragraph 1. It is based on a)

as a rule, the data of the accounting for a reduction of income from land

or comparable land. The allowance can be paid up to a total amount of

the demonstrated injury caused by a reduction in revenue.

(3) Material and material costs referred to in paragraph 1 (b). (b)), which are

part of the contribution, is provided at cost on the basis of the purchase

or accounting documents (contracts, invoices, cash register receipts, etc.). Personal

expenses including remuneration is to be paid the agreed amount

shall not be higher than is usual for such work. Other personal costs

paid only in proven amount and if they have been agreed in advance.

(4) a written agreement to grant specific factual and

time conditions to the interests of the protection of nature, which is obliged to

recipient of the grant. Payment of the allowance shall be carried out after completion of the

the agreed terms. When their failure to comply with the contribution does not pay,

partial compliance with the conditions to post a reasonably reduced. Contribution may be

provide a lump sum or as a repeated performance after a period of time,

as a rule, no longer of five years. You can make an advance payment to the post.

section 20

The organisation, tasks and conditions for the performance of guard of nature

(to section 81, paragraph 5, of the Act)

(1) the Guard of nature provides the guards, control, information, educational,

where appropriate, the professional activity in the territory within the scope of protection

nature, that it was his name (or part of the territory). Protection authority

nature called for the territories under their responsibility, on his own initiative or at the

design of organizational units of the civic association, which meets the requirements according to the

§ 70 para. 2 of the Act, the guardian and the rapporteur (hereinafter referred to as "members of the guard

of nature ").

(2) the nature protection authority will equip the guard identifiable official

the stamp, which is the guardian of the obligation to return upon termination of their functions.

The details of the implementation of the staff regulations, badge, ID card, and the official stamp

are listed in annex IV.

(3) to verify knowledge of the rights and obligations of guardians of nature according to § 81

paragraph. 3 (b). (f)) of the Act, the competent authority for nature protection is organised by

a qualifying examination. In tests, the tenderer must certify knowledge of

in particular, the law on the protection of nature and the environment,

for a more detailed knowledge of the nature, the topography and geography of the territory in which the

guard duty to perform. Knowledge of the rights and obligations under section newsletter

paragraph 81. 3 (b). (f)) of the Act, the competent authority verifies the nature protection ^ 13)

an oral interview with the applicant.

(4) the guard service is carried out according to the destination and the requirements of the appropriate

environmental protection authority. The voluntary nature of the Guard members to provide

reimbursement of expenses to them in connection with the performance of the service, for

the conditions and in the amount provided for by specific provisions for workers. ^ 14)

Nature protection authority will equip members of the guard of nature AIDS to performance

guard services (maps, the legislation concerned of protected

the territory, etc.); may is in their capacity adequately to equip the 4WD

clothing and other equipment.

(5) the nature protection authority is committed to continuing education and in-service training

members of the guards. Examination of the guardians will order five years after the composition of the

the relevant qualification tests, and every five years; may do so

in justified cases, and in other periods.

(6) a member of the guard of nature may in exceptional cases to exercise watch

service to the territory under the jurisdiction of two or more adjacent conservation authorities

nature or their parts. For this performance, it is sufficient that the conditions

specified in § 81 para. 3 of the Act, or a qualifying exam

the guardian, only one of them; other competent authorities for nature protection

This fact is a member of the guard of nature shall indicate on the licence.

section 21

The introduction and use of uniforms and the designation of workers the protection of nature

(section 82, paragraph 2, of the Act)

(1) Uniform is grey-green colour, single cut, in 1964

insignia on the collar your collar jackets, also tie is brown in color.

(2) the uniform may give workers the authority to which they are in

employment relationship.

(3) fall away if the conditions for the allocation of uniforms, the worker is

required to return the allocated uniform, its components and labels.

(4) the designation consists of the staff regulations and the staff regulations, badge name:

and) business badge is oval-shaped, green in color, with a large State

emblem of the United States and the words "nature and landscape protection of the Czech

the Republic "; worn on the left breast pocket of the jacket or bundokošile;

(b) personnel of the administrations of national parks) and protected landscape areas

worn on the left sleeve of the jacket or bundokošile business designation-woven

the badge of the national park or protected area.

section 22

Categorization of particularly protected areas

(§ 90, paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 of the Act)

(1) Transfer of State natural reserves, protected sites,

protected parks and gardens, protected areas learning ^ 15), protected

natural creations and protected natural monuments ^ 16) into categories

national nature reserves, national nature monument and natural

reservations are annexed to no in this Ordinance.

(2) State nature reserve, a protected site, protected parks and

gardens, protected areas of study, a protected natural creations and protected

natural sights which are not included into any of the categories

referred to in annex V, shall continue to be protected in the category of natural


Article 23 of the

Regulation (EEC)

Shall be deleted:

1. the Decree of the Ministry of education and culture No. 54/1958 Ú.l., which

specify the protected species of plants and the conditions for their protection.

2. the Decree of the Ministry of education and culture No. 80/1965 Coll., on the protection of


section 24

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Dejmal v.r.

Annex I


Annex A, Part II

List of specially protected plant species


A species of critically endangered claim

Vascular plants:

Heleochloa alopecuroides bahenka psárkovitá-

Heleochloa schoenoides bahenka šášinovitá-

triglochin maritima-Triglochin maritimum

Mercurialis ovata ovata-bažanka

bělolist yellowish-Filago lutescens

luzula spicata Spearmint-Luzula spicata

scheuchzeria-Scheuchzeria palustris

leucojum aestivum summer-Leucucojum

bradacek srdčitý-Lister cordata

Utricularia běložlutá-Utricularia ochroleuca

Utricularia Vulgaris-Uticularia vulgaris

Utricularia bremii vícekvětá-Utricularia

Kochia prostrata spread-bytel

cídivka (equisetum) peřestá-Hippochaete variegata

Chamaecytisus laburnum tree white-albus

devaterníček rock-Vahid rupifragus

helianthemum grandiflora right-Helianthemum

grandiflorum subsp. grandiflorum

mullein-Verbascum speciosum ornament

Corrigiola litoralis coast-drobnokvět

scorzonera maloúborný-Scorzonera parviflora

Echium russicum purple-hadinec

hladýš andělikový-Laserpitium archangelica

Liparis loeselii-hlízovec Loeselův

Limodorum abortivum degenerate-hnědenec

the spotted gentian-Gentiana punctata

Crataegus Czech-Gentianella bohemica

Crataegus rough-Gentianella aspera

Gentianella campestris-Crataegus tuning

hořepníček spring-Calathiana Verne

sweet pea Lathyrus palustris palustris-

sweet pea Lathyrus pisiformis-hrachovitý

panonský-sweet pea Lathyrus pannonicus

rhynchospora white-Rhynchospora alba

rhynchospora fusca Brown-Rhynchospora

Pyrola media Middle-SYN. Pirola Necker

plant grows mainly in Meadow-Arabis nemorensis

Arabis sudetica plant grows mainly ethnic-

Aster alpinus, Alpine Aster-

Tripolium pannonicum Pannonian-hvězdnička

Dianthus carthusianorum-Dianthus carthusianorum Sudeten subsp. sudeticus

Dianthus Moravian-Dianthus moravicus

Dianthus arenarius-sand Dianthus

chlupáček velkoúborný-Pilosella macrantha

knautia arvensis subsp. arvensis-Butterflies

pseudolongifolia Krkonoše

Centaurea Cyanus mollis soft-

Phyllitis scolopendrium language-deer

Himantoglossum adriaticum Adriatic-tongue

Sorbus-Sorbus sudetica

jestřábník bushy-Hieracium villosum

plantain-Plantago atrata černavý

plantain-Plantago seaside martima

shiny geranium-Geranium lucidum

erythronium dens-Canis-Erythronium dens-canis

Dryopteris cristata-Dryopteris cristata

Polystichum lonchitis hrálovitá-fern

katrán Tartar-Crambe tetaria

Stipa borysthenica sand-Stipa

Stipa olysalý Stipa glabrata-

tofieldia calyculata kalíškatá-Tofieldia

kolenec pětimužný-Spergula pentandra

pulsatilla vernalis-Pulsatilla vernalis

pulsatilla patens-Pulsatilla patens

rezeklaný-Lady's mantle Alchemilla fissa

Hedysarum hedysaroides dark-kopyšník

Iris-Iris humilis rock

Fescue Festuca amethystina-Amethyst

Fescue Festuca mountain-drymeia

water caltrop-Trapa natans

Astragalus sand-Astragalus arenarius

krtičník spring-Scrophularia vernalis

Cortusa matthioli-kruhatka Matthiolova

kruštík ostrokvětý-Epipactis leptochila

kuřička Gerardova-Minuartia gerardii

kuřička spring-Minuartia verna

kuřinka beaded-Spergularia maritima

kuřinka salt-Spergularia salina

Veratrum nigrum Veratrum black-

Ceterach officinarum-Asplenium ceterach

Batrachium plihý-lakušník rionii

lakušník three pieces-Batrachium baudotii

flax-Linum hirsutum-hairy

POA-Poa alpina Alpine

POA-Poa jesenická riphaera

Thesium ebracteatum bezlistenná-lněnka

Thesium arvense-lněnka dollineri

lněnka rostrata-Thesium rostratum

Daphne-Daphne cneorum fragrant

Pansy smallest-Viola kitaibeliana

Mutt plocholistá-Eryngium planum

almond low-tenella

cladium mariscus notched-Cladium

masnice water-Tillaea aquatica

thyme-Thymus Carpathian carpaticus

matizna mud-Oristecum palustre

gladiolus palustris-Gladiolus palustris

Malaxis monophyllos-měkčilka jednolistá

Hammarbya paludosa-swamp měkkyně

cinquefoil Potentilla crantzii-Crantzova

cinquefoil-Potentilla micrantha drobnokvětá

cinquefoil-Potentilla sterilis jahodníkokvětá

cinquefoil Potentilla patula-patula

Muk (crane) Czech-Sorbus bohemica

Illecebrum verticillatum-nehtovec přeslenitý

nepukalka floating-Salvinia natans

catabrosa-Catabrosa aquatica water

sedge white-Carex albums

sedge Carex buxbaumii-Buxbaumova

Carex ječmenovitá-Carex hordeistichos

Carex pochvatá-Carex vaginata

sedge Carex serotina-late Krkonose subsp. pseudoscandinavica

sedge Carex rupestris-rock

sedge Carex atrata black

Carex vláskovitá-Carex capillaris

helictotrichon steppe-Helictotrichon desertorum

Dandelion (Taraxacum bessarabicum)-Taraxacum bessarabicum

Dandelion-Taraxacum late serotinum

sesleria-Sesleria peat uliginosa

sagebrush-Artemisia pancicii Pančičův

Gymnadenia conopsea generic-pětiprstka

hustokvětá subsp. densiflora

Cirsium žlutoostenný-Cirsium brachycephalum

fenugreek Trigonella monspeliaca-Provençal

Clematis integrifolia-Clematis integrifolia

plavín peltata-Namphoides peltata

diphasiastrum tristachyum natural hybrids in trojklasý-

plevnatec forest-steppe-Danthonia alpina

ploštičník European-Cimicifuga europaea

pobřežnice jednokvětá-Litorella's

Notholaena marantae serpentine-podmrvka

androsace Northern Androsace-stars

General-Pulegium vulgare polej

forget-me-not blue Lupin-Myosotis stenophylla

Ligularia sibirica-Siberian Ligularia

watercress-Nasturtium microphyllum tree

Hypochoeris glabra glabrous-prasetník

prutnatý-bupleurum Bupleurum of affine

bupleurum Bupleurum tenuissimum's slimmest-

prstnatec maculatum-Dactylorhiza maculata

prstnatec Traunsteinerův-Dactylorhiza traunsteineri

Hippuris vulgaris-prustka General

Euphorbia glossy-Tithymalus lucidus

Euphorbia vrbolistý-Tithymalus salicifolius

Agrostis Alpine-Agrostis alpina

puchýřník a ethnic-Cystopteris sudetica

pupavík dandelion-Colobium taraxacoides

puštička spread-Lundernia procumbens

title block-Aposeris foetida foetens

Potamogeton praelongus-Potamogeton praelongus

Potamogeton spiky-Potamogeton friestii

groenlandia Groenlandia densa-

Ceratocephala testiculata glaucidoideae-

Drosera Drosera anglica — English

Drosera Drosera intermedia Middle-

roschodnice pink-Rhodiola rosea

roschodník pinnate-Sedum villosum

Veronica chudobkovitý-Veronica bellidioides

Veronica slanistný-Veronica scardica

cerastium hadcový-Cerastium alsinifolium

cerastium Tenoreův-Cerastium tenoreanum

ruměnice Sandy-Onosma kneeling figures

reseda-Reseda phyteuma velkokališní

Caulinia minor-řečanečka mimor

Cardamine malokvětá-Cardamine parviflora

Cardamine Opizova-Cardamine opizii

Cardamine rýtolistá-Cardamine resedifolia

Cardaminopsis petraea rock-řeřišničník

Jurinea cyanoides chrpovitý-sinokvět

rushes Juncus capitatus capitate-

Bulrush pond-Juncus tengeia

rushes Juncus sphaerocarpus kulatoplodá-

Juncus subnodulosus-Marsh Bulrush

Bulrush, dark-Juncus atratus

glaux-Glaux maritima

skalnatka (písečnice)-Czernohorskya grandiflora


Epipogium aphyllum a leafless-sklenobýl

skrytěnka bodlinatá-zinniiflora lowlands of Crypsis

such black-Asplenium adianthumnigrum

such deceptive-Aspenium adulterinum

smldník kmínolistý-Peucedanum carvifolia

Goodyera repens repens-smrkovník

snědovka kulatoplodá-Loncomelos sphaerocarpus

solenka Valerandova-Samolus valerandii

solnička-Pannonian Suaeda pannonica

srpovník karbinocolistý-Klasea lycopifolia

ragwort-Senecio paludosus swamp

ragwort Senecio rupestris-rock

Golden ragwort-Senecio doria

stařinec (ragwort)-Tephroseris longifolia


stařinec (ragwort) Orange-Tephroseris aurantiaca

a small water lily Nuphar pumila-

cotton slim-Eriophorum gracile

Skylight Slovak-Euphrasia slovaca

the dilemma a Sudeten-Galium sudeticum

svízelka piemontská-Cruciata pedemontana

Conioselinum tataricum Tatar-šabřina

Sage-Salvia vlnatá aethiopsis

Schoenus šášina načernalá-negricans

šášina rust-Schoenus ferrugineus

šídlatka Lake-Isoetes lacustris

šídlatka ostnovýtrusá-Isoetes tenella

Crepis pannonica Pannonian-Crepis

Crepis Crepis sibirica-Siberian

autumn krutiklas-Spiranthes spiralis

timoj triloba-Laser trilobum

tomkovice trailer-Hierochloe repens

tořič čmelákovitý-Ophrys holosericea

tořič muchonosný-Ophrys insectifera

tiřič včelonosný-Ophrys apifera

toříček jednohlízný-Ker-Gawler

trojřadka Micheliova-Dichostylis micheliana

Calamagrostis purpurea-purple cane

Calamagrostis stricta — stiff cane

the Czech butterwort-Pinguicula bohemica

tuřice (sedge), nettle-Vignea dioica

tuřice (sedge)-Vignea chordorrhiza


tuřice (sedge) Blue Lupin-Vignea stenophylla

úložník (Veronica) dubious-Pseudolysimachion spurium

Elatine úpor přeslenitý-alsinastrum

dracocephalum austriacum, Austrian-Dracocephalum

horomilná-vetch Vicia oreophila

Viola white-Viola albums

Viola later-Viola elatior

Polygala douškolistý-Polygala serpyllifolia

Buphthalmum salicifolium volovec-vrbolistý

vranečkovec Swiss-Lycopodioides helveticum

Botrychium matricariifolium heřmánkolistá-vratička

vratičkovec mnohoklaný-Sceptridium multifidum

Salix myrtilloides-Salix myrtilloides

Salix herbacea-Salix herbacea

Willow Salix myrsinifolia Nigricans-

dvoubarvá Willow-Salix bicolor

Salix lapponum-Salix lapporum

Orchid-Orchis laxiflora řídkokvětý

trojzubý-Orchid Orchis tridentata

všivec Krkonoše-Pedicularis sudetica

všivec-Pedicularis exaltata stout

všivec žezlovitý-Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum

zapalička great-Tordylium maximum

zdrojovka prameništní-Montia fontana

seaside centaury-Centaurium litorale

sparganium angustifolium-Sparganium angustifolium

zimozelen okolíkatý-Chimaphila umbellata

Bell-Campanula bohemica, the Czech it

subsp. gelida

the Bell of a ethnic-Campanula sudetica

zvonovec Adenophora liliifolia-liliolistý

židovník German-Myricaria germanica

žluťucha simple-Thalictrum simplex


bolinka Black-Brown-Camarops tubulina

čirůvka hnědočervenavá-Tricholoma inodermeum

čirůvka Josserandova-Dermoloma josserandii

hlívička FIR-Hohenbuehelia abietinum

hlívovec ostnovýtrusný-Rhodotus palmatus

Boletus Fechtneri-Boletus fechtneri

Boletus Regius-Boletus regius

mushroom Moravian-Beletus (Xerocomus) moravicus

russula helodes blaťácká-Rusula

hvězdovka Pouzarova-Geastrum pouzarii

ploská-Bisocogniauxia káčovka simplicitor

kuřinec subarktický-Ramariopsis subarctica

květka Sandy-Montagnea arenaria

summer truffle-Tuber aestivum

Phellodon confluens lošáček stout-

fly agaric-Amanita caesarea císařka

fly agaric Amanita vittadinii Vittadiniho-

náramkovitka yellow-green-Floccularia straminea

Spongipellis plstnatec různotvarý-fractipes

polnička steppe-Agrocybe stepposa

rudoušek dark-Rhodocybe obscura

Xerula melanotricha slizečka hairy-

"šamonie-Chamonixia caespitosa

the tip of the steppe-Marasmiellus carneopallidus

ucháčkovec-Šumava Pseudorhizina sphaeospora

Armillaria ectypa Limosa-Armillaria

vláknice iridescent-Inocybe acutella


For highly endangered species claim

Vascular plants:

aldrovanda vesiculosa Aldrovanda vesiculosa-

bahnečka for chodkvětá-On

bazanovec kytkokvětý-Naumburgia thyrsiflora

běloprstka mountain-Leucorchis albida

Betula Nana-Betula nana

Utricularia Middle-Utricularia intermedia

cídivka (equisetum)-Hippochaeta erythronium


garlic-Allium angulosum square

garlic-Allium strictum stiff

čičorka pochvatá-Legumes vaginalis

Fumana procumbens spreads out-devaterka

dvouřadec late-Cleistogenes serotina

hladýš-Prussian Laserpitium pruthenicum

WA HA HA mountain-Trunsteinera globosa

gentian-Gentiana pannonica in Bohemian Forest

Gentianella amarella Crataegus bitter-

Crataegus yellowish-Gentianella lutescens

Keywords: grass-Pneumonanthe vulgaris

sweet pea Lathyrus heterophyllus-Thistle

callitriche autumn-Callitriche harmaphroditica

Dianthus Caryophyllus Lumnitzerův-lumnitzeri

Dianthus carthusianorum-Dianthus carthusianorum

angustifolia subsp. capilifrons

Dianthus-Dianthus superbus proud

Dianthus gratianopolitanus glauca-Dianthus

Centaurea Cyanus montanus mountain-

poor zední-Draba muralis

common Juniper low-Juniperus communis subsp. alpina

moneses-St. OLAF's

jestřábník Alpine-Hieracium senses

jinořadec Cryptogramma crispa-curly

fern Polystichum braunii-plevinatá

fern rock-ilvensis [1]

Stipa dasyphylla Stipa hairy-

Stipa pulcherrima Stipa Castile-

Stipa smirnovii Stipa Smirnov-

Stipa tenkolistý Stipa-tirsa

pulsatilla pratensis-Pulsatilla pratensis

pasque flower-Pulsatilla grandis grandiflora

Gratiola officinalis medical-konitrud

Corallorhiza trifida korálice species-

a leafless Iris-Iris aphylla

IRIS low-Iris pumila

IRIS variegated-Iris variegata

Siberian Iris-Iris sibrica

IRIS trávovitý-Iris graminea

peřestá-Fescue Festuca versicolor

Astragalus bezlodyžný-Astragalus excapus

Astragalus Austrian-Astragalus austriacus

Swertia perennis region Hardy-

kruštík palustris-Epipactis palustris

kruštík drobnolistý-Epipactis microphylla

kruštík polabský-Epipactis albensis

kruštík růžkatý-Epipactis mulleri

gagea bohemica-Gagea bohemica

kuřička serpentine-Minuartia smejkalii

Scilla Scilla bifolia-bladed

Nymphaea Candida-Nymphaea candida

white water lily-Nymphaea alba

Lily-Lilium bulbiferum cibulkonosná

POA plihá-Poa laxa

saxifrage-Saxifraga paniculata latnatý

saxifrage-Saxifraga decipiens růžicovitý

saxifrage Saxifraga tridactylites-trojprstý

saxifrage Saxifraga oppositifolia-saxifrage

gladiolus-Gladiolus imbricatus generic

bearberry-Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

cephalanthera Cephalanthera rubra-Red

Oman German-Inula germanica

aconite-Aconitum jedhoj anthor

aconite-Aconitum firmum stiff

Rubus chamaemorus-cloudberry

Carex černoklasá-Carex melanostachay

sedge Carex paupercula-poor

sedge Carex hostiana lined with-

sedge-Carex limosa wetland

Carex lasiocarpa Carex lasiocarpa-

sedge bird foot-Carex ornithopod

Carex šupinoplodá-Carex lepidocarpa

sedge Carex secalina rye-

Teucrium čpavá-Teucrium scordium

Teucrium mountain-Teucrium montanum

diphasiastrum Alpine-natural hybrids in a small Alpine Garden

diphasiastrum Isslerův-natural hybrids in issleri

lycopodiella inundata flooded-Lycopodiella

watercress-Nasturtium officinale

prstnatec-Dactylorhiza sambucina elderflower

prstnatec skin-Datylorhiza incarnata

Primula Primula minima-least

Euphorbia palustris-Tithymalus palustris

Euphorbia square-Tithymalus angulatus

Ranunculus ilyrský-Ranunculus illyricus

Buttercup-Ranunculus lingua

coleanthus subtilis thin-Coelanthus

Potamogeton alpinus-Potamogeton alpinus

sundew-Drosera rotundifolia

rudohlávek jehlancovitý-Anacamptis pyramidalis

Ceratophyllum submersum sunken-růžkatec

Stratiotes aloides-stratiotes

sesel colorful Seseli varium

sinokvět soft-Jurinea mollis

rushes Juncus gerardii-slanisková

such hadcový-Asplenium cuneifolium

SMIL sand-Helichrysum kneeling figures

ragwort-Senecio fluviatilis River

ragwort Senecio erucifolius roketolistý-

stařinec (ragwort) integrifolia-Tephroseris integrifolia

Delphinium elatum boot-stračka

Cypripedium Calceolus-Cypripedium calceolus

trichophorum Alpine-Baeothryon (Trichophorum) senses

Saffron-Crocus albiflorus bělokvětý

Saffron Crocus Carpathian-heuffelianus

šater latnatý-Gypsophila paniculata

šater svzčitý-Gypsophila fastigiata

crowberry Empetrum nigrum-black

scutellaria hrálolistý-Scutellaria hastifolia

Taxus baccata-Taxus baccata

Hollyhock pale-Alcea biennis

St. John's fair-Hypericum elegans

calamagrostis Calamagrostis varia varied

Calamagrostis pseudophragmites coastal-cane

Pinguicula Vulgaris-Pinguicula vulgaris

úrazník knotty-Sagina nodosa

Coeloglossum viride-green vemeníček

větrnice (Anemone)-flowered Anemone Anemonastrum


low-Viola Viola pumila

Viola obojaká-Viola ambigua

Viola peat-Viola stagnina

Viola yellow-Viola lutea

Trichomanes speciosum mystery-vláskatec

vranaček brvitý-Selaginella selaginoides

large-leaved Willow-Salix appendiculata

pale Orchid-Orchis pallens

the male Orchid-Orchis mascula

Purple Orchid-Orchis purpurea

Orchid-Orchis morio generic

Orchid-Orchis ustulata tawny

the military Orchid-Orchis militaris

všivec mud-Pedicularis palustris

všivec wetland-Pedicularis sylvatica

záraza síťnatá-Orobanche reticulata

ajuga jehlancovitý-Ajuga pyramidalis

coastal zdrojovka-Montia hallii

sparganium natans-Sparganium minimum

phyteuma orbiculare Habibi-Phyteuma

Bell-Campanula bohemica

Bell hadincovitý-Campanula cervicaria

Bell bearded-Campanula barbata

Luronium-Luronium natans

žluťucha peat-Thalictrum flavum


kalichovka meadow-Omphalina discorosea

suillus yellowish-Suillus flavidus

kukmák wood-Volvariella caesiotincta

mozkovka-an undulating Ascotremella faginea

Amylocystis lapponica-Lapland modralka

tab lemon-Otidea concinna

Research nancyský-Cortinarius nanceinensis

Microglossum viride-green pazoubek

plžatka spruce-Hygrophorus piceae

strmělka suchomilná-barbulatum Clitocybe

ušíčko FIR-Pseudoplectania vogesiaca

voskovka brick-Hygrocybe sciophana

zvonovka Babingtonova-Entoloma babingtonii


For species threatened to declare

Vascular plants:

Aron maculatum-Arum maculatum

Anthericum liliago Anthericum liliago-

Leucojum vernum-spring snowflake

cyclamen-Cyclamen purpurascens

cídivka (equisetum)-Hippochaeta ramosissima


černýš English-Melampyrum bohemicum

garlic-Allium victorialis snake

mullein Verbascum phoeniceum-mahogany

dogwood-Cornus mas generic

bitter soldanella mountain-Soldanella montana

pinnate (šípák) oak-Quercus pubescens

dvojštítek changeable-Biscutella varia

Calla palustris palustris-little devil

scorzonera purple-Scorzonera purpurea

ophioglossum vulgatum General-Ophioglossum

Adonis vernalis-Adonanthe vernalis

Keywords: tolitovitý-asclepiadea Pneumonanthe

Aster amellus Starfish-mountain

Dianthus seguieri epigejos-Dianthus

Centaurea triumfettii-Cyanus triumfettii

Austrian Doronicum austriacum, kamzičník-

Thelypteris palustris-swamp kapradiník

Stipa Chief-Stipa joannis

Vaccinium oxycoccos Oxycoccus palustris-

pasque flower-Pulsatilla scherfelii white

koprníček bezobalný-Mutellina purpurea

Meum athamanticum štětinolistý-koprník

Comfrey-Symphytum bohemicum

koulenka-Globularia punctata higher

Astragalus danicus Danish-Astragalus

Astragalus vičencovitý Astragalus onobrychis-

kručinečka wing-Genistella sagittalis

Mulberry kruštík-Epipactis purpurata

kruštík tmavočervený-Epipactis atrorubens

kyhanka sivolistá-Andromeda polifolia

Veratrum album, Veratrum album-

Len tenkolistý-Linum tenuifolium

flax-Linum flavum yellow

Lily-Lilium martagon guldbagge award

saxifrage Saxifraga bulbifera-cibulkatý

Melittis melissophyllum honeycake grandiflora-

Lunaria perennial-Lunaria rediviva

modravec tenkokvětý-Leopoldia tenuiflora

cinquefoil mountain-Potentilla collina

středočeská subsp. lindackeri

cinquefoil Potentilla rupestris-rock

cinquefoil-Potentilla zlatokvětá parviflora

duryňská subsp. thuringiaca

cephalanthera damasonium white Cephalanthera

cephalanthera longifolia-Cephalanthera longifolia

Oman eye of Christ-Inula oculus-christi

aconite-Aconitum variegatum variegated

monkshood-Aconitum callibotryon

Aconitum vulparia Wolf-Aconitum

Carex tlapkatá-Carex pediformis

Dandelion-Taraxacum palustre Marsh

ostrich fern pérovník-Matteucca

Gymnadenia conopsea žežulník-pětiprstka

Clematis-Clematis recta direct

lycopodium annotinum-Lycopodium annotinum

diphasiastrum Zeilerův-natural hybrids in zeileri

diphasiastrum complanatum natural hybrids in a flattened-

h stopkatá-Calycocorsus stipitatus

prha mountain-Arnica montana

prostřelenec (gentian) křížatý-Tretorhiza cruciata

Western marsh orchid Dactylorhiza majalis-

prstnatec listenatý-Dactylorhiza lonegebracteata

Euphorbia hispida-Tithymalus villosus

Hydrocotyle Vulgaris-Hydrocotyle vulgaris

Ledum mud-Ledum palustre

sasankovka (Anemone) forest-Anemone sylvestris

early spring Snowdrop-Galanthus nivalis

crowberry Empetrum hermaphroditum obojaká-

aurinia saxatilis-Aurinia saxatilis

parnassia palustris-Parnassia palustris

Thrift that General serpentine-Armeria vulgaris subsp.


dictamnus-Dictamnus albus

tuřice (Carex) blešní-Vignea pulicaris

tuřice (Carex) Davallova-Vignea davalliana

Globe-Trollius altissimus

menyanthes-Menyanthes trifoliata

Platanthera bifolia-Platanthera bifolia

Platanthera chlorantha-green Platanthera

for example Huperzia selago vranec burning-

botrychium Lunaria-Bottrychium lunaria

Willow-Salix repens creeping

Erica-Erica carnea skin

the Sub-growth low-Polygaloides chamaebuxus

General zlatovlásek-Crinittina linosyris

the Bell of the Bologna-Campanula bononiensis

Siberian Bell-Campanula sibirica

Hottonia palustris palustris-žebratka

žluťucha foetens-Thalictrum foetidum


russula olšinná Russula-alnetorum

hvězdovka Hungarian-Geastrum hungaricum

kržatka wrinkled-Tubaria confragosa

loupavka limestone-Hysterangium calcareum

prášivka Limosa-Bovista paludosa

šupinovka Henningsova-Pholiota henningsii



A species of critically endangered claim:

Invertebrates (Avertebrata)

anthocharis morsei Leptidea Eastern-

cicada viničná-Coconut haematodes

Hypodryas maturna downy-hnědásek

chrobák-Belbelasmus unicornis

the dung beetle Copris lunaris-diligent

Parnassius apollo Parnassius which-

clouded Apollo Parnassius mnemosyne-

Lepidurus apus notostraca-

Triops cancriformis summer-listonoh

saga pedo-Saga pedo

krasec-Capnodis tenebrionis

quercus krasec-Eurythyrea

krasec-Sphaenoptera antiqua

Anthaxia hungarica krasec-Hungary

-Mantis religiosa praying mantis

modrásek černoskvrnný-Maculinea arion

modrásek hořcový-Maculinea alcon

jílkový-Lopinga achine large ringlet

pakudlanka South-Mantispa styriaca

Freshwater Pearl Mussel-Margaritana margaritifera

Festoon Zerynthia polyxena-pestrokřídlec

ploskoroh-Libelloides spp.

Graphoderus bilineatus Cherokee National Council-

Rak kamenáč-Astacus torrentium

Rak River-Astacus fluviatilis

roháček-Ceruchus chrysomelinus

střevlík-Carabus auratus

střevlík-Carabus clathratus

střevlík-Carabus hungaricus

Carabus menetriesi střevlík-

střevlík-Carabus nitens

Anisus vorticulus svinutec thin-

kýlnatý-Euscorpius carpathicus Scorpion

Rosalia Longicorn-Rosalia alpina

Trey broskvoňový-Purpuricenus kaehleri

beetle-Megopis scabricornis

painter's Mussel Unio pictorum-

moravy-Anostraca spp.


Fish (Pisces) and Cyclostomata (Cyclostomata)

Zingel streber k d minor-

Zingel zingel-k d

Kessler's gudgeon – Gobio kessleri

-European Brook lamprey Lampetra planeri

lamprey Eudontomyzon mariae – Ukrainian

Sabanejewia aurata mountain-sekavčík

Amphibians (Amphibia)

Newt Triturus carnifex) rapid-

Newt Triturus helveticus-square

Carpathian Newt Triturus montandoni-

Toad-Bufo calamita krátkonohá

Moor frog Rana arvalis-

Marsh frog-Rana ridibunda

Reptiles (Reptilia)

wall lizard Podarcis muralis-

European Green Lizard-Lacerta viridis

-dice snake Natrix tessellata

aesculapian snake-Elaphe longissima

Viper-Vipera berus

European pond terrapin Emys orbicularis-

Birds (Aves)

břehouš černoocasý-Limosa limosa

Bittern-Botaurus stellaris

little Bittern-Ixobrychus minutus

Otis-Otis tarda

dytík úhorní-Burhinus oedicnemus

little Crake-Porzana parva

Common Crane-Grus grus

Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata-

spoonbill-Platalea leucorodia

Endromias morinellus Eurasian Dotterel-

red kite Milvus milvus-

kite Milvus migrans-Brown

nemorosa-roller Caracias garrulus

goosander-Mergus merganser

Eagle Aquila pomarina a gaudy-

Sea Eagle-Haliaeetus albicilla

Golden Eagle-Aquila chrysaetos

Osprey-Pandion haliaeetus

Pintail-Anas acuta

Ferruginous duck-Aythya nyroca

Kestrel-Falco vespertinus rudonohá

Ural owl-Strix uralensis

-Saker Falco cherrug

Black tern-Chlidonias niger

common rock thrush Monticola saxatilis-

Bluethroat Luscinia svecica svecica tundrový-

peregrine falcon-Falco peregrinus

Meadow Bunting-Miliaria calandra

Emberiza hortulana ortolan Bunting-

Recurvirostra avosetta a contrary-tenkozubec

Tetrao urogallus Western capercaillie-

Sandpiper Tringa totanus-rudonohý

Purple Heron-Ardea purpurea

Eurasian scops owl-Otus scops

Tichodroma muraria wallcreeper-

Mammals (Mammalia)

wild cat-Felis sivestris

brown bear-Ursus arctos

the bat-Myotis emarginatus brvitý

Barbastella barbastellus-barbastelle

bat Myotis dasycneme coastal-

the bat-Myotis myotis big

-Garden Dormouse Eliomys quercinus

European ground squirrel-Citellus citellus

steppe polecat-Mustela eversmanii

Wolf-Canis lupus

lesser Horseshoe bat Rhinolophus hipposideros-

Horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum-large-


For highly endangered species claim:

Invertebrates (Avertebrata)

polygonia vau-Nymphalis l-album

Eriogaster catax thorny-bourovec

chroust opýřený-Anoxia pilosa

ophiogomphus Cecilia-Ophiogomphus cecilia

Stylurus flavipes gomphus flavipes-

kovařík-Ludius ferrugineus

Calosoma auropunctatum-Burton

Cucujus cinnaberinus Lesak shown-

lišaj evening primrose-Proserpinus proserpina

martináč hrušňový-Saturnia pyri

modrásek-Maculinea nausithous mud

Maculinea teleius flamed-modrásek

modrásek steppe-Polymmatus eroides

villages in černočárný-Lycaena dispar

villages in rdesnový-Lycaena helle

large ringlet-Coenonympha hero Brown

large ringlet rock-Hipparchia briseis

large ringlet Erebia sudetica – Sudeten

pačmelák-parasitic Psythirus rufipes

osmoderma eremita-Osmoderma eremita

Phryganophilus ruficollis

Cherokee National Council-wide Dytiscus latissimus

přástevník mařinkový-Eucharia casta

přástevník svízelový-Claetis maculosa

Grasshopper Stenobothrus eurasius-

střevlík-Carabus scabriusculus

střevlík-Carabus variolosus

Catocala electa vrbová-stužkonoska

Sympecma braueri kroužkovaná-šídlatka

Swan Mussel-Anodonta cygnea

Beetles Cerambyx cerdo cerambyx cerdo-

Ergates faber stubby-beetle

Trey-Trafosoma depsarium

the Dragonfly Leucorrhinia albifrons-běloústá

the Dragonfly Leucorrhinia pectoralis jasnoskvrnná-

the Dragonfly Leucorrhinia caudalis, broad-

thick shelled River Mussel Unio crassus-

zdobenec-Gnorimus spp.

the guldbagge award hairy-Tropinota hirta

Marumba quercus oak-zubokřídlec

brimstone barvoměnný-Colias myrnidone

Blueberry-Colias palaeno brimstone


Fish (Pisces) and Cyclostomata (Cyclostomata)

Gymnocephalus baloni ježdík Danube-

Pelecus cultratus křivočará-ostrucha

Alburnoides bipunctatus striped-ouklejka

sekavec sand-Cobitis taenia

Amphibians (Amphibia)

-pelobates fuscus Pelobates fuscus

-Alpine Newt Triturus alpestris

-smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris

great crested Newt Triturus cristatus-

fire-fire-bellied toad Bombina Bombina

-Yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata

-fire salamander Salamandra Salamandra

European Green Toad-Bufo viridis

European tree frog-Hyla arborea

jumper less-Rana lessonae

Agile frog-Rana dalmatina

Edible frog-Rana esculenta

Reptiles (Reptilia)

lizard-Lacerta agilis

viviparous lizard-Lacerta vivpara

Anguis fragilis-Anguis fragilis

Coronella austriaca-Coronella austriaca

Birds (aves)

Jack snipe-Gallinago gallinago bekasina

Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe-

Black Stork-Ciconia nigra

Garganey-Anas querquedula

Picoides tridactylus three-include-

Redwing Turdus iliacus muscles-

Merlin Falco columbarius tundrový-

Upupa epops-hoopoe

Bucephala clangula Goldeneye-

stock Dove Columba oenas-

spotted Crake-Porzana porzana

corn crake-Crex crex

Crake Rallus aquaticus water-

Tetrastes bonasia Hazel Grouse-

Asio flammeus pustovka-k

jackdaw-Corvus monedula

Wagtail-Motacilla flava meadow

ring ouzel-Turdus torquatus

sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus General-

Eurasian Wryneck-Jynx torquilla

common quail-Coturnix coturnix

Eurasian Pygmy owl-Glaucidium passerinum

Nycticorax nycticorax kvakoš night-

common Kingfisher-Alcedo atthis

Red-Breasted Flycatcher-Ficedula parva

European Nightjar-Caprimulgus europaeus

Anthus spinoletta Water Pipit-

Pipit Anthus campestris-úhorní

Northern Shoveler-Anas clypeata

Kathryn floodplain-Circus pygargus

Kathryn pilich-Circus cyaneus

Hawk forest-Falco subbuteo

barred Warbler Sylvia nisoria-tentatively place-

pěvuška-Prunella collaris r.j. p.

Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper-

Red-necked grebe-Podiceps grisegena

Mediterranean Gull-Larus melanocephalus

great Reed Warbler-Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Common Tern-Sterna hirundo

Lullula arborea Woodlark-

Bluethroat-Luscinia svecica cvanecula

Central European

Thrush Nightingale Luscinia luscinia-

Barn Owl-these albums

White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos-

Dendrocopos syriacus downy South-

sýc rousný-Aegolius funereus

Athene noctua little OWL * General-

-bearded reedling Panurus biarmicus

black grouse-Tetrao tetrix

lesser Shrike-Lanius minor

the shrike-Lanius senator rudohlavý

another forest-Pernis apivorus

European Bee-eater-Merops apiaster

Green Sandpiper-Tringa ochropus

Great White Egret-Egretta alba

little egret Egretta garzetta-

netta rudozobá-Netta rufina

Eurasian Golden oriole Oriolus oriolus-

Mammals (Mammalia)

European Beaver Castor fiber)-

-European Hamster Cricetus Cricetus


Northern Birch mouse Sicista betulina-

the bat-Myotis blythi ostrouchý oxygnatus

bats (other species)-Microchiroptera

Dryomys nitedula forest Dormouse-

Dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius-plšík

shrew-Sorex alpinus mountain

Lynx-Lynx Lynx

Otter-Lutra Lutra


For species threatened to declare

Invertebrates (avertebrata)

batolec-Apatura spp.

bělopásek-Limenitis spp.

Neptis bělopásek-spp.

číhalka party-Atherix ibis

Bumblebee-Bombus spp.

drabčík-Emus hirtus

chrobák armed-armiger Odontaeus

the dung beetle vrubounovitý-Sisyphus schaefferi

Polyphylla fullo chroust-mlynařík

kovařík-Lacon spp.

Lamb's Meadowsweet-Saperda punctata

Calosoma inquisitor Burton-Brown

calosoma sycophanta-Calosoma sycophanta

krasec copper-Chalcophora mariana

lišaj pryšcový-Celerio euphorbiae

Majka-Meloe spp.

Ant-Formica spp.

nightmare-Phragmatiphila nex

European rhinoceros beetle-Oryctes nasicornis

swallowtail-Papilio machaon machaon

Iphiclides podalirius scarce swallowtail-

perleťovec wetland-Proclossiana cunomia

brachinus-Brachinus spp.

Rak mud-Astacus leptodactylus

Lucanus Cervus-Lucanus cervus

Carabus střevlík-arcensis

střevlík-Carabus irregularis

střevlík-Carabus obsoletus

střevlík-Carabus problematicus

Carabus střevlík-scheidleri

Carabus střevlík-ullrichi

svižník-Cicindela spp.

(with the exception of c. hybrida)


zdobenec-Trichius spp.

the guldbagge award magnificent-Potosia aeruginosa

Oxythyrea funesta guldbagge award-


Fish (Pisces) and Cyclostomata (Cyclostomata)

bream-Abramis sapa mother of Pearl

Leuciscus idus orfe-

Gymnocephalus schraetzer-schraetser

(sazan) carp-Cyprinus carpio

burbot Lota lota-

Misgurnus fossilis Jon striped-

Roach Rutilus pigus-glossy

common Minnow Phoxinus phoxinus-

General-Bullhead Cottus gobio

Bullhead Cottus poecilopus pruhoploutvá-

Amphibians (Amphibia)

common toad-Bufo bufo

Reptiles (Reptilia)

Grass Snake Natrix-the matrix

Birds (Aves)

great snipe-Gallinago media

stonechat-Saxicola toquata

whinchat-Saxicola rubetra

North-Bohemian Waxwing Bambycilla garrulus

sand Martin Riparia riparia-

Locustella luscinioides Mo s-cvrčilka

White Stork-Ciconia Ciconia

teal Anas crecca General-

common rosefinch-Carpodacus erythrinus

Crested Lark Galerida cristata-generic

Hawk Accipiter gentilis forest-

Gadwall-Anas strepera

grey partridge-Perdix perdix

Raven Corvus corax-

spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata-

Western Marsh-Harrier Circus aeruginosus-

Remiz pendulinus a Mead-moudivláček

Nucifraga caryocatactes spotted Nutcracker-

black-necked grebe-Podiceps nigricollis

little Grebe-Podiceps ruficollis

Great Crested Grebe-Podiceps cristatus

swift-Apus apus General

Luscinia megarhynchos common Nightingale-

Woodcock-Scolopax rusticola

Middle spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos medius-

the shrike-Lanius collurio generic

the shrike Lanius excubitor-grey

barn swallow-Hirundo rustica

eagle owl-Bubo bubo

Mammals (Mammalia)

bělozubka bělobřichá-Crocidura leucodon

Dormouse Glis glis large-

red squirrel-Sciurus vulgaris

Annex IV

The pattern design of the staff badge, stamps and cards

Description of the staff badge.

Staff badge is oval built on the height 6.5/

x 5 cm, green in color, with a gold border. In the middle of the oval is a great

coat of arms of the Czech Republic. Around the perimeter of the character is a golden inscription "Protection

nature and landscape protection of the Czech Republic ". The badge is metal, enamel.

Description of the official guardian under section 20 (2). 2 of the Decree:

Stamp has the form of a rectangle of the width of 7 x 2 cm with text

containing the name of the Authority appointed to guard function, and with further

the text of the "guard of nature protection and landscape". The content of the stamp is also his

identification number.

Type I card

The front page of the staff of the card contains the following information:

Under the top edge of the card is the inscription "nature and landscape protection of the Czech

of the Republic ". In the left part of the frame is a photo card of the wearer. In

the right half of the card is a distinctive inscription "service card", under which the

is an indication of the number of the card, the name and surname of the holder and an indication of the territory,

for which the licence is issued. On the front is also a place for the date

the designation of the authority which issued the licence, and the signature of the person responsible.

The back page of the staff of the card on the left half contains a large State

the character of the Czech Republic and on the right the following text:

The holder of the licence has the right staff in the performance of their professional activities in

the meaning of the provisions of § 62 and 85 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the protection of

nature and landscape:

-monitor compliance with the regulations on the protection of nature and the landscape,

-enter in the necessary cases on foreign land, make

the necessary measurements, monitoring, documentation and request information necessary

to determine the State of the natural environment.

In the exercise of this activity is the holder of the licence required to service what

most save entering the parcels concerned, as well as all rights


The entrance to the premises and objects used by the armed forces and the armed

congregations are governed by specific provisions.

Type II. Card keeper

The front page of the staff of the card contains the following information:

Under the top edge of the card is the inscription "nature and landscape protection of the Czech

of the Republic ". In the left part of the frame is a photo card of the wearer. In

the right half of the card is a significant sign "card guard" under the

that is an indication of the number of the card, the name and surname of the holder and an indication of

the territory for which the licence is issued. On the front is also a place for

date, the indication of the authority which issued the licence, and the signature of the responsible

the worker.

The back page of the staff of the card on the left half contains a large State

the character of the Czech Republic and on the right the following text:

The guardian of the licence holder is authorized within the meaning of the provisions of § 62 and 81

Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on nature and landscape protection:

-monitor compliance with the regulations on the protection of nature and the landscape,

-Discover the identity of the people that violate the regulations on the protection of nature,

-impose and collect fines on the block protection

nature in accordance with Act No. 200/1990 Coll. on offences,

-hold to establish the identity of the person whom he catches to infringements of the

legislation on nature and landscape protection, and her body

Police of the Czech Republic; UM, people are obliged to obey,

-require help or assistance of the authorities of the police of the Czech Republic,

where applicable, the municipal police, if they cannot fulfil their obligations,

to ensure their own forces and means.

In case of imminent threat to the interests protected under part II,

the third and fourth Act No. 114/1992 Coll. is the guardian of the right to

suspension of disruptive activities. Of its action, without delay, inform the

the territorially competent authority for nature conservation, which is confirmed, amend or

cancels within 15 days since its release.

Type III. Card newsletter

The front side of the card contains the following information: newsletter

Under the top edge of the card is the inscription "nature and landscape protection of the Czech

of the Republic ". In the left part of the card is a plant motif consisting of lipovými

the leaves. On the right half of the card is a significant sign "Licence Rapporteur",

under which the number of the certificate, the name and surname of the holder, and

the keeper's identity card number. Furthermore, there is an indication of the territory for

that is issued and a place for a date, the indication of the authority that the licence

issued and signature of the person responsible.

The back side of the card contains a newsletter in the left half of a large State

the character of the Czech Republic and on the right the following text:

The holder of the rapporteur is a member of the guard of nature within the meaning of

the provisions of § 81 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the protection of nature and the

landscape. The Mission of the guard of nature and is to check compliance with the

nature and landscape protection.

The rapporteur on territorial jurisdiction established on the front side of the card

performed according to the instructions in the nature and landscape protection authority, who

ordained, monitor the State of nature. Their work uses a simple

instruments, photographic instruments, maps and other documentation.

All competent authorities, organisations and persons are required to hold a

This card perform the duties of the guard of nature allow.


In the category of "national nature reserve" are transferred:

The name of the cadastral area of the District has been established

Boren TP, MO Chouč, Bílina, Liběšice Yield no MKČSR 8.826/76 (10. 2.1977)

Boží Dar peat bog KV Boží Dar, Jáchymov, Ryžovna xVýnos MŠK No 38.070/65 (24. 9.1965)

Brouskův mill CB Jílovice, Třebeč, Court, VyhláškaOÚ. (30. 12.1991)

Deep in the Boro

Břehyně-Pecopala CL Doksy, Hradcany xVýnos MKI No 11.934/67 (26. 9.1967)

Bukačka RK Sedloňov + Yield no. 26.376/54 (5. 5.1954)

Cahnov-Confluence BV Lanžhot + Decree No MŠVU 172.995/49 (19. 12.1949)

Nýdek VyhláškaONV Čantoria FM Frýdek-Místek (20. 1.1988)

Čertoryje HIM Kněždub, Tvarožná Lhota, MKČSR Yield No 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Hrubá Vrbka

Červené blato CB Byňov, Těšínov Thugs MKČSR Yield no 18.584/73 (29. 12.1973)

45 NB Mcely VyhláškaONV Nymburk (23. 6.1989)

Devin-boiler-Gorge BV mountains Věstonice, Pavlov, OSK Mikulov No 8.963/1 (10. 5.1946)

Pavlov, Perná

Hůrka u Hranic PR Border + MŠVU Yield no 39.336/52 (23. 7.1952)

Roridula PJ Měcholupy + Yield no. 17.510/55 (4. 7.1956)

But hillside RO Chlum Yield MŠANO no 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Jazevčí HIM Javorník, Lhota u VyhláškaMK, the new Glee No. 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Jezerka CV, MO Jezeří, at Kunratice, Foothills Yield no MKČSR 13.359/68 (20. 1.1969)

Badger Hill CL Marenice, Heřmanice xVýnos MKI No 13.902/67 (18. 11.1967)

Kaluža OP Forest Albrechtice, Žimrovice Yield MKČSR No 10,757/69 (29. 10.1969)

Charles ' beech LB. Machnín Yield MKČSR No 18.078/72 (29. 12.1972)

Karlštejn BE Sydney, Budňany, Hostim, + Yield no. 24.029/55 (26. 4.1955)

Abu Dhabi, Serbia, St. John p.

Rock, Mouthpiece Třebáň

Kladská peat, SO Lázně Kynžvart, Mariánské MŠANO Yield no. 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Spa, Spas, Vranov

The kněhyně-Čertův mlýn FM VS celadna, Prostřední Bečva Return MKČSR # 3500/89 (19. 1.1989)

KODA BE Korno, Serbia, Tetín, Capsule + MŠVU Yield no 32/946/52 (13. 3.1952)

Kohoutov RO Ostrovec xVýnos MŠK No 19.882/66 (7. 5.1966)

Králický Sněžník UO, SU Mountains. Moravia, Great Moravia of the CZECH REPUBLIC VyhláškaMŽP No 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Sklenné for m., of Argentine

Crooked Lake BV New Mills, Milovice Yield MKČSR No 12.221/73 (9. 8.1973)

near Mikulov

The Lednice ponds BV Hlohovec, Charvátská + Return MŠVU # 49.004/52 (9. 1.1953)

Nová Ves, Refrigerator,

Sedlec u Mikulova

Libicky luh KO, NB Velký Osek, Libice n. C., Cologne (VyhláškaONV 1. 5.1985 and

Oseček vyhláškaONV Nymburk (5. 12.1985)

Lichnice-Kaňkovy Mountains, Závratec CR Třemošnice, Rudov, + Yield no. 65.968/54 (26. 7.1955) and

The lower the beginnings of javorka, Chrudim (vyhláškaONV 21. 11.1990)

The Castle, Of The Period, Old Court,

Kubíkovy Oaks, The Beginnings Of The Upper

Lovoš LT Lhotka a.d., Oparno + Decree No MŠVU 216.714/48 (16. 11.1948)

Small and large Shield Vinařice u Loun LN Louny (VyhláškaONV 14. 9.1989)

Milešovka LT Milešov + Return MŠVU # 102.391/51 (25. 9.1951)

Mionší FM DOL. Lomná, Lomná + Yield mountains no. 12.849/54 (10. 3.1954)

Mohelensko serpentine steppe TR Mohelno + Return MŠVU # 48.267/52 (11. 12.1952)

CV Načetín, Novodomské rašeliniště Border x Yield MKI No 13.901/67 (18. 11.1967)

"Oblík" Hill LN, Mnichv Early xVýnos MKI No 13.904/67 (18. 11.1967)

Pluhův Bor SAT Meadow Yield MKČSR No 13.365/69 (28. 12.1969)

Pochvalovská stráň RA Kozojedy (Rakovník VyhláškaONV 24. 2.1989)

Polabská černava ME Melnicka Vrutice + Decree No MŠO 45.761/46 (26. 8.1946)

Polanská niva OV Polanka nad Odrou VyhláškaMěNV Ostrava (12. 6.1985)

The slaughter of the UH, HIM Slavkov, Nová Lhota u MKČSR Yield no Mirth 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Pouzdřanská step-Kolby BV Pouzdřany, Uherčice + Yield no. 3,153/56 (4. 7.1956) and

Břeclav (vyhláškaONV 9. 10.1986)

Praděd BR, SU Karlov, Malá Morávka, VyhláškaMŽP of the CZECH REPUBLIC No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Iron pod Pradědem,

Rejhotice, n. Des.,


31-Hradisko VS 31 Return MKČSR # 3500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Radostínské peat bog in Vojnova Yield Radostín ZR MKČSR no on 9,585/87 (17. 6.1987)

Městce, Vojnův Městec

Radhošť NJ Trojanovice Yield MK No. 3,500/89 (19. 1.1989)

The shoulders of the Morava River OC Hot n. Mor., Stren, Lhota VyhláškaONV Olomouc (28. 2.1990)

n. Plague, Náklo, the village Hynkov,

Unčovice, Rozvadovice,


Early LN Early + Yield MŠVU no 93.653/51 (23. 5.1951)

BV Lanžhot + Decree 80/sq mi MŠVU no 172.995/49 (19. 12.1949)

Peat News JN Jizerka xVýnos MŠK No 41.348/65 (19. 10.1965)

JN, LB moor the river Jizerka, Lázně Libverda, xVýnos No 41.348 MŠK/65 (19. 10.1965)

Bílý Potok

Peat the leprechaun SU, BR Rudoltice, Zdar Brook Yield MKČSR no 3500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Razula VS Velké Karlovice + Decree MŠVU No 111.318/49 (8. 12.1949)

Rejvíz BR, SU Rejvíz, Cet VyhláškaMŽP of the CZECH REPUBLIC No. 6/1991.


Hřensko DC Pink Leonor Yield MKČSR No. 16.170/73 (29. 12.1973)

Řežabinec and Řežabinecké pool IM Lhota u Kestřan, Ražice, + the Decree No MŠVU 171.559/49 (19. 11.1949) and

Putim vyhláškaONV sand (4. 12.1985)

Salajka FM white + Yield MŠK No 18.276/55 (4. 6.1956)

LT saddle Mountains., Srdov MKI Chobolice Yield No 12.609/68 (10. 9.1968)

Slanisko u Novoveský BV Sedlec u Mikulova Břeclav (VyhláškaONV 4. 10.1961)

Soos CH Backyard, Nová Ves, Vonšov xVýnos MŠK No 45.160/64 (7. 11.1964)

Old River JH Holičky + Yield no. 56 (1,601/5. 3.1956)

Strabišov-Oulehla KM Kunkovice, Hazel + Yield no. 70.847/54 (14. 1.1956) and

+ return MŠO 155-1-1/5-53 (8. 5.1953)

Šerák-Keprník SU Adolfovice, Mountains, Lipová, New Revenue MKČSR # 3500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Losiny, Ostružná

Špraněk OC Březina + MŠVU Yield no 48.988/49 (5. 4.1949)

The chalkboard, BV Bavarians Klentnice, yield no 97.095 MŠVU/51-IV/5 (25. 6.1951)

Pink Hill Perná and + výnosMŠO # 101.109/53 (20. 5.1953)

and the Cat stone

RK Rychnov trčkov Trčkov VyhláškaONV n.Kn. (1. 7.1982)

Týřov BE, RA, Auckland, Karlova Ves MKČSR Yield no 6.051/84 (28. 3.1984)

Úhošť CV Pokutice, Uhošťany, MKČSR, return Policy No 7.123/74 (17. 7.1974)


Big Bald RA Branov Yield MKČSR No 6.049/84 (28. 3.1984)

A large crane Lake SAT Prebuz, Silver VyhláškaMZ No 1,316-VIII/B-1938 (4. 2.1938)

Large and small Tisý JH Lomnice a.d., Lužnice, River, Přeseka + Yield MŠK No 52.056/57 (17. 6.1957)

Big swamp Rolava Yield MKČSR SAT No 6,017/68 (10. 2.1969)

A large Dogtooth Třešť IT xVýnos # 45.171 MŠK/64 (7. 11.1964)

Pinwheels YOU Letonice + Yield MŠVU No 99.260/51 (27. 6.1951) and

Vyškov (vyhláškaONV 8. 11.1990)

Větrušická Gorge PY Větrušice Yield MKČSR no on 13,553/68 (20. 1.1969)

Voděradské bučiny KO, PY Black Voděrady, Jevany, + Yield no. 13.600/55 (4. 3.1955)

Vyžlovka, Canada

Vrapač OC Mladeč Yield no MKČSR 3.5000/89 (19. 1.1989)

Vůznice RA, BE, KL Sýkořice, Nižbor, Běleč Yield MKČSR No. 28/84 (6,156. 3.1984)

Vyšenské Hill CK Vyšný, Positive, Decree No MŠVU + 86.969/51 (6. 3.1951) and

Positive-Dobrkovice vyhláškaOÚ Český Krumlov (21. 4.1992)

Garden Grove after HIM in Velká nad Veličkou Yield MKČSR No. 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Zástudánčí PR Tovačov, Lobodice + MŠVU Yield no 46.340/52 (24. 2.1953)

IT Coordinates zhejral VyhláškaONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Žákova hora ZR Cikháj VyhláškaMŽP of the CZECH REPUBLIC No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Zofinka JH Courtyards a.d. Return MKČSR # 15.732/74 (16. 1.1975)


Explanatory notes: +-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA No. 14.200/88 of 29. 11.1988

x-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA on 17,089/87 from No. 21. 12.1987

In the category "natural monument" are transferred:

The name of the cadastral area of the District has been established

Chudenice American Garden KT Yield no MKČSR 13.369/69 (28. 12.1969)

The grandmother's Valley on Česká Skalice, Ratibořice, + MŠVU Yield no 35.789/52 (9. 6.1952)

N. Úpou, Slatina, Zlič, Quern-stone,

Small, Red Mountain

Barrandov rocks Pha 5 Hlubočepy, Malá Chuchle VyhláškaNVP (27. 5.1982)

The white slopes Pokratice LT + Yield no. 19.161/54 (30. 3.1954)

Blanice PT, CK Top Snow, Křištanov, VyhláškaONV in Prachatice (24. 5.1989),

Spalenec, Zbytiny, trough, VyhláškaOÚ in Prachatice No. 1/92 (3. 3.1992)

Volary, Arnoštov, Jablonec, and Decree of the DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE in Český Krumlov (15. 11.1990)

Ondřejov, Uhlíkov

Borečský vrch LT Boreč + Return MŠVU # 96.515/51 (23. 6.1951)

Pine SU Šumperk (16 VyhláškaONV Granite. 6.1987)

Březinské Tisza DC Březina, Chlum Yield MKČSR No 14.619/68 (10. 2.1969)

Búrová IT MKČSR Yield no Suchov 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Ciboušov CV Vernéřov VyhláškaONV Chomutov (9. 9.1983)

Gypsy I. PHA 5 Radotín VyhláškaNVP (4. 7.1988)

Gypsy so KL Bílichov VyhláškaONV Kladno (29. 9.1987)

Black ravine PZ, Pha 5, Radotin Kosoř VyhláškaStč. KNV (22. 9.1970)

The Devil's wall LB boiler Smržov VyhláškaONV Liberec (2. 3.1964)

Red Hill BM Brno Bohunice VyhláškaNV (24. 11.1970)

Profile Pha Dalejský 5 Reporyje, Holyně, Stodůlky (VyhláškaNVP 27. 5.1982)

The stock Dove CV Klášterec n. o., Miřetice VyhláškaONV Chomutov (9. 9.1983)

Dubí hora LT Konojedy VyhláškaONV Litomerice (14. 10.1966)

Dunajovice grape Hill BV Pregnant, Brod nad Dyjí, Břeclav VyhláškaONV (27. 9.1990)

Good Field,

Dol. Dunajovice

Hojkovské peat bog IT Hojkov VyhláškaONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Holý vrch ME Střemy + Yield MŠK No 61.226/57 (14. 8.1957)

Hrdibořické ponds PV Hrdibořice VyhláškaONV Prostějov (27. 9.1990)

Chropyňský pond KM Chropyně + Yield no. 35.431/54 (14. 5.1954)

Jankovský Creek PE Vyskytná, Pelhřimov district, Zachonín, VyhláškaOÚ Tappan (27. 2.1992)

Jankov, Mladé Bříště, Old


Jansky vrch MO Korozluky + Return MŠVU # 102.256/51 (25. 9.1951)

Cave of the Bakery or Wet Yield MŠANO no 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

The stone of the Sun LO Hnojnice VyhláškaONV Louny (10. 9.1965)

JH Jindřichův Kaproun Kaproun VyhláškaONV (10. 12.1987)

Kleneč LT Kleneč Yield no MKČSR 9.860/76 (1. 10.1976)

Klonk BE Suchomasty VyhláškaStč. KNV (8. 2.1977)

Komorní hůrka CH Skalka, Slatina + Return MŠVU # 100.585/51 (14. 8.1951)

Kotýz BE Tmáň, Koněprusy VyhláškaONV Beroun (17. 4.1986)

Kozákov SM Loktuše, Lestkov, Vesec VyhláškaONV Semily (13. 6.1985)

Křéby KM Prasklice + Yield no. 55.841/54 (4. 7.1956)

CH Cheb VyhláškaONV Springs crosses (22. 12.1962)

Landek OV Petřkovice, Koblov VyhláškaONV Opava (12. 8.1966)

and Decree of the WIP (13. 12.1989)

Profile Pha Lochkovský 5, Radotin Lochkov tunnel VyhláškaNVP (4. 7.1988)

Meadow the VyhláškaONV Camp (21 Turovec. 1.1988)

Lužní potok CH Cheb Border, pastures VyhláškaONV (14. 12.1989)

Malhotky YOU VyhláškaONV Vyškov Nevojice (8. 11.1990)

Medník PZ 3200 Yield no MŠANO 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

On the Adamcích IT MKČSR Yield no Želetice 18.245/72 (29. 12.1972)

The fires TC Jedlina VyhláškaOÚ Tachov (26. 2.1992)

On the rock OC Žerůvky, MKČSR no Yield Hněvotín 9.857/76 (10. 2.1977)

Na Špičáku SU Supíkovice Yield MKČSR No. 9,649/70 (10. 11.1970)

Outcrop in Kravaře OP Kravaře KNV (24 VyhláškaSm. 4.1979)

Odlezly Lake Odlezly Potvorov VyhláškaONV PS, Jeddah (7. 3.1975)

Panská skála CL Kamenický Šenov Yield MKII-3-155.1-19/4-53 (18. 9.1953),

Decree of the CITY Česká Lípa (6. 9.1963)

and the Decree of the CITY Česká Lípa (12. 1.1989)

Park in Bílá Lhota OC White Lhota Yield MKČSR No 13.828/69 (28. 12.1969)

Pastvisko for Fridge Refrigerator Břeclav (VyhláškaONV BV, 27. 9.1990)

Pastviště u Fínů KT VyhláškaONV Klatovy Město Albrechtice (30. 4.1985)

Pha 5 Reporyje fires VyhláškaNVP (27. 5.1982)

VyhláškaONV Hřensko pravčická brána DC Děčín (6. 12.1963)

Bird mountain BR New Heřmínovy Yield MKČSR No 14.4474/69 (2. 2.1970)

Radouč MB Debř Income MKč. 6.089/77 (5. 12.1977)

Rendezvous BV Břeclav VyhláškaONV (27 Valtice. 9.1990)

Rešovské waterfalls, Rešov Ore VyhláškaONV BR Bruntál (25. 10.1989)

Equal to the yield of MKČSR is equal to the ST. No. 18.768/72 (29. 12.1972)

Rudlické BK sinking through the Hull, Jedovnice VyhláškaONV Blansko (20. 4.1990)

Růžičkův lom PV Prostějov VyhláškaONV Čelechovice na Hané (18. 7.1974)

The pond at Hořan KH Hořany VyhláškaONV Kutná Hora (10. 10.1985)

Rock gardens sprites KV Hradiště in Karlovy Vary Karlovy Var VyhláškaONV (20. 11.1979)

Boggy meadow in Velenky NB MKČSR Yield no Hradištko 17.977/72 (29. 12.1972)

The State quarry PV Prostějov VyhláškaONV Čelechovice na Hané (18. 7.1974)

Stránská skála BM Slatina VyhláškaNV Brno (23. 3.1978)

Constable SM Petřimov xVýnos # 35.702/MŠK 63 (24. 8.1963)

Stročov the VyhláškaONV Camp (Libenice 18. 11.1990)

Suché skály JN Besedice Yield MŠK No 65.972/54 (4. 7.1956)

and Decree n. ONV Jablonec nad (1. 10.1965)

Arrow NJ Štramberk + Decree No on 34,918 MŠK/59 (9. 1.1960)

Švařec ZR Švařec VyhláškaONV Koroužné, Žďár (25. 7.1985)

Terčino CB Valley Valley in N. Castles, Svébohy + MŠVU no Decree 27.432/49 (19. 2.1949)

Třesín OC Mladeč, Měník Yield MŠANO no 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

PT Libotyně VyhláškaOÚ in hajnice Prachatice (3. 3.1992)

The new mill Pha 5, Hlubočepy Holyně VyhláškaNVP (27. 5.1982)

Upolínová louka pod Crosses VyhláškaONV Springs (CH 30. 8.1990)

In KO VyhláškaONV, Velim, Kolín (17. 12.1987)

Vate sands IT Bzenec, Vracov Hodonín (VyhláškaONV 25. 10.1990)

Velký Roudný BR Bruntál (26 villages in the VyhláškaONV. 4.1966)

Big hill LN Vrsovice Louny (VyhláškaONV 14. 9.1989)

Venus dish SU United Kraš VyhláškaONV (9. 12.1971)

Vizír JH VyhláškaONV Hamr Jindřichův Hradec (10. 12.1987)

Vosek RO Osek, Volduchy Rokycany (VyhláškaONV 5. 9.1989)

Vrkoč UL Vaňov VyhláškaONV Ústí n.L. (10. 6.1966)

Golden Horse BE Koněprusy Yield MKČSR No 17.864/72 (29. 12.1972)

Golden Hill DC Hazel VyhláškaONV Děčín (18. 2.1964)

Železná hůrka CH Clearing and VyhláškaONV Cheb (28. 4.1961)


Explanatory notes: +-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA No. 14.200/88 of 29. 11.1988

x-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA on 17,089/87 from No. 21. 12.1987

In the category of "nature reserve" are transferred:

The name of the cadastral area of the District has been established

Andělova zmola PV Bohemia p. Kosířem Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 9.1990)

Baba-V ZR Bohdalov, Buky Chroustov Decree ONV Žďár n. s. (25. 10.1990)

Babí lom BO Ramsey Brno-venkov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (11. 12.1980)

Mark b BK Christening Yield MK No. 16.984/74 (17. 4.1975)

Pheasantry in the new Decree Strakonice Pracejovice ST. CITY of Strakonice (14. 11.1985)

Pheasantry in Hungary Hungary + MŠVU Yield PU No. 31.046/52 (15. 3.1952)

Běleč KT Yield Malechov + MK # 68.737/54 (12. 4.1955)

Bělyšov KT Slatina + Yield no. 59.578/54 (17. 3.1955)

White streams ZL Val. Hats Decree ONV Gottwaldov (16. 9.1982)

Biskoupský Hill BO Biskoupky Brno-venkov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 12.1979)

Blátka PV Určice, Vincencov, Vranovice Decree ONV Prostějov (31. 10.1985)

Borek in Velhartice KT Velhartice Ministry No. 6/1991.


Bořinka CK Holubov, Chlum Decree ONV. Krumlov (15. 11.1990)

There are h BM Brno-Bosonohy Decree ONV City (21. 12.1985)

Brdatka RA Křivoklát Yield MK No. 6,110/84 (28. 3.1984)

Břenčák BM Kníničky, Brno (MěNV Decree 10. 12.1987)

Brezina LT, TP Milešov, Kostomlaty Yield MK No. 13.364/68 (20. 1.1969)

Březinka BK Březina Yield MK No. 18.583/73 (29. 12.1973)

Bučina in Dry meadows PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Beech (21. 6.1990)

Beech hills JH Chlum u Třeboně Ministry No. 6/1991.


Bukovec FM Bukovec Decree ONV Frýdek-Místek (20. 1.1988)

Bukoveček PR xVýnos MŠK no Paršovice 32.047/62 (31. 7.1962)

Beech high Cvojna PU Bělečko, Vysoké Chvojno + Yield no. 54.131/54 (14. 3.1955)

Bystřice to Furnace Yield MK No. 9.296/69 (20. 11.1969)

Coufavá BO Vranov MK Yield 7.033/No. 76 (1. 6.1976)

Čabel DC Bynovec Yield MK No. 16.634/73 (29. 12.1973)

Montenegro JN, LB Bedřichov, Hejnice xVýnos MŠK No-41.347/65 (19. 10.1965)

Black pond JN, LB Jizerka, Bílý Potok xVýnos MŠK No 41.348/65 (19. 10.1965)

Čerňava KM Rajnochovice Yield MK No. 7.827/75 (28. 9.1975)

Černínovsko ME in the 1976 Decree No MŠVU + 146.992/50 (16. 3.1950)

Černovický hájek BM Brno Ivanovice Decree MěNV Brno (28. 7.1977)

Cerny DUL RK Mountains., upper Eagle + Rokytnice Yield no. 45.962/54 (21.7.)

Black Forest at the Šilhéřovic I-II OP Šilhéřovice Yield MK No. 14.475 and 14.476/69


Čertova hora Decree for July 2009 PI Zlivice ONV sand (4. 12.1985)

Certova skála RA Hracholusky + Decree No MŠVU 14.737/49 (27. 1.1949)

The Devil's hillside Včelná pod PT Boubín Decree REGION of Prachatice (3. 3.1992)

Red Cross RA Solutions at Krivoklat hotels Yield MK No. 3,500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Czech Jílovec CK Mountains. MŠANO Yield no Jílovice 8.865/35 (8. 2.1935)

Čičov LN Hořenec + Yield MŠVU No 92.896/51 (23. 5.1951)

Čihadlo BO Babice n. Svitavou MK Yield 7.037/No. 76 (1. 10.1976)

Čížov BN Týnec n.S. Benešov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (15. 11.1990)

Člupy YOU Marefy ONV Vyškov (Decree 8. 11.1990)

Four buds ZR, SY Milovy, Březina Ministry No. 6/1991.


Dařenec OP Vřesina Yield MK No. 3,044/69 (10. 2.1969)

Dědovické stráně PI Dědovice MK No. Yield on 3,603 real/74 (22. 2.1974)

Dětanský chlum LN Nepomyšl xVýnos MKI No 13.904/67 (18. 11.1967)

Dívčí kámen CK Křemže + MŠVU Yield no 35.933/52 (11. 7.1952)

Divoká Šárka Pha 6 Liboc Decree NVP (10. 11.1964)

Dobročkovské serpentine PT Dobročkov Decree REGION of Prachatice (3. 3.1992)

The lower pond ST. Decree Strakonice (ONV Tchořovice 14. 11.1985)

Dolnoněmčanské meadows UH Slavkov Decree ONV Uherské Hradiště


Dománovický les KO Dománovice, Radovesnice II Decree ONV Kolín (15.12.1988)

Doubek PR Interest Yield MK No. 3,500/89


Drahotínský les in Poběžovice, Drahotín, Hvožďany Decree ONV Domažlice (22.10.1987)

Dear UH Horní Němčí Decree ONV Uherské Hradiště


Dřínová BO Babice nad Svitavou Yield MK No. 18.923/73


Dubcová VS Kateřinice + Yield no. 22.111/55 (14. 1.1956)

Dubensko PS xVýnos Chříč MŠK no 34.697/65 (13. 8.1965)

Dubno On Rockwell. Skalica, Klena, Zlič + Yield no. 44.761/55 (17. 2.1956)

Dukovanský mill TR Dukovany Decree ONV Třebíč (20. 10.1983)

Dunes with Sváravy PU Labské Chrčice Decree ONV Pardubice (9. 7.1980)

Dvorčák PR xVýnos MŠK no Paršovice 32.047/62 (31. 7.1962)

Dvořiště CB Lower Slověnice Decree ONV České Budějovice


Fabián JH Placitas MK Yield 3.604/No. 74 (22. 2.1974)

Fajmanovy rock-Klenka PJ Chynín Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14.12.1990)

Františkov SU New Losiny + Yield no. 27.497/54 (11. 6.1954)

Getsemanka PB Hutě p. Třemešínem, Věšín xVýnos MŠK No 54.391/65 (13. 1.1966)

Grünwaldské Heath TP Nová Ves DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Teplice (12. 10.1989)

Grybla BN Benešov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (Usa 6. 12.1985)

Habrová CET TR Nové Syrovice Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Hadí vrch JH Rajchléřov Jindř ONV Decree. Hradec (10. 12.1987)

Hašky YOU Nevojice Vyškov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (8. 11.1990)

Grove PS Druztová Yield MK No. 13.366/69 (28. 12.1969)

Herštýn to the Němčice + Yield no. 68.733/54 (12. 4.1955)

Hněvošický Grove OP Hněvošice Yield MK No. on 4,054/69 (20. 11.1969)

Holubovské serpentine DC Holubov, Křemže, Třísov Yield MK/18.767 No. 72 (29. 12.1972)

Bare Hill in Hlinné LT Hlinná + Decree MŠVU No 76.905/49 (8. 7.1949)

Homolka Pha 5 Velka Chuchle Decree NVP (28. 1.1982)

Horky Milotice Decree IT ONV Hodonín (1. 7.1989)

The upper meadows UH Suchá Loz Decree ONV Uherské Hradiště (222. 7.1982)

The Horusická Moor, CB Horušice, DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Bošilec Camp (18. 11.1990) and

Decree of the MUNICIPAL OFFICE. (30. 12.1991)

Horina OP Camp + MŠVU Decree No 197.108/48 (5. 11.1948)

Hoříněveská HK Hoříněvec MŠANO Yield pheasantry No. 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Hovoranské meadows IT Hovorany Decree REGION Hodonín (28. 2.1992)

The Prague Castle Hradčany, ponds CL Strazov # 11.034 xVýnos MKI/67 (26. 9.1967)

Hradec PB Dobříš Yield MK No. 3,500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Hradišťanská meadow TP Mukov + MŠVU Yields No 108.067/51 (3. 1.1952)

The border meadow RK Rychnov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Trčkov (n.Kn 1. 7.1982)

Hrádek BV Břeclav DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (Mokrůvky 9. 10.1986)

Hrbáčkovy pool PY, NB Sedlčánky, Káraný, Lysa, Decree ONV Prague-East (24. 6.1988) and

Přerov a.d. duplicate search. ONV Nymburk (23. 6.1989)

Humps PI Zlivice Yield MK No. 8.806/73 (9. 8.1973)

Hute UH Žitková Decree ONV Uherské Hradiště (22. 7.1982)

Hvozdnice OP Uhlířov, Štáblovice Slavkov Decree ONV Opava (27. 9.1988)

Chlum KV Chlum + Yield MŠO No 16.637/47 (24. 2.1947)

Keywords: Choustník + the Yield MŠVU No 170.405/49 (19. 11.1949)

Chropotínský Grove RK Ledce + Yield no. 49.505/54 (14. 3.1955)

Grove in chuchle Pha 5 Malá Chuchle, Velká Chuchle Decree NVP (27. 5.1982)

Chynínské beeches PJ Chynín Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Juniper Berry hillside ZL Nedašov Decree ONV Gottwaldov (16. 9.1982)

Jaronínská CK Jaronín Yield bučina MK No. on 12,386/73 (24. 10.1973)

Javorůvky ZL Valašské Klobouky Decree ONV Gottwaldov (16. 9.1982)

Deer bučina BR Ludvíkov Ministry No 6/19961 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Deer bath RK Deštné in Ent. the mountains of Decree n.Kn ONV Rychnov. (1. 7.1982)

Deer leap BO Vranov MK Yield 7.034/No. 76 (1. 6.1976)

Deer Hill KT Habartice xVýnos MŠK No 33.147/66 (16. 8.1966)

Deer žlíbek BM Brno Bystrc Decree MěNV (21. 4.1979)

BE Missoula Jouglovka Yield MK No. 6.041/84 (28. 3.1984)

Kabečnice RA Sýkořice Yield MK No. 28/84 (on 6,045. 3.184)

Stone hill above Myslivnou BM Nový Lískovec, Brno (23-Decree MěNV. 3.1978)

Stone Hill at Kurdějova BV Kurdějov + Decree MŠK no 815/56 (4. 7.1956)

KARLIK Valley, CA Mořinka, Dobřichovice, Sheffield Yield MK No. 18.009/72 (29. 12.1972)

Karlov ZN Šanov nad Jeviš. Return MŠANO # 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Karlovice North BR Karlovice xVýnos MK No. 4,750/70 (3. 8.1970)

Kladrubská mountain the Kladruby Decree ONV Camp (18. 11.1990)

Klapice Pha 5 Radotín Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

Klánovický les-Cyrilov Pha 9, Ujezd n. Woods, Klánovice, Decree NVP (28. 1.1982 and 4. 7.1988) and

PY Horní Počernice, Jirny, DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Prague-mentary. (16.2.1990)

Šestajovice, Úvaly

Klečové meadows LB Hejnice xVýnos MŠK No 41.351/65 (19. 10.1965)

Kleť CK Chlum, Krenov + Yield no. 7.485/56 (10. 5.1956)

Key CL Svor xVýnos MKI No 13.902/67 (18. 11.1967)

Wedges FM Čeladná Yield MK No. 9.858/76 (10. 2.1977)

Kloc IT Yield no MŠANO Fields 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Klokočské rocks SM Klokočí, Loučky, Sekerovy Decree ONV Semily (13. 6.1985)

Bělá u Turnova

The priests of Mount PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Krumsín (29. 6.1989)

Priests in Katowice Katowice mountain Decree Strakonice ONV ST. (14. 11.1985)

Kobylí draha PZ 3200 Decree ONV Prague-West (13. 12.1989)

Kocelovické pasture ST. Decree Strakonice (ONV Kocelovice 19. 3.1990)

Kokořínský mine, ME, CL Bosyně, Dobřeň, Genoa Village, + Yield no. 4628/53 (7. 11.1953)

Jestřebice, Kanina, Kokořín,

Nebužely, Olešno, Saddles, Střemy,

Tubož, High, Mšeno

Kokšín PJ Horehledy Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1992)

Mosquito Hill RK black water, Yield MK No. 8.904/73 (9. 8.1973)

Kotvice NJ New Heat Yield MK No. 3,044/70 (10. 3.1970)

Kralovické meadows PT Kralovice Decree REGION of Prachatice (3. 3.1992)

Krasov PS Gods + Return MŠVU # 108.068/51 (28. 1.1952)

Krkanka CR. Lhotice, Licibořice ONV Chrudim, Nasavrky Decree (21. 11.1990)

Krkavčina PI Dědovice MK Yield no. 74 (3,606/22. 2.1974)

Krnovec BM Brno Bystrc Decree MěNV (10. 12.1987)

Kitchen PB Picin Yield MK No. 3,500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Kulivá mountain CA, Kingdom of the yield of the No. 5 MK. 978/72 (29. 12.1972)

Kuřidlo ST Dražejov Decree Strakonice (ONV 14. 11.1985)

Kutaný VS Halenkov Yield MK No. 3,001/69 (10. 2.1969)

Kútky HIM Radějov Yield MK No. 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

Lazy ZL Bylnice Decree ONV Gottwaldov (12. 7.1984)

Lhotecká stráň KH Nová Lhota (ONV Kutná Hora Decree 10. 10.1985)

Libín PT Prachatice (Prachatice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree 18. 2.1988)

LIPA RO Ostrovec Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Lipovské upolínové meadows PV Lipová, Brodek Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (21. 6.1990)

Leipzig mountain LT Mrsklesy Yield MK No. 9.854/76 (10. 12.1976)

Shovel PJ Milínov Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Loučky Loučky Yield IT MŠANO no 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

The meadows below the Kumstátem BV Krumvíř + Yield no. 66.827/54 (17. 3.1954)

Meadows preserve Mšecké Žehrovice Liben RA Decree ONV Rakovník (16. 6.1989)

Loužek Castle LT Doksany Yield MK No. 9,978/76 (10. 8.1977)

Luh u Telč Telc Decree IT ONV Jihlava (3. 5.1984)

M HIM Javorník Yield MK No. 9.430/87 (17. 6.1987)

The small jeřabí Lake KV Deer Yield MK No. 13.368/69 (28. 12.1969)

Malužín BO fircrest Yield MK No. 7.036/76 (1. 6.1976)

Míchov ST. Decree Strakonice (ONV Mladějovice 14. 11.1985)

Dear MO Dear + Yield MŠK No 8.914/58 (25. 2.1958)

Milčice KT Milčice Decree for MUNICIPAL OFFICE Klatovy (4. 2.1992)

PT Milešice Milešický forest Yield MK No. 14.505/89 (21. 12.1989)

Miletníky PT Křížovice Decree ONV Prachatice (24. 5.1989)

Marshes of the Vomáčků CB České Budějovice, Zliv Decree for MUNICIPAL OFFICE (30. 12.1991)

Moravian meadows IT Moravany Decree ONV Hodonín (25. 10.1990)

Řásná xVýnos IT Mrhatina # MŠK 45.159/64 (7. 11.1964)

Mušenice YOU Rašovice Vyškov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (8. 11.1990)

Mydlovarský luh NB Kostomlaty, sharp Decree ONV Nymburk (23. 6.1989)

Myslivna LT Poplze MKI Yield No 12.607/68 (10. 9.1968)

Toll Pha 10 Nedvězí Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

On Baba RA Křivoklát Yield MK No. 6.046/84 (28. 3.1984)

The Černčí LT Litoměřice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Rochov (1. 11.1990)

On xVýnos Čihadle LB Hejnice MŠK No 41.351/65 (19. 10.1965)

On the hadci SU Raškov Decree ONV Šumperk (8. 11.1990)

Castles PU Žáravice + Yield no. 75.102/54 (4. 7.1956)

On the border of SM Bukovina + Yield no. 15.472/53 (15. 12.1953)

The Kocourách ZN Felixstowe, Vémyslice + Decree MŠVU No 170.891/49 (3. 11.1949)

On loučkách CL MK Limelight Yield no. 6.085/77 (1. 7.1977)

The Jihlava District TR Hrutov Decree ONV Třebíč (28. 10.1982)

On the rocks PB Věšín xVýnos MŠK No 49.945/65 (13. 1.1966)

The Volešku Soběšice, KT Náhořanky Decree ONV Klatovy (1. 12.1988)

Over rivers or Hrubšice Brno-venkov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 12.1979)

Over Zavírkou PT Úbyslav Javorník, Prachatice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (18. 2.1988)

Netřeb to Grouper + Yield no. 68.734/54 (12. 4.1955)

Nezabudické RA Fowey rocks Decree ONV Rakovník (1. 2.1989)

Nosperk BV Němčičky (Břeclav DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree 9. 10.1986)

Nová louka JN Bedřichov xVýnos MŠK No 41.347/65 (9. 10.1965)

New Těchanovice OP New Těchanovice Yield MK No. 9.294/69 (20. 11.1969)

The tarmilate game preserve-Třeštěnec BO mor. Knínice Brno-venkov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (3. 4.1980)

Ocean KV Oldřichov, Pernink, Trout, yield MK 15.141/No. 68 (10. 2.1969

High Gallery

Telephone: for the highest ZR Žďár n.S. Sklené DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 5.1985)

Opatovské trenches TR Opatov Decree ONV Třebíč (29. 9.1988)

Opolenec PT Bořanovice, Smrčná, Výškovice Prachatice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (20. 9.1985)

Oskovec HIM military post + Yield no. 76.486/54 (17. 2.1956)

Oskovec (II) Decree HIM Petrov (Hodonín REGION 1. 12.1991)

Manor meadows BR Detřichov n.B., Mor. Beroun Yield MK No. 3,054/70 (10. 3.1970)

Passion track KL Libušín ONV Kladno (Decree 29. 9.1987)

Peliny UO Choceň + Decree MŠO no 34.007/48 (4. 3.1948)

Petrovka PN, PS Bolevec, Dump the Decree Prepared KNV (3. 3.1988)

Sand dune in Wolf the Vlkov + Yield no. 36.314/54 (21. 5.1954)

Sandy pond IT Milotice + Yield no. 18.334/55 (5. 3.1956)

Plačkův forest and river Satava BV Břeclav DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (Iváň 27. 9.1990)

False Hill CH Munich xVýnos # 19.881 MŠK/66 (7. 5.1966)

Ploščiny ZL Poteč Decree ONV Gottwaldov (16. 9.1982)

Under the Deer Creek, a spring BR Zdar Karlov Bruntál DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (25. 10.1989)

Under the Popelní mountain PT Stachy Decree ONV Prachatice (20. 9.1985)

Under a sunny hillsides SU New Losiny Decree ONV Šumperk (8. 11.1990)

Under Švancarkou PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Horní Štěpánov (27. 9.1990)

Under the Vrchmezím RK Olešnice + Yield MŠK No 26.707/60 (8. 7.1960)

Under the Žitkovským Hill UH Žitková Decree ONV Uher. Hradiště (22. 7.1982)

Podhoří Pha 7, Bohnice, Troja Decree NVP (27. 5.1982)


Podhrázský pond BN Tomice II + Decree No MŠVU/50 (16 146.757. 3.1950)

Pace les OV Poruba-South Yield MK No. 3,027/70 (10. 3.1970)

Podňana FM White Yield no. 18.127/55 (no date)

Postřekovské ponds to Postřekov, Klenčí pod Čerchovem, Domažlice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (25. 9.1990)


Rainforest Jizera LB Hejnice xVýnos MŠK No 41.355/65 (19. 10.1965)

Prokop Valley Pha 5 Hlubočepy, Jinonice Yield MK No. 25.533/78 (28. 12.1978)

Průchodnice PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Ludmírov (31. 10.1985)

Dunes at Rokytna PU Rokytno Decree ONV Pardubice (12. 5.1982)

Trout Creek BR Stará Ves (Bruntál DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree 25. 10.1989)

The bird together LB Hejnice xVýnos MŠK No 41.353/65 (19. 10.1965)

Pučanka KT MŠO S H + Decree No 204.457/48 (23. 10.1948)

Rabštejn SU Bedřichov Decree ONV Šumperk (8. 11.1990)

I permit UL Lochočice + Decree No MŠO D-II-3-155-1-1/17-53


Radim BR Krasov Yield MK No. 10.751/69 (29. 10.1969)

Radomilická Marsh CB Záblatí Decree for MUNICIPAL OFFICE. (30. 12.1991)

Karst valleys, the Pha 5 PZ. Kopanina, Kosoř Yield MK No. 75 (8,200/17. 9.1975)

Rakovec BK Jedovnice Yield MK No. 18.463/73 (29. 12.1973)

RALSKO CL Hvězdov, Newspaper pod Ralskem xVýnos MKI No 11,140/67 (26. 9.1967)

Ranská pond HB Havlíčkova Borová Decree ONV Havl. Brod (17. 9.1990)

Bog Earth, IT neither a freshman Řídelov Decree ONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Moorland Kačerov RK Kačerov Decree ONV Rychnov nad Kn (5. 7.1984)

Moor mud pits IT Jihlávka Decree ONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Moorland Loučky IT Loučky Decree ONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Moorland Redneck SM Hrubá Skála Decree ONV Semily (13. 6.1985)

Rašovický break YOU Rašovice Decree ONV Vyškov (28. 6.1990)

A genus of the Val Decree ONV Camp (18. 11.1990)

Roštýnská Park HER Lair Yield MK No. 6.093/77 (5. 12.1977)

Plane BV Břeclav DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Viewers (9. 10.1986)

Roztoky Grove-Silent Valley Pha 6, CA Solutions, Sedlec Yield MŠVU no 100.988/51 (9. 9.1951)

+ return MŠVU No IX-357-2-51 (10. 8.1951)

The ore at the Kojákovic CB Kojákovice Decree for MUNICIPAL OFFICE. (30. 12.1991)

Rudka PV Ponikev, Ludmírov Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 9.1990)

Pond Březina IT Dudín Decree ONV Jihlava (15. 10.1990)

Ponds FM Kozlovice Frýdek-Místek DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 2.1990)

Fish loučky JN Jizerka xVyhláška MŠK No 41.349/65 (19. 10.1965)

River HB Old Ransko Decree ONV Havlíčkův Brod (17. 9.1990)

Park is a ST. Holušice Decree Strakonice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE (14. 11.1985)

Sedloňovský vrch RK Sedloňov in Orlic. Mountains + Yield no. 6/54 (26.375. 7.1954)

Farmhouse les UO Herbortice + Yield no. 34.172/54 (8. 5.1954)

Sidonie ZL Sidonie Decree ONV Gottwaldov (12. 7.1984)

Skalecký Grove RK Podbřezí Decree ONV Rachnov over the CN (5. 7.1984)

Near the rocks the rocks Yield peatlands BR MK No. 11.079/70 (3. 9.1970)

Skařiny HIM Mikulčice + Yield no. 18.280/55 (4. 7.1956)

Rock PV Protivanov Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (21. 6.1990)

Glass Smelter PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Protivanov (7. 7.1988)

Skočický Castle ST Skočice Decree Strakonice (ONV 14. 11.1985)

Skučák KI Rychvald Yield MK No. 10.752/69 (29. 10.1969)

Boggy meadow in Liblic ME Liblice Decree ONV Melnik (19. 12.1986)

Nightingale Valley Pha 5 Lochkov, Radotín Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

Sunny hillside UL Brná MKI Yield No 12.610/68 (10. 9.1968)

Sun BO Cary Brno-venkov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (28. 6.1985)

Falcon Borač skála ZR Doubravník, Decree No MŠVU + 251.976/48 (5. 1.1949)

Staňkovka Pha 5 Radotín Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

Steppe in Komořan slope YOU Komořany + Decree No MŠVU 19,288/48 (3. 3.1948)

Hillside at Chroustova KO Radim + Yield MŠVU No 156.109/51 (1. 2.1951)

Hillside portrait KO Vrbčany + MŠVU Yields No 85.704/51 (1. 2.1951)

PS Plzeň region, bullet, Kotaneč, black Yield MK No. 6.710/76 (28. 4.1976)

Winnipeg, Vysočany, Rabštejn

Silver luh RA Újezd nad Zbečnem Yield MK No. 6.047/84 (28. 3.1984)

Dry Dora NJ Dobešov Yield MK No. 3.024/69 (10. 2.1969)

Dry Hill BR Iron Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Sutice UO Verměřovice + Decree MŠVU No 173.523/49 (24. 2.1950)

Elizabeth RA Town + MŠVU Decree No 28. 709/49 (1. 3.1949)

The chances of Pha 5 Headings, Zbraslav Decree NVP (28. 1.1982)

Šévy YOU Mouřínov + MŠVU Decree No 153.516/50 (24. 10.1950)

and the Decree of the CITY of Vyskov (8. 11.1990)

Šibeničník BV Mikulov Decree OSK Mikulov No 8.963/1 (10. 5.1946)

Škrabalka PR Lipnik n.B. + Return MK 11.694/55 (4. 7.1956)

Spike BO Újezd u Brno + Yield no. 20.112/55 (17. 2.1956)

Štamberk and rocky sea IT Lhotka, Řásná Decree ONV Jihlava (15. 11.1990)

Štíří HB mine, ZR, Cross, Vojnův Městec Decree ONV Havl. Brod (12. 12.1988) and

Decree ONV Žďár n.S. (14. 4.1988)

Tetínské rocks BE Tetín Yield MK No. 3,400/74 (22. 2.1974)

Tonice-Bottomless KO Velký Osek Decree ONV Kolín (1. 5.1985)

trotina HK Lochenice Decree ONV Hradec Králové (11. 8.1983)

Třímanské RO Hřešihlavy rocks, Třímany Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Týnecké Wetlands KO Týnec nad Labem Decree ONV Cologne (17. 12.1987)

In Brněnky BO Grouper Yield MK No. 18.462/73 (29. 12.1973)

The RA Branov Eremita Yield MK No. 6.048/84 (28. 3.1984)

U hájenky TR Čáslavice ONV Třebíč (Decree 29. 9.1988)

U Leskoveckého chodníka OP Skřípov Yield MK No. 335/69 (20. 11.1969)

The new BK Olomučany Castle Yield MK No. 7.830/75 (29. 4.1975)

Park side PU Vysoké Chvojno + Yield no. 54.132/54 (14. 3.1955)

The ellipsis BK Březina Yield MK No. 6.084/77 (11. 7.1977)

The Valley Of The Doubrava HB Bílek, Chotěboř, Malochyně, Decree ONV Havl. Brod (28. 4.1986)

Top Sokolovec

The Valley of the Chlébského Brook ZR Chlébské + Yield MK # 1,317/53 (30. 9.1953)

The Valley of the Jizera river u Semil and SM Bítouchov, Chuchelná + Return MŠVU # 94.458/51 (2. 6.1951)


The Valley of the celebrations and Chvojnice TR, BO Náměšť Vícenice, n.O., Znátky, Decree ONV Třebíč (11. 4.1974) and

Kralice, Březník, Sudice, Kuroslepy, Decree of the CITY of Brno-country district (22. 5.1975)

Mohelno, Senorady, Sedlec, Kladeruby,

Čučice, Ketkovice

The Valley of the Warm, sat, KV Munich, meadow, Yew, Decree OU Cheb (24. 2.1992), Decree

Poutnov, Bohuslav OÚSokolov (27. 2. in 1992, the Decree

OÚKarlovy (27. 2.1992)

The Valley of the Únětického Brook, Pha 6 Suchdol Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

Horní Štěpánov uhliska PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (7. 7.1988)

Úpor ME Tusks, Vrbno + Yield MŠK No 65,501/57 (14. 8.1957)

In the bottom of the UO Cotkytle, Herbortice + Yield no. 56.914/54 (14. 3.1955)

In the mountains of RO Terešov xVýnos MŠK No 33.146/66 (16. 8.1966)

In Jedlích TR Příštpo ONV Třebíč (Decree 29. 9.1988)

In Morávkách Loužná KT Klatovy DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (21. 4.1988)

In the Sandpit Pha 9 Dolní POčernice, Shawn, ash Decree NDS (4. 7.1988)

In the East FM Čeladná Yield no. 18.127/55 (no date)

In rašelinách SAT Studenec Ministry No. 6/1991 Coll. (14. 12.1990)

Gelding OP Forest Albrechtice, Bucks Yield MK No. 9.292/69 (20. 11.1969)

In the Slatina hillside RK Slatina n. Zdobnicí + Yield MŠK No 75.100/54 (4. 7.1956)

In Wolf's UH Vyškovec Decree ONV Uher. Hradiště (22. 7.1982)

In the Žlebcách YOU Pavlovice Vyškov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (8. 11.1990)

Large and Small telephone: HB, KH Dobrnice, Chlum, Tunochody Decree ONV Hav. Brod (25. 3.1982) and

Decree of the CITY of Kutná Hora (10. 10.1985)

United Kobylanka-small PR Border Yield MŠVU No 42.678/52 and 42.934/52

Kobylanka (24. 9.1952)

Large Rats ST. Lnářský Málkov Decree Strakonice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE (14. 11.1985)

Large mines KI, FM Puncov, Decree of the Czech CITY of Karviná, Czechoslovakia (3. 9.1990) and

Fýdek-Místek DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (27. 2.1990)

Large and small kamýk CB Všeteč Decree ONV. (24. 9.1990)

and the Decree of the MUNICIPAL OFFICE. (30. 12.1991)

Big Kuntínov BV Boleradice Decree ONV Břeclav (9. 10.1986)

Big Pařezitý pond IT Řásná Decree ONV Jihlava (3. 5.1984)

Veltrubský luh KO Veltruby, Nová Ves I Decree ONV Kolín (1. 5.1985)

Vinořský park Pha 9 Moscow Decree NVP (27. 5.1982)

Visengrunty YOU Bošovice Vyškov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (8. 11.1990)

Vitčický lis PV Prostějov DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Vitčice (21. 6.1990)

Vílanecké peat bog IT Vílanec Decree ONV Jihlava (8. 7.1982)

Regent KV Záhořice Yield MK No. 5.376/69 (23. 4.1969)

Vlček CH Springs, Sítiny xVýnos MŠK No 19.880/66 (7. 5.1966)

Vlčí důl TP Castle Osek (Teplice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree 12. 10.1989)

Voskov BE Běleč, Poučník Yield MK No. 18.357/72 (29. 12.1972)

Vrbenské ponds in the Czech Vrbné, CB Haklovy the courts Decree ONV České Budějovice (15. 3.1990)

Top of Baba in the outskirts of MB mountains., Chudoplesy, + Stakory Decree No MŠVU 149.728/50 (11. 10.1950


Body-NB Sharp, Semice Yield MK No. 18.716/72 (29. 12.1972)

Heather hillside FM Mosty u Jablunkova Decree ONV Frýdek-Místek (27. 2.1990)

Vřešťovská pheasantry Velký Vřešťov HERE + the Decree No MŠVU/49 111.322 (19. 9.1949)

Všetatská černava ME Rugby, Chrást u Tišic Mělník DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree (19. 12.1986)

Vymyšlenská trail Prostředné Lhota Yield PB MK No. 3,500/89 (19. 1.1989)

Výří rocks by Oslova PI Tuklety Decree ONV sand (4. 12.1985)

Vysoká Běta CB České Budějovice DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree Lipanovice (23. 3.1989)

High Flow RA Branov Yield MK No. 224/84 (28. 3.1984)

Rear Hady BO Grouper Yield MK No. 18.922/73 (29. 12.1973)

Rabbit jump HER Upper Kosov MŠANO no Yield. 143.547/33 (31. 12.1933)

Zámělský Borek RK Záměl + MŠO Yield no 36.383/46 (28. 6.1946)

Flooding KL Halifax, Serbs, Tuchlovice Decree ONV Kladno (15. 1.1985)

Zátoňská Mountain PT Lenora Yield MK No. 14.505/89 (21. 12.1989)

Zázmoníky BV Bořetice (Břeclav DISTRICT PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE Decree 9. 10.1986)

Regional gate of UO, RK Bartošovice, Klášterec n. Orlicí Ústí CITY of n.O. (Decree 18. 6.1987)

Zvolská Knol PZ Zvole Decree ONV Pha-West (13. 12.1989)

Zvoníčkovna RO Kornatice + Yield no. 17.506/55 (4. 7.1956)

Zubří CR Market ONV Chrudim (Kamenice Decree 21. 11.1990)

Žlíbky PI Borečnice MK Yield no. 15.084/73 (14. 12.1973)


Explanatory notes: +-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA No. 14.200/88 of 29. 11.1988

x-přehlášeno yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA on 17,089/87 from No. 21. 12.1987

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