Verification Of Results Of Survey Activities For The Department Of Defense

Original Language Title: ověřování výsledků zeměměřických činností pro Ministerstvo obrany

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81/2014 Sb.


of 24 June. April 2014

on the conditions for the granting of official permission for the validation of the results

survey activities for the purposes of the Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of defence provides under section 20 (2). 2 of Act No. 200/1994 Coll.

about surveying and amending and supplementing certain laws related to

his introduction, as amended by law No 319/2004 Coll. and Act No. 189/2008


§ 1

Request to grant official permission

(1) a written application for the granting of official privilege serves the applicant

The Ministry of defence (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry"). The applicant in the application form in addition to the

the formalities laid down in the administrative regulations shall specify the scope of authentication for

that has to be the official permission, for which calls for granted.

(2) the applicant shall attach to his application

and proof of proper termination) University studies in the field of

zeměměřického direction at least master's degree program,

(b) confirmation of professional) practice in the activities for which the

authentication requests to grant official permission, and that in the overall scope of the

at least five years,

(c) an overview of the results of the survey) activities, on which the applicant

He participated, together with their name, the calendar year and month

processing, serial number verification, under which any person

official permission (hereinafter referred to as the "officially authorized zeměměřický the engineer")

the result of the survey activities verified, and information about the address of the place where it is

documentation of the outcome of land measuring activities is stored,

(d) the result of the survey separately processed) activities of the area

out the activities for which the grant is sought official permission.

§ 2

The content of the test

(1) the test for the granting of official permission (hereinafter referred to as "test")

broken down into the part of the General and special, and the defence of the applicant alone

the processed results of survey activities.

(2) in the General section of the test, validate the knowledge of the applicant in the areas

and) legislation of surveying and surveying and cadastre authorities, including

the scope of the Ministry in this area,

(b)), the general law of metrology and standardization, Defense

cataloguing and national quality authentication.

(3) in a special section of the test, the applicant demonstrates knowledge of the

geodetic reference systems) and the national map works binding

on the territory of the Czech Republic,

(b) the procedures for setting up,) the restoration or the movement of the points detailed

point field and the preparation of relevant documentation,

(c)) the procedures for the investigation and measurement items, which are the contents of

national map works for the needs of defence of the Czech Republic,

(d) documentation of results of survey activities) and its storage,

e) procedures for the calibration and matching apparatus and process

relevant documents about

(f) the procedures for setting spatial) positions, including their accuracy, and

control measurement

(g)) and the procedures for the measurement of positioning changes, including their accuracy,

(h) the marking) procedures to ensure the completeness and accuracy of results

survey of activities

I) technical terminology in the area of enforcement of land measuring activities,

in particular, the performance of land measuring activities for the purposes of ensuring the defence of the

Of the Czech Republic.

(4) the applicant in defending separately processed results of survey

the activities of the specific reasons for the correctness of the procedures used in its construction.

§ 3

Preparation for the test

(1) the place, date and time of the examination, the Ministry shall notify the applicant of the

not later than 14 days before the date of the test to the applicant on the specified address

for service in the written invitation.

(2) if the support test separately the Commission processed result

of land measuring activities according to § 1 (1). 2 (a). d) proposed by the applicant to the

defending inappropriate, make up the Ministry a written invitation by the

paragraph 1 of the challenge to the applicant not later than three working days before the

date of examination submitted to the Ministry of other suitable

separately, the processed result of survey activities.

§ 4

How to perform the test

(1) the test is the oral and its progress and its publication are public.

(2) the test is closed before the professional trial by the Commission.

(3) before starting the test, the test verifies the identity of the Expert Commission

of the applicant.

(4) Support the Commission in the course of the trial shall proceed in accordance with the test

examination regulations issued by the Ministry. The Ministry of examination regulations

be made available in a manner enabling remote access.

(5) during the test and the result takes professional examination Board


(6) the Commission assesses the applicant's Professional test grade of "pass" or

"failed". The result of the test shall notify the applicant after its completion

the Chairman of the expert panel in the presence of all the members of the professional

the Commission immediately after the evaluation of the test during the test.

§ 5

Repeat the test

(1) an applicant who fails the exam successfully, the Ministry shall determine the

the basis of its application, the term for a repetition of the test.

(2) for the determination of the term repeat tests, its content and the progress of the section 2

up to 4 are used similarly.

§ 6

Differential test

(1) for the determination of the term differential tests and its progress and repeat

section 3 to 5 are used similarly.

(2) the Ministry will examine the differences between the zeměměřickými activities for

the applicant seeks the grant of the authentication of official permissions,

carried out by the applicant in the Member State of origin and the zeměměřickými

the activities carried out in the Czech Republic, and education and training on

them. The applicant executes a test only in the extent of the differences.

section 7 of the

Form validation results of survey activities for the purposes of ensuring

defence of the Czech Republic

(1) validation of the outcome of the survey activities for the purposes of ensuring

defence of the Czech Republic officially authorized zeměměřický the engineer shall indicate on

all counterparts of land measuring activities result.

(2) verify the outcome of land measuring activities made out in analog

the form of the officially authorized zeměměřický engineer always be indicated on the last

side of each separate part of the outcome of the survey activities, which

contains the text. If such part consists of multiple batches, batches must be

firmly connected; bus leaves in this case officially authorized

zeměměřický engineer přelepí and shall affix his signature to a signature

the pacing of the page text over instead of binding.

(3) to indicate the validation outcome of land measuring activities officially joins

true zeměměřický engineer date of his copy and imprint it

used stamps, which bear the registration number of the authenticated

the result; the result of the verification of land measuring activities subsequently officially

true zeměměřický the engineer shall sign.

(4) the result of the Verification of land measuring activities in the official digital

the form carried out officially authorized zeměměřický engineer connectivity

the document in the form of a data message to the outcome of the survey activities

made out in a digital form or to the authorized conversion

the document "^ 1"), whose entry into force is the result of a survey of activity in the

analog form; message contains the text of the data according to § 16. 4 of the law

about surveying, date of preparation of the validation and the words "stamp

authorized zeměměřického engineer ". To the document in the form of a data message

officially authorized zeměměřický joins the acclaimed electronic engineer

signature ^ 2).

(5) for the document in the form of a data message, referred to in paragraph 4, as

the output data format uses the static output data format

text documents and static combined text and image

the documents referred to in the Decree on the details of the file services [data format

Portable Document Format for the long-term Archiving (PDF/A, the ISO


§ 8

Cancellation provisions

Decree No. 114/1997 Coll., on details of the application for the granting of official

permissions and requests about the demise of official permissions, and on the form of authentication

the results of the survey activities for the needs of the defense of the State, is hereby repealed.

§ 9

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the date of its publication.


MGA. Stropnický in r.

1) section 22 of Act No. 300/2008 Coll., on electronic acts and authorized

conversion of documents.

2) § 11 (1). 1 Act No 227/2000 Coll., on electronic signature and

amendments to certain acts (the Act on electronic signature), as amended by law

No 167/2012 Sb.

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