By Which Modifies The National Program For Agricultural Reactivation - Pran

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se modifica el Programa Nacional de Reactivación Agropecuaria - PRAN

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ACT 1504 2011
(December 30)
Official Gazette No. 48,298 of December 30, 2011 CONGRESS OF THE REPUBLIC

By which modifies the National Agricultural Reactivation Program - PRAN . Summary

Term Notes

Debtors, PRAN National Agricultural Program for Agricultural Reactivation, referred to Decree No. 967 of 2000, PRAN Cafetero, PRAN Relief Debt Coffee PRAN Arrocero, that treat the numbers Decrees 1257 2001 931 2002 2795 2004 2841 and 2006 and debtors Agropecuario- Fonsa Solidarity Fund, created by Law 302 of 1996 may extinguish the obligations in charge of paying cash until 31 December 2014, an amount equal to that paid to Finagro at the time of the acquisition of the respective obligation, excluding the capital fertilizers been made for the debtor. This does not imply a reduction in the time limit for payment of obligations after that date maturities. Effective Notes

Legislation Previous

. Those debtors who benefited from the terms of Decree 4222, 2005, 3363, 2007, 4678 2007 or 4430 2008, the latter as to the amendments to Article 6 of the Decree 1257 of 2001 and 10 of Decree 2795 of 2004, shall be eligible to the provisions of this Act, in which case the obligation is reliquidará refinanced to determine the amount to be paid. PARAGRAPH 2.
. To benefit from the conditions laid down in this law, debtors must present the Peace and concept Except for life insurance, fees, expenses and court costs, the latter, where it has been initiated against them the collection of duties. PARAGRAPH 3.
Finagro, or administrator or creditor of all obligations of the PRAN and Fonsa programs, should refrain from advancing their judicial collection until December 31, 2014, term this within which are understood also suspended the processes that have been initiated and as requiring such obligations and guarantees under civil law. This notwithstanding the process of bankruptcy proceedings. Effective Notes

Legislation Previous

Notwithstanding the suspension of the limitation for the period specified in the preceding paragraph, Finagro or administrator or creditor of the obligations of PRAN Programs, shall have the responsibility to initiate judicial proceedings and advance collection from October 1 2012 against debtors who have not fulfilled all the requirements for eligibility and deadlines expired warrant their obligations, according to Finagro, the beginning of the collection. These new processes are not subject to the suspension of the preceding paragraph. In any case, the defendant debtor retain the benefit for payment provided in the 1st paragraph of this article and in the 2nd paragraph.
PARÁGRAFO 4o. Finagro, or administrator or creditor of the obligations of PRAN programs, should refrain from advancing the judicial recovery against a debtor, when the total amount of the respective borrowing for capital for various obligations in programs that an administrator or developer is exceeding $ 3,500,000 the year of issue of this law. For recovery only preliminary charge will be brought forward.
PARÁGRAFO 5O. The partial installments made during the term of the Laws 1328, 2009, 1380, 2010 and 1430 2010 at PRAN dealt with in this article, obligations shall be applied for the benefit here indicated, reducing the capital required in the same proportion corresponding to the ratio of credit against the value of the minimum wage set by law.
Those debtors who made the minimum payment of capital and insurance premium obligation owed under the effect of the 1328 Law 2009, Law 1380 of 2010 and Law 1430 of 2010 and meeting the legal collection, later credited the payment of attorney's fees, they condoned the value of insurance premiums have been caused between the minimum payment and presentation of peace and except for fees, value accordingly will be assumed by the respective PRAN program provided such values ​​are not reimbursed by the insurer. Editor's Notes

Matches Article 2.
. This law comes into effect from the date of publication.
The President of the honorable Senate,
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable House of Representatives, Gaviria MUÑOZ SIMON

The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives,
published and enforced.
Given in Bogotá, DC, on December 30, 2011.

CALDERON JUAN MANUEL SANTOS Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Juan Camilo Restrepo