Why Some Rules In Favor Of The Deaf Population Are Created

Original Language Title: Por la cual se crean algunas normas a favor de la poblaciĆ³n sorda

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324 OF 1996

(October 11)

Official Journal No. 42,899 of 16 October 1996

For which some rules are created in favor of the Sorda Population.

Vigency Notes Summary



ARTICLE 1o. For the purposes of this law, the following terms shall have the following scope:

corrected in the terms of the C-458-15Statement > : It is a generic expression that is used to define a person who has a hearing loss.

Effective Case-law
Previous Legislation

Sordo: This person presents a hearing loss of over ninety decibels (90) that prevents you from acquiring and using the oral language properly.

Hypoacusic: A decrease in hearing that in the strict sense does not become total, which is called the term Cofosis.

Colombian Manual Language: It is the one that is expressed in the manual mode.

It's the code whose medium is the visual rather than the auditory. As any other language has its own vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammars, syntax different from Spanish. The elements of this language (the individual signs) are the configuration, position and orientation of the hands in relation to the body and with the individual, the language also uses the space, direction and speed of movements, as well as the facial expression to help convey the meaning of the message, this is a Visogestural language.

Communication: It is a social process in which you need at least two people in a situation of interrelation of ideas or messages, an issuer or broadcaster and a receiver.

For communication to occur, there is a need for the motivation to exist between the partners to transmit and receive.

It is necessary to have explicit or implicit intervention, an agreement between the interlocutors regarding the use of a code that allows the organization of the transmitted messages by taking a particular medium or channel of communication.

Prevention: It is understood as the adoption of measures aimed at preventing physical, intellectual, psychiatric or sensory impairment (primary prevention) from occurring or preventing such deterioration from causing a disability or permanent functional limitation (secondary prevention). Prevention may include many different types of action, such as primary health care, pre-natal and postnatal care, nutrition education campaigns against communicable diseases, measures to combat the disease, and endemic diseases, safety standards and programmes, the prevention of accidents in different environments, including the adaptation of workplaces to prevent disability and occupational diseases and disability prevention resulting from pollution of the environment or caused by armed conflicts.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a process aimed at making people with disabilities in a position to achieve and maintain an optimal functional state, from a physical, sensory point of view, intellectual, mental or social, so that they have the means to modify their own life and be more independent. Rehabilitation may include measures to provide or restore functions or to compensate for the loss or lack of a functional function or limitation. The rehabilitation process does not involve the provision of preliminary medical care.

It covers a wide variety of measures and activities, from the most basic and general rehabilitation to specific guidance activities, such as professional rehabilitation.

Interpreter for Sorts: People with extensive knowledge of the Colombian Manual Language who can perform simultaneous interpretation of spoken Spanish in the Manual Language and vice versa.

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ARTICLE 3o. The State will sponsor the research, teaching and dissemination of the Colombian Manual Language.

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ARTICLE 4. The State will ensure that at least one of the daily news programs of the national audience includes translation into the Colombian Manual Language. Similarly, the State will ensure translation into the Colombian Manual of Programs of General, Cultural, Recreational, Political, Educational and Social Interest.

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ARTICLE 5o. The State will guarantee the economic, logistical infrastructure and production means for the deaf community to have access to the local, regional and national channels of Colombian television. to disseminate their programs, their culture, their interests, etc.

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ARTICLE 6o. The State will ensure that in progressive form in educational and formal and non-formal institutions, different instances of study, action and follow-up are created that offer technical and pedagogical support, for this population, in order to ensure specialized care for the integration of these students on a level playing field.

Similarly, the State will create professional and professional enablement centers for the deaf population.

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ARTICLE 7o. The State will ensure and provide the help of suitable interpreters to be a means through which the deaf people can access all services they like Colombian citizens give them the Constitution. To this end, the State will organize through Official Entes or by Conventions with Associations of Deaf, the presence of interpreters for the access to the mentioned Services.

The State will also promote the creation of interpreter training schools for the deaf.

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ARTICLE 8. The State will provide the necessary mechanisms for the production and import of all kinds of specialized equipment and auxiliary resources that are required in the areas of education, communication, enablement and rehabilitation in order to facilitate the interaction of the deaf person with the environment.

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ARTICLE 9o. The State will subsidize deaf persons for the purpose of facilitating the acquisition of support devices, electroacoustic aids, and all kinds of elements and equipment needed for the improvement of their quality of life.

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ARTICLE 10. corrected in the terms of Judgment C-458-15> The State shall ensure that the establishments or companies of the National, Departmental, District, and Municipal in which it has participation, a percentage of is linked laborally. To the deaf population that cannot be labor included, the State will consider it as a priority to be included in the subsidized Social Security Regime.

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ARTICLE 11. corrected in the terms of Judgment C-458-15> The State shall establish legal protection for the parent, mother, or who is under their care or legal protection, have facilities in your working hours, for medical, therapeutic and educational care for your children.

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ARTICLE 12. The State will provide and guarantee the necessary economic resources and define financing strategies for the implementation of this law.

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ARTICLE 13. The President of the Republic shall exercise the regulatory authority of this law within twelve (12) months.

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ARTICLE 14. This Law governs from its publication and repeals any provisions that are contrary to it.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives,



Publish and execute.

Dada en Santa Fe de Bogota, D.C., on 11 October 1996.


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


The Minister of National Education,


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