Why The Nation Is Linked To The Commemoration Of The Centenary Of The Founding Of The Municipality Of Anzoátegui, Tolima And Budget Appropriations For Infrastructure And Social Interest Are Authorized

Original Language Title: Por la cual la Nación se vincula a la conmemoración de los cien años de fundación del Municipio de Anzoátegui, Tolima y se autorizan apropiaciones presupuestales para obras de infraestructura e interés social

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1996 LAW 274

(April 8)

Official Journal No. 42,762 of 10 April 1996

For which the Nation is linked to the commemoration of the hundred years of founding of the Municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima and the authorization of budget appropriations for infrastructure and social interest.



ARTICLE 1o. The Nation is linked to the commemoration of the hundred years of founding of the Municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima, which will be completed on July 16, 1995.

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ARTICLE 2o. Authorize the National Government to incorporate into the General Budget of the Nation corresponding to the vigencies of 1996, 1997 and 1998, the appropriations that allow the execution of the The following works of infrastructure and social interest in the Municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima.

a) Pavement fourteen (14) kilometers of the road Anzoategui header of the Llano, not contained within the program of secondary roads currently under execution by the Department of Tolima Government;

b) Contracting studies and construction forklift Palomar_La Siberia, Anzoategui Municipality, Tolima;

c) Construction college for secondary and vocational education at the Lisbon Police Inspectorate;

d) Rehabilitation primary basic education schools: Jesus Antonio Lombana and Simona Arevalo, Anzoategui Municipality, Tolima;

e) Enlargement of: Lisbon, Palomar, Santa Barbara and Santa Rita, located in the rural area of the municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima;

f) Construction centre of collection, Municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima;

g) Support for construction and endowment, Anzoategui Municipality, Tolima;

h) Reconditioning municipal abattoir Anzoategui, Tolima;

i) Remodeling and Fitness Market Square, Anzoategui Municipality, Tolima;

j) Construction house of the culture, Municipality of Anzoategui, Tolima.

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ARTICLE 3o. Facultada to the National Government to proceed in accordance, incorporating in the respective budget laws, the assigned items in each case, prior analysis of availability financial, feasibility of execution and compliance with the requirements laid down by Decree 2132 of 1992, Law 152 of 1994 and other current regulations on the subject.

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ARTICLE 4. The National Government will promote and support the Government of the Department of Tolima, the Municipality of Anzoategui, the co-financing funds, and other public or private entities, the the obtaining and situation of those additional or complementary economic resources to the appropriate ones in the National Budget that are required for the execution of the works of infrastructure and social interest, included in this Law.

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ARTICLE 5o. The appropriations authorized within the General Budget of the Nation that is covered by this Law shall count for its execution, with programs and investment projects in each case and the compliance with the provisions laid down in the provisions referred to above.

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ARTICLE 6o. This law governs from your sanction.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives,


Republic of Colombia-National Government.

Publish and execute.

Dada en Santafe de Bogota, D. C., 8 April 1996.


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


The Minister of Health,


The Minister of Transport,


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