Through Which The "agreement Establishing The Latin American Film Common Market", Made In Caracas, Approved On November 11, 1989

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se aprueba el "Acuerdo para la Creación del Mercado Común Cinematográfico Latinoamericano", hecho en Caracas, el 11 de noviembre de 1989

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ACT 151 OF 1994
(July 15)
Official Gazette No. 41,450., On July 19, 1994
Through which the "Agreement Establishing the Latin American Film Common Market" is approved, made in Caracas on 11 November 1989. Summary

Term Notes
having regard to the text of the "Agreement Establishing the Latin American Film Common Market", made in Caracas on 11 November 1989.
COMUN States signatories to this Agreement, Members of cinematographic Integration Agreement Iberoamericana;
Aware that the film industry should contribute to the cultural development of the region and its identity Convinced of the need
to promote the film and audiovisual development of the region and especially of those countries with insufficient infrastructure
in order to contribute to the effective development of the film community of Member States,
have agreed as follows :
ARTICLE 1o the Latin American film Common market will aim to implement a multilateral system of participation of exhibition spaces for cinematographic works certified as national by the signatory States of this Agreement, in order to expand market opportunities. these countries and to protect the bonds of cultural unity among the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Article 2.
. For the purpose of this Agreement is considered that of cinematographic work governed audiovisual character ... produced and disseminated by any system, .... technology.

ARTICLE 3. The Parties shall endeavor to introduce into its domestic law provisions to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Agreement.

ARTICLE 4. Each Member State this Agreement shall be entitled to an annual participation of four (4) national films not lasting less than seventy (70) minutes will attend the Latin American Film Common Market, which may vary from one country to another. Upon review of the functioning of the Agreement by Member States, such participation may be extended by mutual agreement among its members. This does not contravene the possibility that among Member States to sign bilateral agreements on higher stakes than those contained in this Agreement.

The 5th ITEM. Cinematography authorities of each producer country may establish mechanisms for concurrency of their films in the Latin American Film Common Market.

ARTICLE 6o. If preselection by the Motion Picture Authority of the producer country, the exhibitor country may request changes to the list of selected films.

ARTICLE 7. The film exhibitor authority of each country shall annually notify the Executive Secretariat of Ibero-American Cinematography (SECI) the list of films of producer countries which have been granted the benefits of national films.

Article 8. It is understood that the participating films of the Latin American Film Common Market, will be considered in each Member as nationals for the purpose of distribution and exhibition by any means state and therefore enjoy the greatest benefits and all rights as it refers to exhibition spaces, screen quotas, exhibition fees, distribution fees and other prerogatives conferred national laws of each Member State unless incentives granted by governments to domestic films.

Article 9. This Agreement is subject to ratification. It shall enter into force when at least three (3) of the signatory States have deposited with the Executive Secretariat of Ibero-American Cinematography (SECI) the Instrument of Ratification.

ARTICLE 10. This Agreement shall be open to accession of Ibero-American States that are Parties to the Convention Iberoamericana Cinematographic Integration. Accession shall be effected by the deposit of the respective instrument with the SECI.

written ARTICLE 11. Any Party may at any time terminate this Agreement by notification addressed to the SECI.
The denunciation shall take effect for the party one (1) year after the date on which the notification is received by the SECI.

ARTICLE 12. Any doubts or disputes that may arise in the interpretation or implementation of this Agreement between two or more countries will be resolved in the field of SECI.
In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto
, have signed this Agreement.
Made in Caracas, on the eleventh day of November
in 1989.
It's true,
For Argentina,
Octavio Getino.
Director of the National Institute of Cinematography.
For the Republic of Cuba,
President of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry
For the Republic of Ecuador HUERTA MONTALVO FRANCISCO
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
For the United Mexican States,

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary For the Republic of Nicaragua,

Director General of the Nicaraguan Film Institute (Incine).
For the Republic of Panama,
Director of the Department of Film at the University of Panama.
For the Republic of Peru,
Director General of Social Communication
the National Institute of Social Communication.
For the Republic of Venezuela, IMELDA
Charge of the Ministry of Development.
In the Dominican Republic,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
For the Federative Republic of Brazil,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. "
Country Box office Income tax on No. of Screens No. of Spectators Taxes (%) Head Office (%) 12/91
All films-1991 (Est. Millions) Argentina

October 18 410 14 1,570 95 Brazil October 25
Est Chile 18 20 29.58 150 10.5
Colombia (1) 18% Income Tax 26 488 Est 12% Remittance Tax
.. | Mexico 16-28% || 15
Panama 1,769 170.8 + CA 0 (2) 6 (2) 137 12.54
Peru September 10 215 7.8% on incorporated
Cos. (3)
Uruguay December 67 10.3 1.1
Punta del Este
Scale 15-50% Venezuela 10
Municipal 6.66 on 309 30 25% Gross
Film Fund Income *********

(1) Consists Charitable Tax (7.04%), COLDEPORTES Tax (7.04%)
Public Show Tax (7.04%) and VAT (8.46% ).
(2) Panama only.
(3) Companies' head Offices operate through subsidieries That are subject to a tax of 15.4% on an Assumed net profit, equal to the 20% of the gross receipts Local, less the corporate tax paid by the company premises. *********

Public Power Executive Branch - President of the Republic
Santafe de Bogota, DC
Approved. Submit to the consideration of the honorable
National Congress for constitutional purposes.

César Gaviria Trujillo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Noemi Sanin
ITEM 1A. To approve the "Agreement Establishing the Latin American Film Common Market" in Caracas on November 11, 1989.

ARTICLE 2A. In accordance with the provisions of article 1. 7a Act. 1944, the "Agreement Establishing the Latin American Film Market" in Caracas on November 11, 1989, that the first article of this law is passed, will force the country from the date the bond perfect international therefrom.
ARTICLE 3A. This law applies from the date of publication.
The President of the honorable Senate
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable Chamber of Representatives, Francisco Jose Jattin
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
communication, publication ordered,
After review by the Constitutional Court
, pursuant to Article 241-10
of the Constitution Politics.
Given in Bogotá DC, 15 July 1994.

César Gaviria Trujillo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Noemi Sanin
The Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Credit,
manager functions
Office of the Minister of Finance, Hector Jose CHAIN ​​
The Minister of Communications, WILLIAN


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