By Which Promotes The Development Of Radio Amateur Level Experimentation And The Nation Is Associated With The Sixtieth Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Colombian League Amateur Radio

Original Language Title: Por la cual se fomenta el desarrollo de la radio experimentación a nivel aficionado y la nación se asocia al sexagésimo aniversario de la fundación de la Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados

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Whereby the development of radio experimentation is encouraged amateur level and the nation is associated with the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Colombina Amateur Radio League.

SERVICE DEFINITIONS ARTICLE 1o. The Nation is associated with the commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Colombian League Amateur Radio and on this occasion pays tribute to its founders, Sirs, Gustavo Uribe Jaramillo Roberto Ferro, Fernando Carrizosa V., Jorge Alvarez Lleras, Robert E. Lee, among other distinguished citizens, who were pioneers at the same time the Radiocommunications and Broadcasting in Colombia.
Article 2.
. Declare public interest and national interest activity amateur service and amateur radio satellite.

ARTICLE 3. The amateur service and amateur radio satellite, may be provided throughout the national territory, including territorial waters and airspace, as well as in places by international conventions Colombia will recognize the principle of extraterritoriality.

ARTICLE 4. The amateur radio service is a radio service that is aimed at self-training, intercommunication and technical studies carried out by duly updated fans who are interested in radioexperimentación exclusively for personal purposes and non-profit.

The 5th ITEM. The amateur radio service satellite radio is the service that uses satellites located in the land for the same purpose space stations the amateur radio service.

ARTICLE 6o. Station amateur radio service is one that comprises one or more transmitters or receivers with ancillary facilities to be operated in the bands and frequencies allocated by the Ministry of Communications, in accordance with the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union service amateur radio or amateur radio satellite. The station can be fixed, mobile or portable, depending on the category of the license for that purpose issued by the Ministry of Communications of Colombia.

ARTICLE 7. Amateur Radio is the natural person executing service amateur radio or amateur radio satellite, which will be conducted prior permission, through amateur radio stations established in accordance with the provisions of this Act, rules and regulations within the Union International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Article 8. To operate an amateur radio station authorization for the operation of the station and the corresponding license for operator is required.

Article 9. Amateur radio license will be granted by the Ministry of Communications of Colombia, prior regulation that will make the corresponding requirements and procedures.

ARTICLE 10. The National Government will establish everything about bands, frequency, power, emission rates and other measures necessary for the proper development of the radio ham activity according to the categories mentioned in the previous article.

ARTICLE 11. Foreign nationals who have obtained or amateur radio license in a foreign country with which Colombia has reciprocity agreement are entitled to the Ministry of Communications amateur radio license grant them the equivalent category and for the same term which it was granted them abroad.

ARTICLE 12. Any person wishing to obtain a license to operate the apparatus of an amateur station must pass an exam certifying their fitness. The Ministry of Communications may delegate these tests in amateur radio associations duly registered, after approval by the banks of questions and the evaluation system of such tests.

ARTICLE 13. Amateur radio operators may join through entities or institutions, to enhance their knowledge, carry out scientific or technical research or establish radio stations and communication networks amateur level.
main objective of the leagues or amateur radio associations, to promote the study, training, research and communications radioexperimentación to amateur level.

leagues or associations of radio amateurs will be national and regional character. The Ministry of Communications shall regulate regarding requirements and procedures for the recognition and registration of the different categories of leagues and associations.
leagues or associations must register with the Ministry of Communications in order to obtain registration, which will be the call. This registration must be renewed every five (5) years.

ARTICLE 17. The Ministry of Communications may authorize amateur radio associations, urges] ation and operation of repeaters, according to the national frequency plan issued by the Ministry, without this constituting any exclusivity in detriment of the general use of the frequencies allocated to the amateur radio service.

ARTICLE 18. The Advisory Council amateur radio service, will be composed of:
a) The Minister of Communications or his delegate, who will preside;
B) The Administrative Director of Social Communication of the Ministry of Communications;
C) The Technical Director of the Ministry of Communications;
D) The Head of the Division of Media, Ministry of Communications;
E) Two (2) representatives of various associations of radio amateurs national, recognized as such by the Ministry of Communications and chosen by them;
F) A representative of all regional associations recognized as such by the Ministry of Communications and chosen by them.
The Ministry of Communications shall regulate the election of the representatives referred to in paragraphs e) and f) of this article.

ARTICLE 19. The functions of the Advisory Board of the Amateur Radio Service:
a) advise the Ministry of Communications for matters related to the amateur radio service;
B) To propose and recommend the necessary measures for the proper operation of the amateur radio service.
PARÁGRAFO. The recommendations of the Advisory Council of the Amateur Radio Service should be heard, but in any case require the Ministry of Communications or the National Government.

ARTICLE 20. The Ministry of Communications will provide for the installation and operation of the Advisory Board of the Amateur Radio Service.


ARTICLE 21. The licensee amateur radio is the only authorized to use the call signs properly allocated. The amateur radio operator who violates this obligation will be sanctioned in accordance with existing legislation.

ARTICLE 22. The radio amateur causing interference to other authorized services, you must suspend transmissions until corrected or remove sources of interference. Otherwise, it will be subject to the penalties established for that purpose existing rules.

ARTICLE 23. The transmissions will be made clear and polite language, observing national and international standards in this respect.

ARTICLE 24. The transmissions by radio amateurs may not:
a) Disseminate caused by other telecommunications services, unless express exceptions news.
B) Establish communication with stations that are not properly identified.
C) transmit simple audio notes, talks on key issues of political, religious, commercial or others who depart from the spirit of the character amateur radio service; nor false or alarming reports that threaten public peace or safety of persons; or containing obscene, indecent or two-way phrases; or terms that may cause offense to the dignity of people use them.

ARTICLE 25. The Ministry of Communications shall regulate the provision of radio amateurs, in case of public calamity, disruption of public order, internal unrest and emergency. In such circumstances it may be temporarily suspended the use of the bands, frequencies and types of emissions attributed to the amateur service. Only preauthorized cases may be used for amateur radio stations broadcasting links or other service broadcasting.

ARTICLE 26. The Ministry of Communications shall regulate the obligation of amateur radio licensees in relation to irregularities or infringements in the use of frequencies or respective bands.

ARTICLE 27. The National Government will regulate the obligation of amateur radio licensees in relation to infringements on the misuse of frequencies and for violations of this Act and the regulations.

ARTICLE 28. The Ministry of Communications shall regulate all matters under this Act in order to facilitate and promote the work of amateur radio.

Article 29. This Law governs from its enactment and repeal all provisions that are contrary. NADER JORGE RAMON ELIAS

The President of the honorable Senate PUMAREJO VEGA PEDRO

The Secretary General of the honorable Senate JOSE FRANCISCO

Jattin SAFAR President of the honorable House of Representatives DIEGO VIVAS TAFUR

the Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives

Given published and executed in Bogota, DC, 14 December 1993


The Minister of Communications

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