By Means Of Which The Agreement Between The Republic Of Colombia And The Federative Republic Of Brazil, On Animal Health In Border Areas, Signed In Bogota, Approved On July 16, 1985

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se aprueba el Acuerdo entre la República de Colombia y la República Federativa del Brasil, sobre sanidad animal en áreas de frontera, suscrito en Bogotá, el 16 de julio de 1985

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LAW 51 OF 1993
(June 9)
Official Gazette No. 40914, June 11, 1993.
Through which the "Agreement between the Republic of Colombia and the Federative Republic of Brazil is approved for Animal Health in Border Areas ", signed in Bogota on July 16, 1985 Summary

Term Notes
having regard to the text of the "Agreement between the Republic of Colombia and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Animal Health in Border Areas" signed in Bogota on July 16, 1985, that the He states:
(to be transliterated: copy of the full text of that instrument, duly authenticated by the Legal Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are attached).

BORDER AREAS The Government and the Republic of Colombia and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil
CONSIDERING the provisions in item 2 of Article II and Article III of the Inter-American Convention for Animal Health, signed in the city of Rio de aneiro the July 18, 1967;
CONSIDERING also the recommendations of the Fourth Regular Meeting of the South American Commission for the Control of Foot--Cosalfa-, held on 10 and 11 February 1977 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as resolutions of the Tenth Inter-American Meeting at ministerial level on the control of FMD and other zoonoses -Ricaz- 10 held in Washington on 14 to 17 March of the same year;
Looking forward to a mutual agreement for a harmonious animal health program in the border areas;
DECLARING that the mutual obligations will be fulfilled in a spirit of friendly cooperation, HAVE AGREED as follows
ARTICLE 1o. The Contracting Parties undertake to develop and implement a coordinated animal health program aimed at areas adjacent to the border between the two countries, in order to achieve better control of animal diseases, cooperation to be held within the framework of the laws and regulations of their respective legal provisions.
Article 2.
. For purposes of the implementation of the coordinated the preceding article relates to program, the Contracting Parties undertake:
1) To coordinate the measures that should be taken in both countries to combat and control diseases in border regions ;
2) Provide technical cooperation activities related to vaccines and zooterápicos control, diagnostics, research and other similar tasks;
3) Cooperate in mutual improvement of technical personnel, through existing services in each of the two countries training;
4) Perform epizcóticas permanent exchange of information, in the region of the border as well as other information of interest to control the disease by this Agreement relates;
5) Conclude special agreements for mutual aid when they are essential for control of the health situation, an agreement that will be studied and formulated within the Joint Committee that Article IV of this instrument concerns;
6) Order, by mutual agreement, the collaboration of national institutions and international organizations, to carry out activities to implement this Agreement;
7) jointly examine the standards that are issued in each of the countries for the implementation of this Agreement, so that the adjustment and revision of these contribute to a better success of the objectives set.

ARTICLE 3. For more effective measures to solve the problems that arise in the border region on diseases of animals, coordinated action by the competent authorities of both Contracting Parties shall include:
1) Narrow and permanent coordination of health control measures transit of live animals and derived products through the common border;
2) Synchronization dates of vaccination and any other activity deemed appropriate, in accordance with the purposes of this Agreement and that are developed in the areas of the border to which he refers.

1) The Contracting Parties agree to establish a permanent basis, a Joint Commission Colombo-Brazilian Animal Health.

2) The commission paragraph 1 shall be composed of the Colombian part by the National Director of Livestock Ministry of Agriculture, the Director of Animal Health of the Colombian Agricultural Institute and the Director of National Campaign FMD Institute Colombian Agriculture and the Brazilian Party, by the Secretary of the Department of Animal Health Protection and the Director of the Division of Prophylaxis and Combating diseases of the Animal Health Protection Secretariat, the Ministry of Agriculture.
The Colombo-Brazilian Joint Commission for Animal Health will meet regularly once a year and, extraordinarily, whenever necessary, preferably in the border regions.

ARTICLE 6o. The Colombo-Brazilian Joint Commission for Animal Health have the following functions:
a) advise the respective Governments in the framework of the activities of this Agreement;
B) Formulate the Plan of Action for the implementation of coordinated animal health program, article 1 refers to. of this Agreement;
C) To appoint regional technical commissions and specify their areas of action;
D) Evaluate the activities of implementation of this Agreement and periodically update the guidelines outlined in the Action Plan referred to in paragraph a of this article;
E) Develop its Rules

ARTICLE 7. Each Contracting Party shall notify the other on compliance with the formalities required by its law for the approval of this Agreement, which shall enter into force on the date of the second notification.

Article 8.
1. This Agreement shall last for three years and will be automatically extended for equal periods.
2. This Agreement may be terminated at any time by notification from one Party to the other, through diplomatic channels. The denunciation shall take effect six months after the date of the respective notification.
3. This Agreement may be amended by mutual consent of the parties, the amendments will enter into force as provided in article 7.
Made in Bogota on the 16th day of July 1985 in duplicate in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, both texts being equally authentic.
For the Government of the Republic of Colombia,
Foreign Minister,
Augusto Ramírez Ocampo,
For the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
Public Power Executive Branch - President of the Republic
Santafe de Bogota, DC,
Approved. Sométese for consideration by the

National Congress for constitutional purposes.
(Sgd.) César Gaviria Trujillo
The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
(Sgd.) RUBIO Noemi Sanin. DECREES
ARTICLE 1o. To approve the "Agreement between the Republic of Colombia and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Animal Health in Border Areas", signed in Bogotá on 16 July 1985. Article 2.
. In accordance with the provisions of article 1. 7a Act. 1944, the "Agreement between the Republic of Colombia and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Animal Health in border areas", signed in Bogota on July 16, 1985, that the first article of this law is approved, definitely force the country from the date the international link is perfect therefrom.
ARTICLE 3. This Law governs from the date of publication.
The President of the Senate of the Republic,
The Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic,
The President of the Chamber of Representatives,
The Secretary General of the Chamber of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
Republic of Colombia - National Government
Given in Bogota, DC,
nine (9) days of June
of in 1993 (1993)
Publíquese So ordered

César Gaviria Trujillo Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible
Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, WILMA
The Minister of Agriculture,


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