Why Some Provisions Are Issued In Connection With The Elections To Be Held Next March 8, 1992

Original Language Title: Por la cual se dictan algunas disposiciones en relación con las elecciones que se realizarán el próximo 8 de marzo de 1992

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02, 1992 (February 21)
Official Gazette No. 40,348, of February 21, 1992
Why some provisions are issued in connection with the elections to be held next
ARTICLE 1o. It is understood that those who vote in elections on March 8, 1992, declares under oath reside in the respective municipality.
Missing the truth incur legal sanctions. Effective Jurisprudence

Article 2.
. CHANGES TO CANDIDATES. Heads list for district and municipal councils, departmental assemblies, mayors of the Capital District of Bogota and mayoral candidates, only be changed by death or mental incapacity or permanent physical to fulfill the duties of office, until 7 March 1992 at six pm (6:00 pm). In no case will lead to changes in electoral cards.

ARTICLE 3. SANCTIONS ON JUDGES VOTING. Jurors who do not sign the respective minutes, creditors will be made to the dismissal or termination of the contract if they are public employees or government workers as appropriate. The National Civil Registrar shall request the respective appointing authority applying the sanction. In other citizens they will be imposed a fine equivalent to two monthly minimum wages for the Revolving Fund of the National Registry and shall be effected by decision of the Municipal or District Registrars. Against this decision, the remedies of law.
The same penalty shall be subject jurors without just cause, not attend to perform their duties or leave.

ARTICLE 4. DECLARATION OF mayoral election. elected mayor will declare the candidate with the most votes.

The 5th ITEM. GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. Mayoral candidates must submit at the time of registration his government program, which will make public; if not presentaren, registration is void.
The effects of the failure of the program will be regulated by law.

ARTICLE 6o. REGULATORS. The National Civil Registry, prior concept of the National Electoral Council will determine the design of electoral cards and voting procedures. Also have regard to the use of excess material of the elections through the Revolving Fund of it.
The voting hours will be from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

ARTICLE 7. BUDGET APPROPRIATION AND CONTRACTS OF TRUST. The National Government is empowered to make changes and budgetary operations necessary for elections March 8, 1992 and conclude trust agreements with duly authorized to put the money to meet the expenses for the debate a state entity and electoral campaign financing, and to incorporate regular sums to the trust budget.
National Civil Registrar is authorized to contract directly, regardless of the formalities of Decree 222 of 1983 and other rules of government contracting and incorporate regular sums to the trust budget.

Article 8. Campaign financing. The government will finance the campaigns of political parties and movements represented in Congress, with or without legal status, and candidates for the elections of mayors, deputies and councilors to be held on 8 March 1992. Entitled to this benefit candidates elected or who obtuvieren at least thirty percent of the amount of the Corporation that a third of the vote of the elected mayor concerned or, as the case quotient.
The National Government will regulate the amount of funding, its timing and form of payment. The contributions established by this Act shall be distributed by the National Electoral Council. Effective Jurisprudence

Article 9. PROHIBITION TO CREATE TABLES. The National Civil Registry can not create, in any case, special polling stations.

ARTICLE 10. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act shall apply only to the 1992 elections and governed from the date of its enactment.
Given in Bogota, DC, ...
The President of the Senate,
The Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic,
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, HERNANDO RODRIGO
Turbay Cote.
The Secretary General of the House of Representatives, Silverio
Republic of Colombia - National Government

Bogota, DC, 21 February 1992.
published and execute.

César Gaviria Trujillo Government Minister,