Qiqihar City People's Government Decision On The Municipal Regulations Published Results

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市人民政府关于公布市政府规章清理结果的决定

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  In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and municipal party Committee and Government on further optimizing programme for the advancement of the development environment requirements, the municipal government organizations on a comprehensive cleanup of existing government regulations.

Municipal Government decided to retain the 61 municipalities such as character profiles, Qiqihar city regulations regulations, repeal of the rural wells, Qiqihar city administrative policy and 13 other municipal government regulations. , Retaining the Municipal Government published regulations directory number name time time number 1 character profiles management 1991.8.15 1991 city, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar city, 3rd, 2 license management practices of water pollutants emission 1991.8.15 1991 5th, 3 of the municipal government civil air defense in the northeastern, Qiqihar city, the implementation of the provisional regulations on the construction in peacetime rules 1992.12.18 1992.12.18 1992, Qiqihar city 7th, 4 place name 1993.1.9 1993 Government Regulation 1th, 5, Qiqihar city, waterlogged area in irrigation district water management 1993.12.1 1993 Sino-foreign contractual joint ventures, Qiqihar Municipal Government Decree 10th 6 1994.6.22 1994 municipal archives management 4th, 7 Canine management, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 1996.5.14 1996 government order 3rd 8 farmers ' burden 1996.7.17 1996 government regulation 4th 9, Liu Yuan, Qiqihar city water source protection areas, 1997.3.15 1997 municipal administration of pollution prevention provisions 1th 10, Qiqihar city, guarantees persons with disabilities 1997.5.16 Model workers in 1997, Qiqihar city, City Hall 3rd, 11 1997.5.16 12 1999.6.2 1999 Government Regulation 1th, 1999.8.9 1999 municipal preferential treatment provisions of the elderly 3rd, Qiqihar, 13 archives management at the village level in Qiqihar 1999.9.15 5th, 1999 municipal government 14 Qiqihar interim management interim provisions governing the management of activities in the Center, Qiqihar, 1999.11.5 7th, 1999 municipal government 15 total amount control of water pollution management 2001.1.20 3rd, 2001 municipal government 16, Qiqihar city, the sewage disposal fee collection and management approaches 2001.7.25 4th, 2001 municipal Government 17 Price adjustment fund collection and management approaches, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 2002.5.21 3rd, 2002 municipal government 18 City 2003.1.29 2003 city public passenger transportation management 1th ground floor, 19, Qiqihar city, unknown, and safety management of dangerous buried 2004.2.16 2nd, 2004 municipal government provided 20 Downtown construction project management of commercial concrete, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 2004.3.25 3rd, 2004 municipal government provided 21 science and technology 2005.3.9 2nd, 2005 municipal government 22 incentive, Qiqihar city public health emergency approach 2005.11.16 2005.12.16 2005 City 4th, 23 Motor vehicle driver safety training and education, Qiqihar city 2006.3.10 2006 Municipal Government provided 1th rural fire district, Qiqihar, 24, Qiqihar, 2006.4.6 2nd, 2006 Municipal Government provided 25 2006.4.6 2006 municipal parks management regulations 3rd, 26, Qiqihar city, in proportion to arrange employment of persons with disabilities 2006.5.6 5th, 2006 municipal government 27, Qiqihar City real estate market management 2006.11.13 2006.12.13 2006 Government regulations, Qiqihar Municipal Government Decree 6th 28 2007.12.4 3rd, 2007 municipal government 29 results radio management 2007.12.18, 2008.1.18, 2007, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar city, 4th, 30 community fire safety requirements 2007.12.18 5th, 2007 municipal government 31 administrative measures for the development and utilization of new wall materials, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 2008.4.14 1th, 2008 municipal government 32 evaluation of residual administrative measures for the certification of persons with disabilities 2008.12.1 2008.12.31 2008 City Government order 3rd 33, Qiqihar city, building energy-saving management 2009.1.11 2008, Qiqihar city 4th, 34 government investment and government investment of construction project auditing approach, Qiqihar, 2009.3.17 1th, 2009 Municipal Government 35 bulk cement 2009.5.5 2nd, 2009 municipal government management 36 finance investment evaluation measures for the administration of the people's Government of Qiqihar 2009.7.31 4th, 2009 Municipal Government 37 Gravel used in construction management of mineral resources, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 2010.6.7 1th, 2010 municipal government 38 military pensions and preferential treatments, Qiqihar city, 2010.6.21 2nd, 2010 municipal government 39 way of land purchase and reserve way, Qiqihar, 2010.8.16 3rd, 2010 municipal government 40 government regulations results in 2011.1.30 2011.1.30 2011 downtown, Qiqihar city 2nd, 41 houses on State-owned land expropriation and compensation measures for implementation, Qiqihar, 2011.11.30 5th, 2011 municipal government 42 events 2013.2.26 2013 city archive procedures governing registration of 1th, 43, Qiqihar city taxi management 2013.8.8

2013 city 2nd, 44, Qiqihar city people's Government decision on the changes of government regulations, Qiqihar, 2013.8.29 3rd, 2013 Municipal Government 45 administrative measures for the transportation of persons with disabilities in the Center and operating vehicles, Qiqihar, 2013.10.22 2013 municipality 4th, 46 owned land annual rent collection means 2013.11.11 2013 city, 5th 47 results 2014.1.27 2014 city, Qiqihar city people's Government regulations on 1th, 48, Qiqihar city people's Government announced decisions of the municipal administrative examination and approval results 2014.5.28 2014 municipal, 3rd 49, Qiqihar city housing stock online trading and trading capital oversight measures for the administration of 2014.7.22 2014 municipal order 4th 50 Military pensions and preferential treatments, Qiqihar, Qiqihar city people's Government on the revision of the method of 2014.7.30 2014 municipal government decision 5th 51, interim measures for the management of non-motor vehicles, Qiqihar city 2014.8.29 2014 city, Qiqihar city, 6th, 52 medical dispute solution 2014.11.6 8th, 2014 municipal government 53 Qiqihar city people's Government Regulation 2014.10.24 7th, 2014 municipal government 54 results, Qiqihar city people's Government on the decision to publish the results of municipal administrative approval items clean, Qiqihar, 2015.2.4 2015 1th, 55 of the Municipal Government on State-owned land in the Center housing supplementary provisions on expropriation and compensation measures for the implementation of 2015.7.2 2nd, 2015 municipal government 56 Downtown parking management approaches, Qiqihar city 2015.8.1 2015 city, Qiqihar city, 3rd, 57 city road inspection shaft 2015.8.1 4th, 2015 municipal government management 58 road lighting management in Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 2015.8.1 2015 Government order 5th way 59 Lake scenic spot management of labor 2016.2.4 2016.3.5 municipal 1th, 60 water traffic safety supervision and administration, Qiqihar city 2016.3.14 2016 city 2nd, 61, Qiqihar city, interim measures for safety management 2016.4.29 2016 3rd, two of the municipal government, abolishing the Municipal Government published regulations directory number name time time number 1 rural wells, Qiqihar city management 1992.12.18 1992.12.18 1992, Qiqihar city 6th, 2 waters, 1993.7.28 1993 municipal public security regulations 4th 3 sick leave provisions for employees of enterprises in Qiqihar 1993.8.1 5th, 1993 municipal government 4 management of surveying and mapping, Qiqihar city, Qiqihar, 1993.11.4 9th 1993 municipal government 5 rules of floating population management 1998.9.23 1998 city, Qiqihar city, 5th, 6 jiangdong irrigation and flood area 1998.11.5 1998 municipal water management approach 7th # 7, Qiqihar city motor vehicle emission pollution monitoring management 2000.12.6 3rd, 2000 municipal government 8, Qiqihar city private kindergarten management 2002.7.12 5th, 2002 municipal government 9 interim measures for the basic medical insurance for urban residents in Qiqihar 2007.11.1 2nd, 2007 municipal government purchase and sale of raw milk regulation, Qiqihar 10 2008.11.6, 2008.12.6, 2008, Qiqihar city 2nd, 11 land market management approach, Qiqihar, 2008.12.29 5th, 2008 municipal government 12 renewable resources management approach

 , Qiqihar, 2009.7.6 3rd, 2009 Municipal Government 13 2012.2.20 2012 city interim measures for the administration of real estate sale 1th

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