Qingdao Municipal Drinking Water Regulatory Measures

Original Language Title: 青岛市生活饮用水卫生监督管理办法

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In order to strengthen supervision and management of drinking water to ensure drinking water safety, protection of human health, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual city, the development of this approach. Health supervision

second city administrative areas of urban and rural centralized water supply, secondary water supply, the current system for drinking water and other drinking water, application of this approach.

Third municipal, district (city) government should establish and improve drinking water safety system, the drinking water safety and security expenses into local government budget, improve drinking water security capabilities.

The municipal, district (city) health administrative department responsible for the area drinking water health supervision.

Urban water authorities, water administrative department (hereinafter referred to as the water authorities) responsible for the WSO accordance with the responsibilities of health management, supervision WSO strengthen water quality testing, regular water quality sampling.

Environmental protection, urban construction, industrial and commercial administration departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, assist good drinking water health supervision and management.

Town government organization (sub-district offices) responsible for the administrative work in rural areas within the public water supply, coordination and guidance, strengthen the management of rural centralized water supply units.

Article encourage good for drinking water hygiene and safety of new products, new technologies, new technology research and development and application.

Article VI of the urban and rural centralized water supply units, secondary water supply facilities management unit, the current system for drinking water management unit (hereinafter referred to WSO) is a safe water supply and sanitation of the first responsible person shall ensure that for drinking water quality standards.

Article WSO shall establish and improve health management system, with a full-time or part-time health management personnel, establish and improve the management of health records staffing employees health management knowledge training situation, water quality testing, the facilities and equipment maintenance and cleaning health management archives disinfection, contingency plans and other content.

WSO water supply facilities shall take appropriate health protection and security measures to maintain water supply facilities and their surroundings clean, regular water supply facilities and equipment inspection, maintenance and repair, and make a record.

WSO should regularly carry out health and safety risk assessment of water supply.

Article VIII directly engaged in drinking water, sampling, laboratory personnel and management of water supply and sanitation facilities and equipment cleaning, disinfection, etc. (hereinafter referred to as drinking water supply, pipe work) should obtain a valid health after the declaration of conformity before the appointment and conduct a health examination every year.

Suffering from dysentery, typhoid, influenza or viral hepatitis and other gastrointestinal diseases, active tuberculosis, suppurative or exudative skin diseases and other effects of drinking water hygiene and safety personnel diseases and pathogen carriers, before they are cured of the preceding paragraph shall not be directly involved in drinking water supply, pipe work.

IX WSO shall establish health training system, organized every year practitioners drinking water management knowledge training. Did not participate in training or training of unqualified personnel, shall arrange posts.

Article X WSO buy wading products, should obtain approval documents and inspection health permits wading product certification; buy disinfection products, disinfection products manufacturing enterprises should obtain health permits and health product safety evaluation report . WSO information should wading products purchased disinfection product registration for future reference.

WSO Article XI shall comply with health and safety requirements for the use of disinfection products and wading products.

WSO product specification shall be in accordance with the requirements of the use of disinfection products and wading products, disinfection products and wading and make product storage, management and use of health and safety.

Article XII of drinking water supply unit shall meet the health standards for drinking water, drinking water supply pipeline shall meet Drinking Water Quality Standards.

Current system for drinking water shall not only meet drinking water health standards, should also meet the water quality requirements of water quality processor identified.

Article XIII new construction, renovation or expansion centralized water supply project, the health administrative departments should do a good job of preventive health supervision.

New construction, renovation, expansion of centralized water treatment facilities and equipment, pipe network before production, as well as facilities and equipment, after the pipe network repair, it should be cleaned and disinfected before they pass through water quality testing after passing.

Article XIV centralized water supply units, secondary water supply facilities management unit shall obtain health permits according to relevant regulations, is equipped to meet the technological requirements of water treatment facilities, water purification equipment and disinfection of facilities and equipment, strict drinking water disinfection.

Article 15 The scale centralized water supply units should establish water quality testing room, equipped with scale water supply and water quality tests meet the requirements of inspection personnel and equipment, good source water, water purification structures, water and pipe factory daily water quality monitoring network, frequency and drinking water project in accordance with the standard requirements of water quality testing day for total bacterial count, total coliforms, thermotolerant coliforms, color, turbidity, smell and taste, to the naked eye visible, PH value, disinfectant residual water and water known indicators of excessive testing, water quality testing and submit the results to the local health department and water department in charge in accordance with the requirements.

Article XVI of rural small-scale centralized water supply units should be in accordance with relevant hygiene standards and specification requirements Water for Health Protection; equipped with water purification and disinfection of facilities and equipment, facilities and equipment shall meet the requirements of drinking water treatment processes and disinfection requirements and to ensure the normal operation.

Small rural centralized water supply units should work to do water quality testing, water quality testing room can be set up or entrust a qualified inspection agency, in accordance with the relevant standards and codes of conduct require regular routine testing of water quality, and in accordance with the requirements of the local administrative department of health and water quality test results submitted to the competent authorities.

Article XVII current system for drinking water installation location should comply with the relevant requirements of health protection, prevention of water pollution.

System is now operating units for drinking water shall be placed within a month after installation, the installation using the information submitted to the device location area (city) administrative department of health.

Article XVIII current system is the raw water for drinking water shall meet drinking water health standards.

Current system for drinking water equipment business units shall strengthen routine inspections to ensure health and safety, and timely replacement of water treatment equipment in accordance with the rated parameters or the water quality.

Article XIX drinking water supply system is now operating units shall be equipped with the appropriate water quality testing instruments, equipment or entrust a qualified inspection agency, its current system of drinking water supply is now available for color, turbidity degree, smell and taste, visible matter, PH value and other projects, weekly on-site rapid detection; for total bacterial count, total coliforms, nitrates, and other key indicators, once every six months to detect.

System is now operating units for drinking water testing records shall be archived for future reference in the preceding paragraph, and saved more than one year.

Diershitiao health administrative departments shall establish drinking water health supervision information release system, timely publication of drinking water quality monitoring results and related supervision and management information.

Environmental protection, health and water administrative department shall, according to the division of responsibilities, to strengthen rural water supply, water quality protection and supervision, organization of periodic monitoring bodies to conduct water quality testing, testing, and publish the results .

Article XXI administrative department of health, water authorities and water supply units shall develop appropriate drinking water pollution incident emergency response plans and organize regular training and exercises. When

drinking water pollution incident, the WSO and pollution liability shall immediately report may not conceal, delaying the report, false, not to destroy the evidence. WSO it shall be disposed of in accordance with the plan.

Health, environmental protection and water supply and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to dispose of drinking water contamination incidents, and to investigate the cause of the incident.

Article 22 The administrative department of health in the performance of duties of supervision and inspection, found that public drinking water sources are contaminated with the pathogen of infectious diseases, such as do not take timely control measures may lead to the spread of infectious diseases, epidemic, can be taken according to the law closed interim control measures for public drinking water sources.

Article 23 Any unit or individual that violates drinking water health supervision and management provisions of the act or suspected contaminated drinking water quality, we can report complaints to the health administrative departments or other relevant departments. Health administrative departments and other relevant departments shall timely investigation and verification process, and to give a reply in accordance with the regulations.

Article 24 WSO arrangements without a valid health certificates or persons suffering from the impact of staff health and safety of drinking water diseases, pathogen carriers directly involved in drinking water supply, pipe work the health administration department shall order correction, a fine of 500 yuan per person, but the total maximum fine of not more than 20,000 yuan.

Article 25 WSO buy wading products, disinfection products, failing to obtain a copy of the relevant material or not in accordance with the provisions of the relevant registration information for future reference by the health administration department shall order correction, 500 yuan more than 5,000 yuan fine; if the circumstances are serious, more than 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan fine.

Violated the provisions of Article 26, the following acts by the health administrative departments shall order correction, more than 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, more than 5000 yuan at 30,000 yuan the following fines:

(a) the WSO does not meet health and safety requirements wading products and disinfection products; drinking water quality life

(ii) supply unit does not meet the drinking life water sanitation standards;

(c) construction, reconstruction, expansion of centralized water supply project without health administrative departments for preventive health supervision;

(D) centralized water supply units, secondary water supply facilities management unit has not obtained in accordance with the relevant provisions of the health permit unauthorized water supply;

(v) centralized water supply disinfection unit is not equipped with facilities for the supply of the disinfecting drinking.

Article 27 government departments and their staff dereliction of duty, abuse of power, corruption, the municipal, district (city) people's government or the relevant department shall order rectification; the circumstances are serious, shall be punished ; constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Article 28 did not seek to submit water quality test results and other information, as well as violation of the provisions of other acts, laws, regulations, rules existing penalties prevail.

Article 29 The term of the centralized water supply means water from centralized water and sent through the water supply pipe network of water supply users or public water points, including self-built water supply facilities. To provide users with daily drinking water stations and public places, residential communities, schools also belong to the quality of water supply centralized water supply. Secondary water supply

The term refers to the centralized water supply by re-stored in the home before, or deep pressure and disinfection treatment, piped water supply to the user.

The term of the current system for drinking water, and directly refers to the production of bulk supply of drinking water through water processor scene.

The term wading products, refers to the coupling sealing material in the production of drinking water and process contact with drinking water, plastics and organic synthesis pipes, fittings, protective coatings, water treatment agent, detergents, water processor and other materials and chemicals.

The term disinfection products, means for the production of drinking water and process water supply disinfectants and disinfection equipment.

The term rural scale centralized water supply units, water supply is about to happen or 1,000 cubic meters of water in a population of more than 1 million people in rural centralized water supply units.

The term small-scale rural centralized water supply units, water supply is about to happen, or 1,000 cubic meters of water a population of 1 million or less in rural centralized water supply units.

Article 30 These Measures shall go into effect September 1, 2016.

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