Jiangsu Provincial Government Full-Time Fire-Team Management

Original Language Title: 江苏省政府专职消防队伍管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article full-time fire-fighters in order to strengthen and standardize the Government management, improve the ability of fire prevention, fire-fighting and emergency rescue, according to the People's Republic of China Jiangsu Province, fire prevention law of the Fire Services Ordinance and other laws, regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Second full-time fire-fighters by the Government within the administrative area of the province-building and management, application of this approach.

Third full-time fire-team construction and management of the Government should adhere to people-oriented, according to local conditions and classification management principle and development direction of professionalization, standardization, and specialization.

Fourth Government of the local people's Governments at or above the county level shall be full-time fire-team-building into national economic and social development planning, building full-time fire-fighters of the Government according to law, the implementation of the safeguards to ensure construction and adapted to economic and social development.

Article Fifth fire services of local public security organs and the people's Government at or above the county level responsible for full-time Government fire brigade operational guidance, professional training and management.

Sixth local people's Governments at or above the county level development reform, finance, planning, housing and urban-rural construction, land and natural resources, human resources and social security, civil affairs, transportation and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to assist full-time fire-team-building and management work of the Government.

Chapter II Organization article seventh full-time fire team includes full-time Government Fire Department and Government full-time firefighters.

Professional fire brigade of the Government, refers to the construction of local people's Governments at all levels in accordance with law, liable for fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency rescue work of non-active-duty fire brigade.

Government full-time firefighters, refers to the full-time Government Fire Brigade, public security fire control institutions, police stations and town (Street) specializing in fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency rescue work of the non-active members.

Article eighth full-time fire brigades of the Government established by law in accordance with the nature of establishments approved for registration, receive a certificate of organization code.

Nineth full-time Government fire brigades should be in accordance with national and provincial standards-building, in accordance with the scale is divided into grade I, grade II or grade III.

Level full-time fire department shall be equipped with at least 3 fire trucks, no fewer than 24 Government full-time firefighters.

Secondary professional fire brigade of the Government shall be equipped with at least 2 fire trucks, no fewer than 16 government full-time firefighters.

The three levels of Government full time fire brigade shall be equipped with at least 1 fire truck, no less than 5 Government full-time firefighters. Tenth article in existing fire brigade effective protection range outside of following regional or Township, should established Government full-time fire brigade: (a) built district area over 10 square kilometers or live population 100,000 above of town, should established a level government full-time fire brigade; (ii) built district area over 5 square kilometers or live population 50,000 above of town, flammable easy burst dangerous goods production, and business units and labor intensive enterprise concentrated of township (Street), national and provincial focus town, and history culture name town, Above the provincial level economic and technological development zones, tourism resorts, high-tech development zone, State-level scenic areas, shall establish two or more full-time Government Fire Department and (iii) in subparagraph (a), (b) provided outside the town (Street), established in accordance with actual needs three or more full-time Government Fire Department.

The three levels of Government can rely on the professional fire brigade police station or other agencies.

Fire years the number of police officers in the area reaches twice the provincial average of 2 consecutive years, shall, within the regional Government of additional full-time fire department.

11th full-time Government fire brigade building should be reported to the local public security fire control institutions of acceptance in accordance with law, full-time firefighters are not allowed to withdraw acceptance of the Government; there are special circumstances needed to withdraw shall be agreed by the responsible for the acceptance of public security fire control institutions.

12th full-time firefighters can assist the public security organs in accordance with the provisions of the Government fire services, police stations or towns (Street) engaged in fire-fighting auxiliary work of advocacy, social training.

Chapter Management section 13th full-time fire department post programme prepared by the agencies of the Government Department in the public security organs, upon approval by the people's Government at the execution. Article 14th full-time firefighters from the local public security organ of the Government, in conjunction with human resources and social security sector organizations recruit, can also be provided by way of purchase of services.

Specific conditions, criteria and procedures developed by the provincial public security authority in conjunction with the provincial human resources and Social Security Department.

15th the employing unit shall full-time firefighters to conclude a written contract with the Government, a clear contract terms, working time, labour protection, remuneration, social security and so on.

Meet the conditions for concluding a labor contract without a fixed term, the employer should be made full-time firefighter with the Government labor contract without a fixed period. 16th Government full-time firefighters post term system, job grades are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Specific positions by public security fire control institutions in accordance with fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency rescue work setting.

17th Government dedicated full-time firefighters fire brigades should be the Government fire prevention, fire-fighting and emergency rescue and other specialized skills training.

Government professional firefighters should be subject to professional skills training, through examination and qualified before the induction. Article 18th full-time firefighters labor contract rescission and terminated in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the labor contract law.

Rescission or termination of the labor contract for at least 2 years for reference.

Termination of labor contract, full-time Government Fire Department shall recover the Government full-time firefighters work permits, uniforms and identification.

Fourth chapter duty training 19th article Government full-time fire brigade perform following duties: (a) accept police organ fire institutions unified scheduling, participation fire saves and other disaster accident of emergency rescue, protection disaster accident site, assist about sector survey disaster accident reasons; (ii) perfect duty system, maintenance, and maintenance fire equipment equipment, developed fire saves, and emergency rescue plans, regularly organization walkthrough; (three) assist police organ fire institutions carried out fire supervision check and fire security publicity education training;

(D) to conduct fire safety inspections, master the areas of responsibility of fire safety basic conditions, establish the necessary operational data archives. 20th Government full-time fire brigades should be separate formations on active service, and adopts a shift pattern.

Level full-time fire departments should ensure that more than 18 duty second full-time fire departments should ensure that more than 12 people on duty the Government; the three levels of Government on duty full-time fire departments should ensure that more than 3.

21st Government full time fire brigade operational training, fire-fighting and emergency rescue reference to the relevant provisions of the public security fire-fighting forces.

22nd Government full-time fire department dispatch included simultaneous construction of 119 dispatching and commanding system, one level, two levels of Government by a full-time Fire Department should have built the terminal of police, the three levels of Government by a full-time Fire Department should be equipped with the line of police.

23rd Government full-time fire departments should establish a standard of policing, training, work and life, Unity formed, the House, the House logo, clothing flag is set.

24th Government of public security fire control institutions on a regular basis full-time fire department team management, service training, fire-fighting and emergency rescue work examination and implementation of reward and punishment.

Chapter fifth safeguard measures article 25th full-time fire personnel requirements, daily operation of public funds into the budget at the same level to protect it.

Full-time fire-fighters the day-to-day running of the Government funds by the financial sector combined with the local District Government full-time fire-fighters of the actual needs and financial resources and manpower arrangements.

26th Government full-time fire personnel expenses include salary subsidies, allowances, bonuses, social security (insurance) contribution, food subsidies and compensation fees, installation fees, Housing Fund etc; daily public expenditure including utilities, maintenance (supporting), professional materials, special fuel costs, training costs, and so on. 27th Government professional firemen's wages should be commensurate with their professional and technical capacity and professional risk, per capita wage non-private units shall not be less than last year's local urban average wage of fully employed staff.

Specific standards set by the municipal people's Government determined in accordance with local economic development.

An employing unit shall full-time firefighters to handle various types of social insurance for the Government, and with reference to active-duty firefighters bought personal accident insurance, accident insurance, pre, post, post, emergency occupational health examination, occupational health files. 28th Government full-time firefighters injured, disabled or dead should be carried out according to the work-related injury insurance and other work-related injury certification, work identification, implementation of the treatment of work-related injuries.

Meet the conditions for martyrs to declare, assessed in accordance with the statutory procedures to declare as martyrs. 29th Government assignment of full-time fire department boat shall be in accordance with the special travel registration and management, and can install, use alarms, signal lights, and fire signs to conduct fire fighting and emergency rescue missions on the way, exemption pursuant to the provisions of the parking (Bank), vehicle tolls.

Meet the requirements of countries exempt from vehicle purchase tax, exemption from vehicle purchase tax.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 30th other professional fire brigade in reference to these measures. 31st article this way come into force May 1, 2015.