Education In Jiangxi Province Under Steering

Original Language Title: 江西省教育督导规定

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  First article to specification and strengthening education steering work, guarantee education legal, and regulations, and regulations and national education approach, and policy of implement implementation, implementation quality education, improve education quality, promote education fair, promoted education career science development, according to People's Republic of China education method, and State education steering Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance), about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this province actual, developed this provides.

Article on various types of education at all levels within the administrative area of the province of educational supervision, these provisions shall apply.

Article educational supervision in these rules refers to the people's Government above the county level in accordance with the education law within the jurisdiction of the administrative supervision, inspection, assessment, guidance and other activities.

Educational supervision consists of regular supervision and special supervision and consolidated supervision.

Fourth educational supervision should follow the law of education in order to improve the quality of education and teaching Center, adhere to pay equal attention to supervision and guidance, to promote education and create a good environment for reform and development.

Implementation of educational supervision should not affect the normal teaching activities.

Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall perform the functions of education management and leadership strengthening education supervision and guarantee the required personnel carrying out supervision work and working conditions, educational supervision and funding included in the budget. Sixth provincial education is the province of the Steering Committee shall be responsible for the supervision of the Agency, the provincial development and reform, education, science and technology, finance, human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural development, health and family planning, head of the Audit Department and the public security organs, such as composition, Commission headed by the provincial people's Government, and is responsible for the implementation of the educational supervision in the province.

Steering Committee on provincial education offices are located in provincial administrative departments of education, undertaking educational supervision and implementation.

City divided into districts, counties (cities and districts) shall be responsible for the supervision of institutions of educational supervision implemented within their respective administrative areas.

Seventh article education steering institutions in this level Government led Xia independent exercise steering functions, perform following duties: (a) developed education steering system, prepared this administrative education steering work planning and assessment standard, and be announced; (ii) developed education steering implementation programme and organization implementation, released education steering report; (three) on this level Government and about sector of education policy for track analysis, proposed views and recommends; (four) on education development status and education quality organization carried out assessment, and monitoring;

(E) training of inspectors, inspection, organize exchanges of experience and education, steering scientific research activities, (vi) handling the people's Governments at the corresponding level and superior education other matters assigned by the supervisory bodies.

Article eighth grading supervision, the Division responsible for the supervision of education.

Provincial education inspection bodies responsible for the preparation of the master plan of supervision all over the province, focused supervision of lower level people's governments carry out educational work-related duties, provincial teaching health and safety in schools, guiding city divided into districts, counties (cities and districts) of educational supervision work.

District municipal education, educational supervision, supervisory bodies responsible for the preparation of the work plan, focused supervision of lower level people's Governments to fulfil the education job-related duties as districts, tube, the schools of education and health and safety, and guiding counties (cities, districts) of educational supervision work.

The County (city, district) education supervisory bodies responsible for the preparation of the County (city, district) educational supervision work plan focused on steering the County (city, district) control over schools ' teaching and health and safety.

Nineth educational supervision in accordance with the national provisions implementing Inspector system.

Inspectors appointed by the people's Governments above the county level or educational supervision agency appointment, education staff at supervisory agencies assigned to the supervision of education. Inspectors into full-time Inspector and part-time inspectors.

Full-time Superintendent personnel management by the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with the administrative authorities permission to appoint part-time inspectors appointed or removed by the educational supervision bodies.

Inspector shall meet the qualifications provided for in the regulations, in line with the provisions of the Ordinance the qualifications for officers of educational supervision institutions after passing the examination, issued by the people's Governments at the corresponding level or educational supervision authority inspectors certificate.

Tenth education of the people's Governments above the county level shall supervise institutions shall establish relevant professional experts, educational supervision work of providing advisory services.

Steering Group on educational supervision agencies when implementing educational supervision, expert pool of experts should be involved in.

11th article education steering institutions on Government implementation education legal, and regulations, and regulations and national education approach policy of steering, main including following matters: (a) established implementation education work target accountability situation; (ii) levels various education of planning layout and coordination development situation; (three) advance education field integrated reform and education career innovation development situation; (four) compulsory education balanced development, and education resources distribution situation; (five) education funding of input, and management and using situation;

(F) the guarantee of the construction of teachers and teachers ' rights; (VII) implementation of the supervision and administration of safety and health in schools.

12th steering bodies should address the different characteristics of various types of education at all levels of education, on the classification of schools within their respective administrative areas supervisory.

Pre-school education supervision mainly consists of the following matters: (a) establish and improve rules and regulations, (b) pre-school education management and (iii) early childhood faculty governance; (d) the development of pre-primary education level; (e) level assessment of early childhood education, early childhood development, (vi) school health and safety situations.

Elementary and middle schools education steering main including following matters: (a) established sound regulations situation; (ii) implementation compulsory education exemption near entrance and implementation education quality integrated evaluation situation; (three) teachers team management situation; (four) implementation quality education, strengthened moral, and sports, and aesthetic teaching, reduce students academic burden, situation; (five) students psychological health education and participate in social practice situation; (six) campus culture construction situation; (seven) school security health management situation.

Supervision of secondary vocational and secondary specialized education includes the following: (a) establish and perfect rules and regulations and (ii) funding, the school security and school compliance; (c) "double" teacher training;

(D) schools comprehensive practical training base construction, quality professional development;

(V) production with teaching in school teaching and of connecting the enterprise integration (vi) enrollment and employment; (VII) school health and safety situations.

Supervision of higher education include the following: (a) establish rules and regulations and (ii) the moral and educational work (iii) teachers and (iv) construction, (v) technological innovation and transformation; (vi) graduates employment; (g) the school health and safety situations.

13th administrative education education, the Steering Body should be based on practical work, solve the prominent problems existing in reality, reasonable selected educational supervision, scientific development of education supervision of annual work plans, and in strict accordance with the plans organization and implementation supervision.

Administrative departments of education have been incorporated into the educational supervision scheme school, in the same plan year shall be carried out and supervision similar to the analysis, assessment and other activities. 14th article education steering can take following way for: (a) heard situation reported, requirements was steering units on steering matters about problem made description; (ii) site check, check out, and copy financial accounts and and steering matters about of other file, and information; (three) participate in about Conference and education teaching activities; (four) through network, and newspaper, form sought public on was steering units of views; (five) take held Symposium, and individual interview, and questionnaire survey, and test, and

Comments and other forms of hearing the views of students and their parents and teachers and other relevant persons. Steering units and their staff on educational supervision bodies implement educational supervision according to law shall cooperate, refuse and blocking.

When the students and their parents seminar was convened, school administrators and teachers should withdraw; when the teacher conference was convened, and school administrators should be avoided. 15th article County (city, and district) Government Education Steering institutions should according to national provides on school implementation regular steering, and do following work: (a) according to administrative management permission, according to this administrative within of school layout and in school students scale, situation established education steering responsibility district; (ii) according to one inspectors is responsible for three to five by school of principles assigned inspectors on responsibility district within school of education teaching work implementation regular steering; (three) implemented tone steering system,

Prominent positions in the school name and contact details of public inspectors, teachers and students, parents and the public to complain to the Superintendent or to report and reflect issues and (iv) establish and implement educational supervision Inspector of area of responsibility system of rotation. 16th inspectors on regular school supervision shall be assigned by the county education inspection bodies, or make an application to the county education inspection body and agreed, that can be implemented.

Implementation of regular supervision and shall not inform the supervision of schools.

Inspectors on regular steering of school education, found that the problem should urge schools to deal with in a timely manner.

Regular supervision shall not be less than twice per semester; end of regular supervision, Inspector inspection report shall be submitted to the education inspection body.

17th education inspection agencies in accordance with administration permissions on the 11th and 12th articles of special supervision of implementation of one or more of the matters concerning, or implementation of integrated supervision on all matters. 18th article Special Steering and integrated steering according to following program for: (a) education steering institutions implementation special steering and integrated steering, should prior to was steering units issued written steering notification; (ii) education steering institutions requirements was steering units organization since assessment of, was steering units should in notification provides date within submitted since assessment report; education steering institutions should on was steering units of self-examination since assessment report for audit; (three) education steering institutions should select three name above inspectors and several name experts composition Steering Group,
On-site investigation of steering units for public comments on the Steering unit and (iv) the supervisory tasks of the Steering Group site visits at the end of the date, special supervision should be 5th formed the initial steering input and feedback to the Steering unit, integrated steering should form in the 15th initial steering input and feedback to the Steering unit;

(Five) was steering units on preliminary steering views has objections of, can in received preliminary steering views of day up 10th within, to sent Steering Group of education steering institutions for defence; (six) education steering institutions should according to steering group of preliminary steering views, integrated analysis was steering units of defence views, since made preliminary steering views or received was steering units of defence views of day up 30th within, to was steering units issued steering submissions.

Special Steering programs for major emergencies in the field of education, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

19th steering submissions should be on steering the Steering unit to make an objective and fair assessment on existing problems, it shall submit a rectification of the requirements and recommendations.

Was raised in the representations by steering unit should be under the steering problems, the car and the time limit for rectification, and rectification reports education supervision authority.

Educational supervision institutions should be verified by modification of the Steering unit and track issues related to supervision of the rectification is not in place.

20th special steering and integrated supervision over educational supervisory bodies should be formed education inspection report, submitted in accordance with the provisions of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and upper level steering body, and to the public.

Education inspection report shall include the following information: (a) the basic situation of educational supervision, (ii) experiences of the Steering unit, (iii) found in the steering process problems and implementation of corrective and (iv) guidance on future work of the Steering unit, and the punishments by steering inputs.

21st above county level people's Government or the relevant Department of education inspection reports as education decision-making, education projects, and the Steering unit and its principal heads in the examination, an important basis for reward and punishment.

22nd for inspectors to implement educational supervision, shall comply with the relevant provisions of educational supervision, adhere to the principle of self-discipline, are fair and objectively reflect the real situation, not withholding the fact or fiction; the law need to be avoided, should be avoided.

In the process of educational supervision, Inspector of illegal behaviors such as abuse of authority, abusing power for personal gain, report object has the right to education by steering the steering bodies.

Educational supervision bodies should be made to the content of the complaint investigation process, and within 60 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, investigate and verify the feedback and comments in writing to the complaints of people. Article 23rd educational supervision agencies should strengthen the management of the school inspectors, to evaluate the inspectors carry out their duties, the assessment results as an important basis for appointment or appointment and dismissal of Inspector.

Superintendent appointment management and the specific measures formulated by the provincial education inspection body.

Education inspection bodies according to the inspection results, interviews were steering Unit Chief, urge them to improve your work. Article 24th educational supervisory bodies implement educational supervision, whose work was funded by the agencies expenditures shall not be borne by the steering.

No unit or individual may, on any steering object requested in the name property, also does not accept to be steering the object property.

25th article violates this provision, inspectors, and foreign experts or educational supervision agency staff in the Steering unit to reimburse funds, or accept, ask for steering object's property, by the education inspection body for criticism, ordered to return the property; the circumstances are serious, shall be given sanctions, employed part-time inspectors and experts should also be dismissed constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

26th article of the regulations come into force from October 1, 2015.