Implementation Measures For Forest Fire Protection In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省森林防火实施办法

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  First in order to prevent and fight forest fires, protect people's lives and property safety, protection of forest resources, according to the forest fire prevention Ordinance, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.

Article in the province within the administrative area of the prevention and fighting of forest fires, these measures shall apply, except in the urban area of the city.

Third of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below), forest fire prevention command set up by the people's Government is responsible for organizing, coordinating and directing the administration of forest fire prevention work.

Forestry authorities are responsible for the administrative supervision and management of forest fire prevention, and daily work of the people's Governments at the corresponding level of forest fire prevention command.

Finance, transportation, public security, and other relevant departments responsible for forest fire prevention work in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

Article fourth of township (town) people's Government above the administrative head responsibility system of forest fire prevention, one level signing responsibility and undertake an annual assessment of forest fire prevention.

Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall incorporate the requirements for forest fire prevention budget, according to the forest fire prevention planning, forest fire monitoring and early warning, command and communications systems, and sound fire station and other facilities, construction of forest fire suppression materials repository.

Sixth County forest fire prevention command structure should be more than perfect Allied command and Rangers management system, strengthen the training of Allied command staff, promote the specialization and standardization for extinguishing forest fires.

Seventh of municipal and County operating area of secondary forest and forest operators, should be established according to the actual need professional or you can quickly focus on a team of forest fire suppression.

Construction standards for professional forest fire fighting team, under the command of provincial forest fire prevention agency.

The eighth forest area Township (town) people, neighborhood offices shall organize and forest fire prevention in forestry operators signed joint defense aid agreement.

Nineth forest area of village (neighborhood) the Committee shall cooperate with the township (town) people's Governments or neighborhood offices conduct forest fire prevention awareness, development of forest fire encroached.

Tenth provincial forest fire prevention month every April.

Forest fire periods every year from October 1 to May 31 of the following year.

City and county governments should be based on local high-fire-danger weather conditions, forest high fire risk period as determined and published.

11th period of forest fire prevention, forest fire prevention command authority should carry out 24-hour duty system, and the high forest fire districts and organizations to carry out inspections in fire-prone areas, professional and quick and focused team of forest fire suppression should be 24-hour duty, preparation and diligence. Forest fire prevention in the 12th period, prohibit smoking in forest zones, heating, picnics, send lights, Fireworks and other wild fires. For control disease insect rodent, and freeze and the burning, and burn stubble, special situation, does needed for agricultural production with fire or engineering with fire of, should to County forestry competent sector proposed application, reported County Government approved, and in forestry competent sector of supervision Xia according to following provides with fire: (a) with fire Qian opened fire belt, prepared good bashing fire equipment and bashing fire personnel; (ii) in wind 3 level following with fire, wind over 3 level of, should stop with fire; (three) with fire Hou specified hand out more than fire,

Leave enough personnel for at least 24 hours guards fire.

Forest fire area in the range of tourist attractions, scenic area management units should be supervised by the forestry authorities, to enter the scenic area of personnel, the strict application of the fire inspection of vehicles.

Forest fire prevention in 13th period and forecast of high temperature, drought, wind, fire weather, set for the province's major forest areas within the city and county governments should be designated forest high fire area.

14th article forest high fire period within, province, and city, and County Government should according to reality, on forest high fire district take following measures: (a) ban all field with fire; (ii) released command, on adjacent forest high fire district residents of life with fire proposed requirements; (three) into forest high fire district of personnel, and vehicles, according to forest management membership relationship, by about Government approved Hou, by forestry competent sector according to approved of activities time, and locations, and range for full supervision;

  (D) the range of scenic forest high heat is required, order a scenic area management units according to the actual situation, adjustment, limit the open visiting area, controlling the number of visitors or closed, among other measures.

15th no units and individuals to discover forest fires, you should immediately call the forest fire alarm call or 119 fire phone; the local people's Government or the forest fire prevention command after receiving the report, shall take immediate suppression measures, site investigation and verification, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the province reported to authorities immediately. 16th article occurred forest fire, County above forest fire command institutions should according to following provides immediately organization implementation site saves: (a) occurred General forest fire of, by County forest fire command institutions unified organization command saves; (ii) occurred larger forest fire or forest fire across County Administrative of, by city forest fire command institutions unified organization command saves; (three) forest fire across city administrative of, by province forest fire command institutions unified organization command saves; (four) occurred major, and

Major forest fires, by the provincial forest fire prevention command or by the national forest fire prevention directs agencies unified command to fight the blaze. Superior forest fire prevention directs agencies to forest fire prevention command responsible for subordinate organizations specified command to fight the blaze.

Forest fire prevention command structure within the administrative area of forest fire suppression teams and material control. 17th forest fire suppression should be mainly by professional or you can quickly focus on forest fire suppression team commitment.

  Mass fighting and rescue teams took part in fighting, should be primarily engaged in supporting work. 18th forest fire put out, the local forest fire prevention directs agencies shall organize and clean up the fire, and leave enough staff 24-hour guard.

Forest fire prevention directs agencies to check anhuo before they can withdraw guards.

19th forest within 15 working days after the fire is extinguished, by command save the local forest fire prevention command structure organizational accident investigation group, causes of forest fires, accidents, losses, investigations and assessment report to the people's Governments at the corresponding level in writing.

Occurred at the junction of the administrative area of fire point location numerous forest fires, organized by the forest fire prevention command on a common level investigation team to investigate the accident and investigation reports to the the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

About people's Governments shall, according to the report, forest fires responsible unit and responsible person, and make a decision according to law, or to instruct the relevant departments and units, the lower level people's Governments dealt with according to law.

20th on the premise of ensuring traffic safety, forest fire suppression task you're performing vehicle routes, driving directions, and light limitation of driving speed, other vehicles and pedestrians should give way and avoid paying highway tolls.

For forest fire prevention special radio station, from radio frequency occupation fee. 21st provincial and municipal forestry authority and meteorological departments should be sound forest fire forecast and high forest fire weather warning information release mechanism.

If necessary, the competent meteorological weather modification operations can be implemented.

Radio, television, newspapers, the Internet and other public media shall, according to requirements of forest fire prevention directs agencies, forest fire prevention period for free to the community advertised or published in the forest fire weather forecasting. 22nd article participate in forest fire saves personnel of delays subsidies and life grants, according to following provides paid: (a) by forest fire command institutions mobilization, professional or can fast concentrated of saves team across administrative implementation saves task of, saves players life grants by fire occurred to of County Government according to local government gongchu grants standard, from this level forest fire saves special funding in the paid; (ii) perform forest fire defense mutual saved agreement or implementation forest fire command institutions scheduling,

Non-affected unit fire fighting and rescue team members and people's participation in forest fire suppression, loss of subsidies and living allowances according to the County Fire gongchu subsidy limits, paid for by fire perpetrators; fire due to unclear, paid by the affected unit fire affected unit or the perpetrators ' inability to pay part of, paid by the county where the fire occurred.

23rd article violation this approach provides, forest fire period within in forest fire district smoking, and fire heating, and picnic, and sent lamp, and discharge fireworks firecrackers, field with fire of, by forestry competent sector in accordance with State forest fire Ordinance of provides give punishment; violation security management of, by forest police organ in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method of provides give punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal. 24th article this way come into force on August 1, 2015. On February 16, 1989, issued by the people's Government of Liaoning province, the Liaoning Provincial forest fire prevention measures repealed at the same time.

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