Philatelic Market Management Approach

Original Language Title: 集邮市场管理办法

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General Provisions In order to strengthen market supervision and management philatelic, philatelic standardize the market order, protect the legitimate interests of consumers, and promote the healthy development of the philatelic market, according to "People's Republic of China Postal Law" and the relevant provisions of the State Council to develop this approach.

Article within the territory of People's Republic of China engaged in the collection of stamps and philatelic products business activities market supervision and management, application of this approach.

The term collection of stamps product management, refers to the set of stamps barter goods for the purpose set of stamps in product sales activities and production activities philatelic products; philatelic market refers to a set of postage stamps for the transaction market objects.

Third set of stamps and philatelic items, including postage vouchers. Postage certificates including stamps, postage stamp, stamped envelopes, stamped postcards, stamped postal Jane, postage letter cards; refers philatelic postage certificates manufactures.

Other countries or regions issued postage certificates enter our territory, in accordance with philatelic management.

Article postal administrations under the State Council responsible for the national philatelic market supervision and management.

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, postal administrations under the leadership of the postal administration of the State Council, responsible for philatelic market supervision and management of the administrative district. The following provincial postal administrations

established in accordance with the provisions of the State Council, responsible for the area of ​​philatelic market supervision and management.

Postal administrations under the State Council and provincial, autonomous regions, municipalities and provincial postal administrations of the following postal administrations, collectively referred to as postal administrations.

Article Post philatelic market management departments shall exercise supervision and management, the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and guide the main market operators to standardize their operations.

Business entities Chapter II Article collection stamp products offered by centralized trading market shall, within twenty days after the industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the provisions of the State Council, postal administrations to the provincial postal or less Governing body for the record, and submit the following materials:

(a) collection of stamps product service information registration table;

(b) copy of business license;

( c) the legal representative or person in charge of a copy of proof of identity;

(d) the integrity of business undertaking.

Addition to the above materials, online trading platform should also be submitted Internet access service providers and other network site for the record management approval documents copies; have a fixed place of business, the location of a fixed place of business for its location; there is no fixed place of business, Internet information services business (ICP) license or registration to their location.

The term set of postage stamps centralized trading market, refers to a plurality of sets of stamps product managers set entry points were set on postage stamps barter fixed places and online trading platform.

Article on stamp collection products business concentration within the market, should be run by those who focus on market information upon registration, unified record to postal administrations.

Article VIII of the centralized trading market set up by management to suspend collection of stamps goods business, it shall report to the local provincial three days in advance of the following postal administrations, and make an announcement; stamp collection products business ceased to operate, it should advance two the following ten days report to the local provincial postal administrations, and make an announcement, to take the necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and consumers.

IX products exhibition organized collection of stamps, auctions, the organizers should advance provincial agency reports the following postal management to organize activities to be held ten days time, place and exhibition, auction catalog set of postage stamps and other information .

Article X sets of stamps product managers can trade organizations established by law, in accordance with laws and regulations and the Articles of Association, the industry self-regulation of autonomy.

Behavior Chapter III Article XI set of stamps product managers should follow good faith, fair trade principles, compliance with business ethics.

Article XII stamp collection operator shall not sell goods produced did not specify the subject of philatelic information.

Package philatelic products should follow the principle of proportionality, to determine the reasonable packaging and packaging materials. Stamps Set product information

Article XIII collection of stamps operators to provide consumers with products shall be true, accurate, complete, and may not make false or misleading to consumers, collecting stamps to promote its products.

Article XIV centralized trading market set up should strengthen their management, and regulate the market conduct of operations, establish credit files in accordance with the requirements of operators of postal administrations. For dishonest operators involved in illegal business activities, the complaints and other information, factual records, and grave breaches of market management system to the public.

Article XV centralized trading market shall establish and run public consumer complaints received effective channels and means, receiving consumer complaints, collection and mediation Stamps goods trade disputes. Consumer dispute resolution file retention period should be no less than one year.

Article XVI centralized trading market set up by postage certificates may be provided to identify and consulting services to consumers.

Article XVII collection of stamps goods designated by the postal administrations of the State Council responsible for the import unit. Not specified, no unit or individual shall import goods stamp collection.

Management of imports set of stamps on goods shall comply with the provisions set stamp products business activities this way.

Article XVIII collection of stamps product business operator shall implement the following acts:

(a) operating forged or altered postage certificates;

(Ii) operating against the flow of goods set of stamps;

(three) business after October 1, 1949 set of stamps issued in Taiwan products;

(d) Counterfeiting others in the name of the production or sale of goods set of stamps;

(e) other acts in violation of the national collection of stamps on barter goods regulations.

Article XIX organized collection of stamps exhibition and auction of goods, advertising and publishing products collection of stamps, stamp products shall comply with a set of relevant laws and regulations management and postal management department under the State Council.

Chapter IV Supervision and Administration Article XX postal administrations shall establish routine inspections, random checks, special inspection systems, integrated use of big data technology and information means to strengthen philately market supervision and management.

Postal administrations in accordance with the regulatory functions required to perform, it may require collection of stamps product managers submit relevant data and information. Stamps Set product managers should be timely, true, accurate and complete submission.

Article XXI of postal administrations shall perform the duties of supervision and management, supervision can take the following measures:

(a) enter the premises set of postage stamps or suspected violations of this approach activities other places on-site inspection;

(ii) the relevant units and individuals to understand the situation;

(c) consult and copy relevant documents, information and vouchers;

(four ) check the behavior found in violation of these rules, or require to be corrected on the spot within a time limit;

(V) by postal management department approval, and seizure in violation of the activities related to the workplace, for seizure in violation of the activities related items.

Accordance with the provisions of the seizure, the seizure of items, the review found that the infringement irrelevant, relevant measures should be lifted, be refunded.

Article 22 postage and selling false documents, fraud and other goods set of stamps harm consumers legitimate rights and interests, postal administrations should prosecute, and timely release of consumer risk warning.

Article 23 postal administrations should strengthen industry and commerce, public security departments of coordination and cooperation, improve the cooperation mechanism to jointly carry out the philatelic market supervision.

Article 24 Any unit or individual in violation of the provisions of the act, the right to report to the postal administrations.

Postal administrations should be through the official website reports of phone and e-mail. To receive reports, it shall timely manner.

Receiving reports of postal administrations should feedback the results to the real name informants.

Article 25 postal administrative department supervision and inspection according to law, the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate truthfully explain the situation and to provide documents, information, and shall not refuse, obstruct and hide, and relevant information be kept confidential .

Article 26 postal administrations staff should be strictly in accordance with the legal procedures of supervision and inspection. The implementation of supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection personnel shall not be less than two, and they shall show their law enforcement certificates.

Postal management department staff should be devoted to their duties, according to law, fair and honest, supervision and inspection shall not disclose commercial secrets they know.

Article 27 postal administrations may employ philatelic expert, philatelists and representatives as social supervisors, listen to the views and suggestions of supervisors.

Chapter V Legal Liability Article 28 violates the provisions of Article VI, Article VII, Article VIII, Article IX, no-shows, the record or report truthfully by postal administrations given a warning, ordered to make corrections; overdue correction, a fine of 3,000 yuan more than 10,000 yuan.

Article 29 violates the provisions of Article 12, paragraph 13, Article 15 and Article 17 of the first paragraph by the postal administrations to make corrections, you can more than one thousand yuan or given a warning and fined $ 3,000 or less; causing serious consequences, more than 3,000 yuan fine of 10,000 yuan.

Article 30 violates the provisions of article 18, the postal administrations fine of 5,000 yuan more than one place; the circumstances are serious, 10,000 yuan more than 30,000 yuan fine. For-profit, forged postage certificates by the postal administrations confiscate the illegal income and illegal substances; other illegal goods, transferred to relevant departments and public security. Need to close the set of postage stamps centralized trading market, postal administrations shall be transferred to relevant departments in accordance with law.

Article 31 violates the provisions of Article 12, paragraph 1, 13, subject to the provisions of Article 18 of the postal administrations punished refuses to correct, the inclusion of the philatelic market "blacklist ", announced to the public through official websites and other postal administrations and inform industry and commerce and other relevant departments.

Article 32 violates the provisions of Article 25, the postal administrations may be imposed a fine of $ 5,000 thousand dollars or less. Refuses to make corrections, does not constitute a crime, the public security organs be given administrative punishment according to law.

Article 33 postal administrations staff in violation of the provisions of Article 26, the circumstances are serious, they shall be given administrative sanctions; constitutes a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions Article 34 These Measures shall go into effect August 1, 2016. May 6, 2011 release, April 12, 2013 revised "philatelic market management approach" (Transport Department Order No. 6 of 2011) shall be repealed simultaneously.

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