Lagun In Lhasa Along The Urban And Rural Planning Management

Original Language Title: 拉萨市拉贡公路沿线城乡规划管理办法

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  , Lagun along the highway, first in order to strengthen the urban and rural planning and management, strengthening the planning control, standardize land, shaping the portal landscape, according to the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act and the relevant provisions of the regulations of the Lhasa city urban and rural planning, combined with the practical, these measures are formulated. Second, new and old, this approach applies to this Lagun strip both sides of the road to the mountain.

Xinlagong Road North to xinlagong road checkpoints, South to the galashan tunnel North entrance; old Lagun Road North to the intersection of Willow Road and old Lagun road, South to qushui bridge, two bridges and a tunnel.

Article Lagun along urban and rural planning, Government unified leadership and graded responsibility; along County (area) urban planning departments in accordance with administrative division responsible for Lagun along urban and rural planning and management, responsible for project site submissions, construction land use planning permits, planning permit of construction engineering and construction planning permits issued.

Urban green transportation, forestry, water resources, land and natural resources, housing and urban-rural development, environmental protection, sanitation, urban management, doilungdêqên County integrated law enforcement, Government, quxur County people's Governments and Liu Wuxin district management and other units of the Commission shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, Lagun along urban and rural planning. Fourth Lagun Highway control areas in accordance with the implementation of the regulations of the Tibet Autonomous Region, highway.

Buildings outside the control zone divided into towns, rural areas, agriculture and forestry, in accordance with the planning at all levels.

Fifth of municipal urban planning administrative departments prepare Lagun Highway landscape design; Lagun Highway along the township (town) people's Government in accordance with administrative divisions respectively within the planning area of the Township planning, village plan, to provide a basis for planning and management.

Sixth Lagun road outside of town the control areas of buildings, structures, pipelines, utility poles, advertising towers construction shall conform to the requirements of the city's urban and rural planning management, and according to the provisions of the planning procedures, building on implementation of planning procedures.

Article seventh Lagun city along the highway (rural) interface based on town landscape (rural) town planning control requirements determined view of skyline, video gallery, and delineation of building height partition, its façade shall have architectural features of this municipality.

Article eighth Lagun town plan of eco-region along the highway protection, implementing in eco-region-wide building activities shall not damage the ecological environment of the region.

Nineth Lagun Highway along the architectural style of regulation should be based on village layout planning optimization, cleaning and painting the building facades and roofs, construction details, strengthening village and the surrounding greenery, improving the living environment, maintain characteristics of houses in villages and towns in this municipality.

Tenth Lagun road along the County (district) sanitation Administrative Department in accordance with strengthening the jurisdiction of Lagun towns along Highway environmental remediation, cleaning up garbage, keep out heaps of debris, renovating the abandoned agricultural land, sand, ensure Lagun viewable along the highway free of trash and debris in the yard. 11th Lagun road along the County (district) the greening of forestry administrative departments should strengthen the Lagun Township area hills bare soil along Highway greening construction, planting native trees, evergreen trees and colored-leaf trees, sowing the vegetation of the Highland flowers, enhance Lagun along Highway greening continuity and diversity in the process of creating fast-moving Visual highlights.

Lagun short-term which cannot be relocated along Highway yards, building style is gibberish village, County (district) the greening of forestry administrative departments should be green shade. 12th Lagun road along the County (district) environmental protection Administrative Department of water conservancy administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities and strengthen the Lagun along the river system renovation, Green River levees, create a good landscape.

Strict protection of wetlands along, emphasis on wild plant protection, attention to the protection of Wildlife Habitat, enhance the stability of wetland systems, create a distinctive wetland landscape at high altitude.

13th Lagun highway planning and design should be along the flow on the highway point range of sight, mountain, forest, idyllic landscape tone of green spaces, acres and planting should be adapted plants growing at high altitude in different landscapes, establish a natural plateau.

Article 14th Lagun agriculture along the road layout should adhere to the principle and the principle of unified planning, establishing canopy square, Canal into the net, path connected, tree-lined agricultural demonstration areas, farmland irrigation and drainage ditches to create a green belt. 15th Lagun Highway along agricultural land on both sides is imposed by the conversion of agricultural land expropriation and transfer shall apply.

Lagun road construction outside a controlled area within 500 metres on each side of the agricultural levy, shall be attached to the County (district) pre-location planning of urban and rural planning authorities.

16th of municipal urban planning administrative departments should periodically Lagun planning scope planning implementation effectiveness along the highway supervision and inspection; the County (district) urban planning administrative departments should Lagun scope planning implementation of routine inspections along the road; for violations of the urban and rural planning, County (district), Lhasa city urban planning administrative departments in accordance with the provisions of the town and country planning Ordinance.

17th Lagun Highway along the urban and rural planning area-wide planning and management, supervision and inspection work, without bad consequences of illegal or poorly regulated, responsible units and responsibilities in accordance with the urban planning violations of sanctions. 18th article this way come into force May 1, 2015.