Kunming City People's Government Decision On The Changes Of Regulations And Regulatory Documents

Original Language Title: 昆明市人民政府关于修改部分规章和规范性文件的决定

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  In order to maintain the uniformity of the legal system, the municipal people's Government to conduct a comprehensive clean up of regulations and regulatory documents in force. After cleanup, City Government decided part modified following Government regulations and normative file: a, and Kunming disabled mobile wheelchair car management provides (municipal government makes 93rd,) (a) will tenth article modified for: "apply for associate driving card of, by applicants to household location or live card issued to of CDPF proposed application, local CDPF accepted application Hou, should in 2nd within completed review, and sent has identification qualification of hospital on applicants of body conditions for identification, on meet conditions of, Submitted by public security organs traffic management departments. "(B) to modify the article 24th to:" the use of forged or altered motorized wheelchairs for the disabled plate, driving permit, driver's license, by the public security organs traffic management Department fined 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan to detain non-motor vehicles, and forging or altering motorized wheelchairs for the disabled plate, driving permit, driver's license to be collected. "(C) the 25th article" non-lower extremity disabilities driving motorized wheelchairs for disabled persons, in accordance with the motor vehicle law.

"Content removed. II, and Kunming rural public cemetery management approach (municipal government makes 111th,) will 27th article fourth paragraph modified for: "violation this approach 18th article subsection (four) items provides of, by home administrative competent sector ordered deadline corrected, confiscated illegal proceeds, and at illegal proceeds 1 time times above 3 times times following of fine; on illegal provides cemetery of responsibility people at 1000 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following of fine. "Three, the Kunming city people's Government on the implementation of the customs regulations in promoting civil funeral (Government bulletin 24th) (a) the 27th paragraph (d) is revised as follows:" violation of the 16th article, by the civil affairs departments at the county level rectification. Has illegally obtained, confiscation of illegal proceeds and illegal income more than 1 time fined not more than 3 times without illegally obtained, can be fined a maximum of between 3000 and 1000 Yuan.

"(Ii) the 27th paragraph (VII)," ordered removed, fails to dismantle, organized by the people's Governments at the county level forces forcibly removed "is amended as" rectification ".

(C) the 27th paragraph (h) of "ordered removed; fails to dismantle, forcibly removed by the County Government, dismantle the migration costs borne by the tomb" is amended as "rectification". (D) in subclause (IX) increases, as paragraph (10): "violation of the 20th the second paragraph, by the civil affairs departments at the county level rectification. The illegal provision of cemetery man in charge shall be fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan more than 3000.

"Serial number followed by the other items will be rescheduled.

Four, the Kunming construction engineering safety accident investigation methods (City Government notice, 43rd), 18th (b) "qualified" amended to "staffing". This decision shall come into force as of the date of.