Administrative Provisions On Civil Construction Energy Saving In Nanning City

Original Language Title: 南宁市民用建筑节能管理规定

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  In order to advance the reform of administrative examination and approval system and transformation of government functions according to law and promotion and protection in the management by the prior government approval to more ex-post monitoring, further stimulating market vitality, development and social creativity, according to relevant national and State requirements, the City set basis, limits on administrative examination and development of non-public ownership economy regulations and registration pre approval basis to clean up.
  After cleaning, it was decided that the civil construction energy saving in Nanning city regulations read as follows:

One, by deleting the eighth paragraph of the "inspection before the body operating within the administrative area of the city, should be to meet the statutory requirements of the relevant material submitted to the municipal construction administrative departments for the record."

Second, by deleting article 32nd.

In addition, the individual words are modified and the relevant provisions in order to make adjustments.

This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

The civil construction energy saving management regulations, Nanning city, corresponding amendments shall be made according to this decision, republished.


Administrative provisions on civil construction energy saving in Nanning city

(July 31, 2009 26th city people's Government announced, on February 17, 2015 of the Nanning municipal people's Government decision on the modification of the amendment)

Chapter I General provisions

First to strengthen the civil construction energy saving management, reduce civil building energy consumption in use, improve energy efficiency, according to the People's Republic of China energy conservation law and the People's Republic of China construction, the civil construction energy saving Ordinance and other provisions of the law, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city in civil construction building, rebuilding, expansion, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, building systems operation and management activities, as well as the supervision of civil construction energy saving, these provisions shall apply. Article city and County construction administrative departments responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings.

Urban construction Administrative Department of civil building energy-saving management work carried out according to the Division of responsibilities.

City and county building energy-saving management in city and County construction administrative departments under the guidance of the day-to-day management of implementation of civil construction energy saving city, County engineering quality supervision institutions responsible for construction quality supervision and management of civil architecture.

Development and reform, planning and other relevant departments, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of civil construction energy saving in accordance with law.

Fourth to encourage and support energy services energy consulting, design, testing, auditing, certification and other services.

Encourage trade associations in the civil construction energy saving plan, the preparation and implementation of energy efficiency standards, promotion of energy-saving technology, energy consumption, energy-saving awareness training and information play a role.

Chapter II general provisions Fifth of municipal and county administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, organization of city and County civil construction energy conservation programs, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

County civil construction, civil construction, energy planning should be based on the energy-saving plan, and submitted to the municipal construction administrative departments for the record.

Civil construction energy saving plans should be in new buildings energy requirements, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, energy-saving technology promotion of, renewable energy sources in architecture application, building systems operation and management and other targets, arrangements and safeguards.

Sixth to encourage use of renewable energy such as solar energy, shallow geothermal energy and for building hot water supply, air-conditioning, lighting and so on.

Encourage application suitable to the climate, geography and geological conditions, and building integrated solar hot water technology, use ground-source or water-source heat pump technology, use of solar energy and heat pump technology, application of renewable energy resources in building technology.

Seventh of municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the construction of energy-saving products and the application of construction technology of work, timely release of this city encourages the application of energy-saving building materials and construction technology directory.

Building, design and construction units should be in accordance with the State and the autonomous communities use new wall materials, selection of new wall materials shall conform to the requirements of building energy-saving standards and not the use of solid clay bricks.

Article eighth civil engineering should be carried out in accordance with the specifications and testing work.

Civil construction energy-saving testing institutions shall have the appropriate testing qualifications or meet the statutory requirements.

Nineth following civil buildings energy-efficiency evaluation and identification should be carried out and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State, autonomous regions the results of publicity, supervision by the society:

(A) the construction, reconstruction, expansion of State Office buildings and large public buildings;

(B) implementation of integrated energy-saving alteration and apply for financial support from the national office buildings and large public buildings;

(C) apply to the State, autonomous regions or the pilot project of energy-saving buildings;

(D) apply green building assessment identifies the architecture;

(E) national, State provisions for building energy-efficiency evaluation and identification of other buildings.

Tenth of municipal and county governments shall arrange civil construction energy saving Fund, mainly for support for energy efficiency in buildings research, popularization and application of building energy saving, renewable energy, energy-saving demonstration project, promotion of energy-saving projects and civil construction.

Civil construction energy saving fund management, using methods formulated by the municipal construction Administrative Department jointly with other relevant departments, and report to the municipal people's Government for approval.

Chapter III construction, reconstruction, expansion of civil building energy-saving management

11th development and reform, industry and investment departments for information on the following civil construction project to fixed asset investment projects and approval, approval or for the record work, shall, together with the local city or County construction Administrative Department for civil buildings energy efficiency assessment, and according to the countries and autonomous regions for rational use of energy standards, energy conservation design and civil construction energy-saving assessments, to approve or not to approve the review comments:

(A) large public construction projects;

(Ii) an area of 200,000 square meters (inclusive) of residential building projects.

Not complying with the provisions of the efficiency review approval of fixed-asset investment projects, investment departments not approving, approval or for the record. 12th of municipal and County planning departments in accordance with the civil plan review, should consider the energy utilization and building energy-saving requirements, do comply with the civil construction energy-saving and architectural design of mandatory standards for seeking the advice of construction administrative departments at the same level; construction Administrative Department shall from the date of receipt of the consultation materials within the 10th comment. For comments within a period of time is not included in the planning permission.

Construction Administrative Department's views as an important basis for the planning review.

13th new following civil buildings should use functions from the buildings, scale, site conditions, and so on, to study the application of renewable energy, and select at least one scale application of renewable energy in buildings:

(A) centralized hot water supply requirements of hospitals, hotel building;

(B) the dormitories for students, teachers, and staff dormitory building in enterprises;

(C) the total floor area of over 20,000 square meters of residential areas;

(D) according to the relevant regulations of the State, autonomous region and Nanning, renewable energy buildings should be used.

Article 14th renewable energy facilities should be synchronized with the main building engineering construction design, synchronization, synchronization and acceptance.

15th building, design, construction drawing review, construction, supervision and other units should be strictly enforced civil building efficiency standards, comply with laws, rules and regulations regarding building energy efficiency.

16th units shall design and construction tender documents and related contracts clearly civil construction energy-saving technologies and product specifications, to provide the supervision unit in construction and energy saving examination of construction drawing design documents and in accordance with the acceptance of civil architecture project quality approval standard organization.

17th civil construction drawing design documents should be clear architectural energy-saving measures and targeted content, a comprehensive building energy-saving design design calculations and the use of renewable, and building energy-saving design in the construction plans.

18th construction plan review body should be based on the construction design of civil architecture of mandatory standards for document review, not examined or reviewed do not meet civil building energy saving standard, shall not issue construction drawing examination report. 19th pass the construction drawing review mechanism to review construction projects, construction drawing review bodies or construction drawing examination construction should be report and related information submitted to the engineering building, where administrative authorities for construction drawing inspection record.

Materials and construction administrative departments should be made within 5 working days whether to file comments.

Uncensored record or pass the review of construction drawing design documents may use and construction Administrative Department shall not issue construction permits, construction shall not commence. No units or individuals shall not be changed without authorization after reviewing the record of construction drawing design documents, and shall not reduce the architectural energy-saving standards.

Construction drawing design file you want to change, and should be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the record.

20th construction mass per unit shall perform the following responsibilities and duties:

(A) before the construction of energy-saving projects, prepare special programme for building energy-saving construction technology and construction technical director and Chief supervision engineer to agree and sign for approval.

(B) engaged in construction professionals for the job of building energy saving technology to give the low-down and the necessary hands-on training.

(C) in accordance with the examination of construction drawing design documents for construction and civil construction energy-saving project construction quality approval standard.

21st engineer supervision responsibilities and shall perform the following obligations:

(A) the clear requirement of building energy conservation in a planning Commissioner, and building energy efficiency supervision rules, draw up detailed management measures and requirements.

(B) found the construction unit in accordance with the construction drawing design documents and code for acceptance of construction quality of building energy-saving in construction and construction units should be required to correct; construction unit refused to correct, shall promptly report to the construction unit, and reports to the engineering quality supervision institutions.

(C) included in the list of the prohibition of the use of technology, process, equipment, material and products, measures should be taken to stop; stop invalid, shall promptly report to engineering quality supervision institutions.

(D) the thermal insulation of walls, roofs, and other important parts of the project construction, the engineer shall, according to requirements of engineering overseeing standard supervision.
22nd construction, real estate development enterprises in housing construction and sales, respectively (in advance) public buildings energy conservation information, express energy saving measures in housing, insulation works the warranty information.

23rd civil engineering before the completion, the construction unit shall organize the design, construction, supervision and other units, according to relevant laws and regulations acceptance of building energy-saving construction and acceptance specification, formed construction quality acceptance of building energy efficiency Division reports, the project location municipal or county building energy-saving management institutions and project quality supervision record.

Without acceptance or unqualified acceptance of building energy-saving construction, project completion acceptance should not be conducted, projects shall not be put into use.

The fourth chapter existing building with energy saving reformation

24th construction Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments at all levels within the administrative area of civil construction, structure, energy system, energy consumption index, organization surveys and statistics such as life cycle analysis, and civil construction energy conservation programs, development of civil construction energy-saving plans, clear objectives, scope and requirements of energy-saving, after approval by the people's Governments at the corresponding level organization.

Civil construction energy-saving should be based on country office buildings and large public buildings as a modification. 25th civil construction energy-saving energy-saving programs should be developed and approved by the full argument.

Energy-saving reform should be guided by the following principles:

(A) on feasibility and necessity of reform, investment income, rather than scientific evidence;

(B) the building envelope renovation should be synchronized with the system;

(C) meet the mandatory building energy conservation standards;

(D) ensuring that the structural safety, does not affect the building function. 26th State Office building energy-saving costs and budgets by the people's Governments at the same level into the corresponding level.

Other construction costs of energy-saving by the building owner or holder of self-financing.

Encourage social capital investment in civil construction energy-saving and investors agreed to share proceeds received by the building with energy saving Reformation.

Fifth chapter building systems operation and management

27th civil ownership, right to person shall guarantee the normal operation of the building systems.

State Office buildings and large public buildings in the owner, the holder shall establish and improve the building energy-saving management system and operating rules, to monitor the system for building, maintaining and regularly submit building electricity consumption of all city or County construction Administrative Department. 28th construction administrative departments shall establish a system of civil buildings energy consumption statistics.

National authorities within their respective administrative regions office buildings and large public buildings use electricity for surveys and statistical analysis, and findings of the national office buildings and large public buildings energy consumption of refrigeration, lighting, announced to the public.

State Office buildings and large public buildings owners, right to person should be in charge of construction sector surveys may be required.

29th city and County development and reform Department in conjunction with the construction administrative departments under the buildings category, function and size, and indeed national authorities within their respective administrative areas for Office buildings and large public buildings in key power unit and its annual power consumption limits.

For power to exceed the limits for standard, city and County construction Administrative Department shall require its deadline for energy-saving reconstruction; overdue reform shall be announced to the public list of the limitation of power units or individuals. 30th the use of air conditioning heating and cooling systems of public buildings indoor temperature controls.

Except for special uses, public buildings indoor temperature control shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State.

The sixth chapter legal liability

31st in violation of the provisions of article seventh, construction, design, construction units are not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the new wall materials, or the use of solid clay bricks, construction administration departments at or above the county level shall be ordered to rectify, it fails, by the use of solid clay brick, and impose a fine of 10 yuan per cubic meter.

Article 32nd building owners, violates the provisions of article 28th of the right, refused to cooperate with the competent construction Department surveys or do not provide statistics, by construction administrative departments under the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the Statistics Act, to investigate and punish.

Article 33rd construction, design, construction, supervision, testing, construction drawing review, and other units in violation of the provisions of the construction administrative departments can be publicized their illegal behavior as bad record.

Article 34th violations of the provisions of this Act, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to relevant laws and regulations, from its provisions.

The seventh chapter by-laws

Article 35th of large public buildings in these rules refers to single construction area of over 20,000 square meters of public buildings.

Article 36th farmers build low-rise residential building energy saving does not apply this provision. 37th article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2009.