Implementing The Regulation On Barrier-Free Environment In Shaanxi Province Approaches

Original Language Title: 陕西省实施《无障碍环境建设条例》办法

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  First the construction of barrier-free environment in order to implement the State Council regulations, strengthen the construction of barrier-free environment to protect persons with disabilities, older persons and the rights of other members of society to equal participation in social life, promote social civilization and progress, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

II construction of barrier-free environment within the administrative area of the province to apply this approach.

Construction of a barrier-free environment in these measures refers to facilitate the disabled, elderly as well as other members of society independent safe passage roads, access to public places, buildings, on public transport, exchange of information, access to community-building activities carried out by.

Third construction of barrier-free environment should be consistent with the disabled, the elderly and other members of the practical need of society, coordinated with basic social needs, commensurate with the level of economic and social development of the province, following the principles of practical, actionable benefit. Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall organize and make accessibility development plan and to incorporate it into the administrative areas for national economic and social development planning, urban and rural development planning and implementation.

Preparation of barrier-free environment construction plan shall seek the views of organizations of persons with disabilities and other social organizations.

The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict offices should have the administration supervises the construction of barrier-free environment in the region.

Article fifth barrier-free housing and urban-rural construction departments are responsible for supervision and management of construction activities, and implementation of barrier-free facilities construction supervision and inspection.

Informatization Department leading the social information barrier-free development, application and demonstration of information barrier-free technology, guide and supervise the construction of barrier-free information service platform to promote information accessibility services.

Radio and television departments of press and publication are responsible for guiding and promoting television offered sign language of the deaf news, or disabled features, radio station offering persons with disabilities program, news media and public interest in the construction of barrier-free environment awareness, guidance and supervision for persons with disabilities, the elderly and other members of the community use the publishing of publications and audio-visual products.

Disabled Federation, and ageing work institutions, and women Federation should regularly collection disabled, and elderly and other social members of no obstacles needs, to Government and about sector proposed strengthening and improved no obstacles environment construction of views and recommends, tie do no obstacles environment construction planning of developed and implementation work; carried out no obstacles environment construction of publicity and supervision; do disabled, and elderly integrated service facilities no obstacles construction and disabled family no obstacles transformation work.

Development and reform, public security, civil affairs, education, transportation, health and family planning, tourism and other relevant competent authorities shall, within the scope of their respective duties, barrier-free environment to do construction work.

Sixth people's Government above the county level and their departments, disabled persons and older persons ' organizations should take a variety of forms, barrier-free building knowledge and awareness, increase public accessibility awareness, and learn to citizens, legal persons and other organizations a barrier-free environment construction knowledge, relevant skills training to provide the necessary guidance and assistance.

Radio, television, newspapers, networks and other media should be barrier-free environment in building public awareness.

Seventh article of any units and individuals can build barrier-free environment to housing and urban-rural construction, industry and information technology, the disabled persons ' Federation and other relevant departments to make suggestions and recommendations; problems found, can complain to the relevant units; after authorities received a complaint, should be processed in a timely manner, and replies to the complainants the processing result.

Article eighth encourages and supports the adoption of barrier-free universal design technology and products and promote handicapped accessible technology and product development, application and promotion.

Promoting the concept of barrier-free environment, encouraging citizens, legal persons and other organizations to contribute to the construction of a barrier-free environment, and volunteer service.

Nineth town building, rebuilding, expansion of roads, public buildings, public transport facilities, residential buildings, residential areas, should be in accordance with the construction standards construction of barrier-free facilities barrier-free facilities.

Rural reconstruction and development should take into account the disabled, the elderly, as well as the specific needs of other members of society, with the actual situation, according to local conditions, construction of barrier-free environment and achieving barrier-free facilities engineering and construction standards.

Barrier-free facilities construction should synchronize with the main part of the project design, synchronous, synchronous delivery of construction and dovetailed with the barrier-free facilities construction projects around the existing.

Article tenth departments such as housing and urban-rural construction design document of construction project review, shall review the national provisions on the design of barrier-free facilities.

11th construction units in the Organization of construction project when it is completed, which should include acceptance of barrier-free facilities, after acceptance, deliverables, acceptance or acceptance is not qualified may not be delivered.

The following construction projects when it is completed, construction unit may inform the Federation of persons with disabilities, ageing job agencies, Federation of persons with disabilities, representatives of agencies on ageing can be organized for persons with disabilities, the elderly trial, listen to their views:

(A) the State organs and institutions of the place;

(B) transport, culture, sports, education, health, tourism and other public places;

(C) banking, postal services, telecommunications and other business premises;

(D) large shopping malls, restaurants, accommodation and commercial services;

(E) supporting, fostering agencies, older persons and persons with disabilities is closely related to the daily life of other public places.

12th people's Governments above the county level cities and towns have been built does not meet the criteria of barrier-free facilities construction of roads, public buildings, public transport facilities, residential building, residential area of barrier-free facilities during reconstruction, priority should be given to promote barrier-free reconstructions of the following or a place:

(A) the rehabilitation, social welfare and other institutions;

(B) the external services of the State organs, persons with disabilities and older persons;

(C) cultural, sports, educational, medical and health services;

(D) the transportation, financial services, postal services, commercial, tourism and other public places;

(E) the large residential areas peripheral services.

13th the disabled, older persons according to their actual needs, as well as other members of society to barrier-free facilities housing reconstruction, without affecting the safety and use of the case, Housing Authority and Housing Department be allowed to reform, property services should facilitate their improvement.

For barrier-free facilities in the people's Governments above the county level may reform subsidy for poor families.

14th public service institutions and places should be carried out to its staff accessibility knowledge education and needed skills training, for hearing, vision, speech disability related issues, should be provided to facilitate communication between services, conditional units can provide Braille and sign language interpreters.

Hearing held concentrated at a public event with the participation of persons with disabilities, organized unit shall provide subtitles or sign language.

15th community public service institutions, cultural and sports activities should gradually improve barrier-free facilities for persons with disabilities, seniors and other community members to provide barrier-free services.

16th in airport, railway station, bus station, ferry terminal, port hub sites, tourist attractions should be set, such as barrier-free access, have the condition should also assign staff to the disabled, the elderly and people with special needs to provide the necessary services.

17th urban rail transit of barrier-free facilities shall be suitable for persons with disabilities, seniors and other community members.

The main trunk road, the main business district sidewalk traffic lights should be installed across the street audio prompting devices. Bus services should be providing voice-announce, and gradually realize the marquee stops services, and barrier-free ride.

Bus stop (dot) shall conform to the national standards for barrier-free facilities construction, gradually setting visual recognition of persons with disabilities, lines of vehicles waiting for reminders.

When configuring taxi resources municipal people's Government shall give an appropriate indicators of barrier-free taxis under local conditions, and make an offer. Article 18th public car park barrier-free facilities, roads, parking should be in accordance with the construction standards set the accessible parking spaces.

Barrier-free parking in disabled access location should be set up, and set a significant identity.

Following sites barrier-free facilities engineering and construction standards in accordance with the set of accessible parking spaces, should be made available free of charge to physically disabled persons:

(A) of State bodies, enterprises, institutions premises;

(B) the airports, railway stations, bus stations, rail, ferry terminals, ports and other transport hubs;

(C) the medical and health, education, culture, finance, postal, commercial, tourism and other public places;

(D) residential land.

Article 19th accessible parking spaces for physically disabled persons to drive or take the vehicle-specific. Accessible parking spaces for vehicles should be placed in a prominent position-specific marks or certificates of persons with disabilities, facilitate management verification.

Does not meet the conditions of use of the vehicle shall not be occupied accessible parking spaces.

Article 20th physically disabled disabled vehicles to drive without tail number limit line of motor vehicles subject to the provisions of the people's Government of the city.

Article 21st vision can take protective measures for disabled persons guide dog access to public places and public transport.

22nd have barrier-free facilities or the provision of accessible services in public places, the owner or manager shall prominently set meet the national barrier-free identity.

Barrier-free logo should be standardized and clear and obvious.

23rd section of barrier-free facilities owners or managers should strengthen the maintenance of barrier-free facilities, ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities. 24th due to the temporary occupation of urban construction of barrier-free facilities, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the relevant procedures, and signs warning of guard-rails and easy recognition of persons with disabilities, while taking the necessary alternative measures.

Expiration of temporary occupation, it shall restore the status quo ante of barrier-free facilities. 25th no units or individuals may damage, appropriate barrier-free facilities or change its use.

Renovation or expansion road shall not damage sidewalks and non-continuity of the motorway barrier-free facilities.

26th the disabled and the elderly as well as the rights of other members of society barrier-free exchange of information.
The people's Governments above the county level shall incorporate construction of barrier-free information exchange information technology planning, promoting the exchange of information barrier-free construction, and to take measures for the disabled, the elderly, and other community members to facilitate access to information.

27th Government of the people's Governments above the county level and their departments publish important information and related information to persons with disabilities, should create conditions for persons with disabilities provides information exchange services such as voice and text prompts, there are conditions where relevant information can be made into Braille, large print or audio books, vision for people with disabilities.

28th national entrance examination, vocational qualification exams organized by and as an examinations, examinations of persons with disabilities should be provided for the convenience of their physiological characteristics or help visually disabled, should be provided for which you need Braille or large print version of the paper, electronic paper, staff assistance, if necessary.

29th provincial districts established by the municipal people's Government television station should create conditions, with subtitling in broadcast television programming, broadcast at least 1 times per week distribution of broadcast sign language news program.

The County (city, district) people's Government setting up TV stations should create conditions at the time of broadcast news and features for the disabled, and added captions.

Open publishing, film and television video products shall be equipped with caption.

Article 30th websites of organizations of persons with disabilities should be reached barrier-free design standard.

Web site, the people's Governments above the county level public service activities of the Government websites, organizations of older persons Web site should be to achieve barrier-free design standard.

31st public library established by the people's Governments above the county level shall be progressively established vision for persons with disabilities-reading room, reading books, using the Internet to facilitate for the visually disabled.

32nd people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the police, medical first aid, emergency call systems-building, so that its text message alert, call function, hearing and speech disabled alarm and call for help.

33rd State organs, public organizations and grass-roots mass self-government organization units, residential property owners, such as the Organization of elections and participation of persons with disabilities should be facilitated, as required for the visually impaired Braille ballot papers or assistance to people with disabilities.

34th article violates these rules, not according to barrier-free facilities construction standards set up barrier-free parking, blind, ramps, barrier-free facility, be criticized by the Department of housing and urban-rural construction, and other related education and rectification; fails to mend, owners or managers fined 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

35th construction of barrier-free environment-related departments and their functionaries, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Article 36th other acts in violation of these regulations, provisions of laws and regulations have been punished, and from its provisions. 37th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2015.

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