Shenzhen Office Management

Original Language Title: 深圳市机关事务管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen self-construction, specification management, security organs functioning, reduce operating costs, in accordance with the regulations, the party and government organizations practise strict economy and combat waste Ordinance and other regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies to municipal and district using Government funds to State organs, institutions and people's organizations (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) Office management activities.

Government offices in these measures, refers to the use of Government funds to protect internal organs functioning organs administrative acts, including funding, assets used, resource allocation, infrastructure and organizational arrangements for service matters, regulatory affairs.

Article Office Management shall follow the centralized, security business, practicing strict economy and principles of clean, efficient, open and transparent, convenient to the masses. Fourth article city organ Affairs competent sector (following referred to city competent sector) and manpower configuration service guarantees resources, main perform following duties: (a) implementation national, and Guangdong Province and this city about organ affairs management of legal, and regulations, and regulations and policy, developed related system and standard, participation developed and organization implementation organ affairs management reform of policy; (ii) developed and organization implementation organ Affairs development planning and annual plans; (three) bear municipal government authorized of organ run funding, and organ assets management,

As well as work for retired cadres services, logistics management and (iv) promoting the city's public energy-saving, green offices work of the eco-environment construction and sustainable development and (v) Guide, coordinate, supervise and inspect the city's Office of management.

The district (including district, the same below) authorities (including the new service management agency, hereinafter referred to as departments) should be based on Office management systems and standards established by the competent authorities, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, this higher level services management system, Office management.

Fifth of municipal and district development and reform, finance, auditing and supervision departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, according to the Division of responsibilities, the implementation of Office management and supervision and inspection work.

Sixth article of any organizations and individuals found to have violated provisions of the Office of management, can contribute to the municipal and district authorities, as well as financial and auditing departments. Relevant department upon receipt of the report, it shall investigate and deal with, and timely processing of feedback from informants; tipoff belong to other departments should timely transfer of relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Department accepting the report shall keep their informants confidential.

Chapter II administration of funds article seventh municipal authorities shall, jointly with the Municipal Finance Department, according to the City Office the basic requirements in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions, establish offices relating to the physical scale of the city and service standards, and adjusted according to the economic and social development in due course.

Municipal Finance Department should be based on physical scale and service standards, refer to the relevant market prices of goods and services, making bodies run quota standards and related expenditure of budget expenditure, in accordance with the principles of total control, strictly from a tight, take the form of quota, approved operating budget.

Article eighth bodies shall verify the financial settlement control and supervision, accurate accounting bodies to run funds reflect the administrative costs, improve the efficiency of Fund utilization.

The authority shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disclosure of Government information, establish a perfect running publicly financed system.

Municipal and district authorities shall, together with the financial sector, supervision and inspection of the resources on the operation of this higher level, involving overseas (border), in conjunction with the Foreign Affairs Department to supervise and inspect the city, district audit departments should run to the higher level supervision through auditing of the use of funds. Nineth organs should be corporate hospitality, business acquisition and operating costs, business abroad (border) costs included in the budget management and develop a spending plan, strict control of corporate hospitality, corporate car purchase and running costs, business abroad (territory) in running the scale and proportion of the budget.

Bodies shall not be diverted from other budget funds for official entertaining, corporate acquisition and operation or business abroad (territory) shall be subject to any form of reimbursement of costs associated with subordinate units or other units. Article tenth of the authority shall, in accordance with the Government procurement laws, regulations, rules and policies, procurement of goods, works and services required to run.

Centralized procurement catalogue, as well as centralized purchasing directory, centralized purchasing limit over standard procurement projects, should be implemented strictly in accordance with the provisions and procedures for government procurement procurement, shall not violate the regulations themselves or by piecemeal way of evading government procurement.

The organ shall prepare procurement budget, strict implementation of the budget and asset allocation criteria, determines the procurement requirements, shall not exceed the standard procurement, shall not exceed the procurement office needs.

11th city and district financial department shall, in conjunction with the competent departments, establish and improve the Office running expenses statistics reporting and performance appraisal systems, organize Office running cost statistics, analysis, evaluation, and so on.

Chapter 12th of municipal assets management Department shall, in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department, Guangdong Province, according to the State, and the State-owned assets management system, combined with the shape and nature of the assets, classification and organizational implementation of the asset management system.

Municipal and district authorities to the level of the Government's authorized management authority assets, take property rights registration, asset management, inventory disposal responsibilities, and accept the guidance and supervision of the financial and other relevant departments at the same level.

Municipal and district authorities should be cleaned on a regular basis the level of Government authorized the management of assets, improve asset efficiency.

13th of municipal authorities shall, jointly with the Municipal Finance Department, according to the relevant regulations of the State-owned assets management, economic and social development, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements and the basic needs, the Government authorized the management of assets, asset classification standard, determine the quantity, price, performance, asset allocation and the minimum age and reported to the municipality for approval. Organs should be based on asset allocation and stock assets, preparation of annual asset allocation plan, reported to the competent authorities at the same level auditing.

Audit results as financial approval budget basis.

14th organs should improve the asset management system, regulating asset use, establish and improve the asset account card and using the file, the use of assets management responsibility, regular inventory, inventory checks and check accounts accounts accounts and financial assets, ensure the security and integrity of authorities assets.

Organs may not be assets for mortgage, rent, lend, shall not be used for foreign investment or holding economic entities. 15th the organs of long-term idle, excessive purchase or inefficient operation of the assets shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disposal of State-owned assets, are unified financial sector transfers by departments at the same level.

Unable to transfer or continue to use and have not been scrapped, it shall take public auction disposition, proceeds of disposition turned over to the State Treasury, and complying with the provisions to write off assets.

16th municipal and district authorities of organs at the same level with the unified management, intensive use of the land.

17th of municipal departments should establish and improve office space management systems and standards.

Municipal and district authorities of organs at the same level of office space a unified registration, allocation of unified planning and construction standards, unified, unified maintenance, unified professional property management, conditions, can be the level of Government Office building a unified building; to promote fair allocation and intensive use of space resources. 18th organs exceeds the specified size standard possession or use of office space, as well as unauthorized renting of office space, should make back. Teng back and recover Office space, bodies should timely transfer of competent departments of the Office space allocation at the same level.

Bodies shall not be changed without approval of office space use, unauthorized changes, should restore the original function. Bodies shall not be rented, loaned office space has been leased, lent, after the expiration of the leasing contract shall be recovered. Lease contract has not expired, in strict accordance with the two lines of income and expenditure management of rental income.

Agencies under special circumstances to rent office space, should be examined by the authorities and financial sector at the same level, and the level of Government approval.

Separation, dissolution, merger or affiliation change, municipal and district authorities shall on the possession, use of State-owned assets inventory registration, inventory, in conjunction with the audit, disposal of the financial sector and asset transfer in time. 19th office building maintenance and renovation should be in accordance with simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection, the principle of security, strict enforcement of maintenance standards.

Office space renovation funds needed, unified into the budget.

20th of municipal authorities shall, jointly with the municipal finance and other relevant departments, improve the system of using cars for public affairs reform package, guide and supervise the management of official car use in the city.

Municipal authorities shall, in accordance with official cars use management regulations, classification orientation to protect official cars equipped with standard, exploring the implementation of unified identity management and centralized corporate vehicle service protection mechanisms, rational and effective allocation of official cars resources, innovative cars for general corporate purposes and specific forms of official car classification and accounting of fuel consumption and repair and maintenance costs of a bicycle, and reduce administrative costs.

Official car purchase of should be in accordance with the Central Government, the Guangdong Province and the municipality on price, emission standards and regulations such as new energy car purchases.

Fourth chapter service management article 21st municipal and district authorities should develop the unified rear-service management system the same level to determine logistical services and standards, logistics services of guidance and oversight bodies, resource allocation, economical use of logistical service.

Agencies shall establish a sound management system for logistic and logistic services shall not exceed the prescribed projects and standards.

Municipal and district authorities to concentrate Office regional logistic service carried out by the competent departments at the same level.

22nd of municipal and district authorities shall practice, advance the reform of rear-service socialization.

Organs should be based on services and standards, in accordance with the relevant provisions on government procurement, the introduction of qualified logistics service unit, responsible for the logistical services work. 23rd of municipal authorities shall, jointly with relevant departments, development of logistical services contract demonstration text.
Agencies should reference the contract demonstration text, with the introduction of logistics services to enter into a service contract.

Agencies services contract management mechanism should be established, standardized service contract, change procedures, evaluation on implementation of contract management system.

Article 24th municipal and district authorities shall establish evaluation system of service quality, for logistics services unit's performance, quality of service, to conduct a comprehensive assessment and comprehensive evaluation. Each authority shall in accordance with the requirements of the service quality evaluation system, questionnaire, consultation, introduction of third-party professional agencies, periodic assessment of the service quality and satisfaction.

Results of assessment and evaluation services should be in place for the public and renew a service contract reference and logistics services unit.

25th of municipal and district authorities are responsible for public safety, emergency stabilisation, disaster relief and other emergency events and important meetings, major events, the service guarantee work. 

Article 26th organs shall establish a sound reception systems and standards, management and standardize official entertaining. Bodies should be strictly enforced list of official reception system, reflect the reception, corporate events, reception costs and so on.

Reception list should serve as a certificate of financial reimbursement and auditing.

Organs should establish service monitoring mechanisms, and consciously accept the supervision of the authorities and social.

Organs of the 27th meeting service standards should be strictly implemented and strictly control the quantity, size and duration of the session, making full use of internal space and Conference is held, such as video, network video, save on conference costs.

28th city, police authorities and the competent authorities shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, be responsible for the higher level set Office security, to strengthen the security management guidance and supervision of the work of the various organs.

Organs should establish a safety management system, implementation of safety measures and maintain normal order in the workplace.

Fifth chapter 29th save energy resources organs should be intensive use of resources, improved energy, water, food, furniture, Office equipment, Office supplies, such as efficiency and effectiveness and eliminate waste.

30th of municipal authorities should implement the public energy-saving Ordinance, is responsible for all or part of the city's use of Government funds by State organs, institutions and organizations (hereinafter referred to as the public agency) work in planning, organization, implementation, and supervision and management.

31st organs should implement energy management system, carry out the publicity and education training, establishment of system of measurement and reporting of energy consumption, the progressive introduction of household energy consumption, classification, measurement, energy resource consumption data reported to the competent authorities at the same level each year.

Municipal authorities shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the characteristics of different industries, different systems of public institutions, spending on energy consumption standards.

32nd of municipal authorities shall, jointly with relevant departments, development of public energy-saving renovation of existing buildings plans, and their implementation.

Contract energy management for energy-saving reconstruction of public institutions may, in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be awarded.

33rd of municipal authorities are responsible for public water conservation work and manpower coordination and supervision.

Organs should be fixed and objective responsibility for classification of water resources management, promote the use of water-saving technologies and equipment, to manage and maintain the water equipment, facilities, economical use of water resources.

34th of municipal authorities are responsible for developing specific measures for energy saving target of public bodies, organizations, energy efficiency of public institutions for the coordination of the monitoring, inspection, evaluation and publicity work. 35th organs should be optimized office furniture, Office equipment and other asset allocation and use, by way of transfer to liquidize the assets, save the purchase funds.

Has been updated to the period but the Office still continue to use the asset, not discarding.

Article 36th administration shall establish a system of waste disposal, the non-confidential waste paper, waste electrical and electronic products, such as centralized recycling waste materials and promoting recycling involving State secrets, in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the destruction.

37th encouraged authorities to use information technology, advancing the paperless office and on the move, upgrade administrative efficiency.

Government affair information system construction and manpower planning, unified organization to prevent duplicated construction.

Sixth chapter legal liability article 38th in contravention of this regulation, in accordance with the regulations, the party and government organizations practise strict economy and combat waste Ordinance and the relevant laws and regulations.

39th of municipal, district authorities and their staff do not perform their duties in accordance with these provisions, directly responsible and other persons directly responsible, disciplined law and regulations and notifications; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

Office staff in offices in the management of failure to perform duties or does not properly carry out their duties, shall be subject to administrative liability; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

The seventh chapter by-laws 40th District Government (District Administration) practice, developing district-level service management approach.

Municipal authorities shall, jointly with the municipal finance and other relevant departments, the detailed rules for the implementation of these measures.

41st these measures come into force on July 1, 2015.