Administrative Measures For Supporting Green Construction Projects Area Of Audit Of Wuhan City

Original Language Title: 武汉市建设工程项目配套绿地面积审核管理办法

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  First in order to regulate the city construction projects supporting the audit management of green areas, in accordance with the regulations on urban landscaping in Wuhan, Wuhan, and the provisions of the town and country planning Ordinance, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second this approach applies to the urban planning construction projects supporting audit management of green areas in the region.

Article city planners approved construction projects, its green area audit administered by the City Department responsible for planning approval of construction projects, supporting green space area of audit administered by the garden Department.

Government departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions supporting green area approval and management of construction engineering project related work.

Article garden departments shall, in accordance with the regulations, construction project planning review stage of the project to review the planning and supporting green space area, and within 5 working days to review opinion feedback to the Planning Department.

Conditions to verify construction project planning and design stages, gardens Department shall supervise and inspect the implementation of project green, within 5 working days and to provide feedback on views to the planning departments of supervision and inspection.

Fifth construction projects with a total area of construction land use planning permits approved prevail; yet planning permit for construction purposes, subject to the conditions to determine the scope of the planning and design. Construction projects supporting green space rate should be consistent with the sixth green Wuhan City Ordinance criteria set out in article 18th.

Due to constraints cannot meet the required standard, Garden Department and reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval, can be reduced, but not below the standard of 70%.

Construction projects are compatible with nature, contained in its green rate standard in accordance with weighted average value determines the proportion of different kinds of land; different kinds of land area are not clear, according to the floor area ratio of weighted average to determine different categories.

Article seventh approval authorities for construction projects in the road of urban greening projects such as the early approval, shall, together with the gardening sector according to the relevant technical standards and norms, as well as adjusting measures to local conditions, suitable land and tree of principle to audit the design, the construction unit shall, in accordance with an audit opinion and organization design unit to optimize the design.

Eighth article residential project supporting green border start points according to following provides calculation: (a) Pro House between road, and group road, and community road of, public green border is to roadside 1 meters, House next (House between) green border is to roadside; (ii) community road has people line sidewalk of, is to people line sidewalk edge; (three) Pro City Road, and residential level road of, is to road red; (four) Pro buildings of, is to buildings wall 0.9 meters;

(E) temporary fences, walls, and into the wall.

Nineth article residential project public green (including Center Green and other band, and block public green) should meet following provides: (a) residential level residential project of Center green area shall not is less than 10000 square meters, community level residential project of Center green area shall not is less than 4000 square meters, group level residential project of Center green area shall not is less than 400 square meters; (ii) other block, and band public green area not is less than 400 square meters, and and width not is less than 8 meters;

(C) the levels referred to in the first green at least one edge adjacent to the appropriate level of road, and with an open layout, (iv) afforestation area (including water) is not less than 70% and (v) the provisions of the code for planning design of urban residential area of other requirements.

Public green spaces and baseline distances between buildings on the South side of the border to the North, the benchmark buildings should be not less than 1.5 times the height of benchmark buildings with green space adjacent to the South side of the North and South buildings arranged in parallel shall prevail; irregular North-South parallel arrangement of buildings on the South side, the distance determined according to different azimuth spacing reduction coefficient. Tenth Article construction project supporting green area conversion should meet following provides: (a) independent artificial made King waters by its area of 30% calculation for supporting green area, but shall not is greater than supporting green total area of 10%; (ii) single strains planting of trees, according to tree pool actual area calculation for supporting green area; lined planting of trees, spacing is less than 5 meters and number in 5 strains above of, by its actual planting length multiplied by tree points average width calculation for supporting green area

; Used tree array way planting dry diameter is greater than 8 cm of trees, and spacing is less than 5 meters and each row each column trees strains number are in 4 strains above of, by its tree array overall area calculation for supporting green area; (three) take planting slot way, and and planting slot width is greater than 0.5 meters of vertical, by its planting slot area calculation for supporting green area; used vertical planting way of vertical, by its actual state surface green area of 40% calculation for supporting green area.

11th article built (frame) built real roof standard level Yu around status city road of, its roof above covering green according to following provides calculation supporting green area: (a) covering thickness in 1.0 meters above of, by its actual green area of 80% calculation; (ii) covering thickness in 0.6 meters above insufficient 1.0 meters of, by its actual green area of 65% calculation; (three) covering thickness insufficient 0.6 meters of, by its actual green area of 30% calculation.

12th building (structures) roof elevation above the surrounding situation of urban road green roof, average overburden thickness of 0.4 m or more, according to 30% of the green roof area calculation for supporting green area, but not larger than the project supporting the green space with a total area of 20%.

13th cut grass brick paved parking spaces, calculated according to the 25% of the area for supporting green space.

Hollow grass brick laying and each parking space are planting shade trees trunk diameter greater than 8 centimeters, calculated according to the 40% of the area for supporting green space.

The 14th construction projects supporting green area shall not be included in the following circumstances: (a) the balcony greening, indoor gardening, potted plants and trees, walls and railings on the flower bed, flower, and (ii) fire lanes, fire ascended, and so on.

15th construction units should be implemented in accordance with the criteria set by the garden Department supporting green construction, supporting green space construction completed, shall entrust a qualified field measurements the measuring mechanism.

Gardening departments should strengthen supervision and management of supporting green construction, according to the matching green field measurement results to form supporting green construction project supervision and inspection, and feedback to the Planning Department, Planning Department, when planning conditions to verify, as a basis for the project supporting the green rate are met. 16th article units not according to garden sector audit determine of standard construction supporting green, actual built of green area is less than approved green area of, by garden sector ordered its deadline corrected; late not corrected of, according to following provides processing: (a) difference green area accounted for approved green area proportion in 5% following of part, units should according to difference green area paid Green compensation fee; (ii) difference green area accounted for approved green area proportion over 5% of part,

Compensation in accordance with the difference between the green area greening fined not more than 3 times more than 5 times.

Unauthorized occupation of supporting green construction projects supporting green or other damage, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on urban landscaping in Wuhan will be punished. 17th these measures come into force on April 1, 2015. On July 15, 2005 issue of the Wuhan construction projects supporting green space area of auditing calculations (Takemasa (2005), 35th) repealed simultaneously.