Wuhan Rail Transit Safety Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市轨道交通运营安全管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article I, rail transportation, in order to strengthen the operation safety management, guarantee safety, protect legal rights of passengers, in accordance with the People's Republic of China production safety law, the enterprises and institutions within the public security Ordinance (promulgated by Decree No. 421) and the regulations on the management of Wuhan rail transit (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second this approach applies to the municipal rail transit operation safety management, protection and monitoring activities.

Third rail operation safety management should adhere to the scientific management, the principle of safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment.

Fourth municipal people's Government established rail transportation security coordination mechanism, the planning and co-ordination of matters involving major rail transportation safety in the city.

UMT district people's Government (including development zones, scenic spots, the chemical industry zone, the same below) responsible for regional rail transport operations security-related services, support and cooperate with related departments to coordinate and solve related problems.

Fifth of municipal transport authorities are responsible for the supervision and management of urban rail transit security, industry guidance, monitoring of railway operation safety, city of its rail transportation operations management agency responsible for the day-to-day oversight.

City public security organs responsible for the maintenance of rail transit operation law and order and terrorism, fire, supervise inspection work.

City development and reform, land planning, urban management, urban-rural development, safety, health and other sectors in accordance with their responsibility to rail transportation safety-related work.

Sixth rail operating units (hereinafter referred to as operating unit) shall be in accordance with these measures assume primary responsibility for rail safety, daily management of rail transportation, and establish and improve rail operating safety control system, formulate rules and regulations and implement safety responsibilities to ensure operation safety.

The seventh municipal people's Government departments and operating units should take a variety of forms to publicize legal provisions concerning safe operation of urban rail transit and safety, increase public awareness of safety.

Second chapter security facilities and reserves management eighth article track traffic construction units (following referred to units) in for project construction Shi, should synchronization construction following track traffic security facilities, and equipment, ensure its function meet operation security of need: (a) alarm, and fire, and escape, and platform door, and flood, and explosion-proof, and counter-terrorism, and emergency evacuation lighting, and emergency communications, and emergency induced system, security, and emergency facilities equipment; (ii) security, and fire, and personnel evacuation oriented, logo; (three) video monitoring system;

(D) the police building, police logo and the corresponding communication, riot control and other equipment.

Emergency that would require passengers operating facilities, equipment, should be striking indication of the use conditions and methods of operation.

After acceptance of the Nineth rail project, construction completion general layout of rail transit lines should be considerate in urban rail transit management agencies, public security organs, and rail transportation Security Administration Department, the Fire Services Department.

Tenth operating units should be in accordance with the requirements of safety facilities, equipment maintenance, inspection testing, guarantee the normal facilities, equipment in good condition. Safety facilities, equipment specification changes, security facilities, equipment, operations shall promptly to be adjusted.

Unable to meet the safety needs of safety facilities, equipment, operations unit shall, in accordance with municipal rail transit operations management, public security organs, and rail transportation Security Administration Department, the Fire Department's request does not meet the requirements of safety facilities, equipment in time for rectification.

11th article operation units should according to following standard proposed track traffic operation line security reserves of specific range, reported city land planning sector approved: (a) underground station and tunnel outside sideline outside side 50 meters within; (ii) ground and high frame station and line track outside sideline outside side 30 meters within; (three) out entrance, and ventilation Pavilion, and substation, built (frame) built colonization, sideline outside side 10 meters within; (four) underwater tunnel structure outside sideline outside side 150 meters within.

Municipal Department of land planning approved security reserve should be announced to the public, and to the Yangtze River water resources Commission, the Yangtze River Maritime Safety Administration, the Yangtze River waterway Bureau and the municipal urban and rural construction, urban management, water supplies, the port maritime and other related departments and units and the district people's Government.

Due to geological conditions, or other special circumstances, needs to adjust operating lines secured area, studied by the operating units to put forward specific proposals submitted to the municipal territorial planning Department for approval. 12th article job units or personal in track traffic operation line security reserves within for following job, need administrative license of, city land planning, and urban and rural construction, and Chengguan, and police fire, and water works, and Hong Kong airlines maritime, sector and units implementation administrative license Shi, should on applicants of planning design programme, and job programme and security protection programme (including monitoring programme) written sought operation units of views, and according to operation units issued of technology review views made whether license of decided. Technically complex or have an impact on mass transit security jobs, departments and units should organize an expert review of administrative licensing.

Administrative license decided made Hou should timely told city track traffic operation management institutions and operation units: (a) new, and expansion, and alterations or demolition built (frame) built real; (ii) laying pipeline, and mining, and drilling, and blasting, and pile base construction, and Foundation reinforcement; (three) drilling, and dug sand, and quarrying, and take soil, and heap soil, and dredging River; (four) other effect track traffic security of job.

Jobs listed in the first paragraph, you do not need administrative permission, work units or individuals should plan and design programmes, operational programmes and protection programmes (including monitoring programmes) seek the views of operating units in writing.

Operating unit shall within 5 working days to issue a written technical review comments and reply, and will review the comments submitted to the municipal rail transport operations management record. 13th work units or individuals for the 12th operations listed in article should be security agreements with the operating units, will be strictly in accordance with operation plan for the construction, strictly comply with national safety standards and safety specifications, take effective measures to prevent the effects of railway operation safety as its terms.

Signed a security agreement does not, and shall not commence operations. Operating unit should be safe havens within the safety of the day-to-day supervision, found that endangers or could endanger the safety of rail transport, work units or individuals should be required to stop operation, take measures to eliminate harmful and leave to work unit or city rail transportation operations management reports.

Flat receipt of the report should be dealt with according to law.

Track traffic along District Government related sector should strengthening on track traffic operation line security reserves of daily management, Yangtze River water Committee, and Yangtze River Maritime Council, and Yangtze River Channel Council, and city Hong Kong airlines Maritime Council law do related River and waters of security reserves management work, found violations job of, should ordered job units or personal immediately stop job, and law be processing, while will processing results timely informed city track traffic operation management institutions. Chapter III security operations management 14th rail line before the trial operation, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the trial operation of urban rail transit provisions of the safety evaluation before commissioning qualified security assessment security assessment, and report to the municipal work safety supervision Department.

Problems found in the safety assessment, the construction unit shall promptly proceed to rectify. Operating units in rail transit lines through security evaluation, should be submitted to the municipal transport authorities assessment of the basic conditions for a test run. Municipal transportation authorities according to the provincial Transport Department commissioned, organize the relevant departments and experts to review it.

Review of qualified and approved by the municipal transport authorities reported to the municipal people's Government for approval, can be carried out a test run.

During the trial operation, operating units should be in accordance with the design standards and technical specifications, for rail transportation, facilities, equipment, operation and safety monitoring and comprehensive verification operations.

The 15th municipal Transport Department operating units to carry out safety assessment of rail transport operation should be organized, implement a safety drill, guidance and supervision of operating units to carry out law enforcement activities.

16th the public security organ shall maintain the CRC operation law and order, destruction of rail transport public security order of investigating, counter-terrorism command established rail transit systems, improving counter-terrorism contingency plans and organizing drills, ensure the safety rail transit operation. 17th operating unit should configure the security check facilities, equipment, select the security intelligence units implement security checks. Security units will be expected to track traffic station, passengers, their belongings to implement security checks.

Guidance and supervision of the security check work of public security organs. Passengers should consciously accept the security check.

Do not undergo a security check, safety inspectors refuse their pit stops, ride; refused to undergo security checks forced their way into the station, take a bus or disturbing the order of security checks, transferred to the public security organs according to law.

Security checks by security personnel, should wear safety inspection certificate; not to wear a security certificate to inspect, passengers have the right to refuse the inspection. Prohibition of carrying on rail transportation safety threat items enter the CRC operation area.

Specific list of dangerous items and styles, from operating units in accordance with the public security organs, rail transportation, and operations management requirements by posting in the station, exhibition or any other means shall be published.

18th operating units should be in accordance with national standards, industry standards stations, trains and other rail transit operation in the region of fire-fighting equipment configuration and regular inspections, maintenance, updating, at the same time ensure that evacuation channels and safety exits.

19th operations unit of advertising inside the station facilities and commercial outlets, shall comply with the provisions on administration of Wuhan rail transit stations and vehicles advertising set and the commercial network of Wuhan rail transit station sets the requirements of the regulation shall not affect rail transportation safety.

20th district people's Government shall organize the relevant departments along the rail mass transit stations station outside the drip line of law and order maintenance, traffic control, sports management, protection of passenger evacuation routes open.  

21st operating units for rail expansion, renovation and facility improvement, safety programmes should be developed, submitted to the municipal rail transit management agencies operating record; need to suspend the rail transit operation or adjustment operations, should be reported to the municipal transport authorities, and 5th in advance before the implementation through the media and broadcast station, trains, to society announcements.

Rail traffic suspended operations or adjusting operating time, operating units should be arranged and scheduled to ensure passenger safety and convenience.

22nd operating units should organize regular rail transportation security, safety, transportation, public safety, public security fire services, water supplies and other departments in operational security risks found in the inspection, take safety precautions, out the special action plans for rectification.

23rd operating units should be in accordance with State and city regulations on employee safety training and assessment to ensure that employees have the appropriate knowledge of rail operations safety and security management capabilities.

Operating unit of train drivers should be not less than 5000 km driving distance training, after passing the examination certificates; dispatchers, traffic attendant, station passenger services personnel should be in theory, practical skills training, certified after passing the examination.

24th operating units the station passenger services personnel shall perform the following duties: (a) maintenance station order guide passengers ordered the bus; (b) discourage, suppress can lead to dangerous behavior, discourage, suppress valid, timely report to public security organs dealing with and (iii) any potential accident is discovered, reports in a timely manner and (iv) when the emergency occurred, timely guide the passengers evacuated.

Operating unit train operator shall perform the following duties: (a) comply with train driving safety rules, (ii) to view passenger trains up and down, ensure the safety platform screen doors and the train doors open and close. 25th article in track traffic operation regional within, except should comply with Ordinance of provides outside, also should comply with following provides: (a) ban in station, and train, and out entrance, and channel for begging, and performers, and scavenging, and fundraising, and missionary or issued various advertisement; (ii) ban carry hydrogen ball, and iron saw, and iron, and bike (volume, and length meet requirements of folding bike except), and electric bike, and shipped goods flatbed,; (three) ban in escalator Shang push pulled, and play slapstick, and retrograde, and body rely on, and

Out of handrails, clogging channels such as escalators, turnstiles (iv) prohibition of human damage Metro escalator and automatic fare collection machines, public transport card ticket machines, facilities, equipment, such as video surveillance cameras.

The fourth chapter of emergency and accident article 26th city transportation departments shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as the city's emergency response plan for emergencies in general provisions, the formulation of the urban rail transportation emergency response plan and exercise plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

Business unit shall develop the units of railway emergency plan, submitted to the municipal departments of transportation.

27th operating units should be in accordance with the emergency plan requirements, establishing emergency rescue organizations, equipped with emergency rescue maneuver forces, set up emergency rescue, equipped with rescue equipment, reserve and emergency relief, emergency and first-aid training, emergency drills are regularly organized, improve emergency response capabilities.

28th article rail transport operations emergency operating unit shall immediately started the emergency plan, and to the municipal people's Government, the municipal public security authorities and municipal transport authority report.

Municipal people's Government shall, in accordance with emergency control, severity and scope, start the appropriate level of emergency response plan for rail transport, timely organization and command handling, CRC operation as soon as possible. Municipal Government departments, district people's Government as well as electric power, telecommunications, water supply and other units shall be in accordance with railway emergency plan for emergency and rescue.

Related to terrorist attacks, security incident, the public security organ shall start the appropriate emergency response plan for counterterrorism, security, be disposed of according to law.

Emergency disposal after the operation unit shall involve security inspections of rail transportation facilities, equipment, and ensure that facilities, equipment is kept in good condition.

The 29th due to natural disaster, bad weather conditions or accidents and other emergencies, seriously affecting the safety of rail transport, operating unit to temporarily stop operating or section operations, organization of passenger evacuation, and report to the municipal transport authorities, to the public.

Rail traffic due to earthquakes, fires and other disasters after the outage, municipal transport authorities shall organize safety checks on rail traffic to, organization expert or professional institution commissioned appraisal, certified meets the conditions for safe operation in order to resume operations.

30th personal injury accident in rail operations, shall, in accordance with the rescue of the injured, remove all obstacles and resume normal operations in a timely manner, principles of processing after processing, no unit or individual shall not impede the normal operation of rail traffic. Personal injury accident occurred, operating unit shall protect the scene and report to relevant authorities in a timely manner in accordance with regulations.

Municipal public security, safety, transportation, health and other sectors should be on-site inspection, testing, and dealt with according to law.

31st by emergencies affecting rail traffic operations, operating units and trains through the station broadcast systems, notice or the media timely inform passengers of relevant operational information, passenger evacuation, transfer work.

Article 32nd operating unit shall enter the railway operating the regional casualties among personnel shall bear the liability for damages, casualties of its own and intentionally caused, except for reasons of health.

33rd, surge in rail traffic, endanger the safety of operation when the operating unit can take temporary measures to limit traffic; when taking measures to limit traffic safety cannot be guaranteed, and operating units to stop the rail part of the site or all operations, public security, urban management and other departments should coordinate with traffic grooming, order maintenance, and so on.

Operating units to take measures to limit traffic or stop operation shall report immediately to the municipal transport authorities, through the station and train radio system, notices or the media, to the passengers to fulfil obligation; unable to resume normal operations of rail transit, operating unit for passengers should be proof of delay, inform considerations such as passenger ticket refund or ticket extension, the evacuation of the passengers.

Article 34th operating units reporting reward mechanisms should be established, launch discovery, reported rail transportation safety of the masses, grasp endangering rail transportation safety information.

The fifth chapter legal liability article 35th acts in violation of these rules and regulations or other laws and regulations have been stipulated, be dealt with by the relevant departments in accordance with the provisions. 36th article job units or personal violation this approach 12th article, and 13th article provides, without license in security reserves within job, and not signed security agreement or endanger track traffic security not stop job, and not take measures elimination against of, by location District Government about sector be warning, and ordered corrected; caused against track traffic security consequences of, by location District Government about sector ordered rectification, on units at 50,000 yuan above 100,000 yuan following fine,

Individual fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

The 37th article violates this article approaches its 25th, affecting rail transportation security order, by the operational unit shall be ordered to correct; it refuses, fines of between 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan, causing serious consequences, by the municipal transport authorities, the public security organs in accordance with their respective responsibility according to law.

Article 38th in accordance with these rules shall be dealt with by the municipal transport authorities offences, municipal transport, rail operations management, competent authorities can delegate agencies.

The 39th security violated the first paragraph of this article 17th, does not perform the obligation of security checks, as required, by the public security organ shall order rectification fails, according to the Security Service Management Ordinance (order No. 564, and), the enterprises and institutions within the public security Ordinance (promulgated by Decree No. 421) shall be punished.

40th of the related departments and local governments of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, according to law by his entity or his upper level authority responsible for damage caused, the violator shall bear liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 41st this way since June 10, 2015.