Wuxi City Park Management Practices

Original Language Title: 无锡市公园管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the construction and management of the Park, promoting the development of parks, improved urban ecological and human settlements, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article planning within the administrative area of the City Park building, protection, use and related management activities, these measures shall apply.

Article referred to parks, landscaping is a good environment and facilities, ecological improvement and beautification of the environment, visiting open spaces, recreational features such as fitness, science education, public places open to the public.

Park specific directory by city, city (County) Government determined and published.

The fourth park construction and management should focus on public property, adhere to unified planning, Government, management, public participation, social supervision principles.

Fifth of municipal and city (County), district parks should be incorporated into the national economic and social development planning, safeguard public funds necessary for construction and management of the Park, encourage the citizens, legal persons or other organizations to participate in the construction and management of the Park, promoting sustainable development of the Park.

The sixth city, city (s) Garden within the administrative area of the Park is the Green administrative departments administrative departments, is responsible for the supervision and management of the Park, Park Management Agency to which he belongs, according to the delegate in charge of the supervision and management of the Park.

Park District people's Government administrative departments according to the Division of responsibilities, responsible for management of the Park.

Urban and rural planning, construction, public safety, heritage, forestry, urban management, quality and technology supervision departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, joint park management.

Article seventh Park management unit is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Park.

Article citizens, legal persons and other organizations must comply with the park management laws and regulations, and to act to discourage and report any damage to the park environment and facilities.

In the park construction and management and outstanding achievements in the protection of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, by the people's Government or the park administration authorities at various levels to give recognition and rewards.


Nineth Park related industry associations should establish a sound system of industry self-regulation, industry training and Exchange, assist in the supervision and management, and promote the healthy development of Park.

Chapter two tenth of municipal planning and construction, the city (County) Park Administration Department in conjunction with the town and country planning, land Department, according to urban planning, land use planning, green space system planning and scenic spot planning and organization parks construction and planning (hereinafter referred to as Park), the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

Preparation of park planning, should be demonstrated by experts and listen to public views.

11th in newly built, rebuilt or expanded parks, the construction unit shall, according to park planning and Park design specifications and other related technical requirements, organization of park construction design scheme.

Review of park construction and engineering design programme, urban and Rural Planning Department shall consult the municipal and city (County) Park administrative departments.

12th article prepared park planning and park construction design programme should followed following principles: (a) adjusting measures to local conditions, science using original terrain, and landforms, and water, and vegetation, natural landscape, highlight Park geographical features; (ii) reasonable protection and using site, and remains, humanities conditions, reflected Park history culture connotation; (three) to plant made King and local plant mainly, and integrated consider disaster hedge, need, upgrade Park quality and function.

Encourage the use of wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, ecology shoreline, landfill construction, such as parks.

13th approved park planning and park construction design scheme, shall not be changed without authorization; alteration, shall, in accordance with the original procedures for approval.

14th in the parks building, rebuilding, expansion of building (structure), park management unit shall consult the competent administrative departments of parks, capital construction procedures of and in accordance with the safety, quality supervision, building permits, acceptance of filing and other procedures.

15th Park building, rebuilding, expansion of building (structure) of volume, shape, height, color, shall be coordinated with the surrounding landscape, the environment, and must not harm the landscape.

Park green area ratio did not reach the required standard, it may not be new, expanded buildings (structures).

16th Park supporting commercial service facilities shall conform to the construction design scheme, the scale should be commensurate with the total visitors.

17th park construction projects are completed, the construction unit shall organize acceptance and inform administrative departments to participate in the park without acceptance or acceptance is not qualified may not be delivered.

Park construction project completion acceptance, acceptance of landscape engineering construction should be submitted to the municipal and city (County) Park Administration departments.

Article 18th park construction project design, surveying, construction, supervision, shall have corresponding qualifications.

19th new parks should be sought for the determination of city, city (County) Park administrative departments; the approved Park name should be announced to the public.

Chapter III protection and use of the 20th no unit or individual is allowed to change the nature park land, shall not be allowed to occupy Park land or deforestation, migration, trim trees in the Park.

Really necessary to temporarily occupy Park land or deforestation, migration, trim trees in the Park shall be agreed with the consent of the park management and in accordance with the relevant provisions of licensing procedures for urban greening.

21st Park building (structures) should be used according to the functions of planning and design, to maintain its original style, style and layout.

Prohibits the use of the Park in the building (structure) or other places set up private clubs and other commercial has nothing to do with the Park Service locations.

22nd important landscapes within the Park should be special protection, keeping elements of landscape, scale, and the historical legacy of authenticity, integrity, and floral displays within the Park should make rational use, reflect the characteristics of horticulture.

23rd article in the Park exhibitions, temple fairs, performances and movies, TV shows and other activities shall be agreed with the consent of the park management and comply with the following provisions: (a) according to the relevant approval procedures, (ii) may destroy the park environment; (c) not affect the normal tour order; (d) after the event, timely liquidation activities and restitution.

24th park rides set shall conform to the design standards; added in large-scale recreational facilities, park management units should organize the park landscape, environmental impact and safety specification and justification.

25th Park power supply, heat supply, gas supply, telecommunications, water supply and other infrastructure facilities, shall not affect the landscape around security and Park.

Needs of the construction or maintenance of the works within the Park shall be subject to agreed with the park management, and set wall construction, job site and safety warning labels; construction, after the end of the job, it should be restored in time.

26th emergencies such as earthquakes needs entering the Park a safe-haven, Park Management shall promptly, give Guide to hedging access emergency shelter sites.

Hedging impact on the park environment, emergency is eliminated, and park management unit should be restored in time. Fourth chapter service and management 27th article Park management units should perform following service and management duties: (a) according to park planning and management specification for construction and management; (ii) sound Park internal management system; (three) keep Park equipment facilities and yuanrong Park looks good, maintenance normal tour order; (four) management Park within civic fitness, and commercial business, activities; (five) stop damage Park property and landscape of behavior, law requirements responsibility people compensation; (six) implementation security management specification, guarantees Park business, and

Tours and other activities in a safe and (VII) assist Park administrative departments to investigate the violation or inspection; (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

28th the Park should be open daily timing, and public opening hours due to special circumstances need to be closed, and approved by the Park unit should be reported to the competent administrative Department of parks, and public signs in advance.

29th toll Park shall, to children, the elderly, students, disabled persons and specific groups such as active military personnel free of charge or discount.

Price departments when developing and adjusting the park ticket price shall consult the competent administrative Department of parks.

30th article Park Service should meet following requirements: (a) in park entrance has Park introduction, and garden schematic, and garden notes, in Park within obviously location has guide signs; (ii) business dot layout reasonable, business service activities specification ordered; (three) staff training induction, dress neatly, logo unified, service specification; (four) main plant nameplate and heritage, and monuments, and Hall, and showroom introduction brand clean unified; (five) disabled, and elderly and children service facilities complete intact;

(Vi) public toilets and other sanitation facilities cleaning and maintaining normal use; (VII) other Park service requirements.

31st Park yuanrong garden appearance shall comply with the following requirements: (a) the environment clean sanitation, (ii) plants growing well, handsome in appearance and (iii) water clean, consistent with ornamental criteria, and (iv) building (structures) appears intact, coordination and other facilities; (e) the laws, regulations and other standards related to technical specifications.

32nd article Park security management should meet following requirements: (a) sound security management system; (ii) perfect security tips and warning logo, and keep obviously clear; (three) regularly maintenance check facilities equipment, and ensure security run; (four) according to Park capacity standard control visitors flow; (five) developed burst event emergency plans, and regularly organization walkthrough; (six) legal regulations provides of other security management requirements.

33rd Park management unit should be with events held in the Park and large commercial amusement ride operators, signing safety management of responsibility, identify responsibility for security.

Encourage park management unit covering public liability insurance encourages events safe and large commercial recreational facilities management safety introducing commercial insurance mechanism.

34th commercial premises in the Park should be a unified planning, rational distribution, mass-market, controlling size, convenient for visitors.

Commercial project contracting, leasing, operated on a cooperative basis, should be determined through a fair, just and open manner the operator.

35th in the Park's historical gardens, heritage, halls, galleries and other places to explain activities, should strictly control the volume gradually to promote electronic information interpretation system.

36th group fitness, recreational activities in parks, shall comply with the following provisions: (a) subject to park management unit, (ii) carried out in a specified area and time; (c) the observance of environmental, noise, safety management regulations. 37th article Park within ban following behavior: (a) capture, and hurt animal; (ii) damaged lawn, and flower, and trees and facilities; (three) dumping, and burning garbage, waste, mess threw Peel, and confetti, and cigarette butts, and gum, items; (four) free stacked material, and DrawString hanging real, anywhere spit, and soil; (five) building (frame) built real, and natural scene, objects Shang climbing, and graffiti, and description, and posted; (six) in Pavilion, and Gallery, and seat, and guardrail, facilities Shang trampling, and lying lying; (seven) discharge kongming lamp, and

Smoking in forbidden areas, campfire without authorization; (VIII) swimming and fishing in the non-designated area, barbecue and street-sleeping; (IX) unauthorized stalls set up here, build shelter and (j) mobile selling goods, distribution of commercial advertising (11) engaging in superstitious activities; (12) other prohibited acts stipulated by laws and regulations.

Fifth chapter legal liability article 38th Park Administrative Department and Park authorities should enhance park amenities, yuanrong Park appearance, quality of service, security, management, supervision and inspection, park management units shall cooperate and truthfully provide relevant materials, and may not refuse or obstruct and hide.

39th disobey article 17th, park construction project completion acceptance or unqualified acceptance after delivery, the park administration authorities shall order rectification, and punishable by a penalty of more than 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.

40th article violates this article approaches the 21st, park buildings (structures) buildings or other places set up private clubs and other commercial has nothing to do with the Park Service locations, by the competent administrative Department of parks rectification; fails and fined 5,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.

41st article violates article 38th of these measures, did not provide relevant materials, or refuse or obstruct the inspection, by the park administration authorities shall order rectification fails, the unit at more than 20,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan fine.

42nd acts in violation of these rules, laws, rules and regulations on Punishment stipulates that power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment or urban management has clearly subject of administrative law enforcement, from its provisions.

43rd article violates these rules, Park caused property damage, the violator shall bear the liability for damages.

44th in Park administrative departments, parks management agencies and the relevant departments of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, or fails to perform the statutory duties shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 45th Park list in other parks, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for urban greening management. 46th these measures come into force on August 1, 2015.