China (Tianjin) Free Trade Zone Management

Original Language Title: 中国(天津)自由贸易试验区管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions First article to advance and guarantees China (Tianjin) free trade yan construction and development, according to national people's Congress Standing Committee on authorized State in China (Guangdong) free trade yan, and China (Tianjin) free trade yan, and China (Fujian) free trade yan and China (Shanghai) free trade yan extended regional temporarily adjustment about legal provides of administrative approval of decided, and State on agreed established China (Tianjin) free trade yan of reply (country letter (

2014) 177th), China (Tianjin) free trade zone scheme (guofa (2015), 19th) and related laws and regulations, these measures are formulated. Article created by the present measures shall apply to the approval of the State Council, China (Tianjin) free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the free trade zone).

Pilot area covers Tianjin Port free trade zone Binhai New area, Tianjin Airport District and central business district, an area of 119.9 square kilometers, there are special customs supervision and non-special customs supervision zones.

Third construction of free trade zone should be free trade, investment facilitation, high-end industry, financial services, legal system of environmental norms, monitoring efficient, radiation effects of world-class free trade zone, in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and play an exemplary leading role in China's economic transformation and development. The fourth area focusing on the development of Tianjin Port, maritime and logistics, international trade, lease financing, modern services. Tianjin airport area development of aerospace equipment manufacturing, new-generation information technology, high-end manufacturing and research and development, logistics and other producer services.

Binhai New District Center financial innovation-oriented business areas focus on the development of modern service industries. Special customs supervision zones within the free trade zone focused on trade facilitation-oriented exploration of institutional innovation, trade in goods, financial leasing, such as bonded processing and bonded logistics business.

Free trade zone-special customs supervision zones within exploration investment system reform, financial innovation, and actively develop modern service industry and advanced manufacturing. The fifth China (Tianjin) free trade zone to advance working group (hereinafter referred to as leading group), responsible for leading the overall reform of free trade zone, considering and deciding major issues of reform of the free trade zone.

Office of the leading group set up in the Municipal Commission of Commerce, bear the daily work of the leading group.

China (Tianjin) free trade zone management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC), according to the Group's decisions and action plans, specific coordinate, organize and implement free trade zone task of reform and innovation, research and evaluation measures of reform and innovation of the free trade zone.

Municipal authorities and Binhai New area people's Government shall, in accordance with their respective mandates to support the work of the Administrative Committee and assume other administrative services of the free trade zone.

Chapter management system

Sixth CMC should be in accordance with the requirements of building government governed by law and service-oriented Government, innovation management, enhance the management level, construct of internationalization, marketization and the rule of law requirements and the needs of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation services.

Seventh Administrative Committee shall perform the following functions:

(A) organize the implementation of the reform measures of the free trade zone;

(B) the proposed deepening the reform and innovation of the policy recommendations of the free trade zone;

(C) the Organization to carry out the reform measures of the free trade zone after the assessment;

(D) cooperate with the development of free trade zone related policies and regulations;

(E) to coordinate free trade zone investment, trade, financial services, planning, statistics and other relevant administrative work;

(F) coordination within the free trade zone to finance, customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime and border protection, Department of-related work;

(G) organizations to study and formulate free trade zone in the supervision of the relevant systems and measures, and implementation;

(H) free trade zone public information published, providing consulting and services;

(IX) other responsibilities conferred by municipal people's Government.

Eighth article CMC established three a sent institutions, in Tianjin East Xinjiang bonded Port Management Committee (Tianjin East Xinjiang Port Management Committee) added hanging since trade yan Tianjin Port tablets District Office brand, in Tianjin Port bonded Management Committee (Tianjin airport economic zone management Committee) added hanging since trade yan Tianjin airport tablets District Office brand, in Tianjin Marina district Center Business District Management Committee added hanging since trade yan Marina district center business tablets District Office brand.

Nineth Tianjin Dongjiang bonded Harbor area management Committee (Tianjin East Port Management Committee), the Tianjin Port bonded area management Committee (Tianjin airport economic zone management Committee) and the Binhai New area of Tianjin CBD Management Commission for the exercise of the administrative functions of the free trade zone area, bear management responsibility.

Tenth Binhai New area people's Government in accordance with the relevant provisions on the Management Committee provided for in article Nineth implementation plans associated with the free trade zone, land management, traffic and major infrastructure construction, investment and financing platform supervision, special matters such as funding and manpower for the development of Binhai construction.

11th and its agencies establish lists of powers and responsibilities of the CMC list system, specific exercise of its executive powers and assumed responsibility for the management of municipal people's Government established, centrally by the CMC to the public.

List list of CMC and its agencies in accordance with the powers, responsibilities to exercise executive powers, according to law, comprehensively and correctly discharging their management responsibilities.

Executive and managerial responsibilities of the CMC and its agencies adjust should list updates the list of powers and responsibilities in a timely manner.

12th municipal people's Government and the relevant departments should be based on free trade zone innovation needs according to law to the free trade zone delegation of city-level economic management authority and other administrative privileges determined municipal people's Government. 13th free trade zone implementation of relatively centralized right of administrative license system, integrated administrative license in accordance with the provisions of the municipal unified exercise of the power of administrative approval.

List of free trade zone administrative license management, perfect window receives the service model, uniform standards of administrative licensing items handled and publicity, simplifying procedures, introduction of site licenses and network licenses to help applicants.

Free trade zone area set up 14th article sites that provide administrative services, improve and gradually spread online channels, administrative services facilitation, promote administrative license service information system construction of administrative license data and credit information, regulatory data such as network connectivity, information sharing to share.

15th free trade zone management by focusing on prior leave to focus on advancing the Government supervision in transition, promoting the construction of system for monitoring the standards with the permission.

Free trade zone unified system of market supervision, optimize management processes and management systems, standardize the production, operation and trading of market behavior.

16th free trade zone use the city's unified credit monitoring platform, improving market information collection, filing, storage, sharing, and application management, improve the market in China and the recording and disclosure of credit information system, the implementation of honest encouragement and punishment mechanism.

17th free trade zone established market credit rating standards, the implementation of market regulatory credit risk classification system, imposed on market by way of random proportional sampling, market subject to low credit rating as a key surveillance, increase the intensity and frequency of supervision and inspection. 18th except the special fire-fighting, safety, tax and other regulatory areas, where, through information publicity, credit ratings, network monitoring, video surveillance and other means to achieve regulatory objectives and market players within the free trade zone are not on-site inspection. Is necessary to conduct on-site inspection should be based on the classification of credit risk regulatory needs, conducting on-site inspections annually according to a certain proportion of the market.

Inspection results should be in the unified credit supervision platform publicity.

Chapter III investment liberalisation and trade facilitation

19th free trade zone on shipping services, business services, professional services, cultural services, social services and modern services such as equipment manufacturing, new-generation information technology and advanced manufacturing areas opening to the active and effective in attracting foreign investment.

On the premise of improvement measures, free trade zone to reduce the qualifications of foreign investors in the financial sector, equity share, scope of business, such as restrictions on access. 20th free trade zone access to former national treatment for foreign investment and the negative list management.

Areas outside of the negative list, in accordance with the principles of foreign, records management of foreign-funded projects, but unless it is approved by the State Council on domestic investment projects are retained by; for foreign-funded enterprises set up, change and contract Constitution permits the implementation of records management.

21st to encourage domestic and foreign businesses in the free trade zone to set up regional headquarters, research and development centres, distribution centres, logistics centres and clearing. 22nd to encourage advanced high-end extension of the value chain in manufacturing and modern service industry development.

Repair operations of domestic and foreign high-tech and high value-added products, explore overseas high-tech and high value-added products remanufacturing business. Promotion of patent rights, trademark rights, stock and accounts receivable loan advanced financial products to high-end manufacturing development needs. Support for advanced high-end manufacturing enterprises through listing and listing and financing, offering small and medium enterprises private placement debt financing instruments and broaden direct financing channels.

Support qualified advanced high-end manufacturing enterprise joint stock banks and finance companies, leasing companies, small loan companies, financial institutions or financial services institution.

23rd free trade zone established international trade single window, one-time submission of standardized enterprise through a single window electronic information processing result feedback through a single window.

Free trade zone to establish cross-sectoral trade, transport, processing, storage and integrated business management services platform to achieve the exchange of information, mutual recognition of regulatory, law enforcement and mutual assistance between. Article 24th of this platform, supported and encouraged investors to take advantage of the free trade zone, involved in the Silk Road economic belt, 21st century maritime silk road-building.

Encourages investors to build or use of foreign investment in the free trade zone cooperation parks, various forms of overseas investment and cooperation.

Free trade zone established enterprises overseas investment cooperation and growth incentives, taking measures such as the release investment guidelines, education and training, to guide and help enterprises become familiar with international rules, normative acts in an overseas operation, raise the level of investment decisions.

Free trade zone establishment of overseas investment and cooperation focused on unified service platform and improve the management and service of foreign investment cooperation, establishment of risk early-warning and emergency response system.

25th to encourage free trade zone within the enterprise carries out domestic and international trade, the implementation of internal and external trade and integration development.

Support for international trade, logistics, business transformation and upgrading of manufacturing base and service trade development.

Encourage offshore trade, international commodity trading, import goods bonded exhibition, finance lease, future bonded delivery services, cross-border electronic commerce, culture trade, trade, trade in parallel imports of cars and other new businesses.

26th free trade zone in accordance with State regulations, relax the Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign cooperation in international shipping enterprise of foreign equity restrictions, allowing the establishment of foreign-owned international ship management companies, allows foreign investors in the form of joint venture, cooperation, public international shipping agency business, relax foreign ownership to 51%.

Free trade zone development of shipping finance, shipping insurance, financing of construction of North China international shipping center to encourage domestic and overseas shipping insurers and insurance brokers, intermediaries in the area of air services within the business organization and conduct business.

Free trade zone of competitive international ship registration policy, in the implementation of the international ship registration related policies based on the shipping company's stake to a Chinese investor can lower than 50%, making full use of existing Chinese "flags of convenience" ships preferential tax policies, promote eligible ships registered in the free trade zone set up.

Free trade zone perfect international cruise tourism to support policy, enhance the level of cruise tourism services and facilities, establish distribution centers and cruise shore cruise Marketing Center.

Support free trade zone within the Harbour, airport Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy advantages, increase in international passenger and cargo route, the development of international transit consolidation services, construction of shipping and Aviation Logistics Center. 27th free trade zone to create conditions, actively undertaking in Beijing, Hebei province's shipping and logistics, aerospace industry, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, bio-medicine and other industries.

Encourage enterprises in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region through cross-regional mergers to achieve industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Industrial chain link, promote research and development in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas design, production and sales and logistics and distribution synergies.

Through the free trade zone of high-end industrial agglomeration, promote the optimization of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of modern services, advanced manufacturing and emerging industries of strategic layout, innovative models of regional economic cooperation.

28th free trade zone to zone enterprises foreign employees and expatriate personnel carrying out business and trade, provide exit, entry and residence facilities.

Enterprise business in the free trade zone many times out of the Chinese employees, exit-entry administrative departments should apply for exit permits to go abroad.

The fourth chapter customs and inspection and quarantine supervision innovation

29th except as otherwise prescribed by laws, rules, regulations, special customs supervision zone between the outside and the volume of goods subject to import and export licensing control, goods from abroad into the special customs supervision shall be bonded or the exemption customs duty and import value-added tax, from the areas under special customs supervision of the goods shipped overseas are exempted from export duties.

Outside the special customs supervision in the area between the incoming and outgoing goods, in accordance with current management. Special customs supervision of goods can circulate freely. Special customs supervision within enterprises producing for the local sales or product shipped overseas are exempted from value-added tax and consumption tax.

Special customs supervision of goods transactions between enterprises in the region, no value-added tax and consumption tax.

Special customs supervision in accordance with the existing model regulations.

Article 30th in accordance with convenient, safe and efficient customs clearance requirements, customs supervision in the free trade zone system innovation, promote the development of new trade. State Customs established in the areas under special customs supervision of the goods classification monitoring system, electronic purse seine management.

Special customs supervision of goods abroad, can manifest into the area step by step go through the formalities of entry. Special customs supervision of goods transported between the regions within and outside the region, implementing entry and exit record list, corporate records management, electronic information network supervision system. Goods in bonded storage in special customs supervision zones without the storage duration.

Simplified special customs supervision cargo movement process, allows the distribution sets, own transport; special customs supervision areas and other areas under special customs supervision between the efficient flow of goods.

Within the free trade zone, customs implement paperless Customs clearance, low risk, fast release, promoting free trade zone within the AEO (certified operators) business, piloted "early reporting, release of goods" customs management model, the implementation of "independent tax, self opening, automatic review, focused on a review of" customs clearance system.

In addition to the Customs supervising and managing system of innovation, based on actual needs free trade zone, other regulatory innovation.

31st in accordance with the "easy access, ensure safety" principle, innovation of supervision system in the free trade zone. Free trade zone based on the enterprises ' credit evaluation system of inspection of goods.

Apart from the waste of raw materials, and packaging of hazardous chemicals, bulk cargo, the inspection and quarantine departments in the first implementation of "import quarantine, relaxing the import and export inspection" mode, innovative regulatory techniques and methods in second-tier simplifies inspection and quarantine process, the implementation of "convenience, closely guarded quality safety risk" mode of inspection and quarantine supervision. Special customs supervision of goods in the region out of the zone apply to implement inspection system, a centralized testing, batch verification before release.

Access to special customs supervision the bonded exhibit goods from inspection.

Special customs supervision within enterprises logistics goods exempt from inspection and quarantine.

Special customs supervision of ships engaged on international voyages, implementation of telecommunications and quarantine or berthing quarantine, under normal circumstances no longer implement anchorage for quarantine inspection. In the free trade zone set up in favour of a third party inspection and authentication institutions regulate the development of management systems.

Inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with the international rules, accepted third-party inspection and testing results.

Articles 32nd to register in areas under special customs supervision of financial leasing companies import and export of aircraft, ship and marine engineering structures and other large equipment relating to customs area, in ensuring effective monitoring and enforcement of existing tax policies under the premise, according to practical needs, customs delegate supervision in different places. 33rd article promoting the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, sea and air ports to promote three dislocation of the air and sea ports development and complement each other. Perfect for the Haikou bonded logistics network in Tianjin Port, will exchange innovations such as policies to Beijing and Hebei both radiation and port hinterland and extended.

Supports both Beijing and Hebei in the free trade zone of exclusive logistics park, modern logistics business. Optimizing distribution of inland dry port, the port of Tianjin Port and inland passage in collaboration.

Relying on the Eurasian continental bridge connectivity, improving multimodal system, strengthen the economic belt, 21st century silk road along the Silk Road on the Sea State and the entrepot trade in the area of services.

The fifth chapter financial service innovation

Article 34th free trade zone to promote market-oriented interest rate, negotiable certificates of deposit issued pilot in the area.

Free trade zone to carry out exchange of RMB capital account within the limits of pilot, eligible institutions in the region, within the limits of independent in its direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, debt instruments, financial investments and other transactions. Encourage companies to use domestic and foreign resources and markets to cross-border financing, reducing financing costs. Support qualified units and individuals in accordance with the provisions of mutual investment in securities and futures markets in and outside.

Support through free trade accounts or other risk-controlled manner, facilitating cross-border investment and financing facilitation of pioneering and capital account convertibility. 35th relax zone enterprises to issue foreign currency bonds overseas licensing and size.

Free trade zone to establish a sound system of macro-prudential management of external debt and implementation of an integrated policy on external debt and foreign-funded enterprises, to explore commercial development of factoring Forex management model. Article 36th support within the free trade zone set up foreign-funded banks and Sino-foreign joint venture banks. Private capital within the free trade zone initiated the establishment of small and medium sized banks and other financial institutions according to law.

Pilot a limited licence banks.

Allow free trade zone within the pilot qualified Chinese Bank opening currency offshore business.

37th free trade zone to carry out RMB cross-border reinsurance and catastrophe insurance pilot program established shipping insurance and catastrophe insurance regional reinsurance Center.

Free trade zone to gradually allow foreign companies involved in commodity futures trading.

38th free trade zone to promote the leasing industry innovation, building national leasing innovation demonstration zone, support the establishment of China's financial leasing Research Institute and other research institutes to form leasing industry environment in line with international standards.

Leasing platform supports the establishment of Tianjin, China China's financial leasing and transfer of registration platform, registration, publication and circulation of the leased asset, such as a pilot.

Support lease financing abroad, encourage various types of leasing companies expand the scope of cross-border renminbi funds. Support financial leasing companies and finance leasing companies to set up specialized subsidiaries.

Support financial leasing companies and finance leasing companies to establish the project company, operating heavy equipment, complete sets of equipment leasing business, and domestic and overseas leasing business.

39th enhanced interconnection between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area market, property rights, technology, emission, carbon emissions and other new trading market cooperation, promote the rational and effective transfer of all kinds of resources.

Encourage free trade zone financial institutions to explore cooperation with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei development model of product innovation and management innovation. The 40th free trade zone establishment and development of risk prevention mechanism of financial business.

Sound financial management and shall cooperate with the relevant departments of the CMC financial risk monitoring and assessment mechanisms.

The sixth chapter development environment

41st free trade zone established linkage mechanism with national independent innovation demonstration zone, using national independent innovation demonstration zone in radiation policy, gathering elements of advanced technology, exploring the new model of regional cooperation in science and technology, build an innovation model and leading role of regional innovation platform. 42nd free trade zone implement medium and small micro-enterprise loan risk compensation mechanism to encourage banks and other financial institutions to provide loans to small and micro businesses.

Positive development of credit insurance, insurance industry financial institutions to small and micro businesses are encouraged to provide insurance services, establish loan warranty insurance risk subsidy mechanism, encourages insurers to develop medium and small micro-enterprise services, insurance products.

43rd free trade zone should step up the co-ordination of, and encourages and supports various types of vocational schools, vocational and technical training institutions and employers training mode of innovative, market-oriented vocational training and industrial development direction, encouraging workers to participate in vocational training, to improve the professional skills to enhance employability and entrepreneurship, to obtain the appropriate vocational qualifications staff subsidies. 44th support the involvement of industry associations, chambers of Commerce, such as the free trade zone development.

Encourage enterprises in the free trade zone and related organizations express interest, participation in pilot policy evaluation and market supervision.

Encourage law firms, accounting firms, tax office, intellectual property, services, customs clearance and inspection bodies, inspection bodies, certification bodies, ship and crew agents, notaries, judicial authentication institutions, credit services and other professional bodies operating in the free trade zone.

45th free trade zone in accordance with international standards and practices to explore talents evaluation methods, implement a more proactive innovation in talent introduction and incentive policies, international talent-building the SAR.

Free trade zone to take foreign talents recognized and incentives of high-level talent in the exit visa, entry, residence, project reporting, innovation and evaluation giving special incentives, service assurance and other policies.

Promoting the establishment of pilot zone for overall reform of educational internationalization, support for the introduction of foreign high quality educational resources, carry out cooperation.

46th free trade zone in accordance with State regulations, implement tax policies to promote investment and trade, implementation of adapted foreign equity investment and offshore business development of tax policy, establish convenient tax system, and create a favorable taxation environment for fair competition.

Free trade zone in accordance with State regulations, replicated in China (Shanghai) free trade zone pilot tax policy.

Taxation departments should use tax information systems and free trade zone regulations information sharing platform for tax risk monitoring, improve the level of tax administration.

47th free trade zone established IP operation Center in North China, intellectual property carried out cross-border transactions, investment and financing of innovation intellectual property and promote the establishment of intellectual property-property disposal mechanisms, improve the management and enforcement of intellectual property rights system, form processing mechanism for intellectual property disputes. 48th strengthening environmental protection work of free trade zone.

Encourage enterprises to apply for international environmental and energy management system standard certification, the use of advanced production technology and techniques, energy conservation, reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. 49th free trade zone established evaluation mechanisms, in accordance with the regulations of the State comprehensive and specific assessments of the pilot implementation of the policy and, if necessary, appoint a third party assessment organization to conduct an independent assessment.

The pilot good results and can be replicated, approval by the State Council, the first in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area replicated, conditions, extended to other parts of the country.

50th deals with enterprises or individuals within the free trade zone of commercial disputes, disputes the parties may bring a lawsuit in accordance with law, may apply for arbitration or conciliation.

Introduction to encourage free trade zone and international arbitration, commercial dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation, flexible and efficient solution to commercial disputes in the free trade zone.

Encourage financial industry associations, independent or joint self-regulatory organization to carry out professional mediation, establishment of mediation and arbitration, the docking mechanism. 51st free trade zone to implement anti-trust mechanism. Involves the concentration of enterprises in the region, reached the State Council's reporting, the operator should be declared in advance, undeclared concentration shall not be implemented.

To monopoly agreement and abuse of dominant market position and the abuse of administrative power to eliminate or restrict competition, and to carry out investigations and law enforcement.

The 52nd national security reviews of foreign investment system free trade zone, are part of a national security review of foreign investment with the State Department for national security review.

The seventh chapter by-laws

53rd city in other provisions inconsistent with this regulation, in accordance with the provisions of that approach. 54th these measures come into force on April 21, 2015.