Shijiazhuang Elevator Safety Supervision And Administration

Original Language Title: 石家庄市电梯安全监督管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen safety management, prevention and reduction of elevator accidents, protection of personal and property security, according to the People's Republic of China production safety law and the People's Republic of China special equipment Safety Act and other laws and regulations, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.

Production of the second lift body within the administrative area of the city (including the manufacture, installation, alteration, repair, the same below), operation, maintenance (hereinafter referred to as maintenance), use, inspection, testing and supervision and administration of the application of this approach.

This way, the term elevator means and main parts of the State that are listed in the catalog of special equipment of the elevator types and main components.

Safety management for personal or family use the elevator does not apply these measures.

Article city, County (district)-level people's Governments should strengthen the work of the district safety leadership, supervision, and support departments to perform their safety functions of supervision, the establishment of coordination mechanisms, coordinate and solve major issues in safety supervision and management.

The Township people's Governments (Street) lift safety supervision and management should assist in jurisdictions, mediation dealing with mass incidents and uncertainties arising from the elevator, coordination with relevant departments to lift and use of the safety checks.

The fourth city of quality and technical supervision Department is responsible for the city's work safety supervision and management of the elevator; in each County (City), in the area of quality and technical supervision departments are responsible for the area of elevator safety supervision and management work.

Public security, safety, construction, real estate and other sectors should be in accordance with their statutory duties, joint safety supervision and management of related work.

The fifth city of quality and technical supervision departments should establish a unified platform elevator emergency service in the city, and is responsible for directing, coordinating the city's lift tiring work, accidents and other emergency, Elevator tiring failure data of statistics and analysis, risk monitoring, timely dissemination of early warning information periodically to the public safety information to the local government and related departments management of elevator safety recommendations. Sixth of elevator production, operation, use, maintenance unit shall establish and improve the safety management system and the responsibility system, the active use of advanced technology and management methods, improve the level of safety performance and management.

Encourage insured safety liability insurance.

Seventh lift and use, production unit, the media, schools should lift safety knowledge and related laws, rules and regulations of outreach work, advocating civilized by ladder, increasing public awareness and ability to protect themselves.

Chapter II article eighth of the elevator manufacturing units should be in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, safety technology specification and standard elevator, and manufacture of elevator safety as well as safe operation responsible for quality issues are involved.

Elevator manufacturing units should to elevator using units provides following technical guidance and service: (a) on input using elevator of security run situation and dimension insurance situation for followed and understand, on exists of problem, to using units proposed written improved recommends, and provides necessary of technology help; (ii) provides with quality ASP of easy loss spare parts; (three) on using units carried out elevator using, and management, and emergency rescue aspects of professional skills training.

The Nineth elevator installation, alteration, repair and construction units should be carried out prior to the construction of the proposed elevator installation, alteration, repair, notify the municipal or County quality and technology supervision departments.

Tenth construction units in the course of elevator installation, alteration, repair, should comply with the safety regulations, specifications, safety measures and warning signs.

Elevator installation, alteration, repair and acceptance prior to the transfer shall not be used.

11th elevator installation, alteration, repair and construction units should be used in unit within 30th of acceptance relevant technical information and file transfer to use the unit, and there should be a written handover records and transfer list. 12th elevator renovation by the manufacturing entity or its delegate shall obtain appropriate consent from the reforming unit.

Modification by non-indigenous manufacturing units or their delegate shall obtain the corresponding modification of license units, manufactured by now issue a renewal certificate and plaque, and bear the responsibilities and obligations of the original elevator manufacturing units. 13th article construction, and design, and trial figure, units should perform following duties: (a) Elevator well road of building structure design, should meet elevator maintenance, and remote monitoring and the emergency rescue, requirements; new residential community and the business floor also should using double road power or configuration alternate power, while installation has voice, and video function of elevator run State remote monitoring system, and and elevator dimension insurance units and city elevator emergency disposal service platform networking; (ii) units in elevator delivered using units Shi,

Together with complete set of security technology archives and the elevator signs, warning signs, logos.

14th chapter maintenance maintenance of the elevator by elevator manufacturers shall obtain the permission of the installation, alteration, repair or units.

Engaged in railway stations, airports, mass transit public transport, such as elevator maintenance in the field, must be made by manufacturers or their delegate units to obtain the appropriate license.

Elevator maintenance may not subcontract or subcontract maintenance business, its maintenance personnel are not maintenance unit part-time while in others, Elevator maintenance personnel when the job should be certified.

15th lift maintenance contractors in elevator maintenance contracts with the unit shall be valid for not less than one year, content should be in conformity with the relevant laws, regulations and requirements of security technical specifications.

16th maintenance unit shall, at railway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, amusement parks and other personnel-intensive, elevators frequently used sites and more than 30 permanent maintenance staff of the residential arrangements for the elevator; maintenance units in counties (cities) have maintenance operations should be permanent maintenance staff of the local organization. 17th elevator maintenance units in this city, carrying unit license, qualification of maintenance personnel, maintenance tool details, scope of services, contact details and other relevant information to the city of quality and technical supervision Department.

When the name of the maintenance unit, license, service lines or contact information changes, shall promptly notify the city of quality and technical supervision departments. 18th article elevator dimension insurance units should on its maintenance of elevator of security can is responsible for, and perform following security duties: (a) strictly implementation security technology specification and elevator installation using maintenance description of requirements, developed maintenance maintenance plans, at least each 15th for once maintenance maintenance, according to city quality technology supervision sector provides of format truthfully fill in elevator maintenance and fault records, shall not fraud, dimension insurance records by using units elevator management personnel signed confirmed; (ii) in elevator dimension insurance process in the,

Accept elevator using units of supervision, found accident hidden should timely told elevator using units, found serious accident hidden also should timely to local quality technology supervision sector report; (three) established 24 hours dimension insurance duty phone, received fault notification Hou should timely be excluded, maintenance personnel should timely arrived in site implementation rescue, urban arrived in time not over 30 minutes, other County (City) not over 60 minutes; (four) Elevator dimension insurance process in the, should set obviously warning logo, is strictly prohibited using elevator;

(Five) developed elevator security emergency rescue plans, at least each half on this units maintenance of different category (type) elevator for once emergency walkthrough, and written records; Guide and assist elevator using units developed elevator security management system and emergency plans; (six) by Taiwan established elevator dimension insurance records archives, the archives should at least save 4 years; (seven) maintenance contract terminated Shi, should timely to elevator using units transfer elevator dimension insurance records archives; (eight) legal, and regulations and security technology specification provides of other duties.

Fourth chapter management 19th elevator units should be put on in the elevator before use or local quality and technical supervision departments within in 30th registration procedures for use, when you use the unit changes, should be re-registration procedures for use.

20th article following elevator should using double road power or configuration alternate power, while installation has voice, and video function of elevator run State remote monitoring system, and and elevator dimension insurance units and city elevator emergency disposal service platform networking: (a) school, and hospital, and station, and Mall, and sports venues, and Gallery, public gathered places of elevator; (ii) airport, and track traffic site of elevator. 21st in the elevator to be deactivated at least 1 years or quasi periodic inspection period of period of suspension over, lift use the unit should be deactivated within 30th of deactivated formalities to the original registration organ. Use elevators during the outage cut off the elevator power, closing elevator door, distinct locations in the elevator doors or set "disable" logo.

Disable the elevator before the opening of a new elevator units should be made to the Registration Department enabled formalities.

22nd is following several cases of elevators, Elevator units should be in front of the elevator back in service apply to the elevator Inspection Agency inspection, inspection before use: (a) the occurrence of earthquakes and other natural disasters, (ii) accident; (c) to stop using more than 1 year; (d) the period of suspension of terms up to regular inspection.

23rd when interior elevator, do not use toxic, hazardous, inflammable, causing bodily harm and decoration materials.

Decorations increase car manufacturing unit for mass in excess of the design requirements, management by elevator replacement. 24th article should move the elevator construction commissioned by the property unit of the elevator manufacturing units authorized by the appropriate professional qualification of elevators installed units.

Use the elevators reach 15 years of age shall not be loaded.

Demolition of the elevator should be made by qualified elevator manufacturing, installation, alteration or repair of the unit.

25th beyond design life or use the elevator for more than 15 years, Elevator units should apply to the testing technology in safety identification, identification as a basis for elevator renewal, reconstruction, major repairs.

26th following elevator before entry into service shall be equipped with special equipment operator qualification certificate for elevator driver: (a) the driver lifts; (b) the hospital provides patients with the use of the elevator, and (iii) directly for sightseeing passenger lift speeds greater than 2.5 m/s. 27th article elevator using units should perform following security management duties: (a) over 50 Taiwan elevator of using units should set elevator security management institutions; (ii) established and strictly implementation elevator security management, and post responsibility, and hidden governance, and emergency rescue, system, established full of elevator security technology archives; (three) in elevator car van within or out entrance of obviously location posted elevator using logo, security warning logo, and identifies, and guarantee its information full, and right; (four) is responsible for elevator security run of ventilation, and Temperature, and humidity, and voltage, conditions meet security technology specification and about standard requirements, is responsible for elevator alarm device and the remote monitoring system reliable effective; (five) supervision elevator of repair, and maintenance maintenance, work, and do supervision records; (six) developed elevator accident emergency measures and rescue plans, and regularly organization walkthrough; (seven) Elevator appeared fault or occurred exception situation, using units should with dimension insurance units on its for full check, elimination accident hidden, party can continues to using; (eight) occurred elevator tiring fault Shi,

Quickly take measures, comfort was trapped personnel, organization elevator maintenance job personnel implementation rescue; (nine) Elevator exists accident hidden Shi, should immediately suspended using hidden elevator, and set obviously warning logo; (ten) occurred elevator security accident Shi, immediately organization emergency rescue, and remove danger and rescue, protection accident site, and timely to local government and quality technology supervision sector report; (11) developed security civilization took ladder specification and system, guide passengers formed good of took ladder habits. 28th article of owners of residential elevator replacement, renovation or major repair of necessity controversial, for elevator inspection agencies to carry out safety technical appraisal, identification as a basis for lift replacement, renovation and major repairs.

Residential lift replacement, renovation, major repairs needed funds can be raised as follows: (a) residential special maintenance funds have been established, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions apply for the use of special maintenance funds for houses, (ii) failure to establish residence or residential special maintenance special maintenance fund fund balance is insufficient, landlord shall, in accordance with its exclusive parts of buildings with a total area of expense.

29th elevator unit is changed, the original units should lift transfer or contract within 5 working days of the entry into force of the new flats are handed over complete security technology files, and within 5 working days, to the registration office for registration cancellation procedures.

In the elevator the elevator signs within the validity period of change use unit, maintenance unit or emergency phone information, new and used units should be completed the procedures for transfer or maintenance contract, within 5 working days of the emergency, take the original elevator used signs, maintenance contract original materials to the inspection agencies, such as the replacement of the elevator using flags.

Article 30th elevator inspection agencies in receiving periodic inspection shall be applied for 5 working days from the date of inspection time and unit conventions used. After the elevator inspection, should be issued by a testing of the elevator using flags.

The elevator use flags should be displayed prominently in an elevator.

31st article passengers took with elevator should civilization ordered, according to Security Note matters and warning logo right using elevator, shall not has following behavior: (a) demolition, and destroyed elevator warning logo, and alarm device or elevator parts; (ii) used non-security means opened elevator layer door, and car door; (three) over elevator rated load; (four) in escalator, and automatically sidewalk in the retrograde, and play slapstick; (five) other endanger elevator security run or endanger others security ride of behavior.

Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter 32nd of quality and technical supervision departments to lift production, use, inspection units monitor the implementation of safety in accordance with law, and violation of elevator production, use, inspection, organization lift the investigation and handling of accidents, from time to time for elevator maintenance unit maintenance quality supervision, the establishment of an annual appraisal system.

33rd article quality technology supervision sector should following elevator implementation focus security supervision check: (a) school, and hospital, and station, and Mall, and sports venues, and Gallery, public gathered places of elevator; (ii) using years over 15 years of elevator; (three) fault frequency high or complaints more of elevator; (four) after security performance technology identification need maintenance, and transformation or be replaced of elevator; (five) other need implementation focus supervision check of elevator.

34th article related administration sector should in local Government of led Xia established elevator security joint system, timely analysis solution elevator security run problem, and according to their duties, common do elevator security supervision management work: (a) construction sector is responsible for supervision new construction elevator room, and shaft, and end of pit, civil, and supporting engineering of quality security, and completed acceptance; (ii) housing sector is responsible for supervision property service units do elevator using security management and the service quality; (C) public security department responsible for the lift tiring, such as emergency rescue, maintain order and public security in elevator accident, investigate and punish damaged lift facilities, crimes against public security. Fire departments are responsible to investigate and punish violations affecting escape, emergency rescue.

Acceptance testing water, should prevent water from entering the elevator shaft and the pit.

Other industry authorities are responsible for this industry, Elevator safety supervision and management in this field, improving management level of the industry or in the field of elevator safety.

35th sixth chapter legal liability for acts in violation of these measures, the special equipment Safety Act, regulations on safety supervision over special equipment and other relevant laws, rules and regulations have legal responsibilities from its provisions.

Article 36th of the elevator installation, alteration, repair units in violation of these regulations the tenth article qualified elevator delivery without acceptance and rectification by the quality and technology supervision departments, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 3,000 yuan.

37th disobey article 12th elevator replacement units, lift plate should be replaced after the transformation has not been replaced, by the quality and technical supervision Department ordered corrective action and fails to mend, fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan and 3,000 yuan.

38th article violates the 13th paragraph these measures, employer is not used to transfer full security technology archives, the elevator use safety warning signs such as a sign, logo, ordered to surrender by the quality and technical supervision departments, fails to surrender, fines of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

39th elevator maintenance contractors in violation of paragraph III of this article 14th, Elevator day-to-day maintenance operations are subcontracted, subcontracting, by the quality and technical supervision Department ordered corrective action and fines of between 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.

40th article elevator dimension insurance units violation this approach 18th article provides, dimension insurance process not set obviously warning logo of, by quality technology supervision sector ordered corrected, and at 1000 Yuan fine; found accident hidden not told elevator using units of, by quality technology supervision sector ordered deadline corrected, and at 3,000 yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine; maintenance records fraud of, by quality technology supervision sector at 3,000 yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine.

41st article elevator using units violation this approach 27th article provides, not will elevator using logo placed elevator significantly location of or not developed elevator accident emergency measures and rescue plans of, by quality technology supervision sector ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, at 1000 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine; elevator alarm device failure or elevator exists accident hidden, continues to input using of, by quality technology supervision sector ordered deadline corrected, and at 10,000 yuan above 20,000 yuan following fine.

Seventh chapter schedule 42nd article this approach by said elevator using units by following provides determine: (a) Elevator installation Hou, units yet transfer to elevator property owner of, the units for elevator using units; (ii) delegate property service enterprise of Elevator, by delegate of property service enterprise for elevator using units; (three) not delegate property service enterprise of elevator belongs to single property owner of, the property owner for elevator using units; (Four) not delegate property service enterprise of elevator of property owner in two a above of, should consultations determine a property owner for elevator using units, other property owner bear joint responsibility; cannot consultations determine a property owner for elevator using units of, by County (city, and district) above quality technology supervision sector business local Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices determine or drew attention to the this level Government determine elevator using units; (five) distribution has elevator of buildings for rental of,

Parties should be used in a contract lift unit is not agreed, owners for the building elevator unit. 43rd these measures come into force on August 1, 2015.