Wuxi Railway Station District Management Provisions

Original Language Title: 无锡市车站地区管理规定

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  First in order to strengthen the management of station area, maintenance of public order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Provisions of this article apply to management and related activities in the area of the station.

This provides by said station area, is refers to Wuxi railway station South square, and North square, and central bus station and around and underground regional, specific range for: tongjiang Avenue thrift bridge to high Pier bridge West of, high Pier bridge to bright Dam Bridge River North of, bright Dam Bridge to XING Chang bridge River East of, XING Chang road (not containing) XING Chang bridge to Hui Qin junction south, Hui Qin road XING Chang junction to Feng shipped Bridge East of, Feng Yun bridge to thrift bridge River South regional, above regional not containing water.

Adjustments in the area of municipal people's Government on the station, according to the area, adjusted for regional implementation.

Administered by the railway in the railway area in accordance with relevant laws and regulations are responsible for.

Third joint meeting of the municipal people's Government established the station area management system to coordinate and solve important problems in the management of the station.

Station established by the municipal offices of the joint integrated area management bodies are in particular, borne by the municipal public security authorities.

Fourth public security, urban management, transport, industry and commerce, tourism, food and drug administration, municipal and gardens, the Home Department and station area territorial Government shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common areas supervisory work at the station and receiving station area comprehensive coherence, coordination and supervision and examination of the regulatory body.

Fifth station area comprehensive management should establish the station area community governance mechanisms, encourage and incorporate the station area public facilities, property management, operators and other entities and individuals involved in the station area management.

Sixth station the units and individuals in and out of the station, shall comply with these provisions, and consciously safeguard the station area of city appearance and environmental sanitation, municipal facilities and road traffic, public security administration.

Seventh station area set of public service facilities should be scientific, reasonable and convenient, directional signs should be clear, clean and beautiful, and in conformity with the laws and regulations and station services, management of the uniform requirements.

Eighth station area and individual operators name settings, size, flags and other signs and marking shall conform to standards for station area planning requirements and urban appearance.

Nineth station area area of responsibility of city appearance and environmental sanitation systems; city shall, in accordance with sanitation and sanitation responsibilities responsibility contract sanitation duties.

Buildings (structures) buildings or other facilities and sites owners of city appearance and environmental sanitation is responsible; people in ownership, use and management of contract management responsibilities between men, their agreement shall prevail. Tenth Article ban following violation city city management provides of behavior: (a) in street built (frame) built real of roof, and balcony outside, and platform outside, and window, hanging, and drying, and stacked effect city of items; (ii) unauthorized set outdoor advertising facilities; (three) unauthorized occupied road, and square, and green, and parking, public stacked material, and built built (frame) built real, and stall presence or beyond doors and Windows business, and job; (four) unauthorized distributed commercial advertising, in trees, and ground, and buildings and other facilities Shang description, and graffiti

, Spraying or posted without permission, the authorisations granted; (e) other acts in violation of city regulations.

11th occupy the sidewalks, plazas and other public places to hold public, commercial activities, shall be approved and carried out within the specified time and; or uses after the expiry of the activity is over, should be cleared in a timely manner, and restitution.

12th prohibits the following acts in violation of environmental regulations: (a) the spitting, soiling, littering, paper scraps, cigarette butts, chewing gum, glass bottles, dead animals and other debris;

(B) of garbage, waste, sewage, waste oil, waste and other waste, (iii) burned leaves, trash and other debris and (iv) other acts in violation of environmental regulations.

13th prohibits the following acts in violation of road traffic regulations: (a) do not follow traffic signs or traffic in the section banning, (ii) parking in no parking or traffic location, (iii) on the roadway, called on selling property, vehicles, travel and dissemination of promotional materials, such as and (iv) other acts that violate the provisions of the road traffic management.

14th without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy or dig the roads really necessary temporary occupation and mining roads, shall in accordance with the provisions of the public security traffic Administrative Department and approval of the relevant authorities, and in accordance with the provisions of traffic safety measures.

15th article ban following violation road transport business order management provides of behavior: (a) non-operating vehicles engaged in road transport business activities; (ii) passenger shuttle not according to provides of passenger site docked, or in site outside upper and lower passenger, and handling line package; (three) passenger tours attract tours contract yiwai of passenger ride; (four) taxi not comply with parking waiting Guest site management provides or dumped guest, and refusing, and without passengers agreed carrying other passengers; (five) other violation road transport business order management provides of behavior.

16th article ban following violation commercial business order management provides of behavior: (a) no card no as business; (ii) strong buy strong sold commodity, forced others provides or accept service; (three) not price or not implementation Government pricing, and guided; (four) using treble broadcast horn or used other issued high noise of method attract customer; (five) other violation commercial business order management provides of behavior. 17th article ban following hamper social management order of behavior: (a) forged, and variable made, and reselling tickets, and invoice or other has price ticket, and voucher; (ii) sold, and rental obscene books, and pictures, and film, and audio, obscene materials; (three) accommodation, and catering, and tourism, and passenger, business units or personal violation provides showmanship, and selling property; (four) spread rumors or to other way incitement riot; (five) stress, and lured, and using others begging or to repeatedly entanglement, and

Forced to beg for harassment, such as begging and (vi) other acts that interfere with the order of social administration.

18th station area staff in the performance of their duties to find vagrants and beggars, it shall notify to the municipal administration of their organizations for help; the disabled, minors, the elderly and other people with reduced mobility should be guided, escorted to the municipal relief administration; the sudden medical emergency personnel, shall promptly notify the aid organizations for treatment.

Article 19th station area comprehensive management should establish the station area public emergency command system and management mechanism, to make contingency plans.

Station management of territorial Governments, relevant departments and units should be in accordance with the responsibility to develop public emergency plan and organize regular training and exercise.

Article 20th station integrated management body shall, in accordance with the relevant departments and units of area responsibilities to develop the station management objectives and plans, and comprehensive evaluation at the end of each year, informed the assessment results reported to the joint meeting for approval. 21st article violation this provides, legal regulations has has punishment provides of, from its provides; legal regulations no provides of, according to following provides punishment: (a) violation this provides 16th article fourth items, in commercial activities in the using treble broadcast horn or used other issued high noise of method attract customer of, by city management sector ordered corrected, and give warning; warning Hou not corrected of, at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; (ii) violation this provides 17th article third items, accommodation, and catering, and tourism, and

Passenger transportation and other operating units or individual showmanship, selling property and other means to disrupt public order in the station area, education refuses, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security management punishment law article 23rd will be punished.

22nd station area-related management and staff in the management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, who, according to law by his entity or his upper level authority administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 23rd these provisions come into force on August 1, 2015.