Nanchang Municipal Administration Legal Drafting Important Draft Laws And Regulatory Options

Original Language Title: 南昌市政府法制机构组织起草重要行政管理法规草案和规章办法

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  The first in order to improve its quality, maintain the uniformity of the legal system to avoid legislative tendency of departments, according to the People's Republic of China Law of legislation and the regulatory procedure Ordinance under the State Council, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second, important draft administrative rules and regulations, the drafting of organization, these measures shall apply.

To article legal bodies responsible for important administrative regulations and drafting of the regulations of the organization.

This approach by said important administration regulations draft and regulations, including following range: (a) on this city economic social development has major effect of; (ii) involved multiple sector duties and sector Zhijian has dispute of; (three) City Government referred to the municipal government legal institutions hosted of; (four) municipal government legal institutions think set of right obligations and general masses vital interests is closely related to, need by its organization drafting of.

Article important the drafting of the draft administrative regulations and rules, should be guided by the People's Republic of China legislative act legislative principles, adhere to the principle of open, fair, equitable and scientifically provides that citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the rights and obligations, powers and responsibilities of the Department, and proceeding from specific conditions and practical needs of the city, serving the city center.

Article important draft administrative regulations and rules established, legal institutions shall organize the relevant departments to set up a drafting group, clear lines of responsibility and drafting personnel, implementation funding to finish drafting task.

Legal agencies may invite relevant organizations and experts participated in the drafting work, may also appoint experts in related organizations, drafted.

Work drafted by the Organization of legal institutions, the municipal finance is guaranteed.

Sixth article drafting group of about sector should active tie municipal government legal institutions of organization drafting, main is responsible for following work: (a) assigned familiar this sector business of personnel participation drafting work; (ii) timely provides legislation project by needed information and the other necessary; (three) and municipal government legal institutions joint organization legislation research, and argument and modified; (four) according to need arrangements related is responsible for personnel participate in important problem of research coordination. Article seventh draft administrative regulations for drafting important legal institutions and regulations, shall conduct in-depth studies and summarized their experience, using domestic and foreign legislation, listen to the views of relevant bodies, organizations and the general public.

Hearings can take many forms such as seminars, feasibility study meeting, hearing. 

Article eighth legal institutions should carefully study all these views, on important administrative regulations or the draft modified regulations to form a discussion draft of the draft regulations and draft regulations and instructions.

Discussion draft of the draft regulations and draft regulations and instructions signed by the head of legal institutions, proposed consideration of the attention of the Standing Committee of the municipal government for instructions. Nineth legal institutions should be considered according to the Executive meeting of the municipal government, organize relevant departments to make changes to the discussion draft of the draft regulations and draft regulations, form revisions and submit them to the Mayor to sign.

Belonging to the draft regulations, municipal government motion drew attention to the municipal people's Congress or the Standing Committee of the municipal people's Congress considered belonging to regulations, published in the form of municipal government. Tenth article this way come into force from October 1, 2015.