Development Zone, Nanchang City Food And Drug Administration Principal Provisions

Original Language Title: 南昌市开发区食品药品监督行政执法委托规定

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  First food and drug administration, in order to strengthen and standardize development zone, development zone, ensure that food and drug supervision work efficiently and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Referred to in the provisions of article development zone, including economic and technological development zone of Nanchang, Nanchang high and Songhai economic and technological development zone, honggutan, Nanchang, district and free economic zones.

Provisions of this article apply to the development zone within the jurisdiction of the food and Drug Administration enforcement activities. Fourth development zone within the jurisdiction of the food and drug administration law enforcement functions, the municipal food and drug supervision and Management Department (hereinafter referred to as the client department) commissioned the municipal market and the quality supervision and management departments agencies accredited to the development zone (hereinafter referred to as the Commission).

But unless the law and regulations cannot delegate. Article fifth client department and Harry Fox agency administrative enforcement power of attorney shall be signed between the parties.

Instructions shall contain the name of the client department and the Harry Fox Agency, the matters entrusted and competence, mandates, responsibilities and other matters the parties consider it necessary expressly to the.  

After administrative law enforcement power of Attorney is signed should be submitted to the municipal people's Government and municipal markets and quality control Department.

Change of executive orders, determined by the client department consultation with the Harry Fox Agency, and report to the municipal people's Government and the municipal market and the quality supervision and Management Department.

Sixth Harry Fox Agency terms of reference and commissioning period, to administrative law enforcement on behalf of client departments and other organizations or individuals shall not delegate the implementation of administrative law enforcement.

Seventh of the Harry Fox Agency, Legislative Affairs, administrative law enforcement personnel shall participate in the Organization of comprehensive legal knowledge training and client Department Organization of professional legal knowledge training, and complying with the provisions of administrative law enforcement documents only after law enforcement.

Harry Fox Agency list of administrative law enforcement personnel shall be submitted to the client Department for filing.

Eighth Harry Fox Agency shall implement administrative law enforcement, administrative enforcement procedures followed, regularizing administrative enforcement actions, the establishment of administrative law enforcement files, the implementation of responsibility system of administrative enforcement, implementation of the system for assigning responsibility for misjudged cases.

Nineth Harry Fox Agency shall enhance liaison and communication with the client department, report regularly to the client department administrative enforcement, major matters of administrative enforcement shall promptly report to the client department.  

Tenth Commission impose administrative law enforcement departments should strengthen the Harry Fox Agency guidance and supervision, found the mistake was entrusted with administrative enforcement actions, it should be pointed out in a timely manner and call it legally correct; clients should accept the supervision and evaluation of client departments on a regular basis.

Client Department of entrusted by clients in implementation of administrative law enforcement assumed legal responsibility for the consequences. The 11th article in the Harry Fox Agency terms of reference illegal administrative law enforcement, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations for damage caused, by the client department compensation according to law.

The client department compensation for loss, to the clients or persons who can recover some or all of the damages.

Responsibility for the illegal administrative enforcement personnel, informed by the client department, market and quality supervision and management departments shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

12th Harry Fox agency law administrative law enforcement in serious or repeated breach of, client departments may terminate or suspend the administrative law enforcement Commission, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for the record. The 13th article of the regulations come into force September 1, 2015.