Fuzhou Postal Service Management Several Provisions

Original Language Title: 福州市邮政业管理若干规定

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  First to promote healthy development of postal industry, strengthen the management of postal industry, regulate postal services act, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and users, in accordance with the People's Republic of China postal law, Fujian province postal regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Provisions of this article apply to postal services within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, services, and regulatory activities.

Article in Fuzhou postal authorities is the competent Department of postal services, is responsible for the administrative area of the city in the universal postal service and postal market supervision and management work.

Land planning, the people's Governments above the county level, public safety, housing and property management sectors in the land-use, infrastructure, vehicles and other support for the development of postal industry.

Municipal financial Department in conjunction with the business, development and reform Department arrange special funds for supporting industry development, specific measures for the use of funds by the relevant competent authorities and the postal administration departments.

Four postal industry should at all levels shall be incorporated into the national economic and social development planning, and postal facilities, logistics parks (including Express) the layout and construction of urban planning, control and detailed planning are connected, protect the postal industry and coordinated development of local economy and society.

Article fifth postal service facilities include postal facilities, courier facilities.

Postal facility contains a post office business premises, disposal sites, mail boxes (boxes), postal kiosks, post-office boxes.

Express delivery facility contains express Logistics Park, express processing center, express service network, smart courier boxes. Sixth express service outlets shall be in accordance with the relevant national standards planning and construction.

City of new residential, commercial, development and transformation of the old city should express service outlets into community services infrastructure, synchronized planning and construction. Postal facilities shall be in accordance with the planning and construction of national and industry standards.

Primary and secondary roads newsstand request of the planning layout settings, meet appearance city appearance standards, unified identity.

Chain business in seventh to encourage community service organizations, agencies, organs management sectors in the community, organ-building end express service outlets, can be determined in consultation with the courier company operating services, postal administrations shall provide services and guidance.

Eighth collection of postal business premises or mail processing places, urban and rural planning permission, is imposed by the housing sector should be based on national, industry-standard requirements for postal facilities, be in place near property rights Exchange; urban and rural planning adjustment does not property rights Exchange, offering monetary compensation. Nineth construction of urban residents ' property should be set to receive mail letter box, and in accordance with the State standards and acceptance.

City streets, squares, parks and other public places shall be in accordance with the principles of convenience for the masses set the posting box (boxes), postal kiosks and other public facilities. Residential special maintenance fund paid residential, renovation and transformation of the traditional letter box for smart letter box, may apply for special maintenance funds for houses.

Encourages new cell configuration intelligent express box. Placing intelligent express box, should be registered with the municipal postal authorities documentation.

Municipal postal authorities should provide guidance on construction of intelligent express box.

Tenth email, accurate shipments containing the recipient's name, contact information, postal services, courier companies can delegate after consultation with the property property service, but it should be with the consent of the recipient consent.

The property business, management units blocking post, express delivery practitioners into causes such as and are reluctant to service delivery not to door to households, postal, courier company shall immediately notify the recipient, and still had not received, take messages, express to specified services, according to the national laws and regulations. 11th express transport vehicles shall conform to the national and industry standards, in accordance with the specification requirements for municipal postal authorities sprayed the unified special identity, and in accordance with the regulations to the municipal postal authorities, public security and traffic management departments.

The municipal postal authorities together with the municipal public security traffic management departments of special light-duty truck that is identified for spraying exercise total control. Spray special light-duty truck that is identified with the exception provided for limited time blocks, in Fuzhou, limiting truck traffic road.

Specific period by the municipal public security and traffic administration together with the municipal postal administration departments. 12th post, the express industry in China should be in accordance with the State and this municipality has postal express delivery salesman skills. Postal, express delivery companies in China should strengthen the vocational skill training, professional quality education and the professional examination.

Municipal postal authorities should be guidance and supervision training for practitioners.

13th prohibits the following acts:

(A) opens without authorization, conceals, destroys or illegally detained, detained others mail, courier;

(B) in form of containment, intercepts, mob, disturb the normal order of delivery services;

(C) illicit interception, Qiang Deng, PA by mail, courier, transport vehicles;

(Iv) theft, impersonation, resell the mail, express mail;

(E) stealing, divulging user information;

(Vi) fraud using delivery;

(G) misappropriation, embezzlement, theft of business and collecting money;

(VIII) other offences affecting delivery services.

Any of the above-mentioned circumstances, no unit or individual can be reported to the police, after police received a report, it shall receive and handle, municipal postal authorities should coordinate mail, express delivery in a timely manner. 14th of municipal postal authorities reported complaints, appraisal system should be established.

To detain, scalping, stolen, conceals or destroys mail, express mail or disclose user information and other violations, apart from the persons directly responsible shall be punished according to law, should also be credited to the postal services, courier companies poor credit records, to the public on a regular basis. 15th article of the regulations come into force September 1, 2015.

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