Zhengzhou City Of Dangerous Buildings Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市城市危险房屋管理办法

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(July 4, 2003, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government at the 15th Executive meeting announced on July 11, 2003, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 125th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen risk management, accelerating the dangerous houses renovation, protect tenants and safety, according to the Ministry of construction, issued regulations on the management of the city of dangerous buildings, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Article II dangerous houses in these measures, means a structure has been severely damaged or dangerous components of bearing, and may lose their stability and bearing capacity of structure at any time, cannot guarantee the residents and the use of safe houses.
    This approach applies to this article urban planning different types of housing in the area.
    Fourth house owners and users should be the protection and proper use of the Housing Authority, forbidden to the door, Windows, holes and attach the modified building (structures) and other behavior detrimental to housing security. Fifth City real estate management Department is the city of dangerous buildings management of the competent authorities.
    Other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, with real estate management sector and make management of dangerous housing.
    Counties (cities), shangjie District real estate management is responsible for the management of risk within the administrative area housing.
    Chapter House safety appraisal achieved sixth House safety appraisal by qualified safety appraisal of housing agencies.
    Security institution real estate management business guidance and supervision.
    Seventh house owners or users should conduct regular security checks on their houses, if found any emergency housing, timely commissioning House safety appraisal appraisal.
    Eighth house owner or when you use who identified safety appraisal of housing agencies, shall provide the house ownership, license or other relevant legal documents.
    Nineth delegate identification identification of the Parties shall, in accordance with security needs, to House safety appraisal agencies provide technical information by identifying housing construction, and identified the housing-related civil air defense engineering and drainage, gas, heating and plumbing technical information. After the tenth House safety appraisal agencies entrusted, shall be identified in time.
    For ordinary buildings, shall on receipt of the necessary technical information to identify within 1 month from the date of conclusion on the identification of particularly complex projects can extend the identification period, but the extension period shall not exceed 2 months.
    11th article housing security identification by following program for: (a) initial survey: identified housing of history and status, check out housing design, and construction, and alterations, and reinforcement of drawings and the about technology information; (ii) site exploration: on housing of based, and wall, and column, and beam, and Board, and roof trusses, bearing component for exploration, and observation adjacent buildings and structures on was identification housing structure of effect and terrain, and landforms, and drainage system, on was identification of housing of effect, test, and records various damaged data and status;
    (C) inspection check, finishing materials (iv) conclusions: investigations, investigation, testing, calculations of analysis of all the information, make a comprehensive judgement, and put forward opinions issued security identification document.
    12th article on was identification for dangerous housing of, according to housing of category, and using conditions, and actual hosted force,, can points following four class for processing: (a) observation using: applies Yu take appropriate security technology measures Hou, is can short-term using, but needed continues to observation of housing; (ii) processing using: applies Yu take fill strong, and reinforcement, security technology measures Hou can lifted dangerous of housing; (three) stop using: applies Yu has no repair value, temporarily inconvenience demolition, and not endanger adjacent buildings and others personal security of housing;
    (D) the total demolition: apply to the whole risk value and there is no renovation, which may endanger the physical safety of adjacent buildings and houses.
    13th House safety appraisal personnel, real estate management qualification examination, after the identification certificate issued before they can post. 14th when the safety appraisal of the House, you must have two or more (with two), identification of participants.
    Safety appraisal of housing agencies may hire experts or invited participation of people from relevant departments identified.
    15th House safety appraisal in accordance with the Ministry of construction issued identification of dangerous housing standards.
    For industrial buildings, public buildings, high-rise buildings and heritage protection safety appraisal of buildings, in addition to implementing the above provision standards, should also refer to the relevant technical standards, specifications and regulations implementation.
    16th House safety appraisal, real estate management, should use uniform format identification instruments, with the Special seal for safety appraisal of dangerous houses.
    Security identification document shall be copied, or where counties (cities), shangjie District real estate management Department. Article 17th of identified hazardous housing, housing security institution to the views put forward in the conclusions.
    Municipal or County (City), shangjie District real estate administrative departments shall inform the house owner or processed according to comments that might endanger the safety of persons or property housing, you should notify people stopped using the deadline.
    18th House safety appraisal appraisal fee can be charged, appraisal fees in accordance with the municipal price Bureau approved risk identification standard of housing.
    19th was identified as a risk House, appraisal cost borne by the owner; identified as non-dangerous houses, appraisal fees borne by the seller. The 20th principal on House safety appraisal or related parties disagrees with the Agency's conclusions, to the municipal or County (City), shangjie District real estate management.
    Real estate administrative departments should organize the expert conclusions of the expert group review, the assessment results should inform the housing safety accreditation bodies and related parties. Chapter III risk governance for housing the 21st house owners and users should conduct regular security checks on their houses.
    During the flood season, house owners should remove danger of the crisis would be ready; real estate management departments at all levels should, under the leadership of the people's Governments at the same level, strengthen supervision and inspection, emergency rescue and disaster relief work.
    22nd house owner of dangerous housing crisis, time crisis; the crisis temporary difficulties, security measures should be taken.
    Article 23rd has been identified as a risk House, housing the owner or occupier must be processed under the security accreditation bodies require timely processing of notifications and real estate management sector. Article 24th of real estate management has been identified as a risk House remove danger the crisis, should provide guidance and supervision.
    House owners or occupiers remove danger the crisis measures taken, shall be submitted to the real estate management Department.
    The 25th house owners to remove danger was identified as a risk House crisis or when the formalities necessary for demolition and reconstruction, planning, public safety, municipal, civil defense and other departments concerned should promptly go through examination and approval procedures, active support.
    26th adjoined dangerous housing owners, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Zhengzhou city adjoined the housing management to assume governance responsibilities.
    Fourth chapter penalty is 27th article has following situation one of caused others loss of, should bear excluded dangerous, and compensation loss of responsibility: (a) housing ownership people has insurance not check or damaged not repair of; (ii) by identification for dangerous housing, housing ownership people or using people not by real estate management sector of requirements take remove danger solutions dangerous measures of; (three) unauthorized change housing structure, and component, and equipment or using nature, effect others housing security of;
    (D) housing using the take ownership of dangerous housing crisis measures taken (v) due to the construction, parking lot, collisions and other acts threatening security.
    28th article has been identified as a risk House, housing the owner property management requirements or user is not processed in a timely manner, by the city and County (City), shangjie District real estate management department ordered and fined 5000 Yuan more than 20000 RMB fine.
    29th under any of the following circumstances causing damage, security accreditation bodies should bear the compensation liability: (a) housing non-dangerous buildings identified as dangerous, (ii) identified as non-hazardous hazardous housing housing in accidents within the effective time; (c) accidents due to time delay identification. The fifth chapter supplementary articles article 30th these measures shall take effect on September 1, 2003.
                                  On November 25, 1991, issued by the Municipal Government of the Zhengzhou city of dangerous buildings management (17th municipal people's Government) abrogated.

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