Inner Mongolia Radio Management

Original Language Title: 内蒙古自治区无线电管理办法

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(February 13, 2004, people's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the 5th Executive meeting February 26, 2004, people's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the 134th announced as of May 1, 2004) first to strengthen the radio management, maintaining the order of radio, the effective use of the radio frequency spectrum resource, ensuring normal operation of radio services, in accordance with the People's Republic of China of the radio regulations, combined with State practice, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the autonomous region set up, use, radio (stations), the development, production, sales, import radio transmitting equipment, as well as non-radio equipment using radiation waves, should comply with these measures.
    Radio management do not apply to the practices of the military system.
    Article referred to radio (station) is defined as a fixed, mobile, radio, television, radar, navigation, positioning and other radio communication services and radio astronomy services used by the transmitting equipment, the receiving device or their combination.
    Radiation non-radio equipment of radio waves in these measures refers to the radiation from radio waves of industrial, scientific and medical equipment, Electric transportation systems, high voltage power lines and other electrical devices.
    The fourth State radio regulatory agency responsible for the State radio management.
    Radio regulatory agencies established by the institutions of the autonomous region according to the regional radio management functions.
    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level, according to their respective responsibilities, with the radio management of radio management bodies. People's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the radio management v.
    Office of the people's Governments at the county level should be determined (and) level managers to assist radio management of radio regulatory agencies under their jurisdiction.
    Sixth radio frequency spectrum resources are owned by the State, any units and individuals shall have the protection of the radio frequency spectrum resource, the obligation to maintain the radio order, have the right to encroach on national spectrum resource, disturbing the order of radio units and individuals to expose.
    Seventh article set, and using radio (station) should has following conditions: (a) radio equipment meet national technology standard; (ii) operation personnel familiar radio management of about provides, and has corresponding of business skills and operation qualification; (three) radio network design reasonable, radio (station) work environment security reliable; (four) set Taiwan (station) units or personal has corresponding of management system and measures. The eighth set, using radio (station) of units and individuals, should be to the seat of radio management institution and approval procedures, obtaining a radio licence.
    Otherwise provided for by the State, from its provisions.
    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to set, using the radio (station). Nineth article application set, and using radio (station), should to radio management institutions provides following related information: (a) units set, and using radio (station) of, submitted this units written application, and superior business competent sector of approved file and the about technology information; (ii) personal set, and using radio of, submitted written application, and ID copies and the about technology information; (three) using national radio management institutions delegate about sector refers to distribution of frequency set radio (station) of,
    Should be submitted to the Department concerned approval documents for the use of frequency; (d) set the amateur radio station, radio sports association submitted ratification documents and operating certificates. Tenth Article radio management institutions accepted set, and using radio (station) application Hou, by review, on meet set conditions of, by following program handle approval procedures: (a) by approval permission pre refers to distribution frequency; (ii) set Taiwan (station) of units or personal by pre refers to distribution of frequency for necessary of technology design or network design; (three) on according to provides needed submitted electromagnetic environment test report of radio (station), should for electromagnetic environment test; (four) on intends set Taiwan (station) information and test report for audit, Assigned after examination of the frequency and issued the approval document; (e) radio (station) try running 30-90, by radio regulatory agency after acceptance, issue radio licenses; setting public business mobile devices, micro-power radio transmitting equipment, units and individual public radio and radio without obtaining approval, but should be used in accordance with the national standard of equipment.
    Setting public radio, the communication quality is not affected by the radio authority for protection. 11th rigid restrictions on tall buildings, towers, alpine setting using the radio (station).
    Does require buildings, towers, mountain setting using the radio (station), it shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. In urban planning in the 12th to set a fixed radio stations (stations), shall comply with the overall urban construction plan, subject to planning and management.
    In urban planning administrative departments in planning and management, should ensure that the construction of radio stations (stations), microwave links and radio monitoring facilities necessary to the work environment. The 13th case of emergency rescue and disaster relief, civil air defense, dealing with emergencies that threaten people's life and property security, you can temporarily enable unauthorized set of radio equipment, but shall promptly report to the radio authority.
    Emergency termination should be discontinued. 14th district peripheral unit to carry radio stations used in the autonomous region, should take the original location of the radio station Radio radio licence issued by the authorities, to the radio authority for the offsite using procedures.
    State radio regulatory agencies approved for use across the province, except for networking functions.
    15th resident foreign State agencies and groups, businessmen and foreign users of the temporary autonomous region set using radio, by its competent authorities or reception units reported State radio regulatory authority for approval.
    16th radio management institution shall, on a regular basis has been set using the radio (station) for testing.
    17th Radio Authority by setting permission on assigned radio frequencies.
    Approved or authorized by the State radio regulatory agencies, State radio regulatory agencies can take the bidding, auctions to determine the frequency to use.
    Central People's autonomous departments and units directly under the autonomous region on State radio regulatory agency assigned to the Department's spectrum and frequency plan its programme should be reported to the State radio regulatory filings. 18th frequency assigned frequency must be made clear using the term.
    Need to continue to use the expiration of shall apply again.
    Has been assigned frequencies, not used for a year without good reason, or not in accordance with the regulations, from the original frequency assignment authority recovery of frequency.
    Frequencies already assigned, country modified frequency allocations, or when adjustments are needed because of national interests, radio management agencies can be adjusted, but users should inform in advance frequency related matters. 19th no unit or individual without approval of the Radio Authority, no unauthorized use, alteration, transfer frequency.
    Prohibition or disguised letting frequency.
    Frequency of use of the units and individuals shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State pay the frequency fee.
    20th the development of radio transmitting equipment shall submit a written application to the State radio regulatory bodies and relevant technical data, reported by the State radio regulatory agencies after the audit State radio regulatory authority for approval.
    Production of radio transmission equipment, the working frequency, band radio management and relevant specifications shall comply with the relevant national provisions, and the State radio regulatory authority to test the emission characteristics of the device.
    Sales of radio transmitting equipment shall be submitted to radio regulatory filings.
    No unit or individual may illegally development, production, sale and use of radio jamming equipment.
    21st article import radio transmitting equipment, should hold a State radio regulatory agencies issued by the radio transmit equipment type approval certificate and approval code, approved by the State radio regulatory agency, having obtained the radio equipment into the review documents, to the customs clearance formalities.
    22nd non-radio wave radiation of radio transmitting equipment shall comply with relevant regulations of the State management of environmental protection of electromagnetic radiation may not cause harmful interference to radio services.
    23rd radio stations are radio management of institutions at all levels of the autonomous region, is responsible for the radio signal monitoring, under the leadership of the radio management. Radio stations found in the monitoring of radio interference or when you receive the report, complaints of radio interference, it shall find the interference source, take effective measures to eliminate it.
    Found illegal settings or altering approved project radio (stations), shall promptly report to the radio authority.
    24th radio management institution shall establish radio regulatory inspectors, to supervise and inspect the work of radio management.
    Autonomous regions radio management institutions and sent institutions in law implementation supervision check Shi right to take following measures: (a) for site check, and Forensics; (ii) requirements was check units and personal provides about information and file; (three) asked party and witnesses, making asked record; (four) take necessary of technology means stop wrongful behavior; (five) law sealed or detained illegal using of radio launches equipment.
    25th article violates these rules, People's Republic of China has made administrative penalty provisions of the radio regulations, from its provisions.
    26th was not required to pay radio frequency occupation fee, paid by the Radio Authority ordered; 6 months overdue unpaid, radio frequency recovery management agency can be separately assigned.
    27th article violates these rules, causing significant damage to the State, collective or individual, shall be liable, radio management institution should be investigated or relevant government departments held directly responsible and the administrative responsibility of the unit owner constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    28th radio management staff, abuse their powers, neglect their duties, their appointment and removal or administrative supervisory organs, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                            29th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2004.

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