Ningbo Four Pests Management

Original Language Title: 宁波市除四害工作管理规定

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(December 30, 2003 Ningbo Municipal People's Government at the 12th Executive meeting on January 8, 2004 Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the 118th promulgated as of March 1, 2004) first for the control and eradication of mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches (hereinafter referred to as four) disease vectors, such as biological hazards, prevent the spread of disease, protect the people's health, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article applicable to the built-up area in the city and County (City) where the people's Governments of cities built up area.
    Towns (townships) town built-up area may refer to the implementation.
    Article city and County (City), the administrative departments for the administration of the four pests of public health Administrative Department.
    Cities and counties (cities), the District Office of patriotic public health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as AI Wei ban) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the four pests within their respective jurisdictions.
    Cities and counties (cities) and the density of four provisional regional disease prevention and control agencies are responsible for monitoring, prevention and control techniques to guide the work, timely area of four pest density and the associated notification sibling AI Wei.
    Fourth city management, agriculture, land and natural resources, construction, telecommunications, electric power, civil defense authorities shall, within the scope of their respective duties, in collaboration with good management of the four pests.
    Culture, radio and television, education and other sectors and the information unit should take a variety of forms, extensive publicity and education work of the four pests.
    Fifth of municipal or County (City), district and town (Township and street) the supervisor of the four pests, supervisor of the four pests by cities and counties (cities), the patriotic health campaign Committee appointments.
    The four pests supervisor's responsibilities are as follows: (a) advocacy knowledge of four pests, inspection and guidance units, households in the region to carry out the four pests.
    (B) assist relevant within the scope of the jurisdiction of the Department for supervision and management of four pests.
    (C) acts in violation of the provisions of the proposed recommendation.
    Sixth section in the work of the four pests to backbone of education, organizations, training, evaluation and social machinery purchase in public places, such as matters of funding, should be in accordance with the principle of territorial management in the local budgets. Seventh article specific is responsible for four control work of units by following provides determine: (a) city primary and secondary road, and bridge, and underground channel, and public square, city public regional by city sanitation management institutions is responsible for; (ii) buildings, and structures or facilities, and places by property people is responsible for; property people, and management people, and using people Zhijian agreed management responsibility of, by agreed of responsibility people is responsible for; (three) implemented property management of residential, by property management units is responsible for, yet implemented property management of residential, By community residents Committee is responsible for, but responsibility district range within of units and households should by provides paid corresponding of costs; (four) residential outside of streets, by subdistrict offices or town government is responsible for; (five) organ, and groups, and forces, and school, and enterprises and the individual industrial and commercial households of around regional, by related units and the individual business households is responsible for; (six) various market, and public green, and exhibition exhibition field (Museum), public, by business, and management units is responsible for; (seven) construction site by units is responsible for,
    Building plots of land from the property unit responsible for; (h) the waters of rivers, streams, lakes, and the management unit is responsible for, (I) septic tanks, septic tanks, sewage storage ponds, the property unit are responsible for.
    Responsibilities not clear regional and urban/rural interface, the local AI Wei delineation of areas of responsibility and determine those responsible.
    Article eighth four pests prevention, professional work team combine with crowd control guidelines, adhere to the fundamental principles, specimens of both, change the environment, controlling four breeding ground, insecticide control of prevention and treatment.
    Vulnerable or breeding harm industry and the place should be equipped with guard, kill the measure, strictly control the four pests breeding, reproduction and diffusion.
    The Nineth units, individual and household rat, rodent-proof measures, take measures such as plug hole, devices to capture and kill rodents.
    Tenth units, individual businesses and households should dispose of litter properly, strictly prohibits dumping, piled up everywhere, and beat and poisoned, trapping method was adopted to eliminate flies.
    Vulnerable industries and places and breeding flies, flies, fly control measures should be implemented, strict control of fly breeding.
    Processing and marketing of imported food places without flies directly.
    Units of the 11th, individual businesses and households should control mosquito breeding places within their sphere of responsibility, the use of biological, physical and chemical methods to eradicate larvae and adult mosquitoes, water bodies and water may not be breeding ground for mosquito larvae and pupae.
    12th units, individual businesses and households should be kept clean indoor and outdoor environment, eliminate the cockroach Habitat, actively using a variety of methods to kill cockroaches.
    Hotels, hostels, food industry and food production and sales industry standards without cockroaches should be.
    13th the four pests of the units by the units themselves, also commissioned four pest control agency to carry out, and pay the corresponding fees in accordance with the regulations.
    14th business four pest control agency should be registered with the industrial and commercial registration, and shall comply with the following conditions: (a) have a fixed office space and a independent Treasury; (b) a sound service system, a safety management system, (iii) 1 instructor-level health professionals and (iv) have more than 3 in China have the appropriate expertise.
    15th production of four pests of drug companies, individual businesses, must be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations for the approval, registration procedures.
    16th production of four pests of drugs must be done to combat pests and efficient, human, livestock, poultry, low toxicity, low impact on the environment.
    Prohibited the production, sale and use of drugs against rodent and pesticides. 17th article units and individual industrial and commercial households of responsibility regional within has following case one of of, by health administrative sector be warning, ordered deadline take necessary control measures, can on individual industrial and commercial households can at 50 Yuan above 500 Yuan following of fine, on units can at 200 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine: (a) has live rat, and rat corpse or rat hole, and rat manure, and rat bite marks, rat track of; (ii) water or water breeding mosquito young and pupa of; (three) has flies breeding of places and not take effective measures of; (four) processing, and
    Sales directly imported food of flies on the premises, and (v) there are roaches and egg sheath or cockroach trails.
    18th article in violation of the provisions of article 14th, four pest control bodies do not meet the required conditions or arbitrarily reduced terms of, be warned by the health Administrative Department, rectification, and to a fine of less than 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.
    Article 19th of violation of the provisions of the 15th, 16th, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with their respective responsibilities shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.
    20th on the administrative authorities for acts in violation of these provisions, should be investigated and prosecuted for failing to investigate and punish according to law, the cities and counties (cities), the patriotic health campaign Committee should urge the authorities to investigate and punish; refusing to investigate administrative authority has the right to criticize, and drew attention to the level of Government or a superior authority of that body for handling. 21st article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2004.
                                                                                                            On August 21, 1997, the Ningbo Municipal People's Government issued the four pests management regulations (municipal government, 55th) repealed simultaneously.

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