Shanghai Elevator Safety Monitor Method

Original Language Title: 上海市电梯安全监察办法

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(May 10, 2004, Shanghai Municipal People's Government at the 37th Executive meeting on May 15, 2004, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the 22nd release as of August 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article I (purpose and basis), Elevator Safety, in order to strengthen the monitoring, prevention and reduction of accidents, protect people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the regulations on safety supervision over special equipment and relevant regulations of the State, these measures are formulated.
    Article II (scope of application) working in the administrative area of the city of elevator production (including manufacture, installation, alteration, maintenance, the same below), sale, use, maintenance, inspection and testing, and related management activities shall abide by these measures. Article (and assist departments in charge), Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision (hereinafter referred to as municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision) is the elevator safety supervision and administration departments.
    The district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision (hereinafter district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision) is responsible for elevator safety monitoring work within their respective administrative areas.
    Building in the city, public security, safety supervision, industry and commerce, housing, land and resources administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a elevator safety supervision work in the city.
    The fourth section (County Government functions), district (s) people's Governments shall support and urge the district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision to perform their safety oversight responsibilities, Elevator Safety monitor within the administrative area of major problems in coordination and solution.
    Fifth (license management) production unit, maintenance unit of the elevator and elevator inspection agencies (hereinafter referred to as inspection bodies) shall obtain a permit before engaging in related activities.
    Elevator installation, alteration, repair, routine maintenance operations personnel, as well as inspection personnel shall obtain the appropriate license.
    The sixth section (Elevator), encourages lifts production, use units to lift security responsibilities relevant insurance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, reducing the loss of elevator production, use units.
    Production and sales of the seventh article in chapter II (quality requirements of production units) production quality of the lift shall conform to the national standard and technical specification for safety requirements.
    Prohibition of the manufacture, installation and product defects, may endanger the safety of persons and property lifts.
    Eighth (elevator factory documents) elevator the elevator manufacturing units to the factory, should provide the national product quality certificates and other documents and the use of security warning message or warning signs.
    Nineth (manufacturing technical guidance and service units) Elevator units should be used to provide the following technical services: (a) guide the development of elevators remove danger rescue emergency, (ii) provide much-needed spare parts of elevator and (iii) providing professional remove danger and rescue skills training.
    Tenth (prohibition of lending certificate) Elevator production unit shall not be lent to other units in elevator manufacturing, installation, renovation and maintenance of qualification certificates.
    11th (mass per unit of sales) for sales lift products sold by units shall identify product quality certification and other documents and other marks and selling elevator product list submitted to the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the record.
    Sales unit sales of imports elevator, shall hold a manufacturer agent for proof and evidence of Chinese registered to the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the record.
    12th article (ban sales of products) ban sales following elevator products: (a) no elevator manufacturing license of; (ii) not meet national mandatory standard and security technology specification requirements of; (three) manufacturing units cannot provides technology information of; (four) products exists defects, may endanger personal and property security of; (five) using waste parts assembled of; (six) legal, and regulations provides ban sales of other elevator products.
    13th (pre-construction notification) Elevator installation, alteration units, maintenance activities to be carried out should be the time, place and content of, 3 working days written notice prior to the construction area of the construction site (s) Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
    14th (quality inspection and supervision and inspection), Elevator installation, alteration units shall arrange appropriate grade and major maintenance activities of professional and technical personnel, Elevator installation, improvement and major maintenance activities in the whole process of quality inspection and supervision inspection qualified inspection agencies.
    15th (service of elevator installation, renovation and major repairs), Elevator installation, alteration and major maintenance units should be used to provide the lift installation, renovation and major repairs of quality books and provide for not less than one year of service. 16th (daily maintenance specifications) units elevator installation, alteration and maintenance daily maintenance of the elevator shall meet the requirements of national mandatory standards.
    The replacement parts should have the quality certificate, safety components shall be qualified type report.
    Elevator repair parts shall not be impurities, shoddy.
    17th (specifications for alterations and major maintenance) Elevator renovation, major repairs, should follow the principles of science, advanced, in line with the national mandatory standards and safety requirements of the technical specifications.
    Elevator technology specification, developed separately by the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision. Third chapter using 18th article (security responsibility) units in purchase, and installation, and delivered elevator Shi, should perform following duties: (a) purchase of elevator products Department by has qualification of production manufacturers production, has products certificate book, and its selection, and configuration and the alternate power of equipped with and building structure, and using needs phase adapted; (ii) elevator of installation by made national provides qualification of units bear, and guarantee installation of elevator by test institutions test detection qualified; (three) to using units submitted full of technology archives,
    Along with a full range of certificates, provides the safe use warning note or warning signs.
    19th article (Elevator run basic conditions) Elevator using units should ensure elevator in using process in the meet following run conditions: (a) in elevator car van significantly location marked effective of security test qualified logo; (ii) has elevator security using of warning description or warning logo; (three) using Yu explosion-proof places and construction engineering, special environment Xia of elevator can meet corresponding of security using management requirements.
    20th article (Elevator using units security responsibility) Elevator using units should on elevator of security using perform following duties: (a) equipped with elevator full-time security administrator; (ii) according to products features and public security need, equipped with elevator driver; (three) developed elevator security using management system, guarantee elevator security run meet this approach 19th article of provides; (four) on has serious fault, and continues to using has may occurred accident of Elevator, immediately stop using, and timely organization rectification;
    (V) change the day-to-day maintenance units, written confirmation of transfer elevators in a safe state (vi) in the lift when the accident occurred, remove danger, organized by rescue plans, rescue, protect the scene of the accident, and immediately it is seat of the district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
    21st (in the elevator inspection) Elevator units shall, on the expiry of the elevator safety inspection in the 30th before applying to the inspection bodies periodic inspection.
    Periodic inspection cycle for one year in the elevator.
    22nd article (Elevator full-time security administrator of responsibility) Elevator full-time security administrator should perform following duties: (a) do elevator run and management records, urged elevator daily maintenance maintenance units do quality check and related maintenance records; (ii) properly custody elevator layer door triangle key, and room key; (three) supervision elevator daily maintenance maintenance units regularly maintenance, and maintenance elevator; (four) found elevator run security hidden, and need stop using of, made suspended using of recommends, and report this units head.
    23rd article (passengers of behavior specification) Elevator passengers shall not implementation following behavior: (a) violation elevator security using warning operation elevator; (ii) ride express in non-security state Xia of elevator; (three) used non-security means opened elevator layer door; (four) demolition, and damage elevator security warning, and logo or alarm device and security control loop, Elevator security parts; (five) carries overweight goods ride elevator; (six) other endanger elevator security run or others security ride of behavior.
    24th article (security technology argument of application) has following situation one of of, Elevator using units can to test institutions application security technology argument: (a) in with elevator for structures or national mandatory standard change, objective conditions limit, city, and district (County) quality technical prison Council think not reached national mandatory standard and security technology specification requirements, may produced security hidden of; (ii) Elevator transformation units think in with elevator involved main parameter change of;
    (C) lift maintenance units in the elevators need major repairs.
    25th (scrap) demonstration by the inspection bodies, Elevator, there are serious potential accident or alteration, maintenance-free value, using units shall be discarded.
    26th (registration, changes and cancellations) within 30th of the elevator before entry into service or use, Elevator units should be located, district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision for registration.
    Lift unit changes, or lift scrapped originally used units should be changed or scrapped before the 30th, to the seat of the district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the relevant procedures.
    Fourth chapter daily maintenance 27th (daily maintenance system of units) day-to-day maintenance elevator units shall establish a sound management system: (a) safety and quality assurance system and (ii) safety management personnel quality responsibility; (c) the safety rules and (iv) safety and quality assessment system of checks.
    28th (daily maintenance requirements) day-to-day maintenance units should be provided in accordance with maintenance manual maintenance projects, methods and periodicity requirements, make daily maintenance plan, and shelf life of not less than 3 years of maintenance records.
    Daily maintenance maintenance plans should including following content: (a) at least each 15th on elevator and the security facilities for once prevention sex maintenance; (ii) monthly many Yu 1 times on security device, and wire rope, and brake, and contact device and other running parts of appearance and running situation for check; (three) each half on security device, and limited speed device, and buffer for 1 times security test; (four) annual for 1 times mechanical brake of brake capacity test; (five) annual many Yu 1 times on elevator run situation for full check.
    29th (daily maintenance notification) daily maintenance unit shall bear significant day-to-day maintenance elevator car position, indicating the name, emergency repairs and complaints.
    30th article (daily maintenance maintenance units of security obligations) Elevator daily maintenance maintenance units should perform following security obligations: (a) found elevator fault timely be excluded; (ii) in received elevator shut people fault report Hou of 30 minutes within arrived site completed remove danger rescue; (three) on fault to elimination of, written notification using units suspended using elevator, fault excluded Qian not will elevator delivered using.
    To use the unit after receiving a written notice of suspension lift, without any justified reason, refused to cooperate with the elevator day-to-day maintenance shall promptly to the seat of the district (s) report of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
    31st (special cases of maintenance) of original manufacturing units were written off, the original brand type has been changed or brand it is difficult to confirm the daily maintenance of the elevator shall entrust other elevator manufacturing units to meet national requirements.
    Fifth inspection agency management chapter 32nd (duties of the Agency) inspection bodies can be authorized, Elevator inspection, periodic inspection and type testing, identification and security technology demonstration and other activities.
    33rd article (test responsibility) test institutions should perform following duties: (a) ensure its engaged in test detection activities of personnel has national provides of qualification; (ii) test detection activities meet national provides of procedures requirements; (three) in national provides term within issued test detection report, and on issued of test detection report is responsible for; (four) for elevator using units provides convenience of test detection service, on involved commercial secret of perform confidential obligations. 34th (security technology demonstration program) inspection agencies to accept the use of provisions of article 24th of this approach security technology demonstration application, the expert group shall be composed of not less than 3 persons, on elevator safety can be demonstrated.
    After the expert group to review comments, review inspection bodies shall issue security technology demonstration report and reported to district, where the applicant (s) Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
    Elevator is arguably meets the safety requirements for safety, technical measures, inspection agencies can continue to use should be made of the technical appraisal; arguably cannot take security, technical measures to meet the requirements of safe operation, cessation of use, be scrapped should be made of technical expert opinions.
    35th (costs of supervision and inspection and testing) inspection bodies shall lift installation, renovation and major repairs of whole process supervision and inspection.
    Inspection agencies in accordance with State approved by the Municipal Department of prices and national standard charging inspection fees.
    Article 36th (hazards to inform and report) inspection found safety problems in the implementation of inspection activities, shall notify the unit being tested.
    Inspection bodies periodic inspection safe operation of elevators found in serious accident when, in addition to inform the elevator use and daily maintenance unit to take timely measures, right to advance notice the elevator unit suspended, and report lifts the seat of the district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
    The sixth chapter, supervision and inspection of the 37th (security surveillance) municipal, district (County) of quality and technical supervision Bureau of Elevator Safety Monitor should be strengthened, including in particular: (a) urge the elevator units implement the basic requirements for safe operation of elevators, (ii) urging elevator unit safety management accountability.
    Municipal, district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision should be driven by needs, implementation of elevator safety monitor, including: (a) major safety components of lifts products safety and quality assurance checks, (ii) the Inspection Agency inspection the inspection results, conclusions.
    38th (safety directives), municipal, district (County) when site safety supervision Bureau of quality and technical supervision, found the elevator unsafe, shall order the elevators used to correct, if necessary, may issue directives on safety supervision of special equipment, and urged for immediate remedy.
    39th (major hazards of handling), district (County) after the elevator suspension reported to the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, shall, within 2 hours to arrive at the scene, in conjunction with the implementation of the inspection activities inspection bodies to deal with, and, as appropriate, to cancel the suspension of the instruction, ceased to be used for instruction, or need further technical appraisal decision. 40th (elevator accident) municipal, district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision received a lift after reports of the accident shall immediately went to the scene to investigate and penalize.
    Casualties involved, quality and technical supervision, safety supervision, public security and other departments should set up a joint investigation team, in accordance with the duties according to law.
    Elevator accident in the needed area (County) Government support, municipal, district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision should be timely and the district (County) Government contact. 41st article (related sector tie law investigation of responsibility) city, and district (County) quality technical prison Council in for security monitored Shi found has following case one of of, should drew attention to the business, and room to resources, and construction, administration sector law investigation, about sector should be tie: (a) Elevator production units, and test institutions not meet national provides of conditions and security technology specification requirements, need revoked related card as or approved content of; (ii) Elevator maintenance, and Daily maintenance maintenance units not meet this approach provides conditions was revoked license Hou, need drew attention to the ordered handle enterprise change registration or cancellation registration of; (three) property management enterprise not implementation elevator management security responsibility, by issued security monitored instruction refused to corrected, need held party responsibility or on property management enterprise qualification made processing of; (four) construction units and elevator using units not perform security management duties, need held about party responsibility of; (five) Elevator well road construction quality effect elevator installation,
    Elevators installed units do not comply with the construction general contractor safety management requirements, you need to hold the party responsible.
    The seventh chapter legal liability article 42nd (lift penalty units for sale prohibit the marketing of products) elevators no elevator manufacturing sales unit sales licenses or elevator with no technical information, municipal or district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision should be ordered to stop the sale, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    43rd (penalties for sales unit does not record) sales sales product catalog has not been filed or selling imported elevators have not filed, municipal or district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision should be ordered to rectify; fails and fined 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    44th article (on elevator daily maintenance maintenance units not perform duties of punishment) Elevator daily maintenance maintenance units has following case one of of, city or district (County) quality technical prison Council should ordered its deadline corrected, and can sentenced 2000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine: (a) not according to this approach provides developed daily maintenance plans of; (ii) not implementation daily maintenance plans, do maintenance records of; (three) not in car van significantly location marked this units name, and urgent repair and complaints phone of;
    (D) the close people in the lift failure, was not on the scene within 30 minutes after receiving the report completed remove danger rescue; (v) the failed elevator deliveries that are not excluded.
    45th (penalties for lending certificate) Elevator manufacturing units to other units lent a certificate of eligibility, the municipal or district (County) Bureau of quality and technical supervision shall instruct their correction, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    46th (according to relevant laws and regulations for penalties) Elevator production, use and inspection agencies in violation of the People's Republic of China product quality law, the special equipment safety supervision regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
    The eighth chapter supplementary articles article 47th (the term meaning) Elevator units in these measures, including ownership of elevator and elevator owners entrusted management of people in the lift.
                                                                        48th (date) these measures shall take effect on August 1, 2004.

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