Implementation Of Quality Education In Primary And Secondary Schools In Zibo City Regulations (Amended 2004)

Original Language Title: 淄博市中小学实施素质教育规定(2004年修正本)

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(June 15, 1998, Zibo Government issued [1998]115, Zibo city, released on June 14, 2004, the people's Government of the 43rd release, effective as of August 1, 2004 of the Zibo people's Government with regard to modifications of Zibo city, 15 pieces, such as the maternal and child health insurance management revision of the decision of the municipal regulations) Chapter I General provisions article to advance the implementation of quality education in primary and secondary schools, according to the People's Republic of China Law on compulsory education and the State Education Department
    On the current opinions of actively promoting the implementation of quality education in primary and secondary schools, based on actual city, these provisions are formulated.
    Within the provisions of this article apply to the administrative area of the city stage of compulsory education in primary and secondary schools and special schools. Article for the purpose of quality education is to improve the quality of national education.
    Quality education is the basis of the provisions of the Education Act, the national education policy, focusing on long-term development of education and social requirements for all students, fully improve students ' basic quality for the purpose, to cultivate attitudes and ability of the educated for students in terms of morality, vivid, lively and active development as the basic feature of education.
    Quality education should follow the fourth regional promotion, implementation, typical guiding principles in practice.
    The fifth programme of implementing quality-oriented education should be implemented in the course, lighten the students ' academic burden, reforming the examination system, strengthening weak schools construction, and overcome the examination-oriented education for the purpose of orientation, correction and redress the violation of education law and practices and abuses of children's mental and physical development.
    Sixth article by people's Governments at all levels are responsible for carrying out quality education, education authorities at all levels specific organizations.
    Seventh chapter education teaching elementary and middle schools must follow State education policy, organizing educational activities.
    (A) in accordance with the issued by the State Education Department course programmes, teaching syllabus, schools and individuals are not free to increase or decrease hours per course, identified key courses and non-focused curriculum, raise or lower the requirement and speed up or slow down the progress of teaching. (B) implementation of the moral education work in primary and secondary schools issued by the State Education Department regulations. Adhere to the "five loves" as the core content of education, highlighting the ideological and moral course and the dominance of ideology and politics, play the moral education function of teaching, of moral education in building a combination of school, family and community networks to improve pertinence and actual effect of moral education. Pay special attention to implementation of the students ' daily behavioral norms, intensive behavior training, implement education, develop students ' good habits.
    Characteristics of mental health education and guidance for students, enhancing students ' self control, self control and ability to withstand pressure.
    (C) set up a networking system in schools, urban and rural school education complement each other, for urban and rural students to create mutual understanding, exchanges and learning opportunities. (D) strengthening students ' physical exercises, organized the "two" and sports activities to ensure students 1 hour a day of physical activity time. Paying attention to health education, establishing health files and student health records, student medical examinations on a regular basis to prevent common diseases, infectious diseases.
    Strengthen eyes health guide, cultivating students ' right to read and write position, reducing the incidence of myopia.
    Eighth middle and primary schools should develop curriculum, activities, courses and course system of environment course Trinity. (A) implementation of quality education with teaching as the main channel.
    Strengthening experimental teaching and practice, promoting combination of education and productive labour, social practice, improving students ' operating ability and creativity. (B) the curriculum construction of strengthening activities. Do teachers, there are places, facilities.
    Content should reflect the hierarchy and sequence of the characteristics of students of different ages, should reflect the diversity in form, developed for practical and unique activity in the local system.
    (C) pay special attention to environmental construction, to create beautiful and harmonious, civilized and elegant living and learning environment, form a good school spirit, teaching and studying. (D) elective courses offered, developing students ' interests, hobbies, strengths.
    Create conditions for universal computer, foreign language education. Nineth classroom teaching as the main position of implementing quality-oriented education.
    Teachers should update their ideas, the guidance of the reform of teaching method and learning method, optimizing the teaching process and improving the quality and efficiency of teaching.
    Tenth principle of elementary and middle schools must be carried out in accordance with their aptitude, adhere to all students, every aspect of the student, students learn how to learn, develop students ' enthusiasm, initiative, so that each student can be based on the original to be vivid, lively and active development.
    11th lighten the students ' academic burden. (A) strict control of students during school hours. Students at the school every day activities, primary school no more than 6 hours, junior high school no more than 8 hours, primary and junior high school does not have a night without boarders, boarder junior high school for boarders only opening night time in 1.5 hours. Education departments should unify the school timetable.
    Pupils every day should be not less than 10 hours, students should have at least 9 hours of sleep every day.
    (B) primary and secondary schools to implement five-day work week, school holidays and weekends for students the collective must not be used in class. (C) strict control over student assignment. Elementary school first grade without leaving a written homework; second, third-grade homework no more than 30 minutes; grade of 45 minutes; no more than 1 hour, grade five; junior high school grades up to 1.5 hours. Summer jobs within 1/2 days in total control during the holidays, daily homework, grade should not exceed 30 minutes, high grade of no more than 1 hour, junior high school no more than 1.5 hours.
    Teachers should be carefully screened, layout, check assignments, may not let the students correct homework, must not let parents batch job shall not be extra assignments as a means of punishing students. (D) to strictly control the number of examinations, competitions and social activities. Cancel mid-term exams in primary schools, language, math final exam per semester, only organizations, mainly to study other subjects. Junior end of the retention period, and the school-leaving examinations, cancel the other exams.
    May organize students to participate in commercial celebration, performances, publicity and other activities.
    12th, strengthen the management of student's book, introduction student book ordering system.
    No unit or individual may force orders to the students learning. 13th continued enrollment, primary, junior middle school enrollment to local schools.
    Implementation of the examination system reform, a "test recording", exam enrollment indicators linked to the education system.
    Encouraged the County to implement quality-oriented education for the purpose of the examination enrollment. 14th elementary propositions, examination, Township Central primary school in rural areas, urban schools. Proposition, examination of junior high school, during school, end of County, city graduation examinations. Questions should be based on syllabuses, textbooks, and titles hard to control weight, changing knowledge examination into knowledge, ability, skills and comprehensive assessment. Not qualified students may apply to retake the exam. Primary schools to cancel out, implementation of the grade examination system.
    To promote "level + specialist + reviews" evaluation mode, a single report on students ' quality development system, reflect aspects of students ' intellectual, moral and physical development.
    15th article efforts to increase general penetration of vocational education, vocational preparatory education for students in junior middle school.
    Primary and secondary schools should adopt labor or labor-technology education, cultivate students ' labor of love, cherish the fruits of labor, respect for working people's thought and self service, domestic work, physical labor and simple labor skills and develop good work habits.
    Special education schools should pay attention to the skills training of disabled students so that students become skilled workers to support themselves.
    16th students should stick to positive education, no irony, sarcasm, brutal repression of students; no corporal punishment or corporal students shall not insult students ' personality.
    Chapter III safeguards article 17th the leadership of the people's Governments at all levels should strengthen the implementation of quality education, coordinating all aspects of power for implementation of quality education within their respective administrative areas to create favorable conditions and a relaxed environment. 18th Division of people's Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with grade school, principles of management, scientific adjusts the school layout, setting primary and secondary schools. Should address the primary and secondary schools, in particular the problem of excessive amount of urban primary and middle school classes, primary and secondary classes up to standards set by the State.
    Rural middle and primary schools should moderate class and school, optimize the allocation of educational resources, and maximize operating efficiency.
    Code for design of new primary and secondary schools shall conform to the national primary and secondary schools. 19th at all levels shall be according to the financing of education, the implementation of "three growth" to ensure that compulsory education schools and stable source of funding.
    Levy additional education fees in full in accordance with law, mainly used for compulsory education. 20th Governments at all levels should strictly implement the People's Republic of China compulsory education Act to ensure that young school-age children within their respective administrative areas and full access.
    Strictly prohibit students dropping out of compulsory education. Elementary school, junior high school to cancel the repeat system compulsory education shall not be expelled from the students.
    Junior enrolment retakes.
    21st people's Governments and education authorities at all levels shall not be issued to schools education indicators, not only education school and principal number or proportion of evaluation work shall be subject to graduation level of cadres appointment, funding allocation and figure out the preferred mode of one-vote standard.
    No unit or individual may, on test scores or graduation rates rank ranking of schools, teachers, classes, students, posted. 22nd Government, education authorities at all levels should intensify macro-control, expansion of school autonomy, reducing unnecessary tests and activities, encouraging primary and secondary schools, according to its actual characteristics.
    Education departments and schools should resist to schools, teachers, students of various profit-making activities, maintaining the normal teaching order. 23rd levels of people's Governments and education departments must pay attention to school principals and teachers.
    Building the professional ethics, knowledge, teaching, teaching effect for the main comprehensive test and evaluation of the content of the evaluation system of teachers ' work, as jiangyoufalie, the basis of promotion posts. Compensation of teachers training focused on the continuing education rather than education.
    Planned to do to grasp the outline, focused on managing materials in order to improve the teachers ' teaching ability of teachers ' basic skills training. Implement the strategy of urban and elite-driven, and gradually set up a cadre, the teacher Exchange service system and attachment to other top universities, study system.
    Recognition of outstanding teachers, teachers on a regular basis.
    24th government supervision bodies at all levels should be focusing on quality education, organizations on lower levels of Government, the monitoring and evaluation of the education authorities and schools. Article 25th alteration, renewal, revocation, mergers, Union, non-governmental form of public, publicly-owned, more weak school reform efforts.
    Cities and counties from compulsory education subsidy Fund come up with part of the funds earmarked for the construction of weak schools in.
    Take internal selection, assignment, recruitment, appointment, attachment to mix a weak school leadership in several ways, such as, matching good headmaster.
    Formulate preferential policies to solve the problems to our weak school teachers.
    Take measures to optimize the structure of schools students, loss of control, leaning to weak schools admissions policy.
    26th education departments and schools should strictly comply with national laws and regulations, strengthen the law consciousness.
    27th to construct the operating mechanism of quality education. (A) establishment of an effective mechanism. Media quality education and guide public opinion, and create a social environment of implementing quality education.
    Teaching behavior of teacher education in schools should be standardized, led teachers to improve students ' comprehensive qualities as a teaching and learning the starting point and the destination. (B) establish effective control mechanism.
    Improve all aspects of education policies, regulations, and establish a management system and a quality education adapted management systems. (C) establish scientific assessment mechanism.
    Based on students ' morality quality content based on curriculum, syllabus, by means of sampling, established municipal districts, district of township students quality education quality monitoring mechanism, the level of quality-oriented education as the basis of evaluating schools.
    28th no focus for compulsory school without classes, regardless of class.
    29th levels of teaching and research and educational research basic research departments should pay attention to quality education, guide teachers to carry out interdisciplinary research activities, exploring teaching model and teaching method of implementing quality education.
    30th article primary and middle schools should be strictly by province the prescribed fees and charges shall not be imposing to charge students must not apportion money to students instead of the work-study program; no other units through the students any fee charged to the parents.
    31st shall be encouraged to support community groups, private citizens organized schools of compulsory education. 32nd the whole society should pay attention to the safety of students. Relevant departments and units should according to its own characteristics, taking security precautions to avoid non-normal deaths. Parents and schools deal with students ' safety education, developing students ' safety awareness and self-help self-care ability. Middle and primary schools should regularly conduct security checks, to eliminate any risk. Primary and middle school students to participate in sports activities, social practice, excursions, summer (winter) camp, labor and other preventive measures must be taken to ensure student safety.
    For all types of accident that has happened and should be investigated in a timely manner.
    Strict implementation of the unnatural deaths of students reporting system. 33rd team organizations, community organizations and the community should give strong support to implementation of quality-oriented education.
    The children's Palace, the science and Technology Museum, patriotic education bases should develop practical solutions, free of charge or offer open to the vast number of primary and middle school students, to play its due role of education.
    Fourth chapter of rewards and punishments 34th levels of people's Governments and education authorities have made remarkable achievements in carrying out the quality education unit and individual shall make awards. 35th article violation this provides, has following behavior one of of, by where units, and local government or superior education competent sector in accordance with management permission, depending on plot weight give criticism education, and informed criticism or administrative sanctions: (a) free closed, any increases or decreases teaching subjects, and Shi number of; (ii) super provides layout job of; (three) violation provides increased exam times, and subjects of; (four) violation provides Organization Commission practice, and Commission measuring, unified exam of; (five) with exam results arranged school class, and students ranking notice announced of
    (Vi) release education indicators by the violation of regulations and (VII) in violation of regulations for the elementary and middle school students in school admissions, conducting courses; (VIII) corporal punishment, corporal punishment of students; (IX) forcibly ordered for students learning in violation of regulations, and (x) use the holidays to teach students of (11) other barriers to implementing quality-oriented education.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 36th to introduce compulsory education institutions, high schools, vocational high schools and secondary specialized reference to these provisions.
      The 37th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.

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