Guiyang City, Reform Education (For Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 贵阳市工读教育工作规定(试行)

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(July 19, 2004 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on September 3, 2004, Guiyang municipal people's Government, the 136th promulgated as of November 1, 2004) first to standardize the reform education to work, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China Law on compulsory education, the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of minors and the People's Republic of China Law on juvenile delinquency prevention and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Second, reform education, the application of this provision.
    The municipal educational administrative departments are responsible for organizing and administering the city reform education, plans and measures for reform education reform and development.
    District, city or county educational administrative departments responsible reform education in the region. Third reform education through the school to implement.
    Work mainly teaching tasks to complete compulsory education, according to actual needs, and can be extended to high school education. Article fourth of schools, communities, families should be concerned about and caring for the students in work-study schools, not physical, abuse and discrimination.
    Part-time graduate students in the areas of education, employment, army, with the ordinary school students enjoy the same rights.
    The fifth reform school has enrolled in the People's Republic of China on prevention of juvenile delinquency Act, the 14th and the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of minors in article 38th of 39, criminalizes acts of students. Sixth article reform school students ' school retained by the original school. Du students graduate, issued by the primary school diploma.
    Graduation and completion in accordance with the General regulations.
    Article seventh students did well in school, significantly altering its shortcomings, by the students themselves, parents or other guardians and school applications, can go back to the original school or other ordinary schools.
    Eighth in the General secondary school, for student with bad behavior, set up work-study yubeisheng system, help by a reform school, in conjunction with their school education.
    Nineth dropped out of minor student, meets the conditions for sending school, the original school or place of residence community, the village is proposed, guardian and sent to reform school for compulsory education.
    Tenth Article reform school education should be combined with reform education and students ' characteristics and adhere to individualized, improvement of teaching methods, to promote students ' all-round development.
    11th normative moral education in reform schools shall, in accordance with the relevant national requirements, from the reality of the students, strengthening students ' ideological and moral education, discipline, legal education and mental health education. 12th work should strengthen students ' mental health education and early prevention of psychological problems, research causes serious misconduct and its psychological characteristics of students through psychological health education and counseling, and other links to develop correct work.
    For students who need strict discipline for special reasons, reform school education and management can take the necessary measures to ensure the completion of the education.
    13th School of labor education and vocational and technical education should pay attention to, and actively organize various forms of social practice, developing vocational education to help students obtain the appropriate work skills and professional competence. 14th school principal responsibility system into practice. Reform school principals in addition to regular school principal qualification conditions, should also have specialized knowledge, business skills, willingness to reform education cause.
    His appointment for appointments to be chosen according to the cadre management authority. 15th public security departments should be selected with a strong expertise, willingness to reform education cause civilian police, as a school vice principal, legal education teachers, strengthening school management and legal education.
    His work remains on the original unit, target evaluation in school. 16th work should comply with national laws and regulations on school health programs, establish and improve the health care system.
    Student health records and the students ' physical and mental health.
    17th school should strengthen safety education, cultivating self-care self-help capacities of teachers and students.
    18th education supervision departments at all levels should include the supervision of the obligation to reform school education scope of supervision, in accordance with these provisions, and related laws and regulations, leadership, managerial reform school according to law, to supervision of running a school and ensure the healthy development of reform education.
    19th conditions of work should be in accordance with the Ministry of education in primary and secondary schools educational conditions standard books, teaching equipment, sports equipment, computers and other equipment, and construction of classrooms and cultural, scientific and educational activities, safeguard reform school education needs. 20th School of normal education and school development requirements from all levels of Government into the budget. City and district level financial in accordance with 1:1 of the reform school repair and maintenance.
    School operating funds from the financial commitment, municipal finance some benefits.
    Du recruits did not find the guardian's student, studying and living costs are covered by the public service expenditures. 21st reform schools shall, in accordance with the relevant stipulations concerning collection of students learn necessary living expenses during the period. Student life fee shall be borne by their parents or other guardians. All districts and counties (cities) to send students to school, public funds should be allocated according to the actual number of students students.
    Specific standards by the municipal educational administrative departments, municipal pricing administrative departments according to the actual situation to develop. 22nd School of scientific management, reasonable use of school funding, improve the financial management system, improve the efficiency of Fund utilization.
    Accept supervision by the financial and auditing departments.
    23rd educational administrative departments at various levels should pay attention to the reform of education and teacher training, and to take measures to improve their working environment and conditions, encourage teachers engaged in part-time education.
    24th teachers engaged in part-time education, in addition to the General secondary school teaching qualification, should also have serious misconduct the student education, correction of experience and ability.
    25th engaged in part-time education faculty to reform education allowance.
    The relevant departments of the faculty evaluation and the characteristics of professional evaluation should be given to reform education.
                                                        26th article of the regulations come into force on November 1, 2004.

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