Xian Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Xi ' An City, Measures For The Implementation Of The Shaanxi Provincial Patriotic Public Health Ordinance Decision

Original Language Title: 西安市人民政府关于修改《西安市实施〈陕西省爱国卫生条例〉办法》的决定

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(June 4, 2004 in XI ' an city people's Government, the 51st Executive meeting on August 15, 2004, Xian Municipal Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 31st) 16th is amended as: "professional disinfection companies engaged in environmental health vector control and individuals subject to municipal or district and county administrative departments of health knowledge and skills training, and after obtaining the certificate, can be employed.
    "This decision come into force on the date of promulgation.

    The XI ' an city, measures for the implementation of the Shaanxi Provincial patriotic Public Health Ordinance be revised according to this decision, republished.
    Attached: Xian City implementation Shaanxi Province patriotic Health Ordinance approach (2004 amendment this) (on August 31, 1998 City Government released according to City Government on August 15, 2004 on modified straddling Xian City implementation straddling Shaanxi Province patriotic Health Ordinance approach of decided Amendment) first article for promote patriotic health work, protection people body health, strengthening socialist spiritual and material construction, according to Shaanxi Province patriotic Health Ordinance, combined this city actual, developed this approach.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of State organs, social organizations, units, institutions and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as units) and individuals should abide strictly by the Shaanxi Provincial patriotic Public Health Ordinance and these rules.
    Third article this approach by said of patriotic health work including following content: (a) sanitation, and food and drinking water health, and public health, health based facilities construction, created health town, and health village and health advanced units; (ii) rural improved drinking water health conditions, and transformation toilet and environment comprehensive work; (three) health publicity and health education work; (four) to eradication disease media biological mainly of pesticide disease work; (five) other and patriotic health about of work.
    Fourth municipal, district and county governments the patriotic public health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui), led by the people's Governments at the same level, coherent organization, coordinated the patriotic health work within their respective administrative areas.
    Planning, health, construction, services, transportation, heritage gardens, agriculture, environmental protection, education, finance, labor, industry and commerce, water supply, sports, tourism, culture, radio, TV, press and publication administrative departments according to their respective duties, in charge of the departments of the patriotic health work.
    The fifth article of the patriotic health system, implemented the following: (a) every April for patriotic health campaigns months regime; (b) the weekly Friday for the health system, (iii) urban units to implement "four Pack" system; (iv) health system of voluntary labour; (e) the health inspection rating system.
    Sixth units and individuals shall participate in the patriotic health campaigns, and access to health education, health awareness, compliance with social norms.
    Encourage units and individuals to invest in the construction, operation and management of public health infrastructure and the provision of social and health services, and their legitimate rights and interests protected by law.
    Article citizen should abide by the following social norms: (a) not throw litter in public places and other waste, not littering the dirt; (b) not spitting, soiling and (iii) not smoking non smoking places; (d) is not in the streets, squares and other public places the burning of leaves, grass and other debris and (v) other social and health standards.
    Eighth district and County and township Governments should improve rural water sanitation, construction of sanitary latrines and improve sanitation work included in the objectives of management, creating health Township (town) or village of health activities.
    Nineth research unit, biological products and medical plants, slaughterhouses and chemical plants should be viruses, bacteria or other poisonous or harmful substances wastes collected, sound processing, and report to the local administrative Department of environmental protection registered, sealed city appearance and environmental sanitation administration designated sites, landfill or incineration.
    Tenth District and county governments should establish and improve the education and health networks, health education professionals and team building.
    Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices, and home (House) Committee and units shall conduct health education to publicize health care knowledge, raising social awareness and self-care ability.
    Shall be available for students in accordance with the relevant provisions in primary health education, health education to children in kindergarten.
    Education, health, culture, information administrative departments should conduct regular hygiene and health awareness.
    11th in addition to teaching, research and other exceptions, prohibits the keeping of poultry and livestock in the city and other obstacles to urban health animal.
    Strict restrictions on dog in the city, specific management measures limit the dog by the XI ' an city Ordinance enforced.
    Smoking banned in public places, the 12th article of the city, XI ' an in specific management measures in accordance with the implementation of the provisional regulations on smoking ban in public places.
    Ban on outdoor tobacco advertising within in the city.
    13th Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices, and home (village) should organize regular units and individuals within the jurisdiction of the Commission to kill rats, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests in the activity to remove vector breeding sites.
    Residents of the units, and villagers should take part in killing vectors, elimination of vector breeding sites of activity, according to the requirement to take integrated measures to prevent and control, vector density control in the country and the people's Government of the province of standards.
    The 14th article of the municipal environmental protection, food hygiene, public health, sanitation and drinking water, should strictly implement the relevant national, provincial and municipal laws, rules and regulations.
    15th, aiweihui should be regularly kill the vectors biological products for marketed Health Organization quality testing, release testing announcement.
    16th environmental health vector control in the professional disinfection companies and individuals subject to municipal or district and county administrative departments of health knowledge and skills training, and after obtaining the certificate, can be employed.
    Aiweihui 17th of municipal, district, County and township people's Government, the subdistrict office may appoint full-time and part-time patriotic sanitation supervisor, responsible for social and health supervision, towards the health of aiweihui, town or street reflected the people's Governments in a timely manner, to stop the acts in violation of community health management and assist the relevant departments to investigate.
    18th article violates these rules, Shaanxi Provincial patriotic public health in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance.
            19th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.

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