Suzhou City Tourism Boat Traffic Safety Management Measures

Original Language Title: 苏州市旅游船艇交通安全管理办法

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(December 26, 2005 Suzhou municipal people's Government at the 52nd Executive meeting on December 30, 2005 the Suzhou municipal Government promulgated as of March 1, 2006, 89th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the management of tourism boat safety, protect people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the People's Republic of China inland river transportation security administration and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second tour boats in these measures refers to water passenger transportation, tourism, entertainment, dining and other activities of ships, boats, rafts, water craft, submersibles, mobile platforms, as well as other mobile devices on the water.
    Article these measures suitable for boats engaged in tourism activities in the administrative area of the city of units and individuals. The fourth city, county-level city traffic departments of tourism boat traffic safety management work within their respective administrative areas.
    Municipal and county-level cities in its transportation Department, under the leadership of a maritime administrative agency, responsible for the administration of tourism boat traffic safety supervision and administration.
    Security monitoring, tourism, public security, water conservancy and environmental protection, quality and technical supervision, agriculture, forestry, gardening and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with related administration.
    People's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the v tourism boat traffic safety management work in the administrative area, establish and improve the safety responsibility system of tourist boats, tourist boats on the water traffic accidents, to organize and coordinate rescue and treatment of distress.
    Second chapter tourism boats and the crew sixth article has included ship registration range of tourism boats sailing or activities should has following conditions: (a) by maritime management institutions recognized of ship test institutions law test and holds qualified of ship test certificate; (ii) by maritime management institutions law registration and holds ship registration certificate; (three) equipped with meet state traffic competent sector provides of crew; (four) equipped with necessary of sailing information.
    Seventh article yet included ship registration range within of tourism boats sailing or activities should has following conditions, and made place maritime management institutions of ship visa book: (a) has manufacturing enterprise of products certificate or about administrative sector, and Industry Association of technology test, and detection proved; (ii) has meet passengers fixed of stability sex and strength; (three) needed hand operation of, should equipped with meet provides of crew; (four) ship name must by place maritime management institutions confirmed. Article eighth powered tourist boats should be equipped with the necessary communications equipment, and maintaining good communication.
    Yu Taihu, focused supervision of navigation water powered tourist boats equipped with communications equipment must be networked with the marine search and rescue Center.
    Nineth action non-motorized tourism boat crews should be obtained from the local marine authority examination or the examination, obtain the appropriate certificate of competency.
    Applicants apply for the corresponding certificate of competency, shall submit the following information: (a) have attained to the age of 18 years has not reached the age of 65, women and men under 60 years of age, after medical clearance, (ii) have a valid proof of identity, (iii) engage in water and not less than 3 months; (d) with its working operations, relief and other skills.
    Tenth prohibits counterfeiting, alteration, sale, lease, fraudulent use of certificates of ship, crew, documents.
    Chapter activities in waters and supporting facilities in the 11th tour boats active area of application by the parties, the delineation of geographical maritime administrative agency according to the actual situation of tourist boats.
    12th tourist boats under any of the following circumstances shall enter the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the main trunk waterway navigation or concentrated area of navigation and activities: (a) the captain is less than 20 metres, (ii) for non-steel hull (iii) propulsion system for single-host (iv) total main propulsion power of less than 50-kilowatt.
    13th fast shipping and tourist tour boats range operated on their own, with beach, swimming area boundaries and keep 15 meters above the safety distance from adjacent channel.
    Fast shipping distance to the shore not more than 5 km (route endorsement).
    14th tour boats dock, by the local maritime administrative agency in conjunction with the planned delineation and water Department, and to the public. 15th water tourism business units should be set clearly marked or fixed isolation facilities, prevent tourists from their own operating tour boats pulled out of the designated area.
    Needs of tourists up and down, shall comply with the relevant safety requirements and to obtain the appropriate qualified docks.
    The fourth chapter navigation and other activities of the 16th tour boats sail shall abide by the People's Republic of China inland river collision avoidance rules, keeps the look, observe, and the use of safe speed.
    Tourist boats sailing in designated waters.
    17th tour sailing boat overloaded is strictly prohibited.
    Night flight conditions do not have tourist boats may not night. 18th tour boats should be provided parking area, dock or passengers.
    In case of emergency, in other waters where, and the tourists, should ensure visitor safety, and report to the maritime administrative agency.
    Tourist boat Park will not affect or endanger the safety of marine navigation, berthing, and operation of, and take security measures.
    19th before the visitor's own manipulation of tourist boats to sail, the owner or operator shall be notified to the operator security considerations, technique and operation safety rules.
    20th water craft, submersibles, should be taking off and landing in designated waters, dive.
    Water entering the waters of take off and landing of aircraft, should pay close attention to navigation and avoid all shipping.
    21st tour boat owners or boat operators shall not be referred to a minor driving.
    Fifth chapter security guarantees 22nd article tourism boats crew of obligations: (a) sailing Qian to visitors explained Security Note matters, guide, and urged visitors right using or wearing life jackets, prevent visitors carry flammable, and easy burst items and no adults guardianship of children aboard; (ii) sailing way, discourage visitors stands bow, and leisure water, not security moves; (three) driving tourism boats Shi wear shall not hinder sight; (four) driving fast ship Shi ban speed rotary, and big rudder angle steering and the other breathtaking action;
    (E) open cabin speed boat sail should use the parking device.
    23rd open compartments all personnel must wear a life jacket on a tourist boat.
    24th tour boat owners or operators should be covering third party liability risks. 25th article tourism boats all or business people should comply with following provides: (a) strengthening security management, established, and sound corresponding of tourism boats security management system and accident emergency plans; (ii) in tourism boats significantly location identifies ship name, and in tourism boats or Terminal Shang set striking of Security told brand; (three) strengthening on tourism boats of maintenance maintenance, ensure its good of technology State; (four) not hired no suitable any certificate or other certificate, and documents of personnel served as crew; (five) not directed, and
    Illegal operation forced crew members, (vi) tourist boat passenger ordered to Board visitors; (VII) in case of strong winds, fog and other adverse climate, should take the initiative to halt or activities, traffic control and obey the local maritime authority. 26th place in safety supervision and inspection, the maritime administrative agency for discovered security risks, shall order the relevant units or individuals to immediately remove or eliminate the deadline.
    If necessary, can be a security risk, inform the recommendations of their security management departments and relevant organizations and units.
    Emergency such as tour boats in distress, the maritime administrative agency shall promptly disposed of.
    27th regional maritime administrative agency according to law when conducting supervision and inspection, you can order the provisional suspension, drove to the designated location, to stop activities, prohibited in and out of Hong Kong, to force uninstall, remove power, temporarily seized ships and other security measures.
    Sixth chapter article 28th of penalties for acts in violation of these measures, the relevant provisions of laws and regulations on punishment of from its provisions.
    29th disobey the seventh article, without the tourist boats sail the vessel visa book or activity by the local maritime administration to order the suspension of navigation or activities, and a warning or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    30th in violation of the provisions of article eighth, the maritime administrative agency shall order rectification, and a warning or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    31st article violates these measures stipulated in the 12th and 13th, the local maritime authorities warned or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    32nd in violation of the provisions of article 15th, the maritime administrative agency shall order rectification, and a warning or fined not more than 5000 Yuan.
    Article 33rd disobey article 16th, 17th, 20th article II, sail by the maritime administrative agency shall be ordered to suspend or to designated locations, and a warning or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    34th article violates this article 22nd paragraph (c), (d), (e) provided by the local maritime administrative agency shall be ordered to correct, and a warning or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    35th article violates this article 19th, 21st, 25th, (b), (vi) and (VII) provision by the local maritime administrative agency shall be ordered to correct, and a warning or fined not more than 1000 Yuan.
    The seventh chapter supplementary articles article 36th urban landscape waters and other water traffic safety management in closed waters in accordance with the relevant provisions, tourist boat ship management and crew management to apply this approach.
                              37th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2006.

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