Zhengzhou Urban Lighting Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市城市照明管理办法

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(May 29, 2006, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government at the 55th Executive meeting on June 7, 2006 152th Zhengzhou people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2006) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen management of urban lighting, city lighting facilities in good condition, improve the urban environment, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second urban lighting in these measures, including road lighting (lighting of bridges and culverts), lighting, landscape lighting and building (structures) for immediate lighting.
    Urban lighting in these measures refers to distribution Chamber for lighting, transformers, distribution box, monitoring equipment, lamp, lamps, underground pipelines and other ancillary equipment.
    Third article this regulation is applicable in the city urban area within the management of the city illumination.
    The fourth urban lighting should consider the overall planning, design, construction, management principles, improving people's living environment, improve city tastes.
    Fifth of municipal Administrative Department for municipal management is the management of urban lighting, urban lighting management agencies, according to the municipal administrative authorities entrusted specifically responsible for the management of the city illumination.
    Urban planning, construction, landscaping, finance, police, city administration and other departments and power unit shall, within their respective mandates, and joint management of the city illumination. Sixth to encourage and support scientific and technological research on urban lighting.
    Source of active promotion and use of energy-efficient, new technology, new equipment, improve the scientific and technological content of urban lighting.
    Urban lighting should introduce lighting, installation of energy-saving and other energy-saving measures.
    Seventh article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect urban lighting, the right to report and stop the destruction of the city lights.
    Eighth chapter planning and construction planning and construction of urban lighting shall conform to national standards and norms relating to urban lighting, and changes in urban construction and economic and social development.
    Nineth lighting shall, jointly with the competent administrative Department of the city, city planning, construction, landscaping and other relevant sectors, based on urban master planning urban lighting plan, approved by the municipal organization.
    Tenth administrative authorities in urban lighting planning of urban lighting of urban lighting construction projects should be based on the planning of urban construction and relevant national standards and specifications organizations development project implementation programme, submitted to the municipal people's Government before implementation.
    Urban lighting construction project implementation plans should include the sections involved and geographic scope, set lighting landscaping standards, technical requirements, deadlines, and so on.
    11th urban lighting construction project tender according to law, bidding must be governed by the laws, regulations and rules implementation of tendering and bidding.
    Urban lighting project design and construction shall entrust a qualified entity.
    12th new construction, alteration, expansion of the city lighting of urban roads shall be in accordance with the relevant standards and norms street lamps installed.
    13th article following range within of built (frame) built real and places, should according to city lighting planning and project implementation programme requirements installation built (frame) built colonization, body lighting facilities or create landscape lighting facilities: (a) downtown downtown; (ii) city important road sides and city main out entrance of tall built (frame) built real, and important built (frame) built real; (three) viaduct, and overpass, and people line Flyover, and square, and Park, and garden, and large city sculpture, and fountain, municipal facilities; (four) city logo sex built (frame) built real;
    (E) the municipal regulations of other sites and buildings (structures).
    Street building (structures) lighting by the property owner is responsible for the installation. 14th urban lighting planning and project implementation programmes should install urban lighting construction projects, urban lighting project should be synchronized with the main part of the project design, synchronization, synchronization inputs for construction use, funding needed in project investment budget.
    When the relevant administrative authorities shall approve the design programme, shall solicit the views of urban lighting management agencies.
    Construction and renovation of urban road lighting, should work with the road works, landscaping projects, or laying of the pipeline construction and synchronization planning and design, implementation.
    15th article installation city lighting facilities should meet security specification of requirements, and meet following provides: (a) shall not hamper residents life and health; (ii) shall not hamper traffic lights and important marked brand of normal using; (three) shall not hamper vehicles of normal driving; (four) shall not effect built (frame) built real, and City Green, and municipal based facilities, public facilities of normal using function; (five) shall not effect city city. 16th urban lighting project is completed, the construction unit shall organize for inspection and notify the competent administrative departments of urban lighting.
    Not qualified for acceptance or acceptance shall not be used, not for the transfer of management procedures. 17th urban road lighting installations shall be in accordance with the regulations in the pipeline, and take protective measures such as laying underground logo.
    Existing road lighting that is not in the pipeline, should be carried out according to plan a gradual approach to transformation.
    Chapter III maintenance and management, urban lighting, 18th administrative departments shall establish and improve the management of urban lighting management bodies of supervision and inspection and appraisal system.
    Urban lighting management should strengthen the urban lighting maintenance and management of supervision and inspection, establishment of implementation of urban lighting inspection system. 19th State Governments to invest in lighting, at the time of transfer of management procedures, the municipal body responsible for the maintenance and management of urban lighting management.
    Squares, parks, garden lighting equipment, public green spaces, by the regulatory agency responsible for the management.
    Social investment and construction of urban lighting, this unit is responsible for the maintenance, management and accepted urban lighting business guidance and supervision of the regulatory body.
    Lighting, urban lighting management institutions in the city found in the daily supervision and inspection in city lights damaged, missing or in need of maintenance shall, within 48 hours of maintenance or supervise maintenance. Article 20th urban lighting facilities maintenance units should lighting facilities maintenance technical specifications guarantee facilities safe and good, clean and tidy appearance, lighting design writing clear, complete, and meet the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization.
    Does not meet the requirements, shall promptly repair maintenance, cleaning and replacement.
    City, urban lighting, lighting maintenance standard by the competent administrative departments.
    21st urban lighting, urban lighting, opening and closing time in accordance with the provisions of administrative departments.
    Urban lighting is not according to the time of opening and closing, urban lighting management organ shall supervise timely correction.
    22nd city lighting management institutions shall ensure that not less than 97% of the street lights in the time allotted, and street lighting illumination and brightness to achieve the required standards.
    Street renovation, maintenance needs overall off road, bridge, tunnel when the lights, city lighting management institutions shall publish notice in advance. 23rd article any units and personal are has protection city lighting facilities of obligations, shall not has following behavior: (a) in city lighting facilities Shang graffiti carved designated, and drying clothing; (ii) unauthorized in city lighting facilities Shang posted, and hanging items and set advertisement, and advertising; (three) in city lighting facilities security range within unauthorized tree planting, and dug pit take soil or dumping containing acid, and alkali, and salt, corrosion real, against City lighting facilities; (four) unauthorized in city lighting facilities Shang erection pipeline and installation other facilities, or unauthorized received with power
    (V) urban lighting removed, relocated or altered without authorization; (vi) unauthorized occupation of urban lighting; (VII) other acts that might affect the normal safe operation of urban lighting. 24th city roads lighting near the trees the safety distance must not be less than 1.0 meters and charged objects.
    Because a safe distance from the natural tree growth did not meet the requirements or influence the effect of lighting, urban lighting administrative departments should timely consultation with the competent departments of city landscape.
    Due to natural disasters and other causes serious threat to the safe operation of urban lighting, emergency rescue needed to dig roads, flower beds, lawns or cut, trim trees, urban lighting management should adopt emergency measures to deal with, and inform the relevant departments within 24 hours, and go through the relevant procedures. 25th article shall either be removed, relocated, and urban lighting, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval procedures, and 5th in advance to inform urban lighting management.
    Removed, relocated, altered urban lighting facilities shall be borne by the unit with the appropriate qualifications, construction should take the necessary measures to protect and accept the supervision of the management of urban lighting.
    Removal, relocation, change of urban lighting costs borne by the employer. 26th due to accidents or other causes corrupt the city lights, those responsible should alarm pending, not to leave the scene.
    Public security organs traffic management departments shall notify the city of accident-related light management agencies. 27th social unit investment building, management of lighting electricity needed to run the city, city by city Administrative Department of lighting appropriate compensation.
    Specific compensation standards and in conformity with the municipal regulations.
    Chapter fourth penalty 28th acts in violation of the provisions of article 23rd, commissioned by the city administration of administrative law enforcement organs or of its rectification, and punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    Urban lighting management in urban lighting inspections, 23rd provisions of these measures is found, it shall promptly inform the city administration or its delegate units investigated and dealt with by law enforcement agencies.
    29th steal, damage deliberately urban lighting, do not constitute a crime, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security provisions of the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 30th acts in violation of these rules, conflict with the provisions of other laws, rules, regulations, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.
    Acts in violation of these rules, the city lights damaged or city lights cause personal or property damage to others, shall bear civil liability. 31st article city lighting administrative competent sector and management institutions and the other about administrative competent sector of staff has following behavior one of of, by its where units or has management permission of sector law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) illegal implementation administrative punishment of; (ii) not law perform duties, caused city lighting facilities serious damaged of; (three) illegal approved demolition, and migration, and changes city lighting facilities of; (four) Street bright lamp rate up not to provides requirements,
    Adverse effects, and (v) other acts of abuse of power, negligence, malpractice.
    The fifth chapter supplementary articles article 32nd County (City), urban lighting management, shangjie district, in accordance with the measures implemented. The 33rd article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2006.
                                                                                                              On October 22, 1999, issued by the Municipal Government of Zhengzhou city street signs and lighting regulations (municipal people's Government of 80th) repealed simultaneously.

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