Administrative Measures On Bulk Cement Development In Datong City

Original Language Title: 大同市发展散装水泥管理办法

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(July 11, 2006, Datong city people's Government, the 40th Executive meeting on July 11, 2006, Datong City Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 56th), first to promote bulk cement development, resource conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, promoting economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China cleaner production promotion law, the measures for the management of bulk cement and the bulk cement in Shanxi province to promote measures, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in cement production, operation, transport, use and management of activities, these measures shall apply.
    Article city and county governments should strengthen the development of bulk cement's leadership, adhere to the restrictions on the bag, encourage bulk, the principles of overall planning, management, and the development of bulk cement into plans for national economic and social development of the region. Fourth municipal commercial administration authorities are responsible for the supervision and management of bulk cement.
    Bulk cement Office, responsible for the management of bulk cement concrete work within their respective administrative areas.
    Fifth municipal development and reform, financial, construction, environmental protection, public security, traffic, quality supervision and auditing of relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, completes the development of bulk cement-related work. Sixth existing cement manufacturers (including clinker cement grinding station, the same below) should configure distribution of bulk cement facilities, and gradually increase the proportion of bulk cement sales. The percentage of bulk implementation period, according to the relevant regulations of the State and province determined by the Municipal Department of business administration.
    Construction, expansion and renovation of cement enterprises, more than 70% should be proportional to the bulk distribution requirements for design and construction, regular use.
    Seventh production of cement in bulk shall obtain a production license.
    Bulk cement product quality shall conform to the national standards, and shall be subject to the supervision and inspection of quality and technical supervision departments.
    The eighth major construction projects, using bulk cement rate should reach more than 70%.
    Using more than 500 tons of cement construction, bulk cement rate should reach more than 60%.
    Other construction projects shall gradually increase usage of bulk cement. Nineth article set for the overall planning of the city's main urban area within the scope of construction projects, you must use a ready-mixed concrete, prohibition of mixing.
    The use of ready-mixed concrete increased costs, included in the project cost.
    Other areas should be gradually limited live mixing, improving the ratio of ready-mixed concrete.
    Prohibition of the production of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar company years total more than 1000 tons of cement and cement production using bagged cement.
    Due to construction needs, or traffic conditions, require mixing, bulk cement Office by the city after the scene investigation, you can mix.
    Tenth municipal traffic administrative departments should be on bulk cement special vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, truck-mounted concrete pump in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Audit operational qualification, eligible to apply for a business license, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of relief costs.
    Prescribed in the preceding paragraph when vehicles need to go to was closed to traffic, no parking and section, vehicle units or individuals should apply for access to the local public security organs traffic management sector procedures.
    Public security traffic management departments will be expected to enter the traffic control section of the bulk cement special vehicles, concrete mixers and concrete pumps providing access facilities for transport to ensure construction projects construction.
    11th bulk cement production, management, transportation, the use of units and individuals, must take measures to ensure that the production, handling, transport, storage, use and to comply with safety and environmental protection requirements.
    12th cement production and cement products production enterprises should be based on the bags of cement sales volume or bags of cement used in the previous year, according to relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations, to the Municipal Office for bulk cement bulk cement special funds paid in advance.
    Funds can be accounted for in the costs.
    13th using bagged cement construction unit should be based on the estimated quantity using cement for construction projects, prior to the application for a construction permit, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal, municipal office for bulk cement pre-paid bulk cement special funds.
    Special funds could be included in the project budget and the estimates.
    14th bulk cement production, management, transportation and use of units and individuals should be governed by the relevant provisions before the 5th of each month to the City Administration Office, bulk water and mud to submit relevant statistics. Section 15th of the bulk cement special funds must be turned over to the Government by the regulation financial account, for use in the development of bulk cement.
    Besides, the Ministry of finance under the State Council, no unit or individual may unlawfully imposed changes of bulk cement special funds, expanding the scope and improving standard or bulk cement special funds for relief. 16th the construction unit shall from the date of completion for construction projects in the 30th, approved by the relevant departments of the budget of the project and cement purchased the original documents and other information, the municipal financial Department and the Municipal Office for bulk cement after verification, handling bulk cement special funds for the liquidation procedure, the implementation of back fill less.
    Fails, no refund.
    17th management of bulk cement Office funded by the financial sector in accordance with the basic expenditure budgets and budget management regulations, allocated from the regular budget.
    18th municipal people's Government departments concerned should contribute significantly to the development of bulk cement units and individuals to give recognition and encouragement.
    19th cement production, operation, transport, use, storage units and individuals shall accept the supervision and inspection of bulk cement management shall not be refused and obstructed.
    20th in violation of paragraph one of this article eighth, second paragraph, municipal departments of business administration can be fined not more than 30,000 yuan for units.
    21st disobey the Nineth article, mixing concrete on the construction site without authorization by the municipal departments of commercial administration a rectification, may be of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine late is still not corrected, ordered to shut down by law overhaul.
    22nd article violates these measures set forth in the 12th, 13, refused to pay for bulk cement special funds, Department of business administration, shall be ordered to pay; overdue pay per day plus 3 per thousand of the total funds due late fee, and a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan.
    23rd party fails to carry out administrative punishment decision, Department of business administration, may apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law.
    24th article violates this article approaches its 15th, interception and diversion of bulk cement special funds, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    25th bulk cement management personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages, does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 26th City Department of business administration according to law, bulk cement Office, delegate the exercise of administrative punishment right.
                                                              27th article this way as of the date of promulgation.