Lhasa, Lightning Protection And Disaster Reduction Management

Original Language Title: 拉萨市防雷减灾管理办法

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(November 10, 2006, Lhasa city people's Government Executive meeting on January 4, 2007, Lhasa city people's Government to the 13th release since as of February 1, 2007) article for the lightning defense and mitigation, protection of national interests and the people's life and property safety, maintaining public security, promoting economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China law, the Tibet Autonomous Region, meteorological and other relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article working in the administrative area of the city defence and lightning hazard mitigation activities (hereinafter referred to as lightning protection and disaster reduction) units and individuals shall abide by these measures.
    Lightning protection and disaster reduction work in article safety first, prevention first and combining prevention principles.
    Fourth city, County (district) meteorological administrative departments, is responsible for the lightning protection and disaster reduction management oversight within their respective administrative areas.
    Fifth of municipal Public Security Bureau is responsible for the supervision and Internet online service business premises to install lightning protection and disaster reduction system for implementation, is responsible for the flammable and explosive places, high-rise buildings, ancient architectural lightning protection installation for fire fighting supervision and inspection.
    Municipal construction department responsible for construction project completion approval work of lightning protection devices.
    Lightning protection design for urban planning department is responsible for the cooperation project audits.
    City residential property departments are responsible for supervision of property management enterprise with lightning safety testing.
    Dangerous chemicals in municipal work safety supervision Department is responsible for coordination of mine facilities conduct supervision and inspection of the production and operation.
    Municipal power authorities are responsible for high voltage electrical installations of lightning detection work, and accept the local meteorological authority delegation and supervision.
    Sixth city meteorological administrative departments should strengthen the lightning and lightning warning service system construction, mine disaster service capabilities.
    Seventh article following places or facilities, is lightning disaster of focus defense object, should installation corresponding of anti-mine device: (a) buildings anti-mine design specification provides of a, and two or three class anti-mine built (frame) built real, and focus heritage protection units, and ancient tree name wood, and material reserves warehouse, and open yard, and personnel intensive places; (ii) flammable easy burst chemical dangerous items of production or storage places; (three) power production device and lost distribution system, and important electrical device; (four) information system and automatically monitoring system;
    (E) the provisions of laws and regulations and technical specifications other places or facilities.
    The preceding paragraph (ii), (iv) premises or facilities as provided, shall, in accordance with the regulations set, antistatic device.
    Premises or facilities other than the lightning key defense objects shall be taken in accordance with national standard of lightning protection measures.
    Eighth article new, and alterations, and expansion of built (frame) built real, its anti-mine device of design or construction must meet following provides: (a) by has corresponding anti-mine engineering professional design or construction qualification of units bear, using meet national provides of anti-mine products, and accept meteorological administrative competent sector of supervision Guide; (ii) construction project in city rules sector made construction engineering planning license, and construction engineering starts license zhiqian, its anti-mine device design must by meteorological competent sector audit; (C) on mine project construction implementation phases of testing.
    Before the project completion acceptance, acceptance by the meteorological administrative departments, upon the acceptance of lightning protection certificate issued without lightning protection certificate, the construction unit shall not organize acceptance.
    Nineth renovation project for the construction project of the new lightning protection device, as well as information systems and automatic monitoring and control system of lightning protection lightning protection engineering of construction drawing design documents shall be subject to design review of the local administrative Department of meteorology, and accept supervision by the local fire department, safety production supervision departments guidance.
    Tenth lightning protection device design without approval, no delivery and construction. Units in reported built Qian to meteorological competent sector submitted following material: (a) anti-mine device design audit application book; (ii) design description; (three) based grounding plane figure; (four) days surface anti-mine plane figure; (five) are pressure ring grounding system figure; (six) anti-mine construction bulk figure; (seven) four reset figure; (eight) State surface figure; (nine) total distribution figure; (ten) anti-mine products manual and the about documents; (11) planning reported built audit, and construction qualification certificate, and welder card copies
    11th construction units shall abide by the examination of lightning protection engineering, construction drawing design documents for the construction, and supervised by the competent meteorological departments guidance.
    12th article of mine construction project construction units should be identified by the competent meteorological departments for acceptance of subparagraph of lightning, and lightning protection engineering and inspection reports issued, the construction unit at the time of final acceptance of lightning protection engineering and inspection reports should be as a prerequisite for the completion. 13th lightning practice the acceptance system.
    Lightning failed to pass the acceptance shall not be put to use. Anti-mine device completed acceptance should submitted following material: (a) anti-mine device completed acceptance application book; (ii) anti-mine device design approved book; (three) anti-mine engineering professional construction units and personnel of qualification card and qualification certificate; (four) by province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities meteorological competent sector finds anti-mine device detection qualification of detection institutions issued of anti-mine device detection report; (five) anti-mine device completed figure, technology information; (six) anti-mine products factory certificate, and
    Installation records and issued by mine product testing agency approved by the State's test report.
    14th lightning acceptance apply subject to the following conditions, shall be accepted: (a) the lightning protection design of local meteorological authorities issued by the lightning protection design approval; (b) mine engineering and construction units and personnel to obtain qualifications and qualifications prescribed by the State; (c) the complete application materials submitted by the applicant and in accordance with the prescribed form.
    15th lightning design review application materials and lightning acceptance application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, the competent meteorological departments shall within 5 working days from the date of receipt of application materials inform all applicants need to supplement the content at a time, fails to inform the, material from the date of receipt of the application will be deemed accepted. 16th the competent Meteorological Department Licensing Office shall receive all within 5 working days from the date of the application, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative licensing provisions of 32nd, to accept or not to accept a written decision.
    Inadmissible, shall state the reasons in writing.
    17th the competent meteorological departments shall, within 20 working days from the date of acceptance design of lightning protection device for examination and decision. Design of lightning protection device examination, the competent meteorological departments should be completed in time for approval procedures, issuing of the lightning protection design approval. Construction units should be carried out in accordance with the approved design drawings and construction.
    Need lightning protection design changes and modifications during construction must be in accordance with the original program review. Lightning protection device design does not pass the Meteorological Department opinion on the design of lightning protection devices shall issue a corrective action.
    After the corrective action is completed, in accordance with the original procedures for acceptance.
    18th meteorological departments should be made within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of lightning protection device acceptance decisions.
    Lightning accepted, Meteorological Department settles on inspection procedures, issuing of the lightning protection device acceptance certificate. Lightning protection device of unqualified acceptance, the competent meteorological departments lightning protection devices shall issue a opinion on the corrective action.
    After the corrective action is completed, in accordance with the original procedures for acceptance. Article 19th all units equipped with lightning protection devices, individuals or the owners ' Committee, should do the daily maintenance and management of lightning protection device and receiving regular lightning protection device with the appropriate qualification testing agencies testing.
    Lightning testing agency should be responsible for the testing data issued by. After the 20th lightning detection, inspection bodies shall issue a test report and submitted to the competent Meteorological Department and the quality and technical supervision departments.
    Does not meet the standard requirements, meteorological departments should put forward rectification opinions, the relevant units should have right to have prescribed time limit for rectification and.
    Lightning protection device tested regularly once a year; on the first paragraph of this article seventh subparagraph (b) required by the lightning and electrostatic devices should be testing once every six months.
    21st engaged in construction project of lightning protection engineering design, construction units shall obtain a building construction issued by the administrative departments of design, construction qualification certificate.
    Other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph professional mine engineering design, construction units shall obtain a lightning protection engineering issued by the Meteorological Department design and construction qualification certificate. Professional mine engineering design or construction of the unit in accordance with provisions of laws and regulations to implement quality management.
    Lightning protection activities of professional and technical personnel engaged in the implementation of qualification management system.
    Outside professional mine engineering design, construction quality units in the district professional mine engineering design and construction shall be registered with the municipal meteorological authorities after filing, may engage in professional mine engineering design and construction.
    22nd professional mine engineering design, construction units, shall, within the scope allowed by their corresponding level of qualification, in strict accordance with national and industry standard specification for Lightning engaged in mine engineering design and construction.
    Any qualification qualification of mine units and individuals engaged in lightning detection.
    23rd lightning protection products shall comply with the quality standards set by the State, and to the municipal meteorological authorities for the record.
    Ban on the sale and use of substandard or disabled by lightning products, meteorological departments should market lightning products are regularly checked and identification.
    24th unit or individual subjected to lightning hazard, shall promptly report to the local weather authorities, and to assist in the disaster investigation. After the lightning reported to the competent meteorological departments, should be dealt with and the investigation.
    To cause casualties or major property damage, shall promptly to the site for investigation, survey, expertise report, and informed the authorities.
    25th year, annual local meteorological department summary analysis by the lightning disaster data reported to the people's Governments at the same level and the superior the competent meteorological departments in writing.
    26th article units no qualification or beyond qualification grade design, and construction professional anti-mine engineering, or privately will professional anti-mine engineering employer to not has corresponding qualification grade of units design, and construction of, by city, and County (district) meteorological competent sector be warning, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 50,000 yuan following fine; has illegal proceeds of, confiscated illegal proceeds; to others caused loss of, law bear compensation responsibility; constitute crime of, transfer judicial organ. 27th article illegal this approach provides, has following behavior one of of units, by city, and County (district) meteorological competent sector be warning, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 50,000 yuan following of fine: (a) anti-mine design without meteorological competent sector audit or audit not qualified, unauthorized starts of; (ii) anti-mine device without meteorological competent sector acceptance or acceptance not qualified still unauthorized input using of; (three) has has anti-mine device, and
    Antistatic device does not conduct regular inspection or periodic, screening unqualified and refused to fix it.
    28th no qualification unit engaged in mine safety inspection, or testing organization without regular testing, by city, County (district) meteorological authorities warned that a rectification; for those who do not correct it, fined 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    29th ineligible persons engaged in professional mine engineering design and construction as well as the detection of lightning protection and antistatic equipment from city, County (district) the competent meteorological departments warned that a rectification; fails and fined 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    30th article violates these rules or artificial lightning protection device for destruction, damage, cause fires, explosions, injuries, major property damage and other serious consequences, given by the authority directly in charge and the persons directly responsible for administrative sanctions; cause damage to others shall bear liability constitutes a crime, and handed over to judicial authorities.
    31st State officials abuse their powers, neglect their duties in the lightning protection and disaster reduction work, given administrative sanctions by the competent department or to organs constitutes a crime, and handed over to judicial authorities.
    32nd article this way the meaning of the following terms: (a) the lightning disaster: due to direct lightning, lightning, lightning sensors inductive ESD, lightning invasion, resulting in casualties and property losses. (B) the mine engineering: the lightning defense and mitigation systems installations and construction projects.
    By its performance is divided into: 1, and straight hit mine protection engineering: by received Flash device (including lightning rod, and with, and line, and network,), and introduction line, and grounding device and other connection conductor composition, has defense straight hit mine performance of system device construction project; 2, and induction mine protection engineering: by electromagnetic shield, and, potential connection, and total with grounding network, and electric Chung protection device and other connection conductor composition, has defense lightning electromagnetic pulse (including lightning induction and lightning wave invaded) performance of system device construction project.
    (C) the lightning protection device: with defense or reducing direct lightning, lightning-induced and intrusion of lightning wave properties of jieshan, wire, equipotential bonding, grounding devices, surge protectors and other connecting conductor system.
    (D) mine products: means the manufacturer development, production system for lightning protection devices of various types of lightning, surge protectors and other single components or additional devices.
                                                            33rd article this way come into force on February 1, 2007.

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