Nanning City Construction Project Cost Management

Original Language Title: 南宁市建设工程造价管理办法

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(March 2, 2007 Nanning municipal people's Government at the 10th Executive session on April 4, 2007, Nanning municipal people's Government promulgated as of May 1, 2007, 5th) first to strengthen the cost management of construction projects, standard cost price, rational determination and effective control of the project cost, maintenance construction legal rights and interests of the parties, promote healthy development of construction market, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city in housing construction and urban infrastructure construction project cost activities, these measures shall apply.
    Transportation, water conservancy, electric power engineering cost management, otherwise provided by the State from its provisions.
    Article construction cost mentioned in these measures refers to construction projects from planning to completion and acceptance of delivery necessary to use the whole process cost of the whole project.
    This approach by said construction engineering cost activities, including investment estimates prepared, and audit and the project economic evaluation; design estimates, and construction figure budget, and completed settlement, and tender bid price, and control price, and bid quotes of prepared and audit; construction engineering construction contract price of adjustment; cost visa and cost claims; the stage of engineering cost control; pricing according to of developed and the on construction engineering cost industry of supervision management, and construction engineering cost about of activities.
    Fourth construction cost activities should be fair, just, legitimate and good faith principles.
    Fifth article city construction administrative competent sector is responsible for this city administrative within construction engineering cost of management, perform following duties: (a) is responsible for this city construction engineering cost pricing according to of prepared, and amendment and explained; (ii) established and perfect construction engineering cost database, released construction engineering cost information; (three) is responsible for construction engineering construction contract, and cost advisory contract and the cost results file record; (four) is responsible for on construction engineering cost Advisory Enterprise qualification, and construction engineering cost professionals qualification and the professional activities of supervision management;
    (E) dispute mediation project-related costs.
    Construction cost management in accordance with the provisions of these measures is responsible for the management work of construction project cost.
    County construction Administrative Department is responsible for the management work of construction project cost within their respective jurisdictions.
    Development and reform, finance and auditing Department shall, within the scope of their respective duties, supervision and management of construction engineering cost related work.
    Sixth associations shall strengthen self-discipline supervision in construction engineering cost industry, industry guidance, services and coordination role to play.
    Seventh article construction engineering cost pricing according to including: (a) construction engineering estimates index, and estimates index, and almost budget fixed, and consumption fixed, and costs fixed, and labor fixed, and duration fixed, and units valuation table, and engineering price list; (ii) construction engineering engineering volume listing pricing specification and the related provides; (three) city construction engineering cost management institutions released of artificial, and material, and mechanical Taiwan class and the equipment, market reference price and engineering technology economic index, and cost index;
    (D) cost factor adjustment indices and price adjustment provisions; (e) the provisions of other laws and regulations.
    Eighth to encourage engineering construction Enterprise preparation and application to reflect the technical and management level of enterprise scale, as a basis for bidding.
    Nineth of municipal construction cost management body shall, in accordance with national and State regulations, preparation of supplementary valuation basis.
    Tenth of municipal construction project cost management should promptly investigate and collect, organize construction engineering cost data, regularly publish the construction labor, materials, machinery and equipment market reference price and technical and economic indicators, construction cost index and other cost information, and establish and perfect the construction cost database.
    11th all use State funds or State-owned investment funds to construction projects, bidding engineering quantity list valuation mode should be used; other construction projects to encourage engineering quantity list valuation mode.
    Engineering quantity list valuation, should abide by the State, autonomous regions and the relevant provisions of the valuation based on engineering quantity list.
    12th article construction engineering using engineering volume listing pricing, and used price contract of, listing project and the engineering volume of accuracy and integrity by tender people is responsible for, bid people bid Shi not has verified of obligations; price and collection price of accuracy by bid people is responsible for, price and collection price phase contradictions, and signed construction engineering construction contract Shi not found of, settlement Shi should made not conducive to bid people of explained.
    13th construction project contracting process costing activities shall comply with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
    Project tender according to law, the Tenderer shall bid or control prices at City and county administrative departments, government investment project bidding, controlling price before the bid opening shall be examined by the Finance Department.
    Not tender works according to law, the employer shall be approved by the Contracting Parties project cost report city and county administrative departments of construction, investment cost of the project is to be examined by the financial Department of the Government.
    14th article law tender of engineering, employer people by issued of tender file in the about engineering cost of terms should clear following matters: (a) contract price of determine way; (ii) engineering contracting range; (three) quality standard and duration; (four) tender people law itself procurement of material or equipment; (five) engineering volume calculation errors, and leak items errors of processing method; (six) engineering construction in the occurred change Shi, engineering price of adjustment method, and claims way, and time requirements and the amount paid way;
    (Seven) bear risk of range, and range; (eight) engineering paragraph allocated of way, and time, and amounts; (nine) settlement of program and the time; (ten) open completed date, duration and ahead of or delayed of rewards and punishments approach; (11) engineering quality guarantee (warranty) gold of amounts, and pre buckle way and the time; (12) default responsibility; (13) other effect engineering cost of factors.
    Not tendering of construction engineering according to law, the Contracting Parties shall in the construction contract matters clear in the preceding paragraph.
    Tendering and bidding of construction engineering according to law, prices shall be determined according to the winning price construction contract, Contracting Parties shall not be established again depart from the substantive content of the bidding documents in other agreements.
    15th construction project cost include the following costs restrict competition costs, charging the rates stipulated in the autonomous region and Nanning unified implementation of: (a) the works of the sewage charges, (ii) engineering norms determining fees; (c) social security costs; (d) the Housing Fund; (v) dangerous operation accident insurance (vi) security protection, civilized construction measure fee.
    16th the developer shall from the date of construction contract signed in the 15th, and will be reported to the city or County in charge of construction of the contract documents for filing.
    Construction contract according to law after the record is changed, the employer shall in the 15th after the change of the contract will be filed to change the contract.
    The 17th all State-owned funds invested or in the construction project of State-owned investment funds, approved design estimates is the investment control of construction project, without the approval of project examination and approval Department shall not break.
    18th engineering changes and quantity changes in strict accordance with the construction contract should be agreed upon and the relevant provisions of the visa procedures.
    All use State funds or investments to the construction project of State-owned investment funds, caused by design changes or other unit project cost exceeds the specified limit, the construction unit shall change programme and the corresponding cost of documents submitted to the original examination and approval Department, by the original project examination and approval Department organized relevant departments for approval to be implemented. After completion of the 19th, the contractor shall submit to the employer within the agreed period settlement reports and complete billing information.
    Construction of unknown is not stipulated in the contract or agreement shall at the same time submit the completion report, submit the completion report and complete billing information.
    20th article employer people should according to construction engineering construction contract agreed term audit completed settlement report, contract not agreed or agreed unknown of, should by following provides of term within completed or delegate corresponding institutions completed audit and proposed audit views: (a) 5 million Yuan following (containing 5 million yuan) of project, 20th; (ii) 5 million Yuan above 20 million Yuan following (containing 20 million yuan) of project, 30th;
    (C) more than 20 million Yuan less than 50 million Yuan (including 50 million) project, 45, and (iv) less than 50 million Yuan and 100 million Yuan (100 million yuan) of the project, 60; (e) the project of more than 100 million Yuan, 90 days.
    Construction projects include a number of individual projects, the contractor should be the last item in the 15th after project completion final estimate examination confirmed total completed total settlement and submitted to the employer, the employer shall have been audited in the 30th.
    21st the employer within the period stipulated in the agreement or, on completion of clearing and settlement information did not provide comments on the report, be regarded as a recognized settlement file.
    The contractor is not in agreement or full project completion final estimate information provided within the prescribed time, after urging by the employer in writing within the 15th has not provided or there is no clear answer, the employer has the right to review according to the available information.
    22nd employer or contractor does not finish within the time stipulated in the settlement or billing disagrees with the outcome, you can apply for mediation to the construction of the city and county administrative departments.
    23rd after the completion of the construction project, the employer shall, when handling the construction completion inspection record, will submit full project completion final estimate of file city and County construction Administrative Department.
    24th to encourage activities in the construction cost in the development and application of computer software.
    Municipal construction project cost management, uniform construction cost, institutions should develop the specification for electronic data, project cost information collection, analysis, processing, transport and recycling provides a unified electronic data standards.
    25th construction cost consulting enterprises should be national or construction qualification certificate issued by the competent administrative Department of the autonomous region, specified in the certificate within the scope of construction cost activities.
    Article 26th city outside of engineering cost consulting enterprises to enter the city to undertake engineering cost consulting business and administrative departments shall provide the city and county building. 27th of municipal construction administrative departments should set up engineering cost consulting enterprises information database.
    Engineering cost consulting enterprises Division, merger or termination of business and such matters as change of name, address, legal representative, shall from the date of change in the 15th municipal construction Administrative Department shall register such changes.
    28th engaged in construction engineering cost activities in China must obtain State, construction of professional qualification certificate issued by the competent administrative Department of the autonomous region, and registered in the unit and within the professional qualifications specified in the certificate of undertaking construction cost business.
    29th construction engineering survey, design, construction, supervision, cost consultancy, the bidding agent, cost management and key construction projects, real estate development and construction agent unit, the project cost pricing, evaluations, audits, control posts shall be equipped with certified cost engineers.
    Construction engineering design estimates, and construction figure budget, and completed settlement file, should by registered cost engineers signature and stamped practice industry dedicated chapter, no registered cost engineers of units can temporarily by cost member signature and stamped practice industry dedicated chapter; tender bid or engineering budget control price, and engineering volume listing, and bid quotes, and engineering settlement audit and engineering cost identification file, should by registered cost engineers signature and stamped practice industry dedicated chapter.
    Unit and registered cost engineers, liable for the preparation of the outcome document of the project cost.
    30th city and County construction administrative departments should review the outcome document, business assessment, special inspection methods, strengthen the engineering cost consulting enterprises in China, cost of work, professionalism, ethics and other aspects of the supervision and management, and establish credit appraisal system, and publicize the assessment results.
    For acts in violation of relevant provisions of the construction project cost management, any unit or individual has the right to report or complain about. 31st article engineering cost Advisory Enterprise ban following behavior: (a) altered, and reselling, and rental, and lending qualification certificate, or illegal transfer qualification certificate; (ii) beyond qualification grade business range undertake engineering cost advisory business; (three) while accept tender people and bid people or two a above bid people on same project of engineering cost advisory business; (four) to give rebate, and malicious down charges, way for not due competition; (five) subcontracting undertake of engineering cost advisory business; (six) legal, and
    Other acts prohibited by regulations.
    32nd article construction engineering cost practitioners ban following behavior: (a) lending, and transfer, and sold, and altered professional qualification certificate, and professional seal, and practice industry manual or allows others to I name engaged in cost activities; (ii) while in two a or two a above units registered and practice industry; (three) to personal name engaged in engineering cost activities; (four) in engineering cost business activities in the has fraud, and malicious collusion, and leaked bid, or in engineering cost disputes identification Shi obviously bias party;
    (E) use to seek illegitimate interests, ask for and accept contract except as provided in money or other property, (vi) not in accordance with the project cost management of requirements and procedures for resolving disputes or questions of cost engineering activities; (VII) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations. 33rd engineering cost documentation enterprise, preparation of personnel should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and industry standards for preparation of the outcome document of the project cost to ensure the accuracy of the outcome document of the project cost.
    Preparation of design estimates, construction of the budget document, the error shall not exceed 10%; preparation of bidding, price control, settlement documents, the error shall not exceed 3%.
    Article 34th all State-owned funds investments or to state-owned capital investment construction project construction in violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, relevant management personnel and supervisors directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions; the construction projects can still be corrected, by project approval authority urged corrective.
    (A) without the approval of project examination and approval Department, changing content, expand the scale of development, improve construction standards, which is over the approved design project cost estimates, (ii) the construction cost of engineering changes and visa related business activities, fraud, failure to perform duties.
    35th engineering cost consulting enterprises that violate the provisions of the 31st, by construction of city and county administrative departments of record of bad behavior, correction, and a fine of 10000 Yuan more than 30000 Yuan fines; the circumstances are serious, can be brought to the quality management to reduce or cancel its qualifications.
    36th project cost professionals violate the provisions of article 32nd, by city and County construction Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of 5000 Yuan more than 20000 RMB fine; the circumstances are serious, can be brought to the qualification Management Department to remove his qualifications. 37th article engineering cost file prepared enterprise, and prepared personnel violation 33rd article provides, deliberately or for major fault caused by prepared of engineering cost results file over provides errors rate of, by city, and County construction administrative competent sector suspended its three months participate in tangible building market of enrollment bid activities; plot serious of, ban its participate in tangible building market of enrollment bid activities, and on prepared Enterprise sentenced 5000 Yuan above 20000 Yuan following fine, on prepared personnel,
    Fined more than 1000 10000 Yuan fine.
    38th construction engineering cost management of construction Administrative Department and agency staff, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in construction cost management activities, by its superior authority or competent administrative sanctions.
    Bidding of 39th article of the regulation, control, cost of construction contracts, settlement documented and applied to all State-owned funds invested or State-owned investment funds to construction projects and other construction project cost more than 300,000 yuan.
                                                                                                              40th these measures shall come into force on May 1, 2007.